Former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios thinks Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi seem "phony."

The 24-year-old reality star said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that the Season 21 couple come off as fake and attention-seeking.

"I'm very happy for them. If they're happy, hey, why not," Olympios said before admitting, "I have mixed emotions about it. I really hope for the both of them they are [real], but sometimes it looks like they're not."

"It really looks like sometimes they're doing things to get attention," she added. "He really is a really kind, amazing guy, and Vanessa's really lucky to have won his heart, if it's, you know, real. But sometimes it does look a little phony to me."

Olympios finished in fourth place in Season 21, which ended with Viall proposing to Grimaldi on the finale. She said in an interview with AOL this week that she believes Viall and Grimaldi will ultimately split.

"I just don't really see them working out," she confessed. "I don't mean this in a harmful or vicious way; it's just my personal opinion."

"Vanessa has a very, very strong personality, and I don't think that Nick can really handle that," she explained. "Not because there's anything wrong with Nick, I just think that Nick was a little more down to earth and laid-back. I think Vanessa is a little too neurotic."

Viall told Us Weekly in March that he hasn't made any wedding plans since getting engaged. The 36-year-old Dancing with the Stars contestant said he and Grimaldi have "a long way to go" as a couple, but are "excited about the journey."