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America's Next Top Model 8 - Episode 6 Summary

'Cross Dressing Divas' By Belinda Trotter-James and Dali
Original Airdate: March 28, 2007

This week's show was full of men, drag queens and phone sex.  Oh La La.  It was hilarious to see which girls had personal style and which girls could not get it right if they had a clue.  As usual, the girls were thrown into the fire.  Who do you think emerged victorious when the smoke cleared?  Read on for all the delicious

In the opening scene, we see Natasha talking to her husband on the telephone…. "Do you miss me?"  He replies, "Yes."  She continues… "Do you remember?"  He replies, "Yes, I do."   Then she starts to purr like a kitten or was it a lion in heat sprinkled with a "ruff ruff" sound at the end.  OOH  WEE!  Does this mean she is an animal in the bedroom?  This is too hot for ANTM.  Then her husband puts the baby on the phone.  What a tender moment.  In a light bulb moment Natasha then realized that being a model means being away from your family.  Duh... Yes it does.  See, this is why young women should explore life, careers, traveling the world with girlfriends, flirting with guys, using protection and just having fun before heavy duty responsibilities take over; like getting a husband and having his babies.  Some beauty pageants ask that you not be married or have children.  They know that family is important, however, if there is a press conference producers don't want to hear that your husband had to work and you don't have a babysitter.  Listen… get a nanny and keep it moving. 

In the kitchen we see the girls talking about Natasha getting married at 18 to a 40 year old man.  And… So What?!  Stop hating and get a life.

DALIA:  See, people are starting to wonder if Natasha is a mail-order-bride.  I was shocked to learn that she has a baby too.  It's sad that she just realized she may have to be away from her family for long periods of time.

Yep…Anyway… In the next scene the girls get to meet Cathy Gould from Elite Model Management and super model, Claudia Mason who has walked for some of the top designers.

DALIA:  Why was Claudia Mason on the show?  This show is so beneath her.
Did she really need the exposure?

Girl your guess is as good as mine.  Anyway… they were there to show the girls how to put an outfit together.  All of the girls are clueless.  If they really wanted to be models, we would see an inkling of style emerging.  Getting them to put an outfit together is like asking them to solve a rubix cube.  Anyway…

Back at the house we see Renee talking to Whitney.  "Do you think there will ever be a full figured model on the cover of Vogue?  I just cannot see it," says Renee.   Whitney just tells Renee to get out of her face and stop talking.  Diana is furious that Renee would make such a statement.

DALIA:  "I don't appreciate Renee's statement either.  If she did her homework before making a blanket statement like that, she would have known that Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Hudson made the cover of Vogue.  What a silly little girl."

For the next challenge the girls found themselves in Sears with twin male models who call themselves Zarian.  The guys have been fortunate enough to have made a living in this industry for ten years.  They were there to show the girls how to put together a store display using the hottest trends from Sears.  The girls were put in groups of three.  At the end Sarah, Renee and Dionne won only because Natasha, Whitney and Jael were disqualified.  It seems that all the girls had to actually sit on the display to qualify for the challenge.  Whitney was sitting on the floor beside the display.  Natasha told her to get on the platform but Whitney did not listen.  Not only would her group have won, but she would have won the individual prize.  When Zarian told Sarah she won the individual style prize, Dionne and Renee were livid.  Dionne put all the clothes together and Renee put all the accessories together.  Sarah did squat and was not aware that she did squat.  She took all the credit without giving her teammates credit.  Her prize would be extra frames at their next shoot.

DALIA: Since when did Sears start selling the hottest trends?  Maybe the hottest trends in washing machines… but clothes???  Go figure.

In the next challenge the girls would need some accessories to help them with their next photo shoot.  Mr. Jay introduces them to a few handsome guy accessories.  The girls screamed with delight.  However, the twist is that the men were professional drag queens.  The girls would be made up to look like men and the men would look like women.  Whoo Yaa!  You must see this episode.  Jalene and Brittney did an excellent job however; Natasha hit the ball around the world.  She was on point from the moment the makeup hit her face.  The mannerisms, poses and the attitude was perfecto!  A+++  for Natasha.  Now that's what we want to see; committing to the character and producing great shots.  If there was a mark below an "F minus" it would go to Whitney, Diana and Dionne.  I don't know if it was the makeup or if they just make ugly looking men.  They were so horrible that all three should have gone home. The drag queens upstaged them in every frame.  When Mr. Jay asked Diana why she wanted to be America's Next Top Model, she replied, "Just cause."   Whaaaaaatttt!  Jay could not believe his ears.  "I don't know what to tell him to make him believe me," says Diana to the camera.   She does not have to tell anyone anything…Just show us in front of the camera that you are a super full figured model.   Duh!
DALIA:   "Diana needs to get some confidence from the wiz and try again next year."

Whitney says to the camera, "I know I did a horrible job today.  I am nervous.  I need to show them that I have what it takes to be that super model.

DALIA:  "Whitney may have what it takes but we only have eight weeks to go.  How long is it going to take her to step up her game?  None of her photos are that great."

At the elimination ceremony Dionne looked like a real model.  Her hair and clothes were much better.  Tyra also looked like an ex-model.  It was a nice, clean look that was very refreshing to see instead of that gigantic hair head wrap she wore last week.  Overall the judges liked the photos.  Cathy Gould from Elite thought that Jael was not convincing as a man; she could not break her femininity.  "If she came through my door I would say, NEXT," says Gould.

Diana had a 'ho hum' performance, Dionne was so wrong that it was right and Whitney was the worst shoot of the day.  Mr. Jay said they had the most fun with Natasha's shoot.  However, Nigel noticed that her head was once again turned upside down. 

DALIA:  I think the producers did that on purpose.  If you saw her shoot, it was great and I am sure there had to be at least one photo where her head was not lopsided.  I don't like when guest judges give their so called "expert" opinion when they only see one side of the contestants.

In the end Whitney and Diana was in the bottom two.  The judges felt that Whitney is beautiful but it is very difficult to capture in a photo.  Diana is a beautiful woman however the judges do not feel the fire.  Then they replayed Mr. Jay asking Diana why she wanted to be a model and she replies, "Just cause." That's not even a full sentence.  Unfortunately, Diana was sent home.

Diana said in her exit interview while sobbing, "It's hard to be in the bottom two with Whitney.  We were so close in the house.  I know there could only be one winner."

DALIA:  "I don't think these girls understand that this is a job.  If I slack off on my job, I will get fired.  I will never forget when Michael Bivens from New Edition said, "its 10% show and 90% business."  What will the girls do when their beauty is gone?  As judge Judy would say, "Beauty fades but dumb is forever."

Email us at and let me know what you want to ask the eliminated contestants or visit me at  See you next week when we will find out who will be the next contestant to lose a chance at becoming America's Next Top Model.

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