Newcomers "Ugly Betty" and "30 Rock" captured top small-screen honors for a comedy Monday during the 46th Annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles.

"Ugly Betty," which follows the work lives of Betty Suarez and others, grabbed the Golden Globes' top honor for a television comedy. America Ferrera, who plays Betty, picked up the best actress award.

Thanking ABC for providing the show "an opportunity to shine," executive producer Silvio Horte said, "'Betty' is a testament to the American dream."

Ferrera said the show brings to television "such a beautiful message that beauty lies deeper than what we see ... It is such an honor to play this role."

Alec Baldwin's lush portrayal in NBC's "30 Rock" earned him the award for best performance by a man in a television comedy.

"I'd like to thank the members of the Foreign Press for remembering their old pal in the autumn of his career," he said.