A city worker sorting through donated clothes in Taiwan came across about $10,140 cash that had been stored in red envelopes and placed in the pockets of a clothing item.

The Taichung Nantung District Environmental Protection Bureau said Huang Chi-lung, 28, a member of the bureau's Cleanup Team, was sorting through bags of donated clothes at a collection site in the city when he found the cash and notified his supervisor.

Officials took the bag that contained the money to a local police station, where officers found receipts and other documents that identified the owner.

The owner, a 72-year-old woman, said her husband had gathered the clothes to be donated without realizing one of the items contained the envelopes of money she had been saving for retirement and a wedding gift for her daughter.

The Environmental Protection Bureau said Zou brought the Cleanup Team a basket of apples to show her gratitude for the return of her money.