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  • A&E 'Family Plots' mortuary owner has "con man" past

    April 26, 2004
    Once again, a heretofore-concealed criminal record of a reality-TV show participant has been dug up. In this case, though, it was convictions for grand theft and embezzlement that were the skeletons in the closet of ... a funeral-home owner/manager.
  • A&E to premiere new 'Family Plots' funeral home reality series on April 19

    March 8, 2004
    Having already gone into the skys to document adventures in air travel with its successful Airline series, the A&E Network now plans to go six feet under and follow the funeral home business. Similar to HBO's fictional Six Feet Under series, the network's new unscripted Family Plots series, premiering April 19 at 9PN ET/PT, will chronicle the comings and goings of a real Southern California family-run mortuary.

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