A North Carolina running club says it has set a Guinness World Record for a relay of 100 successive 5-kilometer runs in less than 31 hours.

The Charlotte Running Club said 100 runners ages 14 to 56 -- including three eighth graders -- completed successive 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) runs in 30:56:14, the Charlotte (N.C.) Observer reported Monday.

That's 1,250 laps on a quarter-mile track, for more than 310 miles.

Guinness must still verify the results, but if it stands, the club will beat the current record, set in December by the Florida Striders of Jacksonville. Its time was 37:12:53.6.

The Charlotte club started its relay about 6 a.m. Saturday and it continued through freezing temperatures and rain into Sunday afternoon, with runners averaging 5:58 per mile.

"There was always someone running ... which is impressive when you consider how cold it got and how heavy it was raining at times. There were zero breaks," said the club's social director, Emily Barrett.