A pair of Australian friends are celebrating after winning a lottery jackpot of more than $750,000 by using numbers they picked out of a hat.

The friends, a man and a woman from Point Cook, Victoria, told The Lott officials they have been playing the lottery together for several years after settling on a group of numbers they selected through unusual means.

"We've been using the same numbers all this time. He gave me some numbers, then I had some numbers, and we just drew them out of a hat to put on our entry," the woman said.

The pair won a TattsLotto jackpot totaling $758,127.12.

The winner said she is already making plans for her share of the jackpot.

"I want my floorboards done," she said. "I've got carpet under the dining table and I've always wanted floorboards. I might get a new car, too. I also want to help my family. I'll be able to help them a lot."