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Danni Boatwright Wiegmann (born July 13, 1975), a beauty queen and model from Kansas, won $1,000,000 on Survivor: Guatemala, the eleventh season of the reality television show Survivor.

Boatwright was born in Tonganoxie, Kansas. She represented Kansas at the nationally televised Miss Teen USA and Miss USA pageants, and is one of the most successful delegates to compete in both competitions.


Boatwright is an accomplished model, having worked internationally, and is also an athlete: in 2003, she ran the Country Music Marathon in Tennessee. Boatwright's first major pageant title came in late 1991 when she won the Miss Kansas Teen USA title and became the first representative of the Vanbros pageant group. Boatwright represented Kansas at the 1992 Miss Teen USA pageant in Biloxi, Mississippi and placed second behind Miss North Carolina Teen USA Rachel Adcocks in the preliminary competition. During the final competition, Boatwright placed second in the interview and swimsuit rounds and fourth in swimsuit. Overall, she was ranked second going into the final stage of competition, but dropped a place and so became second runner up to the eventual winner Jamie Solinger of Iowa.

Four years later Boatwright won the Miss Kansas USA 1996 crown, and represented her state in the national Miss USA competition, broadcast live from South Padre Island, Texas. In that pageant, Boatwright won the preliminary competition and also the interview and swimsuit competitions on finals night. She finished first runner-up to Ali Landry of Louisiana, making her one of the most successful delegates to compete in both competitions.


During the Miss Teen USA pageant, Boatwright was introduced to an international modeling scout, and started a career as a model. She has traveled as an international model in different countries including Italy, England, Germany, France, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, and Tunisia. She appeared on Star Search at the age of 17 as a spokesmodel and contestant, the youngest ever to appear in this category. She has also appeared in numerous television and print advertisements, most recently in ads for BioSilk.


In 2005, Danni competed in Survivor: Guatemala, the eleventh season of reality television show Survivor. Danni Boatwright was placed on the Nakm tribe and was given its flag. When it was revealed that Stephenie LaGrossa and Bobby Jon Drinkard were playing a second time, Danni was pleased when Nakm would get Bobby Jon. After a grueling eleven mile hike, the Nakum tribe reached the better of the two camps first and won flint as well. Despite that, the tribe's strong men were repeatedly vomiting. This weakness showed in the challenge, which the Yaxh tribe won. Danni joined in voting out Jim Lynch who was seen as the physically weakest contestant. Nakm would prove to be the stronger tribe by winning the remaining the challenges and earning the tribe fishing supplies and comfort. During the second immunity challenge, Danni was able to identify Gary Hogeboom as a former football player.

On Day 9, Both tribes went to a Mayan ruin at what was thought to be a challenge. Instead, Jeff asked both tribes who was most need of nouishment. Danni and Jamie Newton were seen as the hungriest for their respective tribes and both received apples. As the questions continued, both tribes were asked who had the most tribe spirit. Nakm picked Cindy Hall and Yaxh picked Brian Corridan. Jeff then announced a tribe switch and that only Brian and Cindy would stay on their respective tribes. Because Nakm had an extra member, there would be drawing of buffs to determine who would stay on Nakm. Danni went first but drew a blue buff, transferring her to Yaxh. Brooke Struck went next and she would draw the gold buff, meaning that Bobby Jon, Brandon Bellinger and Blake Towsley would join Danni and Brian on the new Yaxha. Gary and Amy O'Hara would join them soon after. The group won immunity and the next reward challenge, earning them a crocodile proof swimming pool. During this time, Blake annoyed the group by telling them about his party days. After losing the immunity challenge, Brian used this to his advantage and Danni decided to vote out Blake over Brian. At the next challenge, it was revealed that both tribes would go to tribal council that night and the tribes would complete in a reward challenge for a feast. Despite Yaxh's best efforts, Nakm won the feast. At camp the former Nakms targeted Brian for being the most strategic and successfully voted him off. Yaxh won the next reward challenge for a chocolate feast and even invite Nakm over. Unfortunately, Yaxh lost the next immunity and would enter the merge without numbers. The tribe voted out Amy for her injured ankle. After Amy's elimination, Jeff announced that the tribes had merged.

The former Yaxh tribe walked to the Nakm camp and woke them up to tell them of the news. The former Nakms did not warmly welcome Danni and the other Yaxhs. Lydia Morales named the merged tribe Xhakm. At the first individual immunity challenge, the castaways had a choice to eat or complete for immunity. Danni chose to complete along with Bobby Jon, Brandon, Cindy, Gary, and Judd Sergeant. Danni was the first person out. During the challenge, Jamie irritated everyone with his arrogance by telling everyone that Judd and Cindy were there to protect the former Nakm tribe's numbers advantage. The Yaxh tried to convince the others to vote out Jamie over Brandon for his arrogance, the fact that Brandon deserved to be in the game more and the Nakms would still have the numbers. Sadly, The Nakms held strong and voted off Brandon and then Bobby Jon. Jamie was voted next for his increasing paranoia. Danni would stay affiliated with Gary, but she kept her options open. He tried to convince the tribe to vote for Judd for being untrustworthy as he lied about the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. Danni realised that Gary was next to go and even voted him out.

Danni was on the chopping block, but was still determined to save herself. At the Survivor Auction, Danni brought herself an advantage at the next immunity challenge. Judd bought time to spend with his wife and chose Stephenie and Cindy to join him with their respective loved ones, sending Danni, Lydia and Rafe Judkins to the former Yaxh camp. Danni made connections with Rafe and Lydia, even forming a final two deal with Rafe. At the challenge, Danni used her advantage and won immunity. Because of this, she was able to convince Rafe to convince Stephenie to turn on Judd. At the final reward challenge, Cindy won a car and was given the option of giving cars to the others at the expense of her own car. Cindy kept her car, which angered Rafe. Danni was spared once more due to her deal with Rafe and Cindy's apparent selfishness. At the final four immunity challenge, Danni failed to win immunity. However, Danni convinced Rafe that it was in his best interest to keep her over the much physically weaker Lydia as she would take him to the final tribal council. Rafe agreed and Lydia was unanimously voted out. At the final immunity challenge, Danni won and consoled Stephenie who was crying. Seeing Stephenie's tears, Rafe released her from her word. Danni chose Stephenie to bring to the final tribal council because she viewed Stephenie as easier to beat and as equally deserving as Rafe.

At the Final Tribal Council, the jury was very angry with Stephenie for her devious gameplay. Because of that, Danni easily won the title of Sole Survivor in a 6-1 vote, only losing Rafe's vote because he was angry that Danni didn't take him based on their bond.

Professional and personal life

She lives in Tonganoxie, Kansas and is an on air personality for KCSP, also known as 610 Sports, in Kansas City. She is the co-host of "Sports Rap" every Sunday from 10:00 to noon. She also appeared on The Fantasy Show on ESPN2. Boatwright was the first host of CelebTV.com, an entertainment news website. In 2006, she became a spokeswoman for Coleman products. She can also be seen in online promotional videos for the Trackstick GPS tracking device. She also started a sports clothing label called Sideline Chic.

She was once married to country music singer Wade Hayes, and appeared in the music video for his 1998 single "Tore Up from the Floor Up." She is now married to Casey Wiegmann who plays center for the Kansas City Chiefs. They have two sons, Bo, born on October 8, 2007, and Stone, born on November 1, 2010.

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