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'Survivor: One World' eliminates Kourtney Moon due to injury

By Elizabeth Kwiatkowski, 02/16/2012 

Survivor: One World's all-female Salani tribe eliminated Kourtney Moon, a 29-year-old motorcycle repairwoman from Austin, TX, from their tribe during Wednesday night's premiere of the CBS reality series' 24th edition.

Rather than being voted out at the season's first Tribal Council session, Kourtney was automatically eliminated due to a broken wrist injury that occurred during the Immunity Challenge and left her physically unable to compete any further in the game.

"I'm not so proud of myself right now, but it kind of wasn't my fault, but it was. I feel like if I had moved my arm out a little farther, I wouldn't be in this situation that I am right now. But if my son sees something positive about me from this experience, I would love to think that he thinks I'm a strong woman even though it was only three days," Kourtney said following her ouster.

Survivor: One World's premiere broadcast began with the season's 18 first-time castaways arriving on the beach of a remote Polynesian island and getting ready to play a 39-day game in which they'd be divided into two tribes and live together on one beach as one tribe with no rules for the first time in the show's history.

The castaways met Survivor host Jeff Probst, who then asked a few of the castaways questions to start getting to know them better  and allow them to scope out each other while expressing some general thoughts based solely on first impressions. The tattooed Kourtney, for example, thought she wouldn't fit in well with the other women just by the looks of them.

Jeff then announced the castaways must split into two tribes: men versus women. Colton Cumbie, an openly gay 21-year-old college student from Monroeville, AK, felt he was going to be "the girl" within the all-male tribe and was disappointed because he was hoping to form alliances with some of the women.

The all-male Manono tribe -- wearing orange -- consisted of Jay Byars, a 25-year-old model from Gaffney, SC; Colton; Michael Jefferson, a 30-year-old banker from Seattle, WA; Leif Manson, a 27-year-old phlebotomist from San Diego, CA; Jonas Otsuji, a 37-year-old sushi chef from Lehi, Utah; Bill Posley, a 28-year-old stand-up comedian from Venice, CA; Matt Quinlan, a 33-year-old attorney from San Francisco, CA; Troy Robertson, a 50-year-old swimsuit photographer from Miami, FL; and Greg Smith, a 64-year-old plastic surgeon from Houston, TX.

The all-female Salani tribe -- wearing blue -- consisted of Nina Acosta, a 51-year-old retired LAPD officer from Clovis, CA; Christina Cha, a 29-year-old career consultant from West Hollywood, CA; Monica Culpepper, a 41-year-old ex-NFL football player's wife from Tampa, FL; Kat Edorsson, a 22-year-old timeshare representative from Orlando, FL; Chelsea Meissner, a 26-year-old in medical sales from Charleston, SC; Kourtney; Alicia Rosa, a 25-year-old special education teacher from Chicago, IL; Kim Spradlin, a 29-year-old bridal shop owner from San Antonio, TX; and Sabrina Thompson, a 33-year-old high school teacher from Brooklyn, NY.

Jeff then explained that the castaways would have 60 seconds to strip everything they could off the truck that brought them to the beach. The two tribes hustled to grab everything they could, but some items were unfortunately left behind because time ran out.

The women snagged some coconuts, bananas and an axe. However, once the 60-second time period elapsed, the Salani tribe couldn't find their axe and were furious because it had just disappeared. Michael then admitted to cameras he had stolen most of the girls' belongings and didn't feel bad about it. The women were angry, but there was nothing they could do to remedy the situation.

Jeff then told the two tribes that hidden Immunity Idols were already in play but there was going to be no Redemption Island -- meaning no second chances -- during this Survivor edition. He handed both teams a map and told them to start hiking to the locations of their camps.

Later that same day, the castaways carried their necessities to camp, and both tribes grew exhausted quite easily because they felt as if the hike was "hundreds of miles."

"The hike into camp definitely showed who are the stronger girls and it's Kim, myself, and Chelsea, and I would say Sabrina. I love Kat. She was a little weak and that was irritating me, but she knew that. Right away, I already knew who our five were going to be and it was done in a matter of seconds," Alicia explained.

Alicia then got her four members on board with the alliance. Kim said she didn't plan on joining an alliance so early because she wanted to lay low, but she was feeling the girl power and was ready to go for it.

Once both tribes got to their camps and learned they'd be sharing the same stretch of beach, there were mixed reactions from both genders. While both tribes shared the same space, it was clear the women and men were very much divided and wanted to keep to themselves. The men didn't even understand the "one world" concept, because they said it felt like there were two worlds living in one spot.

The castaways then attempted to catch loose chickens as they were beginning to get settled. Chelsea, bragging about her country-girl roots, caught two chickens quickly and efficiently, while the men failed to land even one. Matt tried to tell the women that if they had caught the chickens, they would immediately help the girls out.

However, the women were skeptical about Matt's claim, and Chelsea wasn't so quick to give the men a chicken because of how they had stolen some of their goods earlier in the day. The women believed the men were giving off the vibe that they were going to "play dirty" and the way they started off the game was a good inclination of their motives. 

"If we're all going to live in the same area, we have to work together," Matt told Chelsea.

"We're going to figure out what we don't have that we need that ya'll have and then we'll bargain," Chelsea said.

Matt wasn't happy that the women weren't willing to cooperate.

"I'm mad at the ladies, man. I'm not a guy that's going to go around and keep the girls happy. I don't care about those girls. Give us that chicken as an apology and then we'll think about something. It was obvious from that minute that I'm with the guys, not these girls. If you cross me, I don't care what you look like or what sex you are, I'm not working with you," Matt explained.

Afterward, Colton introduced himself to all the girls and immediately bonded with them, but this behavior was rubbing Matt the wrong way.

"The minute I saw Colton, I knew Colton was gay. He's very comfortable with it. Good for him. I also knew that he was going to have problems identifying with the guys around camp. There's a lot of manly men around here. Nobody has an issue with him being gay or anything like that. It's just, he doesn't try to fit in at all and if Colton doesn't try to fix that, then he's going to be going home quick," Matt said.

Colton confronted Matt about how he might have trouble fitting in with the men, and Matt told him that if he was going to be more like one of the girls, Manono was going to get rid of him. However, if he could be one of the guys and act as a runner and give the guys an advantage, he'd be safe.

"Matt is very arrogant, first off. He's very condescending and he thinks he's running this show. But if I get what I want, his torch is going out," Colton said.

Matt, Mike, Jay, and Bill, believing that the strong men would stay and the weak would go in the beginning, formed an alliance because they considered themselves to be the big, fit boys who were going to be threats and competitors on their tribe.

Colton then told a couple girls that only the hidden Immunity Idol and Jesus could keep him around in the game. Sabrina found him hilarious and liked him right off the bat.

"Even though this is one world, to me, it's two hemispheres -- their tribe versus our tribe. I don't really think the girls' tribe wanted to be in with us. I think they made it apparent by the way they were scamming around themselves and keeping everything on their side. So, I don't want to help them in any way if possible. As far as I'm concerned, they need to stay on their side and I'll stay on mine, and if they need us more than we need them, then we're in charge of this game," Jay said.

While the Manono tribe quickly built a fire on their side of camp, the Salani tribe was greatly struggling to get a flame going. As a result, Sabrina walked over to the men and asked if someone could go over to their side of camp and help them start a fire in exchange for a chicken.

The men didn't want to grant her request because they believed the women should have been more compliant earlier on about the chickens. Manono felt they didn't even need a chicken, so they thought the idea of trading fire for one was just ridiculous.

That night, when Monica and Alicia approached the men about the fire and also quickly lost hope of landing a deal, they resorted to joking about taking their clothes off for the men in order to sway their minds. The men however, just found it funny and somewhat pathetic.

"The women want our fire. They're getting dehydrated, you know? Because there's no water for them. They can't boil water, so us not giving them fire, is kind of a big advantage," Michael said.

"You're at war here. Period. Somebody's got to beat somebody, so I think any deal with the girls at this point is ludicrous. If they're down, keep them down. If they get fire on their own, good for them. If they don't, let them struggle," Jay said.

Monica ended up deciding it would be smart to steal an ember from the men's fire to start their own once the Manono tribe fell asleep. Their plan was actual successful, and the battle of the sexes was becoming increasingly more intense.

On Day 2, the Salani tribe's fire died during the night, so their plan ended up backfiring. As a result, the women were right back to square one and started to become desperate. It was clearly no longer about pride for the women, it was about surviving.

Christina then made an agreement with the men and told them two girls would weave 20 prongs for them if Manono agreed to build them a fire in return. It was an exchange of labor for fire and the men thought it was fair, but Alicia believed it to be an act of betrayal.

"I see what she's doing. She's trying to be friendly with the guys and she's the first one who's going to go -- first one to go," Alicia said.

Meanwhile, Sabrina was off looking for a hidden Immunity Idol and shockingly found one. She read it and discovered it had unusual instructions.

"I found an Idol but it's not for me. The rules said it's for the Manono tribe and I had to give it up before the next Tribal Council. I'm just trying to think, 'Who should I give it to?'" Sabrina said.

Sabrina thought Colton was the obvious choice to give the Idol to, so she gave it some thought and approached Colton about her idea to help him out. Colton labeled Sabrina's kind gesture his "saving grace."

The following day, the castaways met Jeff and he explained the rules to what would be their first Immunity Challenge. The tribe members learned that each tribe, one at a time, must jump from a 25-foot tower into a net below. They then must race across a giant balance beam and make their way over a long rope bridge. Once all of a tribe's members were at the mat, they must raise their tribe flag. The first tribe to do so would win immunity, while the losing tribe must head to Tribal Council that night and vote someone off their tribe.

In addition to winning immunity, the tribe to complete the obstacle course first would receive fire in the form of a flint.

During the challenge, Kourtney jumped into the net without holding her hands across her chest and landed on one of her wrists the wrong way. She held her wrist while attempting to continue on with the race and looked as if she was in great pain, but then she finally sat down and told Jeff she was very dizzy and had to stop. 

Jeff then paused the challenge and called in a medic, who after examining Kourtney's hand for a short time, declared that she had either broken a bone in her wrist or badly sprained it. The medic told Jeff she'd need an X-Ray to be sure of the damage, and as a result, they were unsure of Kourtney's status in the game.

Jeff explained to the two tribes what had happened with Kourtney and then announced that the challenge required nine people to start and nine people to finish. So by the rules, the challenge was technically over and the men won and could send the women to Tribal Council. However, since it was only Day 3, Jeff told Manono they could make a gesture of good will and finish the challenge to give Salani a chance.

"The only thing I'm reminding you guys of is that it is the single biggest mistake made in this game is making decisions early on that nobody will forgive you for in the end, but it is your call," Jeff warned the Manono tribe.

The men then decided to forego the challenge and take immunity, and the women were extremely surprised.

"In our minds, we knew that there was no chance they would just take the immunity, and when they did, it was like a heart break. Those guys don't give a crap about any of us girls and it showed today. They don't care. This is a no-mercy game," Chelsea said.

Upon the tribes' return to their camps, the Salani tribe was very disappointed they had lost the challenge on a technicality, and some of the women were surprised about the men's obvious lack of chivalry.

Sabrina then pulled Colton aside and tried to convince him to get one of the strong guys out, which would be a difficult task. Colton knew the Manono tribe was keeping him around to act as a double agent and find out information from the girls, and Sabrina agreed, claiming he was just disposable to them. Because Sabrina wanted Colton to stick around, she decided to give Colton her hidden Immunity Idol and keep him safe.

"This is the big move that everybody's looking for. You have to take the risk. Forget who's going to be pissed off at you, swing over and think about the gay guy who comes in, who everybody thinks is going to be out in the first round, you come over and you knock out one of the biggest people there," Sabrina said.

"Matt thinks I'm a puppet and he's in for a huge surprise if everything goes like I want it to. We're going to cut his throat faster than Taylor Swift would write a song about an ex-boyfriend," Colton said jokingly.

The women then had to discuss who they were going to vote off at Tribal Council, and Sabrina brought up the idea that even if Kourtney got back into the game, she may not really be able to participate or contribute. Sabrina, clearly rallying to vote Kourtney off, failed to convince her tribemates -- who claimed they wanted to wait and see.

Alicia, in particular, still wanted Christina to go.

"Kourtney, poor Kourtney, so uncoordinated. Obviously, she broke her wrist, but I'm going to definitely turn the tables around and let them know that Christina needs to go. It's guys versus girls and she's playing that side and playing us at the same time. She's poison, so I'm going to call her out. I already know it and I guess we'll have to see when we get there who's going to be kicked out," Alicia said.

That night, Survivor: One World's eight female castaways on the Salani tribe -- not including Kourtney -- arrived for their first Tribal Council session.

The women lit their torches and Jeff asked some questions about how the first few days were going, and the Salani tribe proudly voiced that each girl had an individual role to play around camp.

Alicia then brought up how Christina had made a deal with the men in attempt to gain fire and called her out for being two-faced. Christina fired back and the two began to bicker before eventually calming down. The tribe apparently didn't have a leader or unity, and Jeff pointed out that everyone seemed to be playing alone and they shouldn't be taking that as a joke. 

"You have have animosity between at least two people, you have no structure, and right now, the guys are thinking, 'Those women are all over the map. We have them right where we want them -- Nutsville," Jeff explained.

Jeff then gave good news and bad news about Kourtney and revealed she was doing fine but her wrist was broken in a few places. The injury required surgery, so Kourtney would not be coming back in the game.

Jeff declared everyone safe, gave the girls a flint and then the Salani tribe left Tribal Council and returned to camp with the advice of getting their act together fresh on their minds.

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