An Australian yacht club warned members to be cautious after a bold bull shark was recorded swimming mere feet offshore.

Robin Morritt, 61, was walking his dog Wednesday near the Royal Perth Yacht Club in Perth when he saw what initially appeared to be a large fish swimming just feet from the shore of the Swan River's Matilda Bay.

The fish came closer and he soon realized it was a 5-foot-long juvenile bull shark.

Morritt captured video of the shark and shared it with the yacht club, which posted the footage to Facebook.

"It was just fearless, it didn't worry about me, it just came straight at me and I just videoed it, it just came right past my legs," Morritt told Perth Now. "It was just quite spectacular to see it just cruising along the shore."

Morritt said he has frequently spotted dolphins in the area, but the bull shark was the first he had encountered in the bay.

"Thank you to Robin Morritt for sharing the footage of the Juvenile Bull Shark near the RPYC Marina this morning. Members are urged to take care and be alert in and around the water when at the Club," the yacht club said in its Facebook post.