"Groundhog Day" star Andy Karl was hurt during Friday night's performance and it is unclear when he will return to the Broadway musical.

"Tonight @Andy_Karl injured himself during a performance in the 2nd act; he's in good spirits and thanks the fans for their support," the show's official Twitter account said.

Karl, 43, later offered an update on his condition via Instagram.

"Hi everyone...So, within 5 minutes of getting into the ER waiting room, the word 'philanthropist' was on the plaque in front of me and this clock fell off the wall and nearly hit me," the actor wrote in his post. "Is it irony that I was doing the 'philanthropy' number when I fell? Or is it Karma for beating up clocks in the commercials? I'm home now and I have no broken bones but tweaked my knee after a poorly landed leap frog."

"Finishing the show for all the @groundhogdaybwy fans and audience members was something I had to do. Thank you all for hanging in there. The last song 'Seeing You' was for you guys. Thank you for your support. I'm gonna get it looked at by specialist before I go back on stage, but know I love this show and this company and everyone that supports me more than you'll ever know. @orfeh and I are overwhelmed by the concern & love you've shown us. #theshowmustgoon."

Karl recently was named Best Actor in a Musical and "Groundhog Day" was deemed Best New Musical at London's Olivier Awards.

The stage adaptation of the popular, time-warping, Bill Murray movie is now in previews on Broadway.