The BBC says it is developing a one-off, television special based on its classic British sitcom "Are You Being Served?" but featuring a new cast.

The original show debuted in 1972 and lasted more than 10 years. It followed the misadventures of the staff of a fictional London department store called Grace Brothers, and starred Frank Thornton, Mollie Sugden, Nicholas Smith and John Inman.

"It's 1988 and Young Mr. Grace is determined to drag Grace Brothers into, well 1988, but he has a problem on his hands," a synopsis for the special said. "Mr. Humphries, Captain Peacock, Mr. Rumbold and Mrs. Slocombe all seem to be stuck in another era. A new member of staff, Mr. Conway, joins the team -- but will he help shake things up or will he just put a pussy among the pigeons?"

The new ensemble includes Jason Watkins in the role of Mr. Humphries; Matthew Horne as Young Mr. Grace; Sherrie Hewson as Mrs. Slocombe; John Challis as Captain Peacock; Roy Barraclough as Mr. Grainger; Arthur Smith as Mr. Harmon and Niky Wardley as Miss Brahms.

The program is to be taped next month in front of a studio audience and will air on BBC One later this year.

"'The Are You Being Served?' special is a riot of a script from Derren [Litten] and has attracted a real comedy pedigree cast to pay homage to this glorious and much-loved show," Shane Allen, controller of BBC Comedy Commissioning, said in a statement Monday.