Bachelor in Paradise's Jasmine Goode has put her friendship with Corinne Olympios on the line to defend DeMario Jackson.

Following days of allegations, accusations and sources' claims, Jasmine -- who competed against Corinne for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor earlier this year -- has decided to make on-the-record comments about the "aggressive" sexual encounter between DeMario and her pal Corinne.

"I was taken back with Corinne's statement that she's the victim. That may be the role she plays on the show, but it's a role," Jasmine, a former NBA dancer, told the Daily Mail.

Jasmine and Corinne became friends after filming The Bachelor's 21st season together. They even appeared with several other girls on Rachel Lindsay's currently-airing season of The Bachelorette to organize a fun mud-wrestling group date. The two girls then moved on to Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season.

On the first day of filming, Jasmine apparently witnessed DeMario and Corinne's sexual activity in the pool that prompted a producer to file a complaint alleging "misconduct," which ultimately resulted in production shutting down and the entire cast getting sent home from Mexico.

An investigation was launched because the producer was allegedly concerned DeMario was taking advantage of Corinne since she appeared too drunk to provide the bachelor with consent for their hookup.

(However, sources told E! News that the producer never actually witnessed the sexual act in question, nor did she view recorded footage of the events that transpired prior to filing her complaint).

Corinne released a statement on Wednesday saying she is "a victim" and has been dealing with "physical and emotional trauma" from the incident that occurred in Paradise. Corinne said that "as a woman," this is her "worst nightmare" and she had hired "an attorney to obtain justice."

"I don't believe she was a victim or traumatized. The statement she released doesn't even sound like her. It sounds like someone wrote it for her. Not once did she complain or say she was upset with what happened in the pool with DeMario. She was laughing, having a good time," Jasmine told the Daily Mail.

"Even the day after, she was hanging out with DeMario and some other people in the hot tub. I honestly thought they were going to become a couple. She never, ever said one thing negative about DeMario."

In a statement DeMario released Wednesday night, he said he doesn't appreciate that his character has been "assassinated with false claims and malicious allegations."

"I will be taking swift and appropriate legal action until my name is cleared and, per the advice of legal counsel, will be seeking all available remedies entitled to me under the laws," said the former executive recruiter from Century City, CA. 

"[Corinne] was never in danger, at least I never witnessed anything bad happening to her. As a woman, I would have been the first person to step in if I thought she was being taken advantage of in the pool with DeMario," Jasmine insisted.

"She even said hi to me when I walked by them. I feel bad for DeMario. He's a good guy. He's sweet and not aggressive one bit. I am sad and disappointed this has happened. We are all shocked."

Jasmine added that she feels bad for the producers and crew members who lost their jobs because they are like family to her. She doesn't seem to believe the producers are to blame for not intervening when DeMario and Corinne were hooking up and the alcohol was flowing.

"They would not do anything to hurt us. Remember I have been on both shows, and I have always felt safe in the environment. I went there to find love, I honestly did, and I have seen great things happen on the show," Jasmine told the Daily Mail.

Sources close to DeMario told TMZ earlier this week that Corinne was actually the aggressor on that first day of filming and initiated kissing, touching and foreplay with DeMario.

A friend of DeMario's who appeared on Bachelor in Paradise -- and claims to have witnessed the sexual encounter as well -- similarly told the Daily Mail that after much flirtation, Corinne demanded DeMario take off his clothes in the pool.

"He took off his pants, but he couldn't have sex with her because he had gone limp from drinking," DeMario's friend claimed.

"Corrine came right above him and puts her p-ssy right in his face and he starts going down on her. There's a cameraman right there. Nobody is saying anything. It was like a porn scene. Then one of the producers came over and said, 'Cut,' and told DeMario to put his clothes on."

The friend added that a prior report claiming Corinne was "limp" and nearly-unconscious in the pool when DeMario was engaging in sexual activity with her is completely ridiculous.

"This whole thing about Corrine being limp and sliding underwater is bullsh-t. She was not blackout drunk," the friend said, adding that Corinne allegedly madeout with several other Bachelor in Paradise bachelors that day. 

Corinne was rumored to have a boyfriend back home at the time she was filming Bachelor in Paradise

DeMario's friend told Daily Mail the producer who filed the complaint is a good friend of Corinne's who wanted to avoid a situation from happening in which Corinne looked reckless and classless on-camera and would damage her plans for her own reality show following Bachelor in Paradise.

"The [producer] is Corrine's best friend. Her best friend came up to her and basically told her that showing off her p***y in public and letting DeMario go down on her in public was going to make her look bad and that fooling around with so many other guys was going to hurt her image for the new show," said the friend.

"The deal was Corrine was suppose to do Bachelor in Paradise, and then get her own show afterwards. Corrine freaked out, and all of a sudden changed her tune."