A wealthy New York City woman confined to a wheelchair has filed an $8 million "no respect" lawsuit against the swanky Waldorf Towers for discrimination.

Rose Gutmacher, whose late husband made a fortune in the garment industry and real estate, filed suit after the residential hotel above the Waldorf-Astoria increased her rent from $37,500 per month to $63,690.

She claims that's discrimination and said she felt "humiliated and insulted," the New York Daily News reported.

Gutmacher said when she questioned hotel executive director Patrick Hall about the increase after living there just five months from November 2003 to last April, he became abusive.

"I wanted to know why and for what reason this was going on, and he pounced on me. 'Get back to your room!' he said to me, 'Get back to your room!'"

The Waldorf's lawyer told the newspaper Gutmacher was a "problem" because she would often call guest services to locate her daughter or a health aide.

Gutmacher has since moved to The Towers at the New York Palace Hotel.