A married Detroit man says he can't be accused of bigamy because he didn't say "I do" in a marriage ceremony to a second woman.

Eugene Pallisco, 44, testified Friday in Oakland County Circuit Court that his marriage to Lesley Keith, 38, was a sham and Keith knew it.

Keith, who now lives in Las Vegas, is suing Pallisco for damages in excess of $25,000 for emotional distress, the Detroit Free Press reported Saturday.

Keith told Judge Cheryl Matthews he stood mute during the 2002 marriage ceremony and never uttered the words of consent "I do." Several witnesses, however, testified they heard Pallisco say "I do" and believed the marriage to be legitimate.

In addition, Pallisco and Keith's marriage license was never filed with the county. Robert Zaloga, the minister who married the couple, testified he didn't recall mailing copies of the marriage license to the county clerk's office, but that it was his normal practice to do so.

Pallisco said his wife, who married him about 15 years ago, was not aware of his alleged sham wedding to Keith.