A 20-year-old golden retriever in Tennessee is being hailed as the longest-living dog of her breed after becoming the first on record to surpass the milestone age.

The GoldenHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue said August, known affectionately as Augie, is believed to be the oldest-ever golden retriever at an age of 20 years and 61 days -- and counting.

The rescue said Augie, who was adopted by Oakland residents Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt at the age of 14, celebrated her 20th birthday April 24, becoming the first golden retriever known to have reached a third decade of life.

The breed has an average lifespan of 10 to 12 years.

The Hetterscheidts said Augie remains remarkably healthy for her advanced age. The canine was diagnosed with kidney issues at the age of 14, which are managed with a combination of special food and dietary supplements.