A Tennessee Lottery scratch-off ticket worth $4 million nearly ended up in the trash when a confused player thought it was worthless.

Sean Winn of Greenville, Ky., said he often plays the Tennessee Lottery and he recently tossed a Gigantic Jumbo Bucks scratch-off ticket in the back of his truck to be thrown out because he thought it was worthless.

Winn said he decided to enter the ticket in an online second-chance game before scrapping it and he realized his $4 million mistake when the system told him it wasn't a non-winning ticket and therefore not eligible for the Play It Again game.

"I scratched it and thought it wasn't a winner, so I threw it in the back of my truck," Winn said. "Then I tried to enter it into 'Play It Again!' and found out it was a winner."

Winn said he hasn't yet decided what to do with his prize money.