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Tiffany Pollard reveals her final five on VH1's 'I Love New York'

By Christopher Rocchio, 02/20/2007 

The six remaining suitors on VH1's I Love New York got to show both their softer and more aggressive sides before Tiffany "New York" Pollard sent one home, narrowing her field of guys to five.

Boston -- a Caucasian financial advisor who lasted longer in the reality competition series than his fellow contestants probably thought he would -- was eliminated during I Love New York's sixth episode on Monday night.  While the episode began with Boston stating the other guys "underestimate him," his presence in the house was on 12 Pack and Chance's mind as they said he "has to go."

Afterward, the guys learned that their next challenge would require them to give some of New York's girlfriends "a royal treat" to "make them feel like queens."  Wearing a pink dress and a tiara, New York asked, "Are you guys ready to party?"

"I can dig this challenge," said Tango.  But boy were the guys surprised when New York's "girlfriends" turned out to be a group of 10 11-year-old girls.  "What in the world is this?" asked Real, while 12 Pack summed it up best.  "Oh my God we're in trouble," he said.  New York informed the guys they'd be throwing a "princess party," as she would try to determine which would make the best father.  With the girls deciding who's the best dad, the winner got a date with New York while the losers cooked dinner for her mother, Sister Patterson.

"Uncle 12 Pack" allowed the girls to put make-up on him to get in their good graces, but the plan backfired on him when they smeared too much red lipstick around his mouth.  "I looked so damn scary they didn't want to go anywhere near me," said 12 Pack.  Chance referred to the girls as "terrorists" and said if New York "wants to have kids like that... count me out."  Real mostly agreed with his brother Chance, adding "most of them belong in a zoo."  White Boy took an approach that seemed unwise, as he never engaged any of the girls and kept to himself.  All four of these guys received "thumbs down" from the girls, one of which even commented that Chance was "not a real man."

The stars of the challenge were Boston and Tango.  Boston allowed the girls to put a dress on him and throw food in his direction.  "The kids just went to town on me... I'd do anything to win a date with New York," he said.  As he told the girls to vote for him, one called him Austin.  "No!  It's Boston," he corrected.  Tango called the challenge "the single most enjoyable thing" he's done since arriving in the house, and New York was impressed he helped one of the girls find her bag.  While she described Tango as "definite father material," New York decided to go on her date with Boston.

"It's my first date with New York," said Boston.  "Hopefully she'll feel the Boston charm."  New York was impressed at how well Boston cleaned up, and said she was seeing him "in a different light."

"Things are going damn well near perfect," Boston remarked during the date.  Unfortunately, the guys back at the house couldn't say the same thing.  In an evening reminiscent of when Flava Flav's girls cooked his mom dinner on the second season of Flavor of Love, New York had Real, Chance, Tango, 12 Pack and White Boy cook dinner for her mom.  "Make the meal, set the table and somebody get me a glass of water with a twist of lemon!" shouted Patterson as she entered the kitchen.

As the guys sweat it out in the kitchen, New York and Boston enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage that took them to dinner.  Boston pulled out her chair, poured her champagne and even called her "Miss New York," all things she found "nerdy" but touching.  "Boston truly is my prince charming at this point," she said.  Back at the house, Patterson panned all of the guys' cooking -- except for Real, who made the salad.  "You guys tried hard," said Patterson.  "I'm disappointed it turned out like this."

New York and Boston finished up their date with some kissing, but things were just getting started back at the house.  Discussing the day's challenge, Patterson told Chance he's "not ready for a pet pig," never mind a kid.  This set Chance off.  "It's time to reveal my f***ing self!  I have a little boy at home!" he screamed at Patterson, telling her what she said "hit me at the core of my heart" and forced him to decide he's "got to go."  Patterson described Chance as "obnoxious, rude and overbearing."

"Chance..." Patterson called after him as he left the room.  "My name ain't Chance!" he yelled.  "F**k that!"  Meanwhile Boston and New York prepared to return to the house.  "I'm just feeling very good about the Boston charm," said Boston.  "This date is going farther than I thought it would... but I don't want to get c**k blocked."

Unfortunately for Boston, that's just what happened.  Chance continued to pack to go home to be with his two-year-old son, and when New York saw this, she was perplexed.  "I never said you have to leave because you have a child," she told him.  "I'm not against you."  According to New York, discovering Chance was a father didn't change her opinion of him, but when he still declared he was leaving, she lost it.

"I can't believe he's leaving me.  I'm sick of this s**t!" New York screamed as she ran in her room and sprawled out on her bed face down.  Chance then proceeded to call Tango out on comments he made to Patterson about Chance being a father.  Tango said he was glad Chance would leave the house either out of "guilt" or because he's "run himself out."  But Tango would not get his wish.

"I've decided to stay," said Chance.  "I realized I have love for New York."  The whole situation made Boston "pissed," as he explained, "I got c**k blocked after a near perfect date!"

The next day, the guys learned they'd be taking some aggression out on each other at a local boxing ring.  Afterward, Chance explained his plan: "If I get the opportunity to punch [Boston] in the mouth, I'm gonna do that."  Meanwhile, Boston was feeling the same way towards Chance.  "I'm just thinking how great it would be to pummel this guy's ass.  That would be great."  12 Pack put the potential match-up into perspective.  "I think we all know Chance is gonna kick the s**t out of [Boston]."

But before 12 Pack's prediction came true -- and it did -- Real boxed White Boy.  While White Boy said the two were "homeboys," he knew they had to fight because they're "shooting for the same woman."  Real got hit square in the nose and was down for the count.  Next ,12 Pack took-on Tango, who still had a sore shoulder from shooting hoops.  "I guarantee I'm gonna take it to him," said 12 Pack as he landed an uppercut on Tango's jaw.  But Tango was able to somewhat retaliate, causing him to say he "wasn't impressed" with 12 Pack.

Next, it was onto the main event, where Boston and Chance finally faced each other.  Chance said he was going to "teach Boston a lesson," while Boston added he was "pumped."  Over-pumped apparently -- Chance knocked Boston down with his first punch. 

"I've never been hit in the face before," said Boston.  "It felt like an asteroid coming down on me."  Boston got back up, but Chance punched him again, and this one was so hard it knocked him over the ropes and out of the ring.  "That was his last chance," said Chance as he stood over Boston, who was clearly dazed and sporting a bloody nose.

"This is pretty good for me," said Boston.  "Maybe she'll feel so bad for me she'll send Chance home."  Tango said Boston earned "the respect of all the other guys" for facing Chance in the ring.  Chance and Boston eventually tried to work out their differences before the night's elimination.  "You talk a lot of s**t.  I hope you learned your lesson," Chance told Boston.  "Don't talk s**t if you can't back it up."  Boston replied with, "You may have knocked me down, but you didn't knock me out."

Later, New York and Patterson met to discuss the guys.  During their discussion, Patterson said Chance should "go home and be with his baby;" called 12 Pack her "least favorite;" compared White Boy to a "sad seal;" thought Tango is "totally in love" with her daughter;" referred to Real as her "favorite;" and acknowledged that Boston "can take it." 

Afterward, New York told the guys that 12 Pack, Real, Tango and White Boy were all safe, meaning the elimination came down to Boston and Chance.

"I'm confident," said Boston.  "I got my ass knocked out of the ring today.  It's not like she's going to send me home after that."  It looked like despite deciding to stay, New York would send Chance packing anyway when she told him the 11-year-old girls thought he was "rude" and "just damn mean."

"But there's something with you I'm just not through with," New York told Chance before she informed him he'd be staying and Boston would be going home.  She just requested Chance keep "no more secrets."  New York called Boston a "great man" and added "above all that, you're a fighter."  While she said Boston would make a good husband someday, she acknowledged he just wasn't meant to be hers.

"I knew in my heart I'd never end up with Mr. Boston," said New York.  Boston said he was "disappointed" because "if she saw how good Boston guys are in bed, I wouldn't be going home anytime soon."  To show the five remaining guys how much she cared for Boston despite eliminating him, the two kissed before he left. 

"Guys... I just want you to know [Boston] is the best kisser in this house," said New York.  "And it's hard for me to just let that go."

I Love New York will continue on Monday, February 26 at 9PM ET/PT on VH1.  In the first episode, Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money and Wood left; Romance, Token and Trendz were eliminated in the second episode; Bonez, Tweed and Pootie went home in the third episode; Heat and Onix were sent packing in the fourth; and Rico was shipped out in the fifth.  The five remaining guys are 12 Pack, Chance, Real, Tango and White Boy.

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