Anna Kournikova's alleged stalker was allowed to cross examine the tennis superstar Wednesday in a Miami courtroom.

William Lepeska, acting as his own attorney, grilled Kournikova in court as she sought a permanent restraining order against him, "Celebrity Justice" reported Wednesday. Many of the homeless man's questions were deflected by objections from Kournikova's legal team, but a few unusual questions were allowed.

"Ms. Kournikova, do you have any secret prejudices against Americans?" Lepeska asked.

"Absolutely not," she said. "I love this country, and I've been living here since 1991."

Lepeska was arrested last month near Kournikova's Miami Beach mansion. Police said he had swam nude across Biscayne Bay in search of Kournikova, who he claimed was, "expecting his arrival."

The judge granted Kournikova's request for a permanent restraining order.