New York artist Scott LoBaido presented a "birthday gift" to America in the form of a giant flag mural painted on a rooftop near Houston's Hobby Airport.

LoBaido began the project on the roof of the Lamons Gasket Co. on June 14, with a self-imposed deadline of July 4, the Houston Chronicle reported Sunday.

After suffering three days of rain leading up to the holiday weekend, LoBaido said it was "hustle time" and that he likes a challenge.

The 150,000-square-foot mural took 900 gallons of paint to complete.

"I want people to fall back in love with America," LoBaido said. "I just saw our nation start to become divided and knew I had to do something."

"America is the best place to live, and I've been to over 40 countries," said Lamons President Kurt Allen, a U.K. native who picked up a paint roller alongside the artist and his cadre of temporary workers. "When I heard about this, I told Scott that whatever it takes, we would help."

"I'm out of my mind to be on a metal roof in Houston, Texas, in June," LoBaido said. "The last thing I'm going to do, though, is cower. There's just no comparison to what those soldiers do."