Charmaine Hunt

Charmaine Hunt

Charmaine Hunt

Date Of Birth: Unknown
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Pre-Reality Occupation: Real estate consultant
Marital Status: Single

Charmaine Hunt News

  • Charmaine Hunt and Tarek Saab fired from 'The Apprentice 5'

    For the second time this season, two The Apprentice contestants were fired for their failure on the same task. Citing her inability to lead Tarek Saab, Apprentice star Donald Trump fired Charmaine Hunt, a 27-year-old real estate consultant from Nashville, TN, during last night's boardroom session. Then, citing his inability to be led by anyone (logic that would appear to conflict with the reasoning behind Charmaine's firing), Tarek, a 27-year-old hi-tech manager from New Bedford, MA, was fired as well.
  • Andrea Lake becomes tenth contestant fired from 'The Apprentice 5'

    Andrea Lake, a 31-year-old sticker company owner from San Diego who had shown herself to have something of a brash and abrasive personality, became the ninth person fired from The Apprentice 5 after she became cross with her team and they turned on her in the boardroom.
  • Lenny Veltman, Leslie Bourgeois fired in 'Apprentice 5' doubleheader

    In order to make room on its schedule for next week's week-long Celebrity Cooking Showdown reality cooking competition, NBC opted to air back-to-back The Apprentice episodes last night. The broadcasts saw two more losing project managers bite the dust, with Lenny Veltman going home after being unable to relate to his task's judges and Leslie Bourgeois later joining him after her failure to properly price Gold Rush Corporation's product resulted in the team's fourth consecutive task loss.
  • Bryce Gahagan the seventh contestant fired from NBC's 'Apprentice 5'

    Done in by his refusal to place his team's failure to win the week's task on anyone who contributed to it, Bryce Gahagan, a 28-year-old home builder from Kansas City, MO, became the seventh contestant fired from the fifth edition of The Apprentice.
  • Brent Buckman becomes the fifth 'The Apprentice 5' contestant fired

    Done in by his decision to pick a boardroom fight with his teammates despite the fact they did not appear to be targeting him as the reason for their loss, Brent Buckman, a 30-year-old attorney from Fort Lauderdale, FL, became the fifth contestant fired from the fifth edition of Donald Trump's The Apprentice.

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