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Keeping Up with the Kardashians While Bruce Jenner's children and stepkids have remained fairly silent about his gender transition leading up to Friday night's 20/20 special, Kim Kardashian has stepped forward with a comment hours before it airs.

Kardashian revealed she will be watching ABC's Bruce Jenner: The Interview at 9PM ET/PT tonight with Bruce as well as their whole family, People reported.

"We're going to watch the special together as a family, with Bruce," Kim told reporters at Variety's Power of Women event on Friday, according to People. "That's pretty much all I'll say about that today. I'll let the special come out and speak for itself."

Bruce's family has reportedly had enough time to "process and work through" the 65-year-old former Olympian's life-changing decision, and a source said the Kardashian sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe have been "very supportive."

"But it's just not an easy situation," clarified the source.

The Kardashians aren't the only ones who are standing by Bruce during this challenging time.

Bruce's biological children -- except for his young girls Kendall Jenner, 18, and Kylie Jenner, 17, with now ex-wife Kris Jenner -- taped segments sharing their thoughts about his transformation on the special. Burt, Casey, Brody, and Brandon Jenner all reportedly participated as well as Bruce's ex-wife Linda Thompson.

Multiple promo clips have been released to set up tonight's highly-anticipated 20/20 broadcast featuring Sawyer. Bruce has been shown saying he doesn't want to hurt his family and his transition has been an "emotional rollercoaster."

"I hope I'm gonna be okay," Bruce said in the latest preview released for the interview. "I feel like I'm gonna be okay. 2015's gonna be quite a ride, quite a ride."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 05:22 PM EST
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People News : Bruce Jenner started gender-transition procedures 30 years ago but stopped for Kris Jenner, says source
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Bruce Jenner reportedly began his gender transition 30 years ago by taking drastic measures but then stopped the process when he began dating now-ex wife Kris Jenner in late 1990.

According to a source close to the situation, the 65-year-old former Olympian talked about becoming a woman about three decades ago, and then by the mid-1980s, he started to undergo hormone therapy, electrolysis and plastic surgery procedures to make his appearance more feminine, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Bruce actually found his own facial hair repulsive at the time, so he allegedly explored the option of reassignment surgery with Denmark doctors.

The source said Bruce was inspired by transgender tennis player Renee Richard's 1983 autobiography called Second Serve. Renee was born a man but won the right to compete as a woman in 1976.

However, Bruce put a halt on his transformation when he began dating Kris. He reportedly went as far as to get a breast reduction and put an end to his hormone injections.

Bruce and Kris ended up getting married in April 1991 and had two daughters together -- Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner -- before they divorced in December.

Bruce has six biological children and four stepkids: Khloe Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian.

Bruce Jenner: The Interview will feature the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star discussing his transition with Diane Sawyer. In promo clips released for the special broadcast that airs Friday night on 20/20 at 9PM ET/PT on ABC, Bruce calls his journey "an emotional rollercoaster."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 04:41 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : 'American Idol's Quentin Alexander on ouster: My heated exchange with Harry Connick Jr. could have played a role
American Idol 14 American Idol eliminated Quentin Alexander and determined its Top 5 artists who will be going on this summer's tour during the seventh live show of its fourteenth season Wednesday night on Fox.

Quentin, a 21-year-old retail associate from New Orleans, LA, was in the bottom two with Rayvon Owen, a 23-year-old singer and vocal coach from Richmond, VA, based on the nationwide vote following last week's performance show.

Quentin and Rayvon each sang two "Arena Anthem" songs. Quentin sang "Light My Fire" by The Doors as well as "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine. Once both singers took the stage, America tweeted in real time to save one of them via the show's new "Idol Fan Save." Home viewers ultimately voted to save Rayvon for the fourth consecutive time.

During a Thursday conference call with reporters, Quentin talked to Reality TV World about his American Idol experience. Below is what he had to say. Check back with us soon for more.

Reality TV World: Do you think your heated exchange with Harry Connick Jr. last week played any role in your bottom-two placement or even your elimination this week? Maybe some viewers saw things from Harry's perspective, you know what I mean?

Quentin Alexander: Yeah, it definitely could have played a role, but I don't really know that and I'm never really going to know. But either way, I'm still proud of the way that things happened.

Reality TV World: So it sounds like you have no regrets about how you handled that situation?

Quentin Alexander: I wouldn't change that moment with Harry and I for anything, because it was a real, genuine moment. And for me to change it would be for me to change my journey overall, and I think things happen for a reason.

And I'm all about timing. It happened, and maybe it wasn't time for me to be on tour or stay on the show. There's maybe another path that I need to take first for that to happen. I'm just excited and glad that I came as far as I did. And to go out on a note like that, I'm fine with it.

Reality TV World: Did you ever have a personal conversation with Harry following that exchange last week in which you talked backstage and kind of hashed things out -- or did an awkward elephant remain in the room between you guys ever since?

Quentin Alexander: Well, we did not actually have a conversation after that. I spoke with him briefly once I was eliminated after I left the stage and all that, and we had a conversation on things other than that incident.

Because I feel that we both -- or at least I know that myself, I moved on from it right after it happened, you know? I was just ready to move on and focus on my performances. I feel that he kind of thought the same thing, so it wasn't really worth us dwelling on.

Reality TV World: Was it a surprise to you when viewers chose to save Rayvon again since it was his fourth straight time in the bottom?

Quentin Alexander: You know what? I actually wasn't surprised because of how great of a performance he put on. I would've been glad to bow out to that, because it was amazing. That's the good thing about it, you know, we all don't look at it as, "I have to be better than you," or, "This person has to be better than me to make it in this position."

It's just going out there, enjoying the performance, and you know, doing what you can. And in that moment, Rayvon was spectacular, so he definitely worked his butt off to get it and deserved it.

Reality TV World: Do you have any insight into why viewers might be voting Rayvon into the bottom but then saving him every week? Do you think maybe people feel they don't have to vote because they assume his fans will work harder to keep him safe and out of that bottom spot -- and then the cycle continues?

Quentin Alexander: Yeah, that could be a theory, or they could just like shaking him up. It's like shaking a soda just for the excitement of the pop. But either way, he's an amazing, amazing singer and he's going to get exactly what he deserves. So, I'm very proud of whatever he's going to accomplish.

Reality TV World: Joey Cook said last week that you two bonded because you had "very similar motives" in the competition and were "unwavering" when it comes to being yourself and sticking true to who you are as artists. Does that mean you guys think other contestants along the way had different motives or weren't staying true to themselves? Do you think mentors, judges or criticism have changed some contestants?

Quentin Alexander: I won't say that. It's just that Joey and I both come from similar lives -- from the beginning of everything in our lives -- and we come from a different spectrum. And so, therefore, we look at everything differently and we appreciate things, smaller things, more than other people would -- like just the bonds. That's one thing I really held onto.

Other people, you know, we definitely got along, but they look at other things. So I wouldn't say that anyone is kind of faking it or not being themselves just to kind of play the game. It's just the way that Joey and I went about doing it, you know, and we somehow got attracted. It's hard to explain, but it's kind of obvious to look at Joey and I and think we're oddballs.

And naturally, we're not the outsiders but the outsiders. We kind of have to gravitate towards each other to keep each other sane. To have those conversations of why we are here, and what we can do, and how far we can go, and how big this opportunity is for two people like us. That's something I've never really had before.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for more from Quentin Alexander's post-American Idol interview.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 02:57 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: Aly Dudek and Steven Langton talk 'The Amazing Race' (Part 2)
The Amazing Race 26 The Amazing Race eliminated dating couple Aly Dudek and Steven Langton during the 26th season's special two-hour seventh episode on CBS.

Aly, a 24-year-old Olympic athlete from Milwaukee, WI, and Steven, a 31-year-old Olympic athlete from Boston, MA, were ousted from the race around the world after they survived a non-elimination leg but then arrived at the subsequent eighth Pit Stop in last place.

Aly and Steve encountered some bad luck and made a few mistakes in the Race's last two legs. In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, the couple talked about what happened.

Below is the concluding portion of Aly and Steve's interview. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: Since you had to complete both sides of the Detour when you got U-Turned, was the "Play" or "Work" task more difficult and time consuming?

Steven Langton: Oh, the "Play" was a lot harder and a lot more time consuming.

Aly Dudek: But it was so much fun.

Steven Langton: Right.

Aly Dudek: It was awesome. We skied up a gigantic, Aladdin-sand dune and then got to slide down it. I thought it was a lot of fun.

Steven Langton: That Detour probably took 45 minutes to an hour. It was a huge, huge sand dune. You can't even call it that. It was like a sand mountain. So, yeah, I mean, it was enormous. So that Detour, it probably took closer to an hour whereas the other one, I would say, maybe it took 20 minutes at the most.

Reality TV World: During the non-elimination leg, you guys were forced to do the elephant tracking task when you really wanted to feed the dogs. Do you think that made all the difference in your last-place finish or would you attribute that to the flat tire?

Steven Langton: I don't think you can really attribute anything to the flat tire.

Aly Dudek: We were going to get a flat tire no matter which Detour we did.

Steven Langton: Right. But that being said, the "Pack" was definitely a lot shorter than "Track," I think. And Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend had to do the "Track" too. I mean, conservatively, it was probably twice as long -- at least twice as long as the "Pack."

But again, there were a couple Detours along the way in previous legs that we kind of lucked out on. We had stuff play in our favor or we ended up with the shorter one. So it's just kind of how the game is.

Reality TV World: I've talked to all the eliminated teams so far this season and it seems like the consensus is they wanted to keep you close either as potential allies or just to avoid getting on your bad side. Which teams were you closest to? Did you consider anyone allies?

Aly Dudek: [Matt Cucolo and Ashley Gordon] we were. We ended up helping each other out, quite often actually, in just small ways. Well, I guess in big ways too, but Matt and Ashley were probably the ones we actually connected with and trusted the most.

Steven Langton: I definitely agree. And yeah, we actually were able to spend a lot of time with them on the Race. Even now, Aly and I talk to Matt and Ashley probably every day.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Jackie Ibarra and Jeffrey Weldon, Jeff admitted to me that he didn't really care who wins the Race but he just didn't want to see Laura Pierson and Tyler Adams win it because they gave him bad vibes. When you left the Race, who were you rooting for to win -- or were you in the same mindset as Jeff just hoping a particular team wouldn't claim the million?

Steven Langton: No, I think just because we were such good friends with Matt and Ashley, if we got to pick at that time, we would've probably said the same thing we'd say today -- that we hope they would win. But in terms of wanting people not to win, we never really thought about that.

Aly Dudek: No, we never thought about that.

Reality TV World: After watching this season on TV so far, what do you make of Hayley and Blair's relationship? I think their up and down dynamic has viewers pretty intrigued.

Aly Dudek: Okay, so Hayley has some crazy moments, but who doesn't when you're in a high-stress situation? I had my fair share of crazy moments in Africa. But she's a sweetheart! She's a nice person. She really is. But she's very high maintenance and Blair's patience is extraordinary. I will say that. But they're pretty entertaining to watch.

Steven Langton: Yeah, and they were a good team too.

Reality TV World: I think Blair realized keeping his mouth shut was the smart thing to do. (Laughs)

Aly Dudek: Yup! Smart move, right?

Reality TV World: At the start of the Race? Did you assume the pre-existing couples would have a huge advantage in the Race, and after seeing how the blind-dating couples have been performing thus far, did you change your minds?

Aly Dudek: Honestly, Steve and I never really formed strong opinions about that because we really went in saying, "These are just other teams." I guess it did surprise me a little bit how strong they started off the Race, but after a while, they decided they were only there for the money and they weren't there for love anymore. And once they established that fact, they were able to work together as a good team.

Reality TV World: Did you view any team in particular your toughest competition when you were racing?

Aly Dudek: I don't know!

Steven Langton: Neither do I.

Aly Dudek: I wouldn't say there was a standout team that was our toughest competition just because luck is such a strong factor in this game. It really just depends on who makes a good decision here or a good decision there, and who could get a better flight and who had a better taxi driver. That was really the main difference with why there was success and why there wasn't.

Steven Langton: Right. And especially with us, we got eliminated because we messed up, not because somebody else did really well. So, I mean, I think our biggest competition was ourselves.

Reality TV World: It seems at this point luck definitely seems to be on Michael Dombrowski and Rochelle Nevedal's side. They got that standby flight on a previous leg and stuff.

Aly Dudek: Oh yeah, absolutely.

Reality TV World: The Speed Bump task seemed quick. How long did that take you?

Aly Dudek: That was only 10-15 minutes. We were already so far back anyway that it was just like, "Let's just add on more time!"

Steven Langton: We actually got lost on the way to the skydiving place too, which was probably another 45 minutes.

Reality TV World: Did you get bad directions or have trouble reading your map or something?

Steven Langton: Little bit of both.

Reality TV World: How were you cast on The Amazing Race? How'd you end up on the show?

Aly Dudek: Well, when we met in Sochi in February of last year, one of the first things we actually said to each other was, "Oh my God, I really want to go on this TV show. It would be so much fun." And yeah, we both felt the same way about it. We finally just decided to apply, and yeah. We applied, we weren't [recruited]. We went through the entire process, and luckily they liked us enough to have us on the show.

Reality TV World: Would you be interested in racing again as all-stars?

Aly Dudek: I would go back right now!

Steven Langton: Yes, 100 times over! I'd start the Race again tomorrow.

Click here to read the first half of Aly and Steve's exclusive The Amazing Race interview with Reality TV World.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 12:05 PM EST
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People News : Zendaya Coleman hopes 'Fashion Police' will learn and make a positive change after Giuliana Rancic controversy
Miscellaneous Reality TV Following Giuliana Rancic's recent announcement she will be returning to Fashion Police after its brief hiatus, Zendaya Coleman has voiced her thoughts.

"I just hope they learn and grow from it and are able to make a positive change with their show," the 18-year-old former Dancing with the Stars contestant told Us Weekly of Fashion Police's comeback after both Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin quit the show.

"Hopefully [they're] able to take a more positive spin and we're all able to learn from it at the same time."

Rancic had made an offensive remark about Coleman's dreadlocks at this year's Oscars and Coleman took to social media afterwards to post a long rant about her disapproval and disappointment.

Rancic said Coleman's hair must have smelled of "patchouli oil or maybe weed" -- a comment which Rancic has repeatedly apologized for and insists was edited out of context on Fashion Police.

Still, Osbourne felt the need to tweet "I DO NOT CONDONE RACISM" in light of the controversy and then leave Fashion Police. Griffin, a comedian who was hired to replace the late Joan Rivers, also ended up quitting the show because its creative direction and mean-spirited type of humor made her uncomfortable.

Since Rivers passed away in September of last year, the stars of Fashion Police have clearly struggled with joke delivery. A friend of Osbourne's recently told Us that Rancic "tried too hard to be funny" and the pair of women "didn't see eye to eye" on what was "funny versus offensive."

Fashion Police is slated to return on E! this fall. It has yet to be disclosed who will fill Osbourne and Griffin's shoes.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 10:57 AM EST
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Show Spoiling News : 'Bruce Jenner: The Interview' to reportedly "reintroduce" the former Olympian "to society as a woman"
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Bruce Jenner's 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer Friday night is reportedly meant to jumpstart a brand new chapter in the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's life.

Jenner wants "to reintroduce himself to society as a woman," a source told Us Weekly. "Bruce told Diane he has wanted to be a woman for as far back as he can remember. He always felt it and kept burying it."

Jenner's alleged decision to openly share his gender transition with the public was not a spontaneous one. He's been planning how he'd like it to go down for a while now.

Jenner chose a sit-down interview with Sawyer to make his revelation to the world "because he knew she would work with him to present his journey tastefully," the source said. "He felt safe and in control."

The 65-year-old former Olympian will reportedly be telling "almost" all about his journey.

"Bruce is very proud and excited," the source told Us.

In recent promo clips for the two-hour ABC special dubbed Bruce Jenner: The Interview that will air at 9PM ET/PT, the reality TV star has been shown saying his whole life has been getting him ready for this and he just doesn't want to hurt his family in any way.

Thrice-married Jenner has six children and four stepchildren. As shown on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner has found a new personal, emotional and financial freedom since divorcing Kris Jenner, his wife of over 22 years, in September 2014. Their divorce became official just last month.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, April 24, 2015 - 10:14 AM EST
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Exclusive: Survivor: Worlds Apart castoff Jenn Brown
Survivor: Worlds Apart's merged Merica tribe eliminated Jenn Brown during Wednesday night's ninth episode of the CBS reality competition's 30th season.

Jenn, a 22-year-old sailing instructor from Long Beach, CA, was the tenth person voted out of the game and therefore became the season's third jury member. Her Merica tribe got her out on Night 27 at the season's tenth Tribal Council session.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Jenn talked about her Survivor experience. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: Last night's episode had viewers assuming that you, Mike Holloway and Shirin Oskooi were going to vote out Carolyn Rivera together with the hope Dan Foley would join you. But it later showed that Shirin and Mike voted for you. What exactly happened there? When did that plan change -- or were you out of the loop on all that?

Jenn Brown: Absolutely not. I told them to. You know, you need a red herring for the show. Everyone knew it was Shirin or I. There was no chance in hell that Dan was going to work with us, and we knew that.

There was nothing that was going to convince him to come over because, "Flippers never win!," says Dan. So yeah, I told them they were going to split the votes in that other alliance between Shirin and I, and then vote Shirin out probably.

And I was like, "Guys, let's not let this happen. Shirin loves this game so much and really wants to be here. I'm on a sinking ship. Just do it, like, just vote for me! I'll go be with [Hali Ford] and [Joe Anglim] and be the happiest in my life," which I was. So (laughs) I told them to vote for me, which they didn't show, but that's what happened. Shirin's vote even had hearts all around it, so.

Reality TV World: Based upon what you saw at camp, do you blame Dan for trusting [Rodney Lavoie Jr.] and his crew instead of Mike? Because he told the cameras if he was wrong about Mike, he'd never forgive himself, and clearly he was wrong.

Jenn Brown: Well, you know, Dan Foley is an anomaly. I don't understand -- if you can even call it a strategic game, I don't want to give him that much merit -- whatever he was doing out there, I will never in my life understand. I mean, I get that Mike's a threat. I get that.

But Dan was on the bottom of a six-person alliance and he knew that! I mean, and we told him so many times. We were like, "If you come with us, you will be at the bottom of a four-person alliance. Fourth place is a hell of a lot better than seventh place."

And he, for the life of him, would just not see it that way. He actually said one day, "I would rather finish in seventh place than I would fourth or whatever it was than flip on my alliance, because flippers never win." And he always said, "Flippers never win."

And I'm like, "Dan, every single person that has won the game has flipped on their alliance. You are insane." So, yeah, I don't know! I don't know what he's thinking. And I still don't know what he's thinking. I never talk to Dan.

Reality TV World: And Mike was in his alliance, so it's not technically flipping. (Laughs)

Jenn Brown: Exactly. (Laughs) I will just never, in a million years, understand what that was. That's why I was so fed up with the game. It's just like, "You're banging your head against a brick wall." These people don't listen to reason or logic or anything. It's probably one of the most un-strategic seasons I've ever seen.

Reality TV World: So I think it's safe to say when Dan made the comment going into Tribal Council that his vote was either going to be a million-dollar decision or a million-dollar mistake, you think it was a mistake.

Jenn Brown: I think I saw [Spencer Bledsoe] from two seasons ago, Season 28, last night. And he said, "If Dan, [Will Sims II] and Rodney are in the Final 3, the chairs -- like the stools they sit on -- would win." (Laughs) And I was like, "Pretty much!" That killed me.

Reality TV World: Mike arguably made two mistakes in last night's episode. No. 1, he faked out Carolyn and Dan with his letter from home at the auction, sort of losing their trust. No. 2, he revealed to the whole tribe that Rodney had turned on him and was secretly working with Carolyn, Tyler and Will. What are your thoughts on those two moves? Do you think they made sense for Mike's gameplay or were poor choices?

Jenn Brown: I don't think it was a mistake in terms of what he did at the auction. I think the only mistake he made was going up and actually turning around and being like, "Nevermind. I will [buy the letter]."

I viewed him as a weaker player because of that. I think what he did was so Survivor and so just, like, "Eh, I screwed you guys over! La dee dah!" I thought that was brilliant and I thought he should've stuck with it. Rodney's little secret alliance used that as an excuse to hate Mike.

They got everyone to band together and hate him because of that incident. But that was not -- they were just like, "Oh, we need a reason to get everyone to flip on Mike," you know? And so they used that and it was a smart move, but I think [Mike] would've gotten the Reward or twist and then maybe I would still be in the game. I don't know.

But what he did at camp, I also think that was smart because we were trying to convince Dan Foley and [Sierra Dawn Thomas] to come on over! And by blowing up and being like, "Listen!" Like if he had just told Sierra and Dan that that was happening, then no one would've believed him.

But we know how everyone kind of acts out there when they get caught in something -- like in a lie or they get called out -- so Mike was like, "You know what? If I call them out, Sierra and Dan will see that this is the truth. This is what's happened." And he did that and then Sierra and Dan still didn't do anything, so.

Reality TV World: Do you think Mike's back is up against the wall now or do you think there's anything he could do to change things around?

Jenn Brown: Nope. It's too late. He's public enemy No. 1. It's just, like, what are they going to do? You know? Once everyone wanted [Joe Anglim gone and he left, the whole camp just descended into chaos. So for Mike, I don't see anything that he could've done differently and I don't see anything that he could do now.

Reality TV World: In the last couple of episodes, you wanted to be voted out of the game so badly. But when I talked to Joe last week, he said he wasn't sure if you really meant that or if that was a part of your strategy. Because acting like you didn't care to be there made you much less of a threat in everyone's eyes for a little bit. So could you clarify that for me? 

Jenn Brown: Yeah, actually, that was exactly it. Once [Hali Ford] was gone, it was like, there's these people in this alliance and there's nothing we can do about it. And I wanted to stay in the game, so I had already been a challenge threat and I'm more of a challenge threat than Shirin is.

If Joe wins immunity, they're going to vote me out because I'm more of a threat than Shirin. However, if I'm just like, "Nope, don't want to be here, I don't want to play," then everyone wants to take that person to the end because they'll never win.

If they don't do anything, they can't be a threat. So that was kind of my thing. And that's what everyone said. They were like, "Well, Jenn's not even playing. Why would we vote her out? She's not going to do anything." And so that was my whole thing. Also, part of me really hated it there. (Laughs)

So I think that was a little bit of a catalyst that made it much more believable, because it was kind of true. But no, I never really like -- I mean, I told Sierra to vote me out. I told everyone, like, "Vote me out!" Because when you tell people to vote you out, they don't. As seen on this show, they never vote you out, except for last night. But that was to save Shirin, so whatever.

Reality TV World: Before Joe got voted out, you told him that if you won the Immunity Challenge, you'd 100% give him your necklace to sacrifice yourself and save him. Would you have actually followed through with that then?

Jenn Brown: Oh absolutely, I would have! I was totally going to give that to Joe because they still probably wouldn't have voted me out, you know? If I gave that to Joe, then -- I mean, I had it figured out logically in my head the other day...

I would've definitely given it to Joe because we would've voted out Mike. We talked about it. I talked about it with people, because you know, Mike's also a challenge threat. So it's like, "Well, we'll get one of them out at least!"

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Jenn Brown's exclusive interview.

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Show Update News : 'American Idol' judges make it clear Rayvon Owen and Jax are the contestants to beat
American Idol 14 Rayvon Owen and Jax have emerged as the ones to beat in American Idol's fourteenth-season competition.

Although Rayvon has landed in the bottom-two four straight weeks in a row, his performances during Wednesday night's show blew the judges away and probably made home viewers realize he shouldn't go home just yet. Jax's energy, artistry and consistency is also what makes her a clear frontrunner.

In a night of "Arena Anthems," Rayvon sang "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith. Harry Connick Jr. called it a "fantastic" vocal performance and "flawless." Keith Urban said he's the "dark horse," if that was his own song that just got released, it would be amazing and a huge hit.

Jennifer Lopez then dropped a bomb by saying if he keeps singing like and keeps making perfect song choices, he will be "the only one" left.

Rayvon later sang "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac. The audience went crazy for a high note. The judges admired the fact he's such a fighter and has loosened up onstage over time. His vocals were undeniably great.

Jax sang "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet and was told she's ready for the tour because she knows how to have a good time onstage.

After singing "White Flag" by Ditto, the judges raved about how she held their attention throughout the entire song and has great instincts as an artist. Harry admitted it was riveting, beautiful and phenomenal. The judges' choice of words were surprisingly complimentary.

The remaining Top 6 artists had an excellent night as well.

Nick Fradiani sang "Harder To Breathe" by Maroon 5. He's become so comfortable onstage and is getting better with every single passing week. He's found his lane vocally but needs to concentrate more on his performance quality.

Nick later took the stage with "Maggie May" by Rod Stewart. He was told it was a really great song choice, but Jennifer explained he needs "a moment" in order to get to the finish line doing what he's doing.

Clark Beckham got the best feedback for "Yesterday" by The Beatles. The song had structure and just made sense. The judges called it terrific and beautiful. Keith just advised him to release more when performing in the future.

Clark's rendition of "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber, however, didn't go over as well. The stripped-down performance wasn't sexy, raw or dangerous enough, according to Keith. Harry even tried to explain how Clark had done himself a disservice by setting the bar so high because he's a great melody singer.

Tyanna Jones first sang "Party In The USA" and the judges loved her cool, fun and comfortable side. Harry said it was a very smart song choice. Tyanna later performed "Heaven" by Bryan Adams. It was different but not perfect. The judges, however, still commented on her beautiful voice and elegance on the stage.

Quentin Alexander, who ended up getting eliminated from the competition, took the stage with "Light My Fire" by The Doors first. He was instructed to deliver more "vocal pow" because he sang the song conservatively against the rocking band. Harry said he still "dug it" though. Keith told Quentin he swims against the current, which would be "anti-plankton."

Quentin then performed "Shake It Out" by Florence And The Machine. He really dug into the vocals that time but Harry couldn't help but point out he still sings out of tune a lot. Keith advised Quentin to just "stay on the course" because he's doing just fine.

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Show Update News : 'American Idol' eliminates Quentin Alexander and saves Rayvon Owen for the fourth time
American Idol 14 American Idol eliminated Quentin Alexander and determined its Top 5 artists who will be going on this summer's tour during the seventh live show of its fourteenth season Wednesday night on Fox.

Quentin, a 21-year-old retail associate from New Orleans, LA, was in the bottom two with Rayvon Owen, a 23-year-old singer and vocal coach from Richmond, VA, based on the nationwide vote following last week's performance show. This marked Rayvon's fourth week in a row in the bottom two.

Both singers performed two "arena anthems" each, which meant they had to take the stage with huge superstar hits fit for a stadium.

Quentin sang "Light My Fire" by The Doors as well as "Shake It Out" by Florence and the Machine. He was praised for both performances and told to "stay on the course." While his vocals were great, he's still apparently singing out of tune. 

Rayvon sang "I'm Not The Only One" by Sam Smith in addition to "Go Your Own Way" by Fleetwood Mac.

The judges thought Rayvon's first song in particular was a phenomenal vocal. Harry Connick Jr. called it "flawless" and Keith Urban said Rayvon is the "dark horse" in this competition. Jennifer Lopez insisted that if Rayvon keeps it up with these perfect song choices, he might be "the only one" standing at the end of all this.

Once both singers performed, America tweeted in real time to save one of them via the "Idol Fan Save." Home viewers ultimately voted to keep Rayvon in the running again, resulting in Quentin's elimination.

The show introduced the "Idol Fan Save" because the judging panel decided to use its one "Save" of the season early on for Qaasim Middleton. The fan-save twist retired last night, so it will not be utilized again this season.

The contestants still in the running to be named the next "American Idol" are Rayvon, Clark Beckham, Jax, Tyanna Jones, and Nick Fradiani. These five contestants will travel across the country for the upcoming American Idol Live! tour.

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Show Update News : 'Survivor: Worlds Apart' Merica tribe votes off former No Collar Jenn Brown
Survivor: Worlds Apart Survivor: Worlds Apart's merged Merica tribe eliminated Jenn Brown during Wednesday night's ninth episode of the CBS reality competition's 30th season.

Jenn, a 22-year-old sailing instructor from Long Beach, CA, was the tenth person voted out of the game and therefore became the season's third jury member. Her Merica tribe got her out on Night 27 at the season's tenth Tribal Council session.

"A lot of the people sucked super hard. [Will Sims II] seemed to be a nice person, but he's kind of shattered now. [Sierra Dawn Thomas], I don't know, she sucks. I hated [Rodney Lavoie Jr.] but I really hate 'Mama C' [Carolyn Rivera] -- the same way I hate [Dan Foley]. They're just fake. It kills me. But I really can't wait to watch the rest of this tribe destroy each other. I just hope they're not on the jury any time soon so that I don't have to see their faces," Jenn said following her ouster.

The players still in the game at this point were Jenn; Sierra, a 27-year-old barrel racer from Roy, UT; Mike Holloway, a 38-year-old oil driller from North Richland Hills, TX; Dan, a 47-year-old postal worker from Gorham, ME; and Rodney, a 24-year-old general contractor from Boston, MA.

Also still vying for the title of "Sole Survivor" were Tyler Fredrickson, a 33-year-old ex-talent agent assistant from Los Angeles, CA; Will, a 41-year-old YouTube sensation from Sherman Oaks, CA; Carolyn, a 52-year-old corporate executive from Tampa, FL; and Shirin Oskooi, a 31-year-old Yahoo executive from San Francisco, CA.

On Day 25, Rodney suggested to Carolyn, Tyler and Will -- his alliance on the side -- that they should get Mike out right after the next Individual Immunity Challenge. Tyler told the cameras he liked the idea because they could get Mike out before he could "pull his numbers and his charisma" and jump on them.

The group wasn't careful, however, because Mike was nearby listening in on their conversation. Mike discovered Rodney had flipped on the Blue Collars and so he would no longer be in his alliance. Mike realized he had a lot to do to save himself.

All the castaways then met Survivor host Jeff Probst for the famous auction. Each player received $500 in their Tree Mail and could bit in increments of $20.

The first item came out covered and Will bid $100 for it. He received a note presumed to be a clue to a hidden immunity idol, but instead, he was instructed to leave the auction immediately with nothing and go back to camp. All the castaways were shocked about how brutal that was.

Shirin then paid $300 for chicken and waffles, Rodney got a big steak with wine, Jenn offered up $100 for a giant margarita, and Sierra bought herself grilled kabobs for $100.

It was clear Dan, Carolyn and Mike were all waiting around for an advantage in the game. Once Sierra bought a note from her loved ones at home for $20, Jeff revealed everyone else could buy their letter for the same amount. Dan, Carolyn and Mike agreed to each pay the $20 and then duke it out with the $480 they each had left.

Carolyn walked up and got hers, Dan then teared up as he was handed his note because he was so happy, and then Mike walked up but quickly turned around and walked back empty-handed to the seating area. Jeff said "Wow!" Carolyn was pissed off and gave her letter back to Jeff, and then Dan said aloud to Mike, "So much for your trust."

Mike realized it was a stupid move because he didn't want to lose any allies, so he changed his mind and told Jeff he's not the kind of person that pulls a stunt like that. 

Going back to the original plan, Mike, Dan and Carolyn drew rocks at random, and the person to grab the white rock would win the advantage in the game. Dan got it. He later told the cameras Mike broke his heart and might've lost his trust.

Meanwhile, at camp, Will was devastated he couldn't participate in the auction. However, there was a clue waiting for him that featured a map and drawing extremely simple to follow. He dug at the correct spot and found a huge box of rations to keep for himself -- enough to last him for the rest of the game. There was electrolyte powder for his water and what appeared to be dried fruit and jerky.

Will decided to share all the food with his tribe because they were all living in the same tough conditions. 

Once everyone returned to camp, Mike made an announcement to the tribe in attempt to out Rodney's new alliance. Mike said he knew he was on the chopping block and it was the only reason he almost didn't take his letter from home. Mike repeated Dan's words "flippers never win."

Rodney turned the tables and insisted Mike was going nuts and making himself look like an idiot. Rodney yelled at him to relax, saying he had completely lost his mind. Sierra even called Mike paranoid. Everyone was mad at Mike for ruining the moment in which they were reading their heartfelt, emotional letters from home.

Rodney then decided to get all buddy-buddy with Dan, claiming Mike was disrespectful to him. Rodney also reminded Dan that Mike almost took away his opportunity to receive a letter from his wife. Dan agreed, saying it showed Mike's true colors. Dan wasn't sure which guy was lying to him and betraying him.

Afterward, Dan opened his clue from the auction and it surprisingly had nothing to do with a hidden immunity idol. In a new twist, Dan bought himself an extra vote at a subsequent Tribal Council. He would have to announce his vote after Jeff says, "I'll go tally the votes." The vote would count like any other at that particular Tribal Council.

Dan was ecstatic and noted it was like getting the "Willy Wonka Golden Ticket." He couldn't even imagine getting a more wonderful advantage in his wildest dreams.

On Day 26, Mike and Jenn believed Will was holding out on them and hiding some of his food. Jenn told everyone that Will gave them the food he didn't like. Shirin, Mike and Jenn planned to expose him. When only Shirin was available for a confrontation, Will started yelling at her. He called Shirin "a greedy ass" and said all she did was eat and talk. Mike also insisted there couldn't possibly be anyone at home that loved her.

Mike escorted Shirin away from the group because he thought she didn't deserve to get attacked like that. Shirin became especially upset because she was raised in a family with domestic violence and felt she was, once again, being verbally abused. Will also called Mike "a *****" in his rant.

Jenn -- who previously wanted to quit the game badly -- thought Will and his crew "sucked so bad" that she wanted to stick around just to "f-ck up their game."

On Day 27, the Merica tribe met Jeff again for the next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Before it commenced, Will asked Jeff if he could sit out the challenge in order to receive his letter from home. He said family meant more to him than any amount of money. He choked up a little bit in his delivery.

Jeff would accept Will's request as long as every single castaway agreed to let him sit out. Will thought that was fair. The tribe came close to allowing Will to get what he wanted, but then Shirin raised her hand in objection. She was enough to take the letter away from Will. Shirin coldly expressed that she's just playing the game and that's how it works.

For the challenge, each player was required to use metal tongs to transport a ball across a series of teeter-totters. Once at the end, they had to place the ball on a stand and then head back. If a person fell off or dropped a ball, he or she would have to go back to the start. The first person to place all six balls in the stand would win immunity and a one-in-eight shot of winning this game.

In the end, Mike won immunity, admitting to Jeff he got it when he "needed it most." Rodney quietly swore to himself and later told the cameras camp had turned into a "damn circus." No matter what, the vote wasn't going to go as Rodney had planned or hoped.

Once back at camp, Rodney asked Will if they should take out Shirin. Will said "no" because he believed Jenn was a bigger threat in challenges. Will wanted to break up the three even though he claimed Shirin had "no worth and no soul."

Dan, Carolyn, Will, Rodney, Sierra, and Tyler decided to cast their votes three for Shirin and three for Jenn in case an immunity idol was played.

Meanwhile, Mike talked to Shirin and Jenn about voting out Carolyn. Mike was pretty positive Sierra had turned on him because she wouldn't even look at him, but he hoped Dan would still be willing to work with him to take out Mama C." Jenn didn't like the idea her entire game was "in dumbass' hands."

Rodney didn't think Mike had Dan, but Carolyn was worried. Mike then did everything he could to convince Dan to stay by his side. Mike explained he had given Dan and Sierra his word to go to the Final 3 together. Mike said he would absolutely honor that promise and it shouldn't be hard to believe because he's been "Blue strong" the entire game.

Carolyn didn't think Dan was a smart player, so she determined that if Mike was able to get to Dan, she'd be safe to use her hidden Immunity Idol. 

Mike's conversation with Dan continued. He asked Dan to question Rodney and Will's behavior, morals and ethics. Mike said they didn't have his back like he did and were using him. Dan worried Mike was right, that the solid foursome -- Rodney, Will, Carolyn and Tyler -- was ready to sell them right down the river.

It was either that, or Dan told the cameras Mike had "lost his mind." Dan was upset about being a swing vote, calling it his "worst nightmare." 

Tyler then confronted Dan about how everyone was questioning what decision he was going to make. Dan flipped out, saying it's his choice and he designs his own destiny. Dan said in a confessional that if he went against Mike and was wrong, he'd never forgive himself. However, he wanted to try to put his emotions aside.

Dan noted his swing vote was going to be a million dollar decision -- potentially a million dollar mistake. 

At Tribal Council that night, Sierra told Jeff everyone was fighting for themselves. She said they really were worlds apart. Mike then announced there was a solid four alliance and they'd pick off Sierra and Dan fifth and sixth.

Rodney confessed he was going after Mike now only because of his previous outburst at camp after the auction. Shirin said aloud the six planned to split their votes. When Jeff tried to clarify that it was six against three in this game, Shirin corrected him by insisted it was "4+2 against 3." Carolyn wasn't buying it.

Jeff then revealed the votes. Five castaways voted for Jenn, three people voted for Shirin, and one person voted for Carolyn.

The episode's closing credits showed that Carolyn voted for Jenn, Rodney voted for Shirin, Will voted for Jenn, Sierra voted for Shirin, Dan voted for Shirin, Tyler voted for Jenn, Shirin voted for Jenn, Mike voted for Jenn, and Jenn voted for Carolyn.

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People News : Derek Hough may not be able to perform on 'Dancing with the Stars' again this season due to injuries
Dancing with the Stars 20 Derek Hough may not be able to continue competing on Dancing with the Stars this season.

Fans' hearts might be breaking around the world, as Hough sustains injuries that may prohibit him from dancing on the show with his Olympic gymnast partner Nastia Liukin going forward.

Hough was taken to the emergency room on Monday night after getting hurt while rehearsing with former contestant Maria Menounos for Dancing with the Stars' upcoming tenth-anniversary special, according to E! News.

"Derek Hough suffered injuries to his right foot and left ankle," the five-time DWTS champion's representative told People. "He has been diagnosed with a broken toe on his right foot and sprains to his left ankle on both the inside and outside aspects and a bone bruise on the same ankle. Derek will remain in Los Angeles this week to rehab his injuries."

"While it remains unclear at this time if Derek will be able to perform on the April 27 episode," the representative continued, "his partner Nastia Liukin will train in Los Angeles this week with pro-dancer Sasha Farber to prepare for the live show."

Hough, 29, has been balancing Dancing with the Stars in LA with his role in the New York Spring Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall. While Farber will be rehearsing with Liukin, Hough's understudy will reportedly be filling in for him in New York for the time being. 

Hough's injury prevented him from participating in the tenth-anniversary special that was taped Tuesday and will air April 28 on ABC, according to People.

Menounos revealed Hough hurt his foot by smashing it into a piece of equipment and then falling down the stairs. Hough reportedly rolled his ankle when he took the spill and Menounos helped as much as possible before his best friend Mark Ballas took over and brought him to the hospital.

Dancing with the Stars airs Monday nights from 8-10PM ET/PT on ABC. The results show will also be returning starting next week.

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People News : 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant Rumer Willis: My mom dating Ashton Kutcher was "definitely weird for a minute"
Dancing with the Stars 20 Rumer Willis admits she had a little crush on actor Ashton Kutcher before her mother Demi Moore married him but she was still completely supportive of their relationship.

Demi divorced Rumer's father Bruce Willis in 2000 and brought Ashton home in 2003 -- only to marry him two years later when Rumer was 17, Ashton was 27 and Demi was 42.

"It was definitely weird for a minute, but I have to commend him," Rumer, now 26, said of Kutcher on Howard Stern's radio show.

"He was a really great stepfather. The perspective switched quickly. That's when you open up your Teen Beat, you take [his poster] down and put somebody else up. I feel like I told my sister that at some point, 'Gotta cross him off the list.'"

Rumer was surprisingly not bitter about her mom taking interest in Ashton.

"No, I was kind of impressed, I was like, 'Yeah girl, get it!'" the twentieth-season Dancing with the Stars contestant told Howard.

Although Demi and Ashton divorced in 2013, Rumer insisted she's still friends with Ashton.

Rumer also told Howard on his SiriusXM show she "commends" her parents Demi and Bruce for "so much."

"They made such a huge effort that we never had to split up birthdays or vacations," Rumer explained. "We literally would all go together. They had this weird thing where they literally just became friends."

The only awkward situation Rumer confessed to was having to watch her movie-star parents engage in intimacy on the big screen.

"No one wants to hear their parents engage in any sort of sexual things, so having it on film was a little awkward," she admitted.

Bruce married model Emma Heming in 2009 and the couple had two children together -- Mabel in 2012 and Evelyn in 2014. Ashton is currently engaged to actress Mila Kunis, who just recently gave birth to their daughter Wyatt Isabelle.

Rumer is paired with pro Val Chmerkovskiy for Dancing with the Stars' tenth-anniversary season. They've managed to finish in the top third of the judges' leaderboard every week since the competition's premiere.

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Features & Interviews : 'American Idol' eliminee Joey Cook: The competition has proven to me that I am good enough
American Idol 14 American Idol eliminated Joey Cook and determined its Top 6 artists during the sixth live show of its fourteenth season on Fox.

Joey, a 23-year-old server from Woodbridge, VA, was in last week's bottom two with Rayvon Owen, a 23-year-old singer and vocal coach from Richmond, VA, based on the nationwide vote following the prior week's performance show.

Joey and Rayvon each sang two "American Classic" songs. Joey performed "My Funny Valentine" and "Somebody to Love." Once both singers took the stage, America tweeted in real time to save one of them via the show's new "Idol Fan Save." Host Ryan Seacrest revealed the vote was so close that Rayvon received only 52% of the votes to stay in the competition.

During a recent conference call with reporters, Joey talked about her American Idol experience. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read more.

You got to meet a lot of people -- not just the other contestants but also some great mentors.  Is there anyone in particular whose advice you really took to heart?

Joey Cook:  I think everybody kind of realized that I'm super in love with Boy George.  We made it very obvious on the show.  Obviously, meeting him was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  He has been supporting me ever since.  He tweeted at me last night, and he's just a really, really amazing person and had some amazing advice for me.

I think, generally, my vocal coach -- her name's Kenya Hathaway -- she pulled some sounds out of me that I did not know that I was capable of, and she really pushed me as a vocalist to be more confident in myself and to recognize that I am a singer. 

I'm not just a musician.  I'm a vocalist; I'm a good singer.  She really, really gave me some outstanding advice and, yes, she's a goddess among women.  Everything she said to me, I will remember for forever. [It was] the most life-changing [experience].

Congratulations on your engagement. That's pretty life-changing as well.

Joey Cook:  Thank you. It's been a crazy couple months.

How did your fiance Evan propose?

Joey Cook:  Evan proposed, well, he called my family and made sure my mom was going to be there for the show and my best friend, my childhood best friend was also there.  We went to the hotel we were staying at. 

There's a place called Cindy's Garden, which is like a little garden with a bench and everything.  It's really beautiful.  I only had 10 minutes of time because we were running around doing photo shoots and stuff, but he stole me away for 10 minutes and did the one-knee thing. 

He actually started with all this really heartfelt stuff, like we've been through so much together, and it's been five long years.  I was like, "Are you about to break up with me right now? Because you should wait until the show is done." (Laughs) 

He was like, "No, actually it's the opposite, so don't freak out."  But, it was really sweet and it was really heartfelt.  He is the love of my life.  I adore him and always will.

What does the elimination mean for your wedding plans?  Will you two start planning the wedding now that you have more free time? 

Joey Cook:  Yes.  Most definitely.  I definitely wanted to do the wedding before December.  December is going to be our six years together, so we wanted a summer wedding.  I think we're going to try and knock it out this summer and do the bash.

You talked a little bit about your immediate plans of going home and then going back for the finale, but what are some of your future plans?

Joey Cook:  Well, I would like to record my album big-girl style.  That's my plan, as I have an album I recorded, it's called Hey I Love You, Songs and Stuff on the Ukulele by Joey Cook.  I recorded the entire thing on my iPhone using voice memo in my basement in one take.  So, it's not really quality. 

I'm very proud of it.  It's my heart and soul in an album, but I would like to take that album, and I would like to get a band.  I want a band.  I want a full band.  I want a horn section. 

I want all of it, and I want to do it in a big studio.  I want to do it big-girl style with the headphones and the pop filter and everything.  I want to do it right.  I have it all together.  I've always just needed the resources to do it professionally and I think I've gotten to that point, which is so exciting. 

Is there anyone whom you would've loved to work with as a mentor on the show?

Joey Cook:  Oh, gosh.  There are so many people.  I kept telling them Prince, but that's like completely unreasonable I think.  I want to work with Prince. 

David Bowie, I want to work with David Bowie.  There are so many people, Erykah Badu.  I would love to be able to talk to her and get some advice from her.  Really, there's so many people out there that I would love to work with and hopefully do [work with] one day in the future.

What have you learned about yourself throughout your journey on the show?

Joey Cook:  I have learned that I'm capable.  Yes, I think before this competition, I knew what I was doing and I was confident, but I wasn't confident in individual things.  I was confident as a musician.  I wasn't necessarily confident as a vocalist, and this show has shown me that, along with playing instruments and writing music and everything like that, I'm a singer. 

That's what I do.  That's what I've always done.  It took me a long time to realize it, but it's really just given me confidence.  It's proven to me that I am good enough, that I'm capable, and that I'm deserving of whatever it is to come.

I'm always excited about your style.  I never know what you're going to come up with.  Can you share with me your personal style, like did you always have this style, did this evolve?  Can you give us a little bit of input about that?

Joey Cook:  I mean, having access to the stylists was just amazing.  They ended up being some of my closest friends.  Me and [Quentin Alexander] just hung out in the stylists' room.  That's pretty much what we do at CBS Studios. 

But having access to that -- and they were just so excited about having me and Quentin on the show this year because they could put me in these crazy dresses and dress me up like a space cadet and I was 100% open to it and ready.  It was so exciting.  But just the way I dress normally is really, I just look for things that I love. 

I think the way my mom explains it -- she's been explaining this since I was in high school -- is that with everybody else, when they get dressed in the morning, they look in their closet and they find one of their favorite articles of clothing, and then they build around it. 

Me, when I look in my closet in the morning, I find every single one of my favorite articles of clothing and wear all of them at one time.  That is the goal. 

Now that you have all this experience and all these mentors, and things you learned, do you have a different perception of yourself as a performer?

Joey Cook:  One hundred percent, yes.  I've obviously remained myself throughout this, can't really be anybody else.  I'm kind of stuck being myself.  But, no, I definitely have a different vision of myself as a performer and what I'm capable of. 

I mean, prior to this, I was completely happy playing my ukulele to a small room of 10 people, singing my songs to them, which still is a beautiful thing.  That is a very personal connection that you have in a space that big with a little amount of people, really connecting to people. 

But it made me realize that that's not it.  That's not all I can do.  I can Quentin-out and have pyro and all of these crazy things for a performance, and it enhances the performance.  I always kind of thought of it as a little bit corny.  I think prior to this, I didn't really understand. 

Now that I've been soaked in the world that is American Idol, I see myself so much differently as a performer, visually, with what I can do with the show and what a backdrop means for a performance and just all of the little things like that.  I think it made everything larger than life for me.  It's pretty exciting.

To read more from Joey Cook's American Idol elimination interview, click here.

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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: 'Survivor: Worlds Apart' castaway Joe Anglim talks (Part 2)
Survivor: Worlds Apart Survivor: Worlds Apart's merged Merica tribe eliminated Joe Anglim during the eighth episode of the CBS reality competition's 30th season.

Joe, a 25-year-old jewelry designer from Scottsdale, AZ, was the ninth person voted out of the game. His Merica tribe got him out on Night 24 at the season's ninth Tribal Council session.

Joe knew he was everyone's target so he tried to create himself a fake hidden Immunity Idol. He gave it to Mike Holloway in the hope Mike would save him for that one vote, but Mike ended up playing the idol and host Jeff Probst revealed it was fake. Regardless, Mike and his majority alliance had already cast their votes to oust Joe.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Joe talked about his Survivor experience. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read the first portion.

Reality TV World: How long did it take you to make the idol? Last night's episode made it seem like you were so rushed and Mike was looking for you like a trained dog or something.

Joe Anglim: It probably took me, like, an hour-and-a-half. I mean, I had everything ready, so it wasn't too, too long. At least an hour-and-a-half in Survivor isn't too, too long. It looked like I got it done lickety-split, but it was maybe a little longer in real time.

Reality TV World: Did you get the sense Mike was running the show out there? Because when I've talked to other castaways so far this season, I get mixed responses on that.

Joe Anglim: Hmm. I don't know if he was running the show. I think everyone was running their own show to be honest. I think he was very aware of his Blues and what everyone was kind of doing and it's just, you know, the way the numbers fell and the way that the game kind of played out.

I mean, him and [Dan Foley] and [Rodney Lavoie Jr.] even orchestrated throwing a challenge. I mean, that's just great gameplay (laughs) to get me or [Joaquin Souberbielle] out and to have that option. Everyone was playing and everyone was playing to win. And the game can change so fast, so it's tough. It's really tough to say. Anyone can win.

Reality TV World: How confident were you that Shirin Oskooi was actually going to vote for Jenn Brown instead of you? She was obviously tight with Jenn but knew you were the bigger threat.

Joe Anglim: You know, I think I kind of realized it at Tribal. She gave some responses that didn't really help. I mean, for me sitting there at Tribal, I was thinking, "Oh boy, I don't know if Shirin is onboard with me now." And I still -- not to say I never fully trusted -- I never fully trusted anybody in the game, ever.

Reality TV World: Oh wow, not even Jenn?

Joe Anglim: No. You just can't. You never trust anybody fully in this game, and I knew going into the merge that I was the first target No. 1. So, it was, yeah I mean, don't get me wrong, we were in an alliance. But if I didn't win [immunity], yeah, I think it was safe to say it was an 11-1 vote.

Reality TV World: Did you have any idea Rodney was working with  Carolyn Rivera, Will Sims II and Tyler Fredrickson on the side? And why didn't you approach Rodney about possibly working with him since you picked up on the fact he was making fun of Mike and therefore didn't like him very much.

Joe Anglim: I did go to a bunch of different people, Rodney included. But I was just such a big threat that no matter what I pitched to people, it was falling on deaf ears. They didn't want to work with me.

Reality TV World: You clearly became a huge threat because you won three Individual things right in a row. Looking back, do you think that was a mistake, that maybe you should've thrown one or two of them?

Joe Anglim: No, it's not in my nature to throw a challenge. And I knew, "If I don't win, I go home." There's no hiding who I am. I mean, everyone saw me in the first half of the game and they knew, "This guy's got to go." And, you know, I was just aware of that. I knew that coming in. So, I have to win. So, I got to try. I got to shoot for it.

Reality TV World: Do you think Jenn will change her mindset going forward about being in the game or do you think she's just going to look for every opportunity now to get out?

Joe Anglim: You know, I think it could go both ways. I think it could be strategic and she's trying to make people bring her to the end because she doesn't want to be there. And I think there's a part of her that's kind of sad and just wishes [Hali Ford] was still in the game and I was still in the game.

I think she's maybe buying her time a little bit, or at the same time, maybe she's thinking strategically to advance herself in the game. So, when I got voted out, I was like, "You know what? It could go either way." I think it's a little bit of both -- half and half.

Click here to read the first portion of Joe Anglim's exclusive Survivor interview with Reality TV World.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 02:23 PM EST
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People News : Kylie Jenner responds to dangerous lip challenge on Twitter: I am not encouraging this!
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kylie Jenner has addressed the current #KylieJennerChallenge craze in which teens are going to extreme measures to plump their lips to emulate the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star.

The social media sensation, which was not created or promoted by Jenner herself, began trending on Monday and is both ridiculous and dangerous. For the challenge, teens suction their lips inside a plastic bottle or shot glass for about five minutes to swell their lips in order to resemble Jenner's famous pout.

"I'm not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look. (Cont...)" Jenner, 17, tweeted Tuesday. "I want to encourage people/young girls like me to be YOURSELF & not be afraid to experiment w your look."

Jenner responded after horrifying videos and photos were posted all over Twitter to document how the experiment went completely wrong. The participants were shown with badly bruised mouths and swollen lips easily five times their original size. Most of the bruising occurred above and below the lips, creating this giant circle of black and blue color.

Numerous doctors have come forward, telling media outlets the suctioning creates a traumatic injury and could result in permanent disfiguration.

Jenner's lips have been a topic of conversation since the fall of last year. The reality TV star claims her pout is not surgically enhanced and appears very full all thanks to makeup, especially lip liner.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 11:46 AM EST
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