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American Idol 13 American Idol eliminated Dexter Roberts, a 22-year-old from Fayette, AL, and determined its Top 6 thirteenth-season finalists during Thursday night's live results show on Fox.

Dexter became the seventh finalist sent home from American Idol's thirteenth season after he received the fewest home viewer votes cast following Wednesday night's performance show, which featured the Top 7 finalists performing songs they had selected for one another in a brand new theme dubbed "Competitors' Pick." The country artist sang "Muckalee Creek Water" by Luke Bryan.

Dexter tried his best to get through his final performance of "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry after his elimination. Jessica Meuse had landed in the bottom two alongside him.

During a Friday conference call with reporters, Dexter talked about his American Idol experience. Below is a portion of his interview. Check back with Reality TV World soon for more.

The judges kept saying you performed popular country anthems the crowd probably loved but they wanted you to make the songs your own. However, you rarely landed in the bottom three before, so the anthems seemed to be working for you. Why do you think your song choice didn't work for you this week?

Dexter Roberts: I just don't know. It's really, you know, it's hard to say. Because I'm not a producer; I can't -- I wish I knew what or why I ended up leaving, but I don't know. I wish -- it'd sum up a lot of questions I was asking about it. I just had a great time on the show and I'm going to have a great time being on tour. But I don't know, it's just a really hard question to ask, and it's a hard question to answer.

Did you really take the judges' criticism to heart and try to make the country songs more your own or was that something you just weren't really interested in doing?

Dexter Roberts: No, I wanted to try and make each song more my own, but sometimes the band, they didn't want to -- they didn't think it would sound great, and I was like, "Well, you know, I'm trying, man! I'm trying." They'd be like, "Let's just play the record." So I tried as much as I could, but hopefully when I get on tour, I can have a little bit more say-so in it.

Did you ever think the judges were a little too harsh on you then at times?

Dexter Roberts: No, no. I wanted the judges to be harsh on me more, because that -- I think that if you could have criticism, that's going to help you be a better artist. And if I'm just sitting up there -- I've said a bunch of times before, they started out just saying good things, and then they hit the criticism.

And man, I loved it! I seen everybody else get down and stuff. I said, "It drives me more. It's just putting fuel under my fire. It makes me want to go out there and do it better each week."

What's the piece of advice you received from anyone that you'll take with you?

Dexter Roberts: Just to be myself.

Was it difficult to make the transition in your life from Alabama to California?

Dexter Roberts: Yeah, it was really different, because I'm a country boy and this is city life. But, you know, I tried to make of it the best that I could.

What advice from the judges impacted you the most?

Dexter Roberts: Probably just to go out there and have fun and really, like, I remember they told me to work on my diction, being able to pronounce words right. It's just that Southern twang I've got, but I don't know. That's about it, man.

You've been in the bottom two or bottom three only once before. So after you ended up there this week against Jessica, did you have a feeling that you'd be going home at all?

Dexter Roberts: Man, it's really crazy because nobody really knows if you're going home because it's such a great competition between us. Because we're like family and you just don't know because everybody is so good. You just don't know who's going to go home, and you know, we all had knots in our belly.

Next week's theme is "A little bit country and a little bit Rock N' Roll." Obviously you're a country singer. Could you tell me what you were planning on singing next week?

Dexter Roberts: Yeah, I was going to sing "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith, and for the country thing, I was either going to do a Brantley Gilbert song or I was going to do another Luke Bryan song.

How did your girlfriend, whom you met while auditioning, support you throughout your journey on the show?

Dexter Roberts: Oh man, she's been straight nothing but great support. She's been behind me the whole way -- her and her family and my family and America. It's just been a great experience.

What advice do you have for couples who are pursuing similar goals such as music?

Dexter Roberts: Just go in and just work at it. You're going to have to work at any relationship to make it work, but stand by each other and just keep pushing each other forward to make each other stronger. And just have fun and just enjoy life.

How do you feel about how far you made it in the competition? Did you exceed your own expectations going into auditions?

Dexter Roberts: Yes, I've had a great time and it was just a blast to be able to be there on American Idol. Yeah, I did my best, I thought. I just went out there and tried to kill it each week and I had a really great time. It was just amazing.

Did you feel like the judges' feedback was ever confusing? Because sometimes they want the contestants to change the melody and other times they want you to just sing it straight. Did you have a hard time trying to figure out what they wanted you to do?

Dexter Roberts: Sometimes, you know, I'm sitting back there and I'm like, "Okay, I'm trying to figure out what they want," and I'm asking everybody backstage, like, "What in this world are they talking about?," sometimes.

But each one of us contestants, you know, (laughs) we all had that same -- because [Harry Connick Jr.] would say something way out of the way. And we're just like, "What in the world?! You're talking sign language."

What did you miss most about home?

Dexter Roberts: Just my family and friends and just the vibe of Alabama. I love home. I wouldn't trade it. I guess just the great hunt, because you can't go hunting out here in Los Angeles. I'm a big hunter. So that's probably the most, you know, just all that together.

Above is a portion of Dexter's Friday conference call with reporters. Check back with Reality TV World soon for more from his interview.
Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 18, 2014 - 05:43 PM EST
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People News : Kris Jenner reportedly doing "great" after hospital visit for health scare
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kris Jenner is doing just fine after going to the hospital for undisclosed reasons.

"I'm great!" the 58-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star told E! News. "I'm feeling well and looking forward to a relaxing Easter holiday."

Jenner "went to the hospital for some internal pains she was having," a source told the website on Wednesday, adding that the reality TV star "got a scan for precautionary reasons." 

Jenner reportedly wanted to keep the details of her hospital visit private.

According to TMZ, Jenner went to a hospital in Thousand Oaks, which is close to her home in Los Angeles, and she was accompanied by estranged husband Bruce Jenner, who most likely traveled from his Malibu house to be at her side.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 18, 2014 - 12:22 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'American Idol' eliminates Dexter Roberts and determines Top 6 finalists
American Idol 13 American Idol has lost another contestant and determined its Top 6 thirteenth-season finalists.

Dexter Roberts, a 22-year-old from Fayette, AL, became the seventh finalist sent home from American Idol's thirteenth season after he received the fewest home viewer votes cast following Wednesday night's performance show, which featured the Top 7 finalists performing songs they had selected for one another in a brand new theme dubbed "Competitors' Pick."

"This opportunity of American Idol has changed my life in so many ways because just a few months ago, I was working two, three jobs. I wouldn't trade this experience for nothing, you know, because this is awesome," Dexter said in a video montage that played following his ouster.

Dexter tried his best to get through his final performance of "Lucky Man" by Montgomery Gentry.

Dexter's elimination could not have been prevented because Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. already used their one save of the season on Sam Woolf a couple of weeks ago.

Dexter landed in the week's bottom two vote-getters alongside Jessica Meuse, a 23-year-old student from Slapout, AL.

The country singer performed a pleasant rendition of "Muckalee Creek Water" by Luke Bryan on Wednesday's performance show, however, the judges heavily criticized how he lacked individuality and creativity.

"That's cool. I like that song. All I would say is be careful when you do songs that have such an intensity to them but the melody is kind of down... It's easy to start over-singing because the adrenaline's there but the melody is keeping you down... Just be aware of that. Don't let the adrenaline pull you out of the key," Keith told Dexter.

"I like this for you. I really did. I'm used to the kind of happy, anthemy Dexter... This had a little bit of a darker quality to it, a nice edge. This song showed us a different side of you and I actually liked it... You did a good job with it, [but] what I think I would say to you and all the rest of the contestants at this point, again, is we're getting down to the wire. These performances need to be spectacular. We had this conversation earlier on in the competition," Jennifer explained.

"We all felt you guys weren't stepping up, and then you kind of did. Now, we're at a new level. Now, we're towards the end. We're about to get into the Top 5 any minute now. Every time you guys come out here, you got to think about that. The room has got to rattle. It's got to shake! I feel like you guys need to push yourselves. You need to push yourselves vocally and you need to push yourselves [with] the band and how you're performing -- every single time."

"We know that you can sing this kind of tune really well, but again, I have to say that you didn't really do anything different from the original vocal. You could take that vocal out and plug your vocal in," Harry said.

"There's not a whole lot of melody there. That's not the type of tune that it is. So you're limiting yourself to basically singing the exact same thing that's on the record. I just want to hear you sing other things than singing along with the radio, and you can do it, because we've heard you do it before."

American Idol's six remaining finalists are as follows: Jessica, C.J. Harris, Sam Woolf, Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson, and Alex Preston.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 18, 2014 - 12:03 PM EST
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People News : Lindsay Lohan confirms 36-name list of sexual partners is legit, disputes how it leaked
Lindsay Lindsay Lohan has given her side of the story in regards to a lengthy hand-written list that recently surfaced of her sexual partners -- and in the process, she confirmed she did write it and it's real.

"I cannot confirm or deny. I plead the fifth," the Lindsay star told Andy Cohen during a Thursday night appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

When Cohen reiterated the rules of his little "Plead the Fifth" game in which a celebrity must truthfully answer two of three personal questions and can refuse to answer only one of them, Lohan revealed how accurate that published sex list of 36 names truly is.

"I'm going to get serious for a second," Lohan began.

"That was actually my fifth step in [Alcoholics Anonymous] at [the] Betty Ford [Clinic]. And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must've taken a photo of it. So that's a really personal thing and it's really unfortunate. It was the last episode of my new show."

Reports of the sex list began circulating in early March when Lindsay, which premiered on March 9, was still filming. The list included major stars such as Justin Timberlake, Colin Farrell, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, James Franco, and Heath Ledger.

Lohan's explanation of the list on Watch What Happens Live is significantly different from the claims In Touch Weekly made when the magazine initially published the list.

According to In Touch sources, the troubled reality TV star had written the list while out socializing with her girlfriends at the Beverly Hills Hotel on January 30 and then left it behind afterwards.

"It was her personal conquest list. She was trying to impress her friends with the list and then tossed it aside," a source told the magazine.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 18, 2014 - 11:48 AM EST
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People News : 'American Idol' judge Keith Urban: This season is like 'The Hunger Games,' Harry Connick Jr. and I are wired differently
American Idol 13 American Idol judge Keith Urban apparently feels the thirteenth-season competition is just getting fierce.

"There's friendliness, but you've got the rivalry too. I mean, let's not deny it, it is The Hunger Games," Urban told Ryan Seacrest during a recent interview for E! News.

Urban said he's pretty sure which three contestants will make it to the end "based on consistency."

Two of the most consistent singers in the Top 6 have clearly been Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson. Alex Preston would arguably be the third singer who usually delivers a strong performance. Surprisingly, Irene was one of the judges' "Wild Card" picks this season, so she was never even voted into America's Top 13.

"[Jena]'s been a favorite of mine for a long time, so it's great to see her stepping up," Urban told the Idol host.

Urban explained some of the contestants still have yet to loosen up and really let go of their inhibitions onstage, however, they're well on their way.

"Part of that is you have to be that way as a person, I think. You have to be very, very comfortable in your own skin and comfortable in this environment. But I do think week to week, I'm watching some of them get really comfortable in this environment. Jena's one, I think, who starts to look so comfortable up here," Urban said, according to E! News.

"I think in cases, like to be specific, say [Sam Woolf], he's 17 and he's got this incredible voice, but there's like a life-experience thing that's got to come into play. When those two things come together -- and what's great is we're actually seeing little bits of that happening week to week because of what happens off-camera like what these guys are going through, being away from home."

Although Urban and fellow Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. seem to offer opposite opinions most of the time when critiquing the finalists, the country star apparently really enjoys the dynamic of the judging panel, which also includes Jennifer Lopez.

"Harry's fitting in perfectly. It's good, you know? I like what Jen, Harry and I do, because we just come at it like we are. [Harry and I] disagree about a lot of things because we're just wired differently, we really are, and we respond differently to music," Urban told Seacrest.

"I think we react differently, different things appeal to us, different things impress us. Although, actually, that's not true. I think nothing impresses Harry. No, actually, I think [Wednesday night] he was impressed."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 18, 2014 - 11:11 AM EST
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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: 'Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty' castoff LJ McKanas talks (Part 1)
Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's merged Solarrion tribe voted out LJ McKanas during Wednesday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series' 28th edition. 

LJ, a 34-year-old horse trainer from Boston, MA, was voted out of his Solarrion tribe at the season's ninth Tribal Council session, which marked the third time Solarrion had attended Tribal together.

LJ was eliminated from the game after his closest ally, Tony Vlachos, turned on the majority alliance in order to vote him out. Tony viewed him as the biggest threat still in the game, while LJ trusted him entirely.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, LJ talked about his Survivor experience. Below is the first half. Check  back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: You were obviously completely surprised to be voted off. Why was that? I mean, I know you had obviously been expecting everyone to vote for Jeremiah Wood, but Tony had been very anxious and talking to you about turning on Yung "Woo" Hwang. So had you just never envisioned the idea that his paranoia might also extend to you and he could eventually turn on you? What had been going through your mind?

LJ McKanas: I actually had no idea that he was going to have that situation. Because days before, when everyone was kind of confused on why I played my idol for him and reciprocated his move, one of the decisions I made with that was that, "I'm going to actually purchase some of his loyalty."

Because he's really, in my eyes, he was the only one that was actively playing the game whether it's a good game or a bad game or a, you know, concerning game. He was actually playing the game.

So I needed to do everything that I could to make sure that he was comfortable with where I stood in my position in the game. So when I played that for him, it was kind of like ensuring that the plan we had made originally is in full effect and I am here for any decisions that we want to make as a group or just between the two of us and to go forward.

So I actually had no idea that that was going to transpire, and I did the worse thing in Survivor history, [saying] the words that I said -- that I was "comfortable." (Laughs) It was a defining [moment, like] that's the end of your game.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like you never really envisioned the possibility Tony was trying to set you up when you guys had that conversation where he seemed to kind of manipulate you into suggesting voting Woo out?

LJ McKanas: Yeah, I had no idea that the intentions of his conversation were to get me to actually verbalize that I would consider getting Woo out and breaking the plan at hand. I don't even know why -- if you're going to go through that whole deal, why don't you just go ahead and tell the others that I said it? I mean, what's the point of actually coming to me and having the conversation?

Reality TV World: So you mean, why not just lie like he did with Sarah Lacina when he told her that Lindsey Ogle was coming after her?

LJ McKanas: Exactly, like, just go make it up. And that's why I thought that I had my thumb on his paranoia, because you know, I was buffering, like, "Listen, fine. It's okay. We have numbers. What is your problem?" And I was trying to be like a psychiatrist, like, "Just tell me your problems and we will come up with resolutions to fix it."

And I thought that we had it figured out, that he might have an idol, and if we split the votes, now he's going to have to play it and get him a little concerned. And then at least if we draw the idol out of his pocket, we're going to put away some of his paranoia. So I had no idea that his intentions were to do that, because in my personal opinion, it's a little too soon to do that.

Reality TV World: When Tony was off on the Survivor spa Reward, you talked to Trish Hegarty about the conversation you previously had with Tony about targeting Woo and what not. Where was that coming from? Were you thinking there was a chance you two might turn on Tony?

LJ McKanas: I kind of wanted to start making moves into the end of the game, where I'm going to solidify the future gameplay where, say, the three of us can sit in the Final 3. I know that Trish is a very loyal person and I know that she has been with Tony since the beginning.

So I had to be very careful on what I said to her to make anything seem fishy or funny, but I was just stating the facts that he's starting to get a little out of control and that can spoil the whole game. I was trying to lead her into saying, "Let's make a move. Let's do something if we have to get rid of him." Because I didn't want to be the one to make that decision because she was close to him.         

Reality TV World: So you were trying to do to her what Tony had done to you?

LJ McKanas: Right. Exactly.

Reality TV World: (Laughs) Had you planned to stay loyal to the Final 6 all the way to the Final 6?

LJ McKanas: I mean, the game is about timing. I had intentions, actually, to make a move with Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen. We had a short conversation about being able to come together because she still had some ties with, you know, the minority. [Spencer Bledsoe] is a smart player and Jeremiah will do whatever you ask of him.

So we still had a situation where -- in my thoughts, "Alright, if we can get [Latasha "Tasha" Fox] out, [Kass] can manipulate a little bit and now it'll be me, [Jefra Bland], Kass, and the two boys. So now we can actually start to pick off everybody one by one." It was just, it didn't seem like the time to make that move, because there was still that additional layer of Tasha there.

Reality TV World: Just to clarify, that's a move you think would've been made at the next Tribal Council, if Tasha had gone home at this Tribal Council?

LJ McKanas: Yes, that would've been my next plan.

Reality TV World: So that kind of got derailed when Tasha won Individual Immunity. But did you circle back with Kass and come up with an alternate plan or did that just kind of get dismissed then?

LJ McKanas: Well, that plan was going to be after we had voted out another -- one of those minority members. So this would've been at the following Tribal.

Reality TV World: So Tasha would've been out of the game and you would've had Spencer or Jeremiah in your alliance along with Kass and Jefra.

LJ McKanas: Right.

Reality TV World: So the only way to salvage it during last night's episode would've been to get out Spencer and Jeremiah instead, right?

LJ McKanas: Exactly. Right.

Reality TV World: It sounds like you're saying you and Kass weren't willing to proceed with that scenario then?

LJ McKanas: We talked about it and we were planning it, because nobody really thought that Kass and I would've had a conversation where we're plotting against the six strong. Because [through perception], we were pretty tight and it was logical that we get rid of these guys because they are threats.

I mean, if we get rid of one and then one has an idol and the other wins Individual Immunity, one of us has to go. So we just figured we had the opportunity to just pick them off one by one, and then when we get to six, things start to get interesting. So our intentions were to get to seven and then, you know, pull the trigger and start really changing the game.

Reality TV World: So clearly you hadn't been expecting everyone else in the Final 6 to remain loyal either?

LJ McKanas: No, no. This is the game of Survivor. There's no chance (laughs) everyone's staying loyal. And I know Tony. I mean, Tony -- aside from his paranoia -- he wants to win the game too, and we're two male threats. He's always anxious, he always wants the next big move, and he's always concerned somebody's going to put the next big move on him.

So when he saw his name a couple days in a row, in his mind, I'm no longer the bigger threat because he saw his name. So I feel like he had me as his bullet sponge and I'm going to be the first one that everyone's going to want to get rid of first challenge-wise and physically-wise. So when he saw his name, he thought, "Alright, now I'm No. 1, so I need to make this decision now."

Above is the first half of LJ's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Posted by: Reality TV World staff on Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 05:47 PM EST
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People News : Porsha Williams turns herself into authorities on battery charge, takes glamorous mugshot
The Real Housewives of Atlanta Porsha Williams surrendered to the Fulton County Sheriff on Wednesday and is being charged with a simple battery misdemeanor after brawling with co-star Kenya Moore during the taping of The Real Housewives of Atlanta's sixth-season reunion special.

After a warrant was put out for her arrest, "Porsha turned herself in and was processed and released yesterday. She is doing fine and back in the studio today," a representative for Williams, who reverted back to her maiden name after divorcing Kordell Stewart, told People on Thursday.

Once at the jail, Williams took an incredibly flattering mugshot which featured her smiling with berry-colored lips, smoky eyes, and her hair done. She reportedly posted $2,000 bail and paid it off in cash.

Williams, 31, and Moore, 43, got into a verbal-turned-physical feud while filming their series' March 27 reunion special for Bravo.

"They did get into an altercation. Porsha stood up, so then Kenya stood up," a source told Us Weekly last month. "Porsha charged at Kenya and pulled her hair... Porsha never dragged her by her hair. Andy [Cohen] and a producer jumped in and then security came."

Williams and Moore's personalities have clashed for years. The drama began when the women joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast for Season 5 back in November 2012. Moore reportedly called her "naive" and a "heifer" at the time.

According to TMZ, Williams now plans to have the district attorney file felony aggravated assault charges against Moore.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, April 17, 2014 - 01:37 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'American Idol' Top 7 show features performance highs and lows
American Idol 13 American Idol's Top 7 performance show featured two contestants rising to the top and two singers falling a bit flat during Wednesday night's thirteenth-season episode on Fox.

Last night's broadcast was dubbed "Competitors' Pick." Each finalist could choose one song off a list of suggestions compiled from the opinions of the Top 7. Idol mentor Randy Jackson told the contestants not to "sabotage" one another with song choice.

Jena Irene, a 17-year-old from Farmington Hills, MI, and Alex Preston, a 20-year-old from Mont Vernon, NH, ended up having the two best performances of the night.

Jena sang Caleb Johnson's pick for her, "Creep" by Radiohead. She got Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban on their feet. Harry Connick Jr., who never gives a standing ovation, even explained why he didn't stand up -- as if it was strange he opted not to.

"I loved it, I loved it! I love your fearlessness, I love how bold you are, I love how you just own the song, baby," Keith explained.

"You can sing anything. You 'Ginafy' everything. You 'Ginafy' every song that you do. It was so beautiful... You're going to be here for the long haul!" Jennifer said.

"You are a phenomenal talent. You sing with great humility, great intrigue. Unquestionably -- I have to top what I said about Alex's performance -- unquestionably the best performance of the night. And don't be fooled by the fact I don't stand up [and clap]. I don't do that for anyone," Harry added.

"I'm a judge and this is my version of how to judge. I have to be very focused. I applaud people... but you're extraordinarily talented, and I think you did some major damage tonight."

Alex performed the song "A Team" by Ed Sheeran which Dexter Roberts had selected for him. The crowd went crazy after he sang.

"You deserve that applause... It was a perfect song for you," Jennifer noted.

"It was a perfect, perfect song... There's great beauty in smaller performances and I always questioned, 'Is that going to be able to win?' But your conviction in that world is so strong. This was my favorite performance of the night, by the way," Harry told Alex.

"What I like is you've got your signature things that you do... they're yours. And when you put them in songs, they're so natural... When it's chugging along like a cover song, suddenly you turn it into an Alex song and then pull it back. You do that really, really well, man. That was great," Keith explained.

Jessica Meuse, a 23-year-old student from Slapout, AL, and Dexter, a 22-year-old from Fayette, AL, on the other hand, failed to really impress the judges.

Jessica chose to sing Sam Woolf's pick of "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert.

"Jessica, I've been such a fan of yours from the beginning. You know I love your voice. This is the first time I heard you off a little bit vocally in the verses... You just seem a little bit uncomfortable. I don't know if it was all of the fireworks and all the things that were going on -- if that was a bit overwhelming -- but it just didn't seem natural to me," Jennifer told her.

"I agree with Jennifer. I don't think it was your best performance. I think I have a solution for you. I would suggest -- because I've noticed this over the past weeks -- there's a lack of rhythmic delivery when you perform... To try to get you to feel that, go back to the hotel and put on some funk music or some hip-hop... and just dance and watch yourself in the mirror," Harry explained.

"I feel like you were walking out of time with the music. You need to punctuate your vocal phrases more. If there's a groove, you need to sing it like that."

"When you hit the right song, you can really speak to me. That tonight, what happened tonight was this dissipation of energy on a song that really is about attitude and revenge. It's real. The reason Miranda kills it is because she taps into that place," Keith said.

"She's really pissed off, you know?... Instead of what's going on around you, I [should've] been drawn to you. Instead, it dissipated... and you're sort of wandering around. You're way better than that. If you want to stay in this competition, baby, get centered, get serious, and commit that lyric, because you can really do it."

Dexter chose to sing C.J. Harris' pick for him -- the song "Muckalee Creek Water" by Luke Bryan.

"That's cool. I like that song. All I would say is be careful when you do songs that have such an intensity to them but the melody is kind of down... It's easy to start over-singing because the adrenaline's there but the melody is keeping you down... Just be aware of that. Don't let the adrenaline pull you out of the key," Keith told him.

"I like this for you. I really did. I'm used to the kind of happy, anthemy Dexter... This had a little bit of a darker quality to it, a nice edge. This song showed us a different side of you and I actually liked it... You did a good job with it, [but] what I think I would say to you and all the rest of the contestants at this point, again, is we're getting down to the wire. These performances need to be spectacular. We had this conversation earlier on in the competition," Jennifer explained.

"We all felt you guys weren't stepping up, and then you kind of did. Now, we're at a new level. Now. we're towards the end. We're about to get into the Top 5 any minute now. Every time you guys come out here, you got to think about that. The room has got to rattle. It's got to shake! I feel like you guys need to push yourselves. You need to push yourselves vocally and you need to push yourselves [with] the band and how you're performing -- every single time."

"We know that you can sing this kind of tune really well, but again, I have to say that you didn't really do anything different from the original vocal. You could take that vocal out and plug your vocal in," Harry said.

"There's not a whole lot of melody there. That's not the type of tune that it is. So you're limiting yourself to basically singing the exact same thing that's on the record. I just want to hear you sing other things than singing along with the radio, and you can do it, because we've heard you do it before."

One contestant will be eliminated during Thursday night's live results show on Fox.

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Show Update News : 'Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's merged Solarrion tribe takes out LJ McKanas
Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's merged Solarrion tribe voted out LJ McKanas during Wednesday night's broadcast of the CBS reality series' 28th edition. 

LJ, a 34-year-old horse trainer from Boston, MA, was voted out of his Solarrion tribe at the season's ninth Tribal Council session, which marked the third time Solarrion had attended Tribal together.

"So I was clearly blindsided. It's very hard to find the balance between patience and being assertive, because if you move too soon, you can bite yourself in the butt. But if you wait too long, you could see yourself looking into a lens, saying, 'Where did I go wrong?'" LJ said following his ouster.

Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's eighth episode began on Night 22 following Morgan McLeod's ouster.

Tony Vlachos, a 39-year-old police officer from Jersey City, NJ, told the whole tribe they had decided to get rid of Morgan because she was "useless" and "didn't deserve to play the game."

Tony was also wondering why the minority alliance -- which was comprised of Latasha "Tasha" Fox, a 37-year-old accountant from St. Louis, MO; Spencer Bledsoe, a 21-year-old student from Chicago, IL; and Jeremiah Wood, a 34-year-old male model from Dobson, NC --wrote his name down. Tony told the group it was a compliment to be the target, but in reality, he was pretty upset about it.

Tony thought the tribe would view LJ or Yung "Woo" Hwang, a 29-year-old martial arts instructor from Newport Beach, CA, as bigger threats than himself, so he didn't get it.

On Day 23, Tony's paranoia was settling in, and it worried LJ and Trish Hegarty, a 48-year-old pilates instructor from Needham, MA. Tony was really tight with LJ in the majority alliance but knew he was the biggest threat left in the game. Therefore, Tony wanted to get rid of LJ but make it look like he had nothing to do with it.

Tony then came up with a master plan to tell LJ that Woo had a hidden Immunity Idol. Tony wanted LJ to make the suggestion of blindsiding Woo in order to flush out the idol, and that he did, which was music to Tony's ears. Tony felt he needed a valid reason to turn his alliance against LJ.

"He trusts me 100%, so I have to try to trick LJ to make him want to break a promise that he made to one of our six. Once he does that, that's my safe way out. I'm not only leading the horse to the water, but I'm going to make the horse drink the water. That's my goal right now," Tony said in a confessional.

On Day 24, the Solarrion tribe met with Survivor host Jeff Probst for a Reward Challenge.

Jeff divided the castaways into three teams of three at random. The players were required to throw a rope through a ring, releasing sandbags, and then throw the bags as far as they could into a net tunnel. They must then work together to maneuver the sandbags through the remainder of the tunnel. Afterward, one tribe member had to bounce the bags off a trampoline in attempt to land them into a series of baskets.

The first team to land one sandbag in each of its five baskets would win Reward in the form of a Survivor spa complete with a shower, shampoo, soap, and a massage. They'd also earn a nice lunch of chicken wraps, spring rolls and cocktails.

Jefra Bland, a 22-year-old former Miss Kentucky Teen USA from Campbellsville, KY; Trish and LJ were on one team. Jeremiah, Spencer and Tony were the second team. The third team was comprised of Woo, Tasha and Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen, a 41-year-old attorney from Tehachapi, CA.

In the end, Spencer, Jeremiah and Tony won.

Tony called himself "the opportunist" because he was ready to take advantage of the fact he could strategize with Spencer and Jeremiah privately about potentially blindsiding LJ.

After the Reward Challenge, back at camp, Woo was happy Tony could "keep an eye on" Spencer and Jeremiah to make sure nothing sneaky was going on. He was clearly wrong about Tony's intentions.

Kass, Jefra, Woo, Trish, and LJ all agreed they needed to stick together as a solid alliance of six members, including Tony. LJ told Trish and Jefra he had been trying to calm Tony down because he was so worried about things.

"The fact that Tony got a lot of votes at Tribal Council made him really feel like, 'They want to get rid of me. They want to get rid of me.' But it doesn't matter, because I built a strong bond with Tony and my loyalty is there. I pulled the idol out for him and we're in it until the end, and I trust that he'll do the right thing," LJ told the cameras.

Trish, Jefra and LJ agreed Tasha, Spencer or Jeremiah needed to go before anyone else because if either of those three castaways made it to the end, he or she would win the game. Trish also suggested she could try to keep Tony calm and collected.

At the Survivor spa, Spencer felt the odds were against him but he could probably work his way back up again since he's already done that multiple times before. Spencer was glad to have his "right-hand man" with him in Jeremiah, but he was also glad to be able to talk to Tony in order to figure out where his head was at.

The three guys opted to talk strategy during their massages. Tony told them he wasn't comfortable in his alliance and they just needed to hang in there until it got to the point where he'd approach them to join forces. Spencer explained to Tony that Jeremiah and himself were just pawns on the board that Tony could use at any time.

Tony assumed he could do the thinking for Spencer and Jeremiah since the guys were desperate for survival, and if they went against him, they'd be sealing their elimination fate in the game. Tony noted he may need them to help him advance further in the game due to the fact people saw him as a threat.

Tony insisted he'd have their backs because he was ready to make big moves. Jeremiah had doubts and wondered whether Tony was just playing them, but at the same time, he believed him a little bit.

As for Spencer, he didn't trust Tony at all because he was "playing a lot of people and juggling a lot of balls at once." Spencer felt he was one of those balls, however, he still expressed 100% trust in Tony to his face with the hopes of staying in the game longer. Spencer was ready to play his hidden Immunity Idol at the upcoming Tribal Council if necessary.

On Day 25, Tasha wanted to try to convince someone in the majority alliance to flip and make a big move. She figured she could convince LJ, a smart guy, that Tony would never take another strong man to the end. However, LJ knew Tony was "a flaming ball of anxiety," so he realized going on a walk somewhere with Tasha would just worsen the situation and add more fuel to the fire.

LJ also figured Tasha could do nothing to help the future of his game, and because he trusted Tony, he stood Tasha up at her meeting place. LJ felt indebted to Tony because he was still in the game because of him.

"If LJ was man enough to make a big move, he could take Jefra, Spencer, Jeremiah, and I, and blindside Tony. But it's clear Tony's running the show around here and everyone is under Tony's thumb. So, unless something changes, I'm screwed," Tasha said in a private interview.

Meanwhile, Tony determined if LJ didn't win Individual Immunity, he'd be ready to strike against him before LJ could strike at him first.

The Solarrion tribe then met Jeff again for the third Individual Immunity Challenge of the season.

For the challenge, each castaway was required to participate in a memory game. Jeff showed the players a series of colored tiles, which they must repeat back to Jeff. If a castaway relayed the series of tiles back correctly, he or she would remain in the challenge. If someone got it wrong, he or she would be out.

The winner of immunity would earn a one in eight shot of winning the entire game, while one of the losers would be voted out at the next Tribal Council session.

Trish was the first person out of the challenge and she was followed by Woo. Spencer, Kass, Jeremiah, and Jefra then all dropped like flies at the same time following a difficult round. It came down to Tony, LJ and Tasha. Tony was out first and he was soon followed by LJ. Tasha therefore won immunity.

LJ was fairly certain his majority alliance would split their votes -- three for Spencer and three for Jeremiah in case either of them played an idol. Tasha's fate in the game was secure for at least several more days, so she laughed in a confessional and said, "In your face, LJ."

Back at camp, LJ -- for the first time in this game -- felt truly comfortable. He thought it would be stupid to target Woo just over the possibility he had an idol, so the girls in the alliance of six decided they'd vote Jeremiah. The guys in the majority alliance determined they'd cast their votes for Spencer.

But Tony was never really onboard with such a plan. He refused to get a punch thrown by LJ. Tony figured if LJ was willing to turn on Woo, he'd be willing to turn on Tony. Tony then shared the false information with Woo, that LJ wanted to blindside him. Woo was shocked to hear the news and prepared himself to make a big move. Woo trusted Tony completely and was anticipating a crazy night at Tribal.

Afterward, Tony shared his plan to target LJ with Spencer. 

"Tony initially wanted to save me and Jeremiah for a later move, but apparently, LJ is plotting to get out Woo. So Tony's ready to make a big move now. I'm definitely stoked. It's kind of like Christmas morning. I woke up expecting to see nothing but ashes and coal under the tree, and there's this present of, 'Let's vote out LJ!' It's kind of too good to be true," Spencer said in a confessional.

"This could be a big lie so that I don't play my immunity idol tonight. Still, I'm going to take anything I can get right now. Because if I can just get a little bit further down the road, have a few votes go my way, it's a new game for me."

Spencer got Jeremiah onboard with the plan, and although they both agreed Tony was a smart and dangerous player, they decided to work with him for now because they had no other choice.

Tony's next step was to convince Trish, his seemingly closest ally, that LJ was a threat to their alliance and needed to go. Trish, however, was very confused and didn't know whom to trust. Tony explained that LJ wanted Woo gone, but LJ had previously told Trish that Tony wanted to target Woo. Tony just continued to stir the pot by telling Trish that LJ was "sneaky" and lying to her.

Tony expanded the lie by telling Trish that LJ was well aware the two of them were a tight threesome with Woo until the end. Tony said there was no way LJ would settle for fourth place in the game so he was probably planning things ahead of time behind their back. Trish knew Tony was really paranoid, so she didn't know what to think.

Trish told Tony she believed they should stay a strong six, like they had promised one another before. Tony agreed with the notion but insisted they could no longer trust LJ to work with them. Trish noted in a confessional it was possible LJ was up to something, however, Tony had played her before so he could be doing it again.

As a result, Trish determined there was no way she was going to break up her alliance of six. Kass and Trish hoped no one was going to mess up that up. Kass even told the cameras although she loves a good blindside, it would be stupid for anyone to make a big move at that point and flip.

"Right now, I have a huge plan in play, but Trish is telling me, 'Let's just keep the six strong.' So if I get rid of LJ, there's going to be a lot of hard feelings. Trish has been with me since Day 1. She's my closest ally. But if I do this, she might turn her back on me and the whole thing could blow up in my face," Tony told the cameras.

"If that's the case, then I'm going to have to stick with my alliance. I'd rather make my power move now, but in life and in Survivor, you got to know when to kiss ass and when to kick ass. And unfortunately, I'm in a position right now where I might have to kiss ass and get rid of Spencer or Jeremiah."

That night, Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty's Solarrion members arrived for their third Tribal Council session -- the ninth session of the season overall. Sarah Lacina and Morgan entered Tribal as the game's first two jury members.

Tony told Jeff he had "a bag of tricks" with him, something that would make him feel more confident. However, he wouldn't reveal what was in that bag. Tasha then admitted she was hopeful there was a crack in the majority alliance. LJ also admitted he was approached about a different plan but stepped back because he realized there was no reason to create anxiety considering his group was so tight.

LJ told Jeff he felt he had "a sharp eye" and was honed into things that could be disloyal. Meanwhile, viewers discovered Tony was still telling the tribe he's a construction worker rather than a police officer.

Jeff asked Spencer who was at the bottom of the majority's alliance of six, and Spencer didn't know.

"I do know that someone is on the bottom, and if you're one of the people being told, 'We're six strong, we're a tight six, there are no divisions in the six,' maybe you're on the bottom. And it is time that people start thinking about, 'How can I put myself in a position to win?'" Spencer explained.

Lastly, Trish said "the Brady bunch" was probably going to become dysfunctional quickly and the game could change drastically at any point. She also noted that if something big went down that night, she wouldn't be aware of it.

When asked if anyone would like to play his or her hidden Immunity Idol, Spencer was the most obvious person to surprisingly decline.

Jeff then revealed the votes. Three castaways voted for Jeremiah, one person voted for Spencer, and five players voted to oust LJ from the game. It became clear Tony flipped and worked with Tasha, Spencer and Jeremiah on that vote.

Jefra asked Tony if he flipped, and Tony didn't say a word. Jefra looked shocked and just said, "Wow."

Tony convinced Woo to flip as well, as he was the fifth vote to get rid of LJ.

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People News : Tori Spelling wants to humiliate Dean McDermott in 'True Tori,' says source, she's angry and not in a good place
True Tori Tori Spelling's friends apparently think the reality TV star is starring in True Tori out of spite and ultimately for the wrong reasons.

Because Spelling is in the middle of a public cheating scandal that drove her husband Dean McDermott to complete a stint in rehab, a friend of Spelling's told People, "The decision to do this show is not coming from someone who is in a solid, good place. Tori is very, very upset and angry. It's just too raw and personal. There's too much pain and it's too private."

"A part of her wants to completely humiliate him and make him suffer in front of millions of people," the friend added. "She wants to have some sort of justice. She wants him to truly feel the pain of what he did to her."

The couple began filming True Tori, Lifetime's new reality series that will premiere April 22 at 10PM ET/PT, only days after McDermott, 47, left rehab. He had checked himself into a rehabilitation center in January after regretfully having sex with a woman while away on a business trip last December.

True Tori -- which will feature Spelling's perspective on things almost in real-time -- will air only three short weeks after cameras began taping.

True Tori "was all Tori's idea," the friend said. "She's in a total crisis mode. If she can believe that his addiction has nothing to do with her, then maybe they can move on. But there's no way Dean wants to be humiliated on television for cheating on his wife. His life is basically a nightmare."

The series will reportedly show McDermott begging Spelling, 40, to allow him to return to their house after rehab.

"My life means nothing if you're not in it," the friend quoted McDermott saying, according to People.

A source close to the pair, who have been married for over seven years, told the magazine McDermott is currently staying at their house but mainly because Spelling wants him to be a part of their four children's lives.

"They are focused on their kids," the source said. "Tori doesn't consider her and Dean back together."

As for the future of their marriage, "Dean will do anything Tori says right now," the friend explained. "And what better way to ensure that he will never cheat on her after this? I don't think he'd ever want to go through this again."

Lifetime ordered six one-hour episodes of True Tori.

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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: 'Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty' castoff Morgan McLeod talks (Part 2)
Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty Survivor: Cagayan -- Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty's merged Solarrion tribe voted out Morgan McLeod during last week's broadcast of the CBS reality series' 28th edition. 
Morgan, a 21-year-old former NFL cheerleader from San Jose, CA, was voted out of her Solarrion tribe at the season's eighth Tribal Council session, which marked the second time Solarrion had attended Tribal together.

Morgan was voted out of the game because none of the members in the majority alliance flipped to join her side. Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen appeared to be the only person willing to jump ship, but she and Morgan really disliked each other.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Morgan talked about her Survivor experience. Below is the concluding portion of Morgan's interview. Click here to read the first half. 

Reality TV World: The castaways all seemed to think you didn't do much around camp. Do you think that was accurate or not? Because you seemed to admit that was the case to Jeff Probst at Tribal Council but appeared to deny those accusations when people had voiced them earlier on in the game.

Morgan McLeod: I think that I got the bad rap of being like the only lazy person when in reality, [Jefra Bland] and [Alexis Maxwell] were right there with me, especially when we were on the Beauty tribe together. When we [became] new Aparri and merged, yeah, I'll admit, I wasn't the workhorse.

I maybe should've done some more, but for everyone to say I did NOTHING, that is a stretch, I personally think. Because I did -- I cooked rice a few times, I did get water after Kass yelled at me. So, you know, I think that it was just a little harsh.

Reality TV World: When you were at Tribal, you pledged you would've started working hard around camp if you didn't get voted off. Did you really mean that at the time or was that just? And even if you meant it, do you think you would have actually suddenly changed and followed through with it?

Morgan McLeod: I definitely think I would've done more to make it seem like I was making more of an effort to, you know, work harder and just be, I guess, a more social person -- to have people like me more. And I would've had to put on that charm and, you know, smile and make everyone feel great. And I admit, I wasn't doing that.

I really, the elements and the food and the no water, it just made me -- I was grouchy out there. I'll admit it. I had no sleep and it hurt my game. And so, if I ever had the chance to play again, I know now that I just have to suck it up and (laughs) be nicer and work a little harder.

Reality TV World: Tony Vlachos was quoted saying you did nothing but sleep and people couldn't tell whether you were a pillow or a person out there. (Laughs) But you're saying you don't feel like you slept enough?

Morgan McLeod: For Tony to say that I slept too much, that is coming from the person who slept probably 30 minutes a day because he was so paranoid. He was just up all the time in his little "spy shack." He was crazy! So, you know, we slept and, I mean, yeah, I slept as best as I could on that bamboo.

And I even think -- I mean, I might be wrong here -- but during the scene when Kass was yelling at me and I flipped her off, I think that there was someone laying behind me in those blankets. If you look back, there's like a large bulge under the blankets, so someone is laying there with me! I'm not sure who it was, and I can't even remember, but you know, I wasn't the only one.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like what you did or did not do around camp was never a deliberate strategy on your part, correct? It was circumstance rather than a plan you entered the game with?

Morgan McLeod: Doing things around camp, I really, I mean, I don't think it was really like a strategy. I did help and you didn't really see that.

But my strategy wasn't to be like, you know, the workhorse and do everything for everyone -- no one wants to vote me out because they're like, "Who's going to cook the rice?! Who's going to get the firewood? Who's going to get the water?" That wasn't me, and I knew from the beginning that was never going to be me. So, I just played it as best as I could. 

Reality TV World: Did your behavior lean more towards one extreme in that maybe you thought not doing much around camp could make other people view you as a goat, the perfect person to take to the end?

Morgan McLeod: At Tribal, that's where I was realizing that people were really mad at me. And it's funny because they never told me to my face much, besides Kass. And then when [Trish Hegarty] kind of went off on me, I was like, "Hmm, I didn't realize you thought that way about me, because we did yoga or pilates and we hung out every day."

But that's why I made that case at Tribal, like, "No one likes me anymore. Like, Tony, look at me. You are wasting your vote on me if you're going to vote me out. You can take me to the end," and I guess that's not what he wanted to do.

Reality TV World: So Tribal Council is when it dawned on you that your gameplay might actually be an effective strategy?

Morgan McLeod: Yeah, I did. That's why I kind of made that half-ass, "Well, I'll try. But come on, take me to the Final 3."

Reality TV World: Some viewers are wondering how Spencer Bledsoe happened to be the one that lucked out and got the hidden Immunity Idol clue during the Outback Reward trip. How did you guys decide who sat where when you arrived at the restaurant, or were all the napkins just in a pile you could grab from?

Morgan McLeod: I don't know. When we first walked in, we kind of sat at this little bar area and drank. And I immediately was thinking that, you know, maybe a clue is taped up under the table. So I was kind of feeling around, and then it was time to eat. So we all just sat down wherever we wanted to sit.

It was completely our choice, and again, I was feeling under the table kind of looking around. And Spencer got lucky, and we were completely oblivious -- completely. We had no idea. And when we got back at camp and we realized that there's this clue, [LJ McKanas] looked around and he was like, "Are you kidding me?! How did I not catch this?" We had no clue.

Reality TV World: What was your relationship with Jeremiah Wood like? It seemed to change over the course of the game. You had seemed to think you had Jeremiah wrapped around your finger at the beginning, but then that seemed to change when you decided to vote off Bryce Johnston.

Morgan McLeod: Yeah. Well at first, I thought that Jeremiah would pretty much do what he was told to do. We realized that he's not really like a strategic thinker and that I was going to take the initiative in making decisions.

So Bryce and I thought that we could reel him in, and unfortunately, he just got really scared. He was scared about what LJ was going to do to him, and he chose to vote with them and vote Bryce out. And once we merged, I think he realized that he was kind of in a position here, that now he had ties to the other tribe. And he really just apologized up and down to me and just begged for my forgiveness.

And so, I was like, "Okay, I forgive you. I understand this is a game and that I need sometimes to have people align with and be friendly with me." So we chose Alexis instead, and I really played that card like, "Come on, Alexis is going to flip. Jeremiah is cool and he is with us."

Reality TV World: What was your reaction to LJ's comments at the beginning of season, when you got voted out of the tribe immediately and he explained later on he thought you were a bigger threat than Alexis and Jefra because you were basically hotter in his eyes?

Morgan McLeod: Yeah, I thought that that was just ridiculous. I mean, when he voted me out, I was completely shocked. I thought 100% that it was never going to be me just based off of the fact I'm bigger than the two girls; I think I look sturdier than them for challenges and what not. And when he voted me out, I was completely shocked.

And then I realized when we got back to camp and I tried to talk to him, he just wanted nothing to do with me. So I kind of realized there was something else coming into play here. And then when I got to watch and see his little private interview, I realized, "Oh, he just had a grudge from the beginning and there was nothing I could do." So there must be some history of an ex-girlfriend or something that I reminded him of.

Reality TV World: What had your strategy been going into the season, and did it end up changing at all once the game began?

Morgan McLeod: Yeah, my strategy going into the game was to not align with the clicky, young, cute girls. I just thought that was going to remind the older people -- some people -- like, "Oh, it's high school all over again. Let's just get rid of them."

So I wanted to align with maybe someone that's older, the kind of people that aren't the best or aren't the worst, and just kind of slide right through. And I couldn't do that with this twist in the season, so I just kind of fought my way through and I made it to the jury. So, I can't regret anything.

Above is the concluding portion of Morgan's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Click here to read the first half. 

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People News : 'Dancing with the Stars' pro Tony Dovolani on NeNe Leakes tiff: My comments were taken out of context, it's tough to be portrayed as a villain
Dancing with the Stars 18 Dancing with the Stars pro Tony Dovolani is apparently upset with how the show portrayed him in a video package that aired before he danced a foxtrot with celebrity partner NeNe Leakes for "Disney night" on Monday.

"It was very difficult for me because they made me seem like the villain," Dovolani told Us Weekly after the show in regards to how he was shown handling a little argument with Leakes during rehearsal.

Leakes was also very surprised to see Dovolani's unflattering edit.

"She was overwhelmed," Dovolani explained.

"She didn't like that they were making me the villain. She saw the look on my face, and she said, 'Why are they doing this to you? You're the nice guy!' It was hard... They took my comments out of context and attached them to the story. And I didn't like that part. But listen, it was good TV, I guess."

Dovolani and Leakes were recovering from last week's "Switch-Up" challenge in which The Real Housewives of Atlanta star was temporarily paired up with Dancing with the Stars' only five-time champion Derek Hough and they racked in excellent judges' scores. Dovolani had been partnered with Candace Cameron Bure that week.

"I know [Tony] is not comfortable with the whole 'Derek conversation,'" Leakes said during Monday night's video package. "I wanted to be able to go back to Tony and be like, 'Oh my gosh, let me show you! Derek taught me this,' or, 'He showed me this.' Oh no, I couldn't do that."

"Obviously there was a little bit of tension," Dovolani was shown saying during rehearsal. "I think the 'Switch-Up' hurt us a little bit because it almost like put a road-bump in the middle of our road. I don't think anybody wants to see their partner dancing with somebody else. Jealousy comes in there, you know, a little insecurity steps in, and it makes it a little bit awkward."

While rehearsing, Dovolani was also shown cracking jokes about Leakes not being a great student until it became too much for the reality TV star to bare.

"You're going to have to come with a better attitude tomorrow," Leakes was shown saying in the package as she just walked out on Dovolani.

"You have a damn attitude today and that sh-t ain't going to work. You want to go back to Candace? Then you should call production, so you can go back to Candace so you can be happy. Because I've only given you the best that I got every day... I don't deserve an attitude."

After Monday night's show, Dovolani told Us the circumstances of that particular practice just weren't great in general, nevermind the "Switch-Up" from the week prior.

"We had just both flown a red-eye to New York, we were both tired, the Switch-Up didn't do us any good. It put a bump in the road and we had a little tiff!...  and I just hope it doesn't get us voted off," he told the magazine, adding that every pairing on the show tends to fight here or there.

"They chose to show ours and make a story out of it... and that's fine."

Dovolani also apparently didn't like how his edit in the video package made it seem like he's not a fan of Hough.

"They made me seem like I hate Derek! I don't hate Derek!" Dovolani said. "I babysat that kid! I've known this kid for over 25 years. So for me, it's like, 'What do you mean I hate Derek?' He's a great person I grew up with."

However, Hough was apparently unaffected by Dovolani's comments and behavior.

"No matter what happened in that package, no matter how they constructed it, it's gone," Hough told Us after Monday night's show. "We all love each other, it's all love in the cast. I was really rooting for [NeNe] tonight when she was dancing, giving the sass! I was so happy for her!"

Despite their issues, Dovolani and Leakes ended up pulling off a great foxtrot routine inspired by 101 Dalmatians. They received 36 out of 40 possible points -- which equaled four 9's from the Dancing with the Stars judges. 

After exchanging apologies, the couple plan to put their little tiff behind them and move forward in the competition.

"That was a week ago, so in some ways we'd already forgotten about it," Dovolani told the magazine.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 02:04 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : 'American Idol' eliminee Malaya Watson: There was never a moment I doubted the judges' advice
American Idol 13 American Idol eliminated Malaya Watson and determined its Top 7 thirteenth-season finalists during Thursday night's live results show on Fox.
Malaya, a 16-year-old student from Southfield, MI, became the sixth finalist sent home from American Idol's thirteenth season after she received the fewest home viewer votes cast following last week's performance show, which featured the Top 8 finalists performing songs from the 1980s.

Malaya's elimination could not have been prevented because Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. already used their one save of the season on Sam Woolf the week prior.

During a Friday conference call with reporters, Malaya talked to Reality TV World about whether she was surprised to get eliminated. To read what she had to say, click here. Below is the concluding portion of Malaya's interview. Click here for more. 

You received a lot of praise from all of the judges and mentors this season about your vocal talent.  Did that surprise you at all?  And how does that make you feel, moving forward with your career?

Malaya Watson: I mean, it didn't really surprise me, and I think like everything they tell me, I'm just going to ride along with it and just work on it and stuff.

Did your braces affect the way you sang, and when are you getting them off?

Malaya Watson: (Laughs) I'm sorry.  I don't know if they have because I started singing when I got my braces.  Like, that's when I started taking it serious, when I had these braces on my teeth.  So, I mean, maybe it did.  Oh, God.  I was supposed to get them off almost three years ago, and apparently that didn't work out.  So, I've just got them still.  I was supposed to get them off freshman year.

So when might you get them off now?

Malaya Watson:  I might get them off when I get back home, so I don't know yet.

Are you going to try to work your tuba into the tour?

Malaya Watson: Yes, I'm thinking about doing that, too.  Hopefully I can.

How would that work, any idea?

Malaya Watson: I can't let you know if I'm going to do it on tour.

One of the things that kind of intrigued me about your run on Idol is that you were really on an improvement-arc the last few weeks.  It just seemed like there was a point when the judges' advice and everything just clicked for you.  Could you talk about that a little bit?  Was there like an "Ah-ha moment" for you?

Malaya Watson: I don't know.  I just always listened to the comments and just focused on what I had to do and what I had to work on, honestly.  There was never a moment where I doubted what they said.

If you could do anything differently, as far as song choices or arrangements go, if you could go back and change something, would you?

Malaya Watson: Yes, I'd probably play piano more -- probably one thing I would do.

If you could choose anybody, who would you love to sing with at some point?

Malaya Watson: Dead or alive, or does it matter?

Someone you could actually sing with, so alive, I guess.

Malaya Watson: Oh, okay.  Probably, oh, Fantasia.  Oh my gosh.  If I could sing with Fantasia, that would be amazing.

What do you see your album looking like?

Malaya Watson: Probably, like, a lot of collabs with people.  Much more of an R&B-type feel to it, like, throwback and up-to-date R&B, and blues, and soul.

Now, over the course of the season so far, did you ever feel like Harry was ever too harsh on either you or the other contestants?  Or did you think he was pretty fair?

Malaya Watson: No, I think he was honest, honestly.  That's the best part about it.  He actually told you what you should work on, or what you need to do, and stuff like that.  So, I think, to me, his advice was honestly the best, if you want my opinion.

What was your favorite performance you delivered over the course of the show and why?

Malaya Watson: Honestly, there is no favorite.  They're all amazing, because all of them, I took the time out to just, like, put myself into the song and just do my thing.  So, there's never really a performance that I like the most.

I'm from your hometown area, so I'm wondering how soon you'll be coming home, and do you have plans set?  You said you're having a party, are there other things going on for you?

Malaya Watson: Yes, I'm having people come to my house because I miss everybody.  So, yes, that's what I'm planning on doing.  And just -- I do not know.  I know I am coming home tomorrow.

So you don't know if your school or anybody else is doing anything special for you when you return home?

Malaya Watson: I have no clue.

I have a question about the finale.  People were asking whom you'd want to sing with.  Would you want to sing with Fantasia at the finale?  Is there anybody that you really have on your wish list?

Malaya Watson: I mean, honestly, just her and like some old throwback singers like [Chaka Khan] and [Aretha Franklin] and all of them.  So, yes.

I know that you like a lot of the throwback songs, but did you ever entertain the idea of trying something a little younger?  Is there anything current that you like?

Malaya Watson: I do like John Legend, of course, he's amazing.  I like Michael Buble, and I do like -- what else do I like?  I like Bruno Mars, and [Pharrell Williams].  I like a lot of male singers, though, I don't know why.  Oh, I like Tamar Braxton, she's good too.  And like I said, Fantasia.

So do you think you're going to perform some throwback songs on the tour?

Malaya Watson: Probably, hopefully, yes.

Did you have a sense of the support here in Detroit that was growing as the season went on?

Malaya Watson: Yes, I mean, I heard a lot about it, but I didn't really see a lot until I go back home.  So, yes.

Did you happen to ever hear from Aretha by any chance?  She's a big American Idol fan.

Malaya Watson: Unfortunately, no.

Maybe she'll reach out to you now, when you get back into town.

Malaya Watson: Hopefully.

Any final remarks, Malaya?

Malaya Watson: I'd just like to say thank you for all the questions, and all the support I've gotten up until now. And yes, thanks.

Above is the concluding portion of Malaya's interview. To read what she had to tell Reality TV World, click here. For more, click here.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 12:26 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'The Voice' coach Usher determines his three live-shows competitors, completing the Top 12 artists
The Voice (Season 6) The Voice coach Usher determined the three team members who will represent him in the Top 12 live shows.

All five of Usher's team members performed during Tuesday night's broadcast of The Voice's "Playoffs" round in attempt to earn one of three spots on "Team Usher" in the finals. Because the coach could only advance three artists to the live shows, he had to eliminate two singers along the way.

Usher picked Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman and T.J. Wilkins to move forward with him to the live shows.

As a result, the R&B artist eliminated Melissa Jimenez and Stevie Jo from his team.

Josh, whom Usher had previously stolen from coach Adam Levine, delivered the best performance of the night when he took the stage with a rendition of "It Will Rain."

Adam said losing Josh was like a "dagger through the heart" because he has such an "incredibly unique voice." Coach Blake Shelton told the artist he's Miranda Lambert's favorite singer in the competition and he wished he had a "steal" left. Coach Shakira noted he's definitely a strong contender this season, and Usher agreed his artist is an "incredible talent."

During Tuesday night's broadcast, T.J. performed "Tell Me Something Good," Melissa sang "Halo," Stevie Jo took the stage with "The Thrill is Gone," and Bria Kelly performed "Wild Horses."

Now that the Top 12 have been determined, next week begins the sixth-season live shows.

During each live results show, the three artists who had received the lowest number of home viewer votes following a performance show will be eligible for the "Instant Save." These artists will each perform a new song that best represents why they deserve the save.

America will then have the opportunity to potentially keep their favorite performer in the competition by tweeting out #VoiceSave along with the artist's name. The two singers with the lowest number of tweets will be sent home each week until a winner is crowned on The Voice's May 20 finale.

Below is a list of The Voice's sixth-season Top 12 artists and the teams they will represent:

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 11:36 AM EST
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Features & Interviews : 'American Idol' eliminee Malaya Watson: I was really hesitant to do the show
American Idol 13 American Idol eliminated Malaya Watson and determined its Top 7 thirteenth-season finalists during Thursday night's live results show on Fox.

Malaya, a 16-year-old student from Southfield, MI, became the sixth finalist sent home from American Idol's thirteenth season after she received the fewest home viewer votes cast following last week's performance show, which featured the Top 8 finalists performing songs from the 1980s.

Malaya's elimination could not have been prevented because Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. already used their one save of the season on Sam Woolf the week prior.

During a Friday conference call with reporters, Malaya talked to Reality TV World about whether she was surprised to get eliminated. To read what she had to say, click here. Below is another portion of Malaya's interview. Check back with us on Wednesday for more.

So, when you were singing your farewell song last night, Jennifer Lopez was really emotional.  What was that like for you, seeing her so broken-up about you leaving?

Malaya Watson:  It really made me see how talented I was.  Because at first, I knew I could sing, but I didn't know I could sing that well.  So, it just really showed my musical ability and stuff.  So, it really touched my heart.

Do you feel like you grew a lot throughout the competition?  I mean, both as a person and as a performer as well?

Malaya Watson:  Oh, yes.  I mean, I haven't grown height-wise.  I'm still just 5'2" (Laughs). But performance and singing and stuff, I think that's improved way more.  Because I used to be -- honestly, a lot of people think that I really, like, want to just talk to everybody.  I'm really shy.

How does your school promote you and show their support in your community?

Malaya Watson:  Well, they put up a lot of like posters and stuff, and it's all over my high school page, and they released a newsletter, put it in the newspaper, stuff like that, and put it all around my school, and just told everybody.  So, it really helped a lot.

We know that your dad is a professional guitar player.  Did this influence you to get involved with music in the first place?

Malaya Watson:  Yes.  If he didn't do music, I probably wouldn't have done music either, because I never would have been, like, around it a lot.  When I was growing up, I was always around music, like all the time.  So, just having him there, always playing music, it really influenced me to take up music myself.

I wanted to know, what are three things that make you unique?

Malaya Watson:  I play the sousaphone.  I'm not afraid to be myself.  And I can sing.

What are some of the struggles that you had to face during your run on American Idol?

Malaya Watson:  Probably managing time with school and working on my music and stuff, and trying to balance my time evenly and get everything done at the same time.

All the judges stood and applauded for you last night, and I was wondered if they came up and spoke to you after the show.  Did they have any final words of encouragement or advice?

Malaya Watson:  They had told me, like, that I'll be going far in like a couple of years and they'll see my name all over marquises.  And Harry Connick just told me to just work on my music, because I'll be big one day, and sometime soon.  So, yes.

What have you missed most from home during your time in Hollywood?  Is there anything you're looking forward to doing when you get back home?

Malaya Watson:  Yes, seeing all of my friends, because I'm having like this big old get-together at my house tomorrow.

As you said, you're in the books now as the youngest Idol contestant ever.  So, do you have any unique advice for other teens who want to audition for American Idol and pursue a music career?

Malaya Watson:  I would say, just focus on school and just follow what your heart wants you to do.  Because if I didn't do this, I probably wouldn't be here, because I was really hesitant.  But just, if you really want to do something, do it while you have the chance because there's going to be an important time where you're going to want to do something and you don't do it, and you'll regret it.

When it comes to dating, what qualities do you look for in someone?  Is it important that they play music like you?

Malaya Watson:  (Laughs) Anyone I date, they have to play football.  They have to be taller than me, with heels.  And they can't be stupid, because you know what it's like, the myth, all football players are dumb.  Like, they can't be dumb. 

They have to have a nice side, and they have to be loyal and honest and stuff like that.  Oh, yes, they have to be busy, because my schedule's always busy.  But they have to understand what you're going through, because you don't want no whining boyfriend.  Oh my God, no.  I couldn't do it.

You had said before that you've considered doing a little acting, and I'm thinking with the acting and the singing, do you envision having some kind of a career similar to that of Jennifer Hudson's?

Malaya Watson:  Yes, like doing movies and stuff like that, yes.  I've always wanted to do stuff like that.  That would be pretty cool, like, I've always wanted to just venture off and just get big in that -- also because I don't want to just stick to just making music.

It seemed like Harry was always talking to you about scales, about listening to music and working on runs.  Did you understand what he was trying to tell you?

Malaya Watson:  Yes, I did, because some of the stuff that he would talk about is the stuff my dad talked about, and it just helped that my dad talked to me about that type of stuff because I could understand what he was talking about, besides everybody else.

So your dad and Harry have a little bit in common?

Malaya Watson:  Yes.

I was talking to your high school band director, David Miller, a few weeks ago, and he actually said he'd be surprised to see you back at Southfield High.  Do you know for sure at this point what's in the cards for you?

Malaya Watson:  I don't know yet, right now, I'm still debating.  You know, Southfield is a great school, but there are more advanced schools that will like -- I don't know, it's just hard.  But Southfield's been supporting me, so I don't know, it's still debatable.

What's debatable, then?  That you might go to a more music or arts-focused type of school?

Malaya Watson:  Yes, that kind of school, or like a more private-type school, or a different school farther from where I'm from.  Something -- I don't know yet.  That's still, like, on the table.

Your band director also mentioned to me that you're 16 and already talking about colleges a lot.  Do you have a sense in terms of that part of your career?  Is college even a certainty for you?  Would you maybe just focus on an entertainment career at that point?

Malaya Watson:  It just depends on where I am after I graduate from high school.  I don't know like where I would be, what offers I would get, so it would just depend.  But if I could go to college, I want to go to Southern University so bad.  I want to go there, or a school down south, honestly.

So you sang a Broadway song, "I'm Changing" from Dreamgirls last night. Is Broadway something you're keeping on your radar for your career in the future?

Malaya Watson:  Yes.  It's a debatable thing.  I can't really dance.  I mean, I can dance if you tell me the routine, but I can't, like, freestyle.  But I don't mind doing a Broadway-type thing.  That would be kind of cool, actually.

Above is a portion of Malaya's interview. To read what she had to tell Reality TV World specifically, click here. Check back with us on Wednesday for the concluding portion.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 - 10:02 PM EST
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