A 19-year-old Asheville, N.C., animal rights activist says she had her name legally changed to mirror an anti-animal cruelty Web site's address.

Jennifer Thornburg changed her name to CutoutDissection.com -- or Cutout for short -- after graduating Asheville High School in the spring and becoming an intern for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which runs the anti-dissection Web site, The Ashville Citizen-Times reported Monday.

"I was really just interested in changing my name to Cutout to raise awareness about the numerous alternatives out there to students and teachers who don't want to dissect," she said.

Cutout, who said she helped establish a dissection-choice policy during her junior year of high school, said she recognizes that the new name could harm her future school and career prospects.

"It is kind of nerve wrecking to think about it, but these animals suffer so much greater than I can ever suffer by getting my name changed to something different," she said. "As long as I know I am helping these animals live a better life, it's fine with me."