Adam Lambert has released a new music video for his song "Welcome to the Show" and hopes to inspire fans to be themselves.

The clip released Wednesday, features vocals and an appearance by Swedish singer-songwriter Laleh and is presented in a mostly black and white aesthetic before splashes of color are brought in.

The video, co-directed by Lambert along with friend and photographer Lee Cherry, is independent of his label Warner Bros. and according to an essay the American Idol alum penned in Flaunt Magazine, "Isn't about selling a song, or product placement, or racking up viral views. This is intended simply as a creative expression."

"'Welcome To The Show' is an anthem about facing exactly who you are and OWNING it. Its intended as a mantra to inspire strength and PRIDE. After recording the song a few months ago, I felt very compelled to create a video to further communicate it's meaning," the singer wrote about the song's message in Flaunt.

"I want you to keep celebrating exactly who you are, even if you don't fit into the worlds ideas of what they think you should be," he continued. "Take your flaws in stride, nurture your talents, take pride in your Queerness, and share all the love you have."

"Welcome to The Show" was orginally released in March ahead of Lambert's return to American Idol to perform the song. The singer is currently in Australia judging the new season of The X Factor.