Claiming that they aren't newlyweds anymore, pop couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey say they are pulling the plug on their popular Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica MTV reality series with the conclusion of the program's current third season.

"Done!" Simpson told US Weekly magazine during an interview. "We're not newlyweds anymore. We've had our share of the cameras. We're at a point where we'll want everything for ourselves and our family."

Whether the comment is legitimate, a negotiating tactic, or simply the latest flighty comment from the ditzy blonde remains to be seen. According to E! Online, to date, both MTV and Simpson's representatives have refused to respond to the quote. Perhaps they have been too busy reminding Simpson that until her reality series came along last summer, she was well on her way to being another long-forgotten teen singer, with the popular MTV reality series widely credited for not only reviving both her and Nick's careers, but taking them to new highs.

In addition to seeing a rerelease of her originally low-selling 'In This Skin' album go multi-platinum after the show hit the airwaves, Simpson and Lachey have also landed several endorsement deals, a variety show deal with ABC, and his and her development deals with the Disney network as a result of the show's success.

While nothing has come of either ABC development deal (Simpson's "Jessica Sampson" pilot was widely panned and not picked up as part of ABC's fall schedule), the duo have contracted with ABC for more variety specials, and Lachey will be doing a six-episode appearance on the upcoming season of The WB's Charmed series.

According to Jessica, once the cameras are gone, the couple plans to move on to focusing on post-newlywed activities... such as possibly starting a family. I don't think it will be in six months or a year, but after that, Nick's getting old," the 24-year-old told US.

Perhaps Jessica is simply looking to have her own younger sister Ashlee take over the Simpson reality show spotlight for a while... and then return with a New Parents: Nick & Jessica series?