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The Bachelorette 7

The Bachelorette 7 (Courtesy Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Bachelorette 7 is the seventh season of ABC reality television series The Bachelorette. The show premiered on May 23, 2011, featuring Ashley Hebert dating 25 men. Hebert was rejected by Brad Womack on the fifteenth season of The Bachelor, where she was the second runner-up. The season concluded with Ashley choosing J.P. Rosenbaum as her fianc. The couple lives in Princeton, New Jersey.


Biographical information according to ABC official series site, plus footnoted additions.

(ages stated are at time of contest)

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
J.P. Rosenbaum 34 Roslyn, New York Construction Manager Winner
Ben Flajnik 28 Sonoma, California Wine Maker Runner-Up
Constantine Tzortzis 30 Cumming, Georgia Restaurant Owner Episode 9 (Withdrew)
Ames Brown 31 Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania Portfolio Manager Episode 8
Lucas Daniels 30 Odessa, Texas Oilfield Equipment Distributor Episode 7
Ryan Park 31 Fresno, California Solar Energy Executive Episode 7
Blake Julian 27 Steamboat Springs, Colorado Dentist Episode 6
Ryan "Mickey" McLean 31 Rochester, New York Chef Episode 6 (Withdrew)
Nick Peterson 26 Odessa, Florida Personal Trainer Episode 5
William Holman 30 Fostoria, Ohio Cellular Phone Salesman Episode 5
Ben Castoriano 28 Lake Charles, Louisiana Lawyer Episode 5
West Lee 30 Walhalla, South Carolina Lawyer Episode 4
Jeff Medolla 35 St. Louis, Missouri Entrepreneur Episode 3
Chris Drish 25 Moline, Illinois Sports Marketing Coordinator Episode 3
Bentley Williams 28 Salt Lake City, Utah Businessman Episode 3 (Quit)
Matt Colombo 28 Bridgewater, Massachusetts Office Supply Salesman Episode 2
Ryan Miller 27 Novi, Michigan Constructor Estimator Episode 2
Stephen D'Amico 27 Portland, Connecticut Hairstylist Episode 2
Anthony Santucci 28 Saddle River, New Jersey Butcher Episode 1
Chris Malhomme 27 Gibbons, Alberta Construction Company CEO Episode 1
Frank Carpenter 29 Anchorage, Alaska College Admissions Director Episode 1
Jon Ellsworth 26 Vancouver, Washington E-Commerce Executive Episode 1
Michael Burns 29 Providence, Rhode Island Technology Salesman Episode 1
Rob Dahm 27 Monroe, Michigan Technology Executive Episode 1
Tim McCormack 35 Massapequa, New York Liquor Distributor Episode 1

Call-Out Order

Ashley's Call-Out Order
# Bachelors Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Ryan P. Ryan P. William Ben C. Constantine Ben F. Lucas J.P. Ben F. Ben F. J.P.
2 Jon Jeff Bentley Ryan P. Ben F. Blake Ryan P. Constantine J.P. J.P. Ben F.
3 Lucas Constantine Mickey J.P. Ames Constantine J.P. Ben F. Constantine
4 William Ben F. West Constantine Lucas Lucas Ben F. Ames Ames
5 Mickey Lucas Constantine West Ryan P. J.P. Constantine Lucas
6 Tim Stephen Ryan P. Mickey J.P. Ames Ames
7 Ben C. Matt Ben C. Ben F. Nick Mickey Blake
8 Stephen Nick Nick Blake Mickey Ryan P.
9 Chris D. Chris D. Ames Nick Blake Nick
10 West Ryan M. Lucas Ames William
11 Anthony Blake Jeff Lucas Ben C.
12 Rob Mickey J.P. William West
13 Ames Ben C. Chris D. Chris D.
14 Matt West Ben F. Jeff
15 Jeff William Blake
16 Ben F. J.P. Matt
17 Frank Ames Ryan M.
18 Michael Bentley Stephen
19 Chris M. Anthony
20 Ryan M. Chris M.
21 J.P. Frank
22 Nick Jon
23 Blake Michael
24 Bentley Rob
25 Constantine
{{colorbox}} The contestant was received a first impression rose.
{{colorbox}} The contestant received a rose during the date.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated.
{{colorbox}} The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony.
{{colorbox}} The contestant quit the competition.
{{colorbox}} The contestant won the competition.

Episodes (dates)

Week 1

Original airdate: May 23, 2011

There are no dates during the first week. Memorable moments arriving in the mansion include Ben F., who brings a bottle of wine and a glass for a toast with the bachelorette. During the cocktail party, Tim gets drunk and sleeps on a couch. Ashley tries to wake him up and asks the remaining guys to help Tim leave the mansion. Ryan P. received the first impression rose. Anthony, Chris M., Frank, John, Michael and Rob are all sent home in the rose ceremony.

Week 2

Original airdate: May 30, 2011

  • Located in: Las Vegas, Nevada (dates, but not the rose ceremony)
1-on-1: William. He and Ashley visit a wedding chapel. Later that night, they have dinner in the middle of the Bellagio Fountains. He gets a rose.

Group: The men go to Las Vegas and are broken up into two teams. Each team has to choreograph a dance and the winning team gets to spend the night with Ashley and the losing team gets sent home. Team A is Ryan M., Constantine, Stephen, Matt, Ames, and Chris D. Team B is Ben F., Bentley, Blake, Lucas, Nick, and West. Team B won and they got to perform in the "JabbaWockeeZ" show. Bentley gets a rose.

1-on-1: Mickey. Before the start of the date, Mickey and J.P. have a coin flip to see who would be Ashley's date. Mickey wins the flip. At the Mandalay Bay wave pool, they get a private concert from Colbie Caillat performing her song "Brighter Than The Sun". He gets a rose.

Week 3

Original airdate: June 6, 2011

1-on-1: Ben C. They are part of a flash mob and have Far East Movement play their single, "Like a G6", for them. He gets a rose.

Group: Ames, Ben F., Bentley, Blake, Chris D., Jeff, Lucas, Nick, Ryan P., and William. Shortly before the start of the date, Jeff talks with Ashley about his true identity - he has been wearing a mask since the start of the show. Jeff takes off the mask and shows his true face to her. They go to a comedy club for a Bachelorette roast hosted by Jeffrey Ross. Ryan P. gets a rose.

1-on-1: J.P. The date was after Bentley left and Ashley felt a little down on his elimination, They have a romantic night at Ashley's "home". He gets a rose.

Other developments: After the group date, Bentley decided to leave the show. When Bentley arrives at Ashley's "home", he expressed his emotion on text messages from Michelle Money, Ashley's castmate from Brad's season of The Bachelor; who is a friend to Ashley and his ex-wife. His disappointment continued on his broken family. Ashley is shocked to see Bentley leaving and wants to still be with him.

Week 4

Original airdate: June 13, 2011

  • Located in: Phuket, Thailand
1-on-1: Constantine. He and Ashley plan to take a boat, but, they have to cancel due to bad weather and instead go shopping in Old Phuket. Then, they get dinner at a secluded beach house. He gets a rose.

Group: Ben C., Ben F., Blake, J.P., Lucas, Mickey, Nick, Ryan P., West, and William. They help at a Baan San Fan orphanage to repaint and furnish the room in commemoration of the 2004 tsunami which devastated the country. Ben F. has some one-on-one time with Ashley as he had been confident at the orphanage, and he gets a kiss from Ashley. Ben F. gets a rose.

1-on-1: Ames. He and Ashley go sailing near Phuket and go kayaking in Thailand's waters. He shares his experiences traveling and they have a dinner talk. He gets a rose.

Other developments: After the cocktail party, Chris talks to Ashley about her date with Ames and asks her if two people would be going home for the rose ceremony. Ashley thinks some of the guys have on their romantic charm. Only one person leaves the competition, with an extra rose being added on the night's rose ceremony.

Week 5

Original airdate: June 20, 2011

  • Located in: Chiang Mai, Thailand
1-on-1: Ben F. He and Ashley travel the market with lush colors and delicious Thai delicacies. Then, they visit the temple and have dinner. Ashley talks with Ben F. about his daily life and he gets the rose. The date ends with traditional Thai dancers with local music.

Group: Ames, Blake, Constantine, Lucas, Mickey, Nick, Ryan P., and J.P. They take part in Muay Thai and they fight on an outdoor arena in four matches: Blake vs. Lucas, Mickey vs. J.P., Ames vs. Ryan P., and Nick vs. Constantine. Shortly after the fight, Ames is injured and is sent to the hospital. During that night, a clearly concussed Ames rejoins the rest of the guys for one-on-one talks with Ashley. Blake gets a rose.

2-on-1: Ben C. and William. The two travel on a river raft and have an outdoor picnic with Ashley. Ben C. is eliminated after William tells Ashley that Ben C. is interested in online dating and cannot wait to leave. That leaves William for the continuation of their date. He and Ashley have dinner at a park outside Chiang Mai. In the end, William is also eliminated.

Week 6

Original airdate: June 27, 2011

  • Located in: Hong Kong SAR, China
Prologue: When the eight remaining guys arrive at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong, Chris comes to Ashley's room and tells her that Bentley is in the same hotel and wants to see her. Ashley and Bentley talk and she realizes that he led her on a bit and that she hasn't really closed that chapter in her journey as the Bachelorette. Ashley realizes she needs to let go of Bentley so she can fully embrace the remaining bachelors.

1-on-1: Lucas. He and Ashley take a walk on the streets of Kowloon and take a boat ride on a junk. He gets a rose.

Group: Ben F., Blake, Constantine, Ryan P., Ames and Mickey. They take part in dragon boat racing on Hong Kong Island in three teams: two guys with local people. The teams are Ben F. and Constantine in red, Blake and Ryan P. in blue and Ames and Mickey in black; the black team wins. They all happen to witness a local couple get engaged on a beach shore. Ryan P. gets a rose.

1-on-1: J.P.. He and Ashley travel to Victoria Peak. Ashley talks with J.P. about his past relationships. She confesses to him that she had seen Bentley a few days ago. He gets the rose.

Cocktail party: After Ashley tells the remaining contestants that Bentley had returned and that she hadn't fully let go of him until that day, Mickey decided to leave the competition because of it.

Week 7

Original airdate: July 11, 2011

  • Located in: Taiwan, Republic of China
1-on-1: Constantine. He and Ashley ride on a steam train to Pingxi. There is a lantern festival going on, and they make a "love wish" on a paper lantern and release it into the sky, but not until after a street dog urinates on it.

1-on-1: Ben F. He and Ashley travel to Taroko National Park by moped. They stop at a temple and walk to a suspension bridge over a gorge. They have dinner in Silks Place Hotel.

Group: Ames, J.P., Lucas. They have to take three individual cultural wedding photos with Ashley in Taipei's photography district. Lucas comes in first with qpo, Ames dresses silly and sparkly, and J.P. wears a tuxedo. J.P. thinks that his relationship with Ashley grow stronger while they were on a previous date back in Hong Kong and gets the rose for the third time.

1-on-1: Ryan P. He and Ashley travel to Liberty Square for T'ai chi lessons. Then, they travel to Longshan Temple for a Confucian prayer. They do not have chemistry together and he is sent home.

Week 8

Original airdate: July 18, 2011

  • Located in: Hometowns (Dates) and Los Angeles (Rose Ceremony)
(in the order shown on television)

# Bachelor Hometown
1 Constantine Cumming, Georgia
2 Ames Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania
3 Ben F. Sonoma, California
4 J.P. Roslyn, New York
Constantine takes Ashley on a lake and travel to Giorgio's, where he works and owns. Then, they have a Greek dance with his friends and family. Ames and Ashley have a ride on a horse-drawn carriage. Ben F. takes Ashley to his family winery. J.P. and Ashley go on a roller rink. J.P.'s mom shows his Bar Mitzvah photo to Ashley.

Ben F. gets the first rose followed by J.P., leaving Ames and Constantine at the bottom two. In the end, Ashley hands Constantine the last rose, eliminating Ames.

Week 9

Original airdate: July 25, 2011

  • Located in: Fiji
Overnight Dates

Ashley and her three remaining suitors travel to Savusavu for daytime frolicking and, perhaps, overnight canoodling. Before her date with Ben F. is going to start, a surprise visitor arrives in Fiji and it is eliminated suitor Ryan P. trying to get his second chance with her. Ben F. and Ashley have fun sailing and they snorkel on a reef. Constantine and Ashley ride in a helicopter to a lagoon on a nearby island. During dinner, Constantine has big news to tell to Ashley. He is not in love with her and does not accept the Fantasy Suite envelope. He then leaves the competition. The next day after Constantine left, Ashley visits Ryan P. to discuss their feelings. Like Bentley in week 6, Ashley wants Ryan P. to leave. The last date with Ashley is J.P. They take a ride on a seaplane to a private island, their affection growing stronger. During the rose ceremony, Ashley gives roses to both Ben F. and J.P.

Week 10 (Finale)

Original airdate: August 1, 2011

  • Located in: Fiji
Final Dates and Final Rose Ceremony

Ashley must choose between the two final suitors for her heart. Both of the men get a chance to meet Ashley's family. When J.P. comes, her older sister, Chrystie, disapproves of him, saying that he is too old for her. Before Ben F. meets the family, Ashley and Chrystie argue over J.P.'s meeting with the family. Ben F. makes funny jokes to Ashley's family and he says he is in love with her. In their final dates, Ashley and Ben F. take a helicopter ride over the entire country to a chain of waterfalls and islands. Then, they have a mud bath. Ben F. has a good feeling about their relationship after the day is over. Ashley's final date with J.P. has him wearing a yellow T-shirt. He talks with her about how her sister does not like him. He gives her a scrapbook. The time of the proposal has come: Ben F. comes in first, and he thinks that he may be adding a new member to his family since his father died several years ago. Ashley rejects his proposal, and Ben F. leaves. J.P. comes in next and declaring he is now in love with Ashley, proposes to her and she accepts.

After filming

After the final rose

This special episode will air right after the finale. Ashley recaps the Season 7 finale in Fiji, and tells host Chris Harrison what was going through her mind while she was trying to make her decision. Then, Ashley's sister, who was with her family in the audience, apologized to J.P. about her initial reaction upon his meeting the family. At the end of the special episode, Chris gave Ashley and J.P. a pre-honeymoon vacation: A return to Vomo in Fiji.

Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Previous Finish Bachelor Pad Final Result
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Ames Brown 4th 14th
Blake Julian 7th 9th
Nick Peterson 9th 1st
William Holman 10th 12th

Other developments

Runner-up Ben Flajnik was selected for the sixteenth season of The Bachelor as the bachelor. Contestant Blake Julian is currently married to The Bachelor 12 contestant Holly Durst, whom he met on Bachelor Pad.


Hebert and Rosenbaum were married on December 1, 2012, with their wedding airing on ABC on December 16, 2012. They had a garden wedding in Pasadena, California. Their guests from the Bachelor franchise included former Bachelorettes Trista Sutter, with husband Ryan Sutter; Jillian Harris; Emily Maynard; Sean Lowe; and Jason and Molly Mesnick. On September 30, 2014, the couple welcomed their first child, son Fordham Rhys Rosenbaum; new father J.P. tweeted the happy news that same day.


No episode aired on July 4, 2011 in ABC in the United States and Citytv in Canada, due to American Independence Day.

U.S. Nielsen ratings

Episode First Air Date Rating
1 May 23, 2011 2.8 7 9.02 3
2 May 30, 2011 2.2 6 7.23 1
3 June 6, 2011 2.6 8 8.130 9
4 June 13, 2011 2.4 7 7.88 1
5 June 20, 2011 2.3 7 7.76 1
6 June 27, 2011 2.6 8 8.27 1
7 July 11, 2011 2.6 8 8.12 1
8 July 18, 2011 2.3 7 8.00 1
9 July 25, 2011 2.4 7 8.16 1
10 July 31, 2011 1.6 4 5.40 3
11 August 1, 2011 2.8 8 9.75 1
12 August 1, 2011 2.8 8 9.31 2
  • Episode 10, "The Men Tell All" aired on Sunday, July 31 of that year, rather than regular Monday date.
  • Episode 11 had the lowest rated season finale in the Bachelorette franchise, went down to 29% than its previous season.

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