A small bowl bought for $35 at a Connecticut yard sale was identified as a 600-year-old Chinese antique and is expected to sell for up to $500,000 at auction.

Sotheby's auction house in New York said the seller, a man who is not being identified, purchased a floral bowl for $35 at a yard sale in New Haven in 2020 and sent photos of the object to auction specialists to see if it was a genuine antique.

The porcelain bowl was identified as a "lotus bowl" from the court of the Yongle Emperor, who ruled from 1403 until 1424. Sotheby's said only six other lotus bowls from the same period are known to still exist.

The bowl is scheduled to be auctioned March 17. The auction house said the bowl is expected to fetch a high bid of $300,000 to $500,000 -- up to 14,300 times the amount of money it sold for at the yard sale.