Aziz Ansari will be bringing his Netflix Original Series, "Master of None," back for a second season in 2017, the actor announced on Facebook Thursday.

"Thanks for the support everyone!!" Ansari wrote on social media alongside a clip showing the titles of the show's first season's episodes, including the popular "Parents," and "Indians on TV," and the ultimate announcement of Season 2.

After a highly successful November 2015 debut, "Master of None" -- starring Noel Wells, Lena White, Eric Wareheim and Kelvin Yu -- also earned comedian Ansari a Best Actor nomination at this year's Golden Globes for his leading role as Dev.

When speaking of another season in January, the actor said he needed more time to mull it over.

"I need some time to refill my head," he told Hollywood Reporter at the time.

"The first season was so personal and I want to make sure that whatever we do for Season 2 lives up to what we did for Season 1. We'd love to do it. We're figuring it out."