Former British supermodel and current "America's Next Top Model" judge Twiggy has spoken out against the current trend of waif-like fashion models by calling the concept "terrifying."

Despite having once garnered notoriety for her own ultra-thin figure, Twiggy has criticized the "size zero" trend in the fashion world and placed the blame for it on Hollywood actresses, The Mail on Sunday reported.

"They go on about banning size zero, but I think Hollywood stars are the worst perpetrators," Twiggy said. "Most models are naturally long and gangly, while a lot of these young girls in Hollywood have gone on extreme diets."

"Their concave chests and bony arms are terrifying," she added. "It's scary to think that normal teenagers are tempted to copy them."

The former model, whose real name is Lesley Hornby, also defended her previous apparent weight disorder to The Mail.

"I was very skinny, but that was just my natural build," Hornby said. "I always ate sensibly -- being thin was in my genes."