Bob Guiney, star of ABC's The Bachelor 4, isn't going to need to get singing lessons after all, no matter what TV Guide may think.

Wind-Up Records, a New York-based independent label that also releases, among others, multi-platinum artists Evanescence and Creed, announced that it has acquired the distribution rights to Bob's 3 Sides CD. Wind-Up will re-release the CD on November 25 -- the week after the last episode of The Bachelor 4, taking full advantage of the promotional opportunity provided by Bob's post-show talk-show tour.

Interestingly, 3 Sides, although credited just to Bob, also features his former band Fat Amy -- and Wind-Up almost signed Fat Amy back in 1998, when the Detroit-based band made a last-ditch tour of record industry showcases, following two independent releases by the group (in 1995 and 1997). Fat Amy broke up shortly thereafter, while Wind-Up (which only had one artist, Creed, at the time) went on to bigger and better things, as discussed in this Newsweek article.

Bob, of course, became a mortgage broker and ended up on The Bachelorette. Even though he didn't win Trista Rehn's heart, his popularity from the show gave him a chance to record a third album, 3 Sides, which he once again had to release independently.

When 3 Sides was withdrawn shortly after release, we feared the worst for Bob's singing career. Instead, what happened was that Wind-Up president Steve Lerner became reintroduced to Bob's name through The Bachelor 4 and was reminded of Wind-Up's connection with Fat Amy. Wind-Up then offered Bob the opportunity that he had desperately been seeking since his college days.

Says Bob about his Wind-Up signing, “Music has always been my first love. Wind-Up was always a label I felt comfortable with in more ways than one. They’re a family. And they’re not interested in ANYTHING but the music.” Wind-Up president Lerner agrees, “Within Wind-Up, we never forgot the presence and passion Bob had for his music, and we know he has the talent to establish himself as a career music artist.” Looks like, just as Bob had a second chance to find love on The Bachelor 4, he will also have a second chance for musical success. Maybe life really does begin at 30.

With major support, things happen fast. MTV reports that Bob recorded a music video for his first Wind-Up "single," "Girlfriend," this week in L.A. with well-known video director Nigel Dick (who previously directed hits for Guns 'N' Roses and Britney Spears). A tour (perhaps featuring Bob's Fat Amy bandmates) will shortly follow. Hopefully, unlike his behavior on The Bachelor 4, Bob won't serial-kiss all the women in the audience during his concerts.