A large group of Manatees gathered together at Three Sisters Spring in Florida, causing the spring to close.

Video of the approximately 300 manatees was shared to Facebook showing the massive herd of manatees gathering together in the warm water on Monday morning.

Cold weather caused the manatees to gather together from various bodies of water and seek out Three Sisters Spring as the water remains at a consistent temperature of 72 degrees.

Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge Complex posted on Facebook Monday that the large concentration of manatees would cause the spring to close, as not to disturb the animals.

"As of 5 PM on Monday, February 8, 2016, the Refuge has closed Three Sisters Springs due to high numbers of manatees in the springs, those entering the spring as the tide floods, and the expected influx of more manatees currently holed up in Idiots Delight," they wrote.

The spring was reopened on Tuesday, but staff continued to monitor the situation.