A giant statue of a dog treating the side of a California art museum as its personal fire hydrant is turning heads.

Artist Richard Jackson's installment "Bad Dog" outside the Orange County Museum of Art shows an oversized pooch, leg lifted, yellow paint spilling down the building's side. It's a part of his exhibit inside, dubbed "Ain't Painting a Pain," which premiered Sunday.

The museum's director said reaction to the display -- and there's been plenty -- has been largely positive, though some have said they wished the dog wasn't as anatomically realistic.

Jackson said his goal was never to offend.

"My intention is never to shock or offend anyone or any particular group," he said. "People's reaction to 'Bad Dog' or any art for that matter tends to vary. Sometimes, it depends on whether you're going home from church or from a strip club."

Jackson acknowledged, though, the Newport Beach, Calif., area -- traditionally conservative -- might be seen as a provocative choice for "Bad Dog."

"The way I see it, it's funny," he said. "I understand that Newport Beach has traditionally been a conservative community. But, this is an art museum. This piece of art is making a commentary or statement. The dog is pissing on the museum."