America's Next Top Model eliminated two models and determined Season 22's Top 6 finalists during Friday night's broadcast on The CW.

Friday night's episode began right where last week's broadcast had left off, with Devin Clark and Justin Kim standing in the bottom two waiting for Top Model judge Tyra Banks to reveal which person was going to be eliminated and which aspiring model could continue on in the competition.

Devin beat out Justin for the spot to stay since he earned a total of 31.3 out of 40 points from the judges and his challenge score compared to Justin's total score of 29.9 points.

Justin cried saying that he was "disappointed," but he hoped he at least had make his parents proud. Justin also admitted he plans to pursue a relationship with Mame Adjei after the show, which opened many great opportunities for him.

Tyra then revealed everyone was going to be taking off to Las Vegas. Once there, the contestants were required to jump into a pool and pose mid-air for the week's challenge. The models only had one chance to get it right, and the winner would receive special treatment at a nearby spa.

The winner of the challenge was Mame, so she received 10 points. This marked her fourth challenge win of the season, and she said she did it for Justin.

For the photo shoot, Tyra instructed each contestant to film a series of scenes for a music video, selling cosmetics from her beauty line. Tyra directed the video and the models had to lip synch the theme song "Bootyful."     

Once at panel, Tyra handed out Mikey Heverly's photo to represent how he had the best performance of the week. Mikey received a score of 8.1 from Miss J Alexander, a 10 from Tyra, a 9.4 from Kelly Cutrone, and a challenge score of 8. His total score was 35.5.

Devin got handed his photo next with a score of 34.6 points. He was followed by Lacey Rogers with 34.3 points, Mame with 34 points, and Nyle DiMarco with 33.7 points.

The results left Hadassah Richardson and Dustin Mcneer in the bottom two. Hadassah received 7.8 points from Miss J, 8.7 points from Tyra, 8.3 points from Kelly, and a challenge score of 8. Her total score was 32.8 points.

Dustin racked in 7.2 points from Miss J, 7 from Tyra, 7.3 from Kelly, and 9 from the challenge. Dustin's total score was 30.5 points. Although Dustin just recently rejoined the competition, he got the boot again.

Dustin told the cameras following his ouster that he had a target on his back since he was "the comeback kid." He said it was an "amazing opportunity lost" but he was at least glad to be done with Hadassah whom he found really annoying.