A conceptual artist said an embrace became "transformative" on Father's Day when he stepped into an Orlando, Fla., gym to give his dad a 24-hour "healing" hug.

Edward Alan Feldman was the recipient of his son Brian's hug which began 12 a.m. Sunday in the boxing ring at Orlando's Orange Avenue Gym. People who paid their $10 entrance fee turned from spectators to participants after noon and were allowed in the ring to hug their own loved ones, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

"It is meant to be both a healing and transformative experience," said artist Brian Feldman. "How often does one have the opportunity to embrace their own father for this period of time? It will likely be the hardest project I have done to date."

The "24 Hour Embrace (after Young Sun Han)" wasn't actually Feldman's idea. He was inspired by another artist, Young Sun Han who embraced a stranger found though a Chicago Craigslist ad. His hug began on Dec. 31, 2008, and lasted 21 hours, the Sentinel said.