"American Idol" judge Paula Abdul made a cameo appearance on NBC's "Saturday Night Live," introducing the opening skit and judging the performances.

The former Laker Girl took shots at accuser Corey Clark, who claimed on ABC's "Primetime Live," last week that Abdul had an affair with him and helped him in the competition while he was a contestant on Fox's "American Idol," the New York Post reported Sunday.

In a skit, Amy Poehler portrayed Abdul as a judge in a talent show who made not-so-veiled comments about the male contestants' special talents.

"You have a great voice and a great style, but I think you need to focus on coming over to my hot tub and letting me rub your feet," Poehler told one competitor.

In the skit, Clark was spoofed as trying to make money by hawking T-shirts that said: "I did it with Paula Abdul."

Abdul closed the skit by judging the not-ready-for primetime-players.

"Amy, you need to perfect the clap-o-rama and be a lot more sexier so that contestants will be willing to sleep with you," Abdul told Poehler.