The singer for rockers 3 Doors Down, Brad Arnold, is recovering at home in Biloxi, Miss., from injuries he suffered in a car wreck last week.

Arnold suffered lacerations to his head and face when the car driven by his wife, Terika, hit a "water hole" on the highway near Jackson, Miss., Feb. 2, Arnold posted Friday on the band's Web site,

She was driving their Lexus SC430 at about 35 mph to 40 mph in a heavy storm when it hydroplaned, slid down a 10-foot hill, turned sideways and struck a tree on the right passenger door, Arnold said.

"I was asleep at the moment with my head on that door. I woke up just as we hit and my shoulder and ear busted the side widow out," he posted. "My ear lobe was disconnected from my head, I had a two-inch gash on my temple, two big pieces of glass embedded in my face, a chunk cut out of the side of my face, and several other cuts."

He said the 45 stitches he got at the hospital have already been removed.

Seatbelts saved both of their lives, he added.

"If you only hear one thing I ever say, hear this: When you get into a car, no matter if you're going a half of a mile, put on your seat belt!"