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Bachelor In Paradise Bachelor in Paradise saw Jesse Kovacs leave on his own and new bachelor Brooks Forester get eliminated during Monday night's sixth broadcast of the new ABC reality dating series.

"I wasn't feeling it with [Christy Hansen] and I know she was feeling it with me, so I'm leaving paradise for good. At this point, I've become friends with everyone here except for three girls, but I still feel like I won. I got to meet some great girls and have an awesome time, and in this setting, this situation, there is no wrong person to pursue," Jesse said after quitting the show.

"If you're feeling something, go after it. I guarantee you, as soon as I get home, I'm going to have a ton -- like 60 -- emails with names and numbers and email addresses and invitations to parties and festivals. The party will continue and they'll probably cheers to me, like, 'Oh Jesse!' I'm pretty sure when all this is said and done, we'll hang out and have a blast."

Bachelor in Paradise's sixth episode began with Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul going on a date in which they explored a cave together. During their time away from the villa, Lacy finally told Marcus she was falling in love with him despite admitting it was difficult for her to share her feelings with a man so openly. Marcus had already confessed his love for Lacy, telling her that he could certainly envision a future with her.

Michelle Money was then shown telling Jesse how she felt about Cody Sattler, which was confused and hesitant. She was overwhelmed with Cody's interest in and display of affection towards her.

Michelle said that Cody was sold on the fact she was the girl for him and he'd constantly express how she's the only woman he wants and he loves her. However, Michelle wondered if he even knew much about her and whether he might just be one-dimensional. In fact, Michelle, at times, couldn't even remember Cody's last name. She wasn't sure if she could see herself with him long-term.

Michelle acknowledged her fears and asked Cody to slow things down a bit so they could establish a friendship first. Cody felt numb at Michelle's request; He didn't know why she was backing off. But Cody was committed to Michelle and didn't want to lose her.

Brooks then arrived to the villa with a date card. Sarah Herron admitted to cameras she was physically attracted to Brooks and was even hoping he'd come to paradise when she originally signed on to do the show. She didn't know what to do because she had already been establishing a connection with Robert Graham yet wanted Brooks to ask her out on his date.

Likewise, Brooks noted in a confessional that he was interested in Sarah. The pair had apparently gotten to spend time with one another at After the Final Rose.

When Brooks was seemingly about to ask Sarah out, Robert wrapped his arms around her and made it clear that wasn't happening. Brooks later sat down with Zack Kalter and Robert to learn about all the different pairings, and Robert told Brooks that if he asked Sarah on a date, he'd kill him.

"That's my babe. She's my baby," Robert told Brooks.

Brooks thought it would be a good idea for Sarah to explore her options in attempt to either discover Robert was or was not the man for her. Sarah's mind was wrapped around Brooks yet, out of respect for Robert, he asked out Jackie Parr. Sarah was frustrated and disappointed because she wanted to know what could've happened with Brooks.

Zack was also aggravated, as he wished he would have pulled a Robert in telling Brooks that Jackie was also off limits. He really liked Jackie and couldn't help but be jealous.

On Jackie and Brooks date, the pair enjoyed dinner and she found him to be cultured and experienced. Jackie anticipated having a lot of fun with Brooks although Zack lingered in the back of her mind. Brooks thought Jackie was adorable and told the cameras he could barely pay attention to what he was saying became he was so mesmerized by her looks.

Meanwhile, Sarah was going crazy thinking about Brooks and freaking out about his date with Jackie. Sarah thought Robert was incredibly sexy and sweet even though she was torn.

Sarah then talked to Robert about what he envisioned happening between them after the show. Robert said he'd like to take her on dates and explore the real world together. She quickly realized Robert was the guy for her and it took Brook's presence to solidify their connection. He made her feel special and cared for.

"I will definitely be falling in love with Robert," Sarah said in a confessional.

Cody then reiterated to Michelle how he felt. He liked everything about her, wanted a relationship with her, and anticipated her meeting his family. He didn't really care whether his words scared her off a bit because he was being honest, and Michelle acknowledged she loved his honesty and constant willingness to share his feelings. Because Michelle believed Cody was coming on too strong, he promised her some space and she really appreciated it.

Afterward, Jesse made a joke to Michelle about how he wanted to go back in the bedroom and hook up with Christy. Michelle was turned off by what she heard and ran to tell Christy how the man she liked talked about her behind her back. Jesse apparently bragged to the guys about how he had hooked up with both Christy and Lucy Aragon.

"Jesse is a misogynistic, manipulative, [piece of sh-t]. Jesse is such a douchebag. I hate him," Christy told the cameras, adding that she wanted to leave because there was no guy on the island for her.

With that said, Tasos Hernandez then arrived at the beach. Jesse said in a confessional that Tasos was "messing up the situation" because he didn't want to leave paradise. Cody didn't have a bad thing to say about the guy, but then Tasos pulled Michelle aside to chat. The guys were worried Cody, "The Incredible Hulk" would flip out and eat Tasos.

However, Michelle suggested to Tasos he take Christy out on his date. She thought he was a gentleman, which was exactly what Christy needed. Michelle was very impressed by him and Christy was so excited to receive the opportunity.

On their date, Christy said Jesse was "half the man" Tasos was. They enjoyed a lazy-river ride together and seemed to be hitting it off very well. She was glad to be away from Jesse. Tasos asked to kiss Christy but she didn't want to rush the relationship like she had with Jesse. Christy tried to take a different approach to this new relationship.

Meanwhile, Zack got a date card and immediately asked Jackie out. AshLee Frazier was pissed off and disappointed that she didn't get a date with Graham. Although AshLee was extremely nice to Michelle, Michelle was wary about how genuine her attitude might be.

Zack was hoping to re-establish his bond with Jackie because it bothered him how she and Brooks seemed to enjoy spending time with one another. Jackie and Zack felt very comfortable with one another and she thought he was sweet. He loved how even-keeled she was and laid-back as well as beautiful. The pair ended up kissing at the end of their date, which Jackie hadn't done with Brooks.

At the upcoming Rose Ceremony, the girls would have the power once again, which would result in two men going home. Zack gave Jackie a little bracelet to show his affection, and he felt in his heart Jackie would give him the rose. Brooks also hoped for Jackie's rose and made her laugh, so he felt confident.

Lacy noted that Jesse was "a sleazeball" who came on the show to have fun with many different women and that's exactly what he did. Jesse's intentions apparently rubbed the guys the wrong way, and so the girls decided to confront Jesse about his behavior in paradise.

Just as Christy was telling Tasos she wanted to be with him for the rest of their time in paradise, Jesse interrupted the conversation and asked to speak with Christy. He had told the cameras he didn't come on the show to "start a relationship with a dumb blonde," but he simply needed her rose to stay.

Jesse reiterated how he had an awesome time with Christy on their date and thought they set a good foundation. Jesse told Christy he wanted to spend more time with her yet needed her to drop her walls.

In reply, Christy told Jesse she didn't want to pursue their relationship any further. He turned the tables on her by saying she never really opened up to him and he therefore felt he had no other option but to quit the show.

Christy told Michelle afterwards she didn't have the courage to tell Jesse that she knew about his physical relationship with Lucy. Christy was upset she didn't really stand up for herself considering Jesse tried to manipulate her and had some "stupid tricks" up his sleeve.

Lacy and Michelle comforted Christy and agreed they should confront Jesse once and for all. Christy called Jesse a coward for leaving when he knew he couldn't get a rose. Lacy told Jesse he was "disrespectful" and Michelle also dubbed him "cowardly, cruel and degrading" towards women. She said he had hurt and humiliated Christy and didn't deserve someone so wonderful.

Christy said in a confessional that Jesse had "no remorse," just a blank face. She added that Jesse was a "pathetic" person and would eventually "die alone." Lacy hoped he had learned his lesson.

Once the Rose Ceremony commenced, Lacy gave her rose to Marcus, AshLee offered her rose to Graham, Sarah gave her rose to Robert, and Michelle offered her rose to Cody. Michelle said she'd be "an absolute fool" to walk away from him Cody. Christy then gave her rose to Tasos, and Jackie offered her rose to Zack.

Brooks was upset because he really liked Jackie and had to leave paradise so soon.

"I'm disappointed because coming on Bachelor in Paradise, I had hoped that I would -- at the very least -- find somebody. I was attracted to Jackie from the get-go. I really saw something there -- a real glimmer of hope that I haven't seen in a while. And now, that opportunity has been cut short," Brooks said following his ouster.

"I feel like if I had a little bit more time there, then I would've had a little bit more interaction with her. I think that Zack definitely had an advantage in a sense that they built more of a relationship than Jackie and I. I wish things would've happened differently. I feel disappointed that I don't have the opportunity to develop a relationship [inside] of Bachelor in Paradise. It was a missed opportunity for possibly something great."
Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - 11:12 AM EST
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Show Update News : 'America's Next Top Model' eliminates female model Ivy Timlin
America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls America's Next Top Model eliminated Ivy Timlin during The CW's broadcast of the 21st season's third episode Friday night.

Ivy, a 5'8" 20-year-old from Buffalo, NY, was ousted from the competition after she found herself in the bottom two alongside Will Jardell, a 6'4 3/4" 23-year-old from Nederland, TX.

The female and male model landed in the bottom two based upon their total combined scores from the judges and viewers for a challenge and photo shoot. The challenge required the models to walk a runway covered only in silly string, so they were basically nude. Keith Carlos, a 6'1" 26-year-old from Bridgeport, CT, won the challenge and received the key to the Tyra suite.

For the photo shoot, the contestants had to pose while being drenched in buckets of water from above their heads.

Ivy received 21 points from Top Model's judges, six points for the challenge and 5.8 points from the fans. Her overall score was 32.8.

Will received 21 points from the judges, seven points for the challenge and 5.1 points from the fans. His overall score was 33.1.

Best photo of the week -- and the week's highest score -- went to Keith, who scored 41.8 total points. He earned 26 points from the judges, a perfect score of 10 points for the challenge, and a 5.8 fan vote, 

Tyra's call-out order was as follows: Keith, Lenox Tillman, Mirjana Puhar, Matthew Smith, Denzel Wells, Chantelle Brown-Young, Ben Schreen, Romeo Tostado, Kari Calhoun, Adam Smith, Raelia Lewis, and Shei Phan. Will and Ivy were therefore left in the bottom two.

Tyra revealed Ivy will enter the second-chance competition in which eliminated models will participate in every photo shoot of the season with the hopes of earning a social-media score high enough to re-enter the original running to become "America's Next Top Model."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - 10:40 AM EST
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People News : Carrie Underwood annouces she's pregnant with her first child!
American Idol 4 Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher have announced they are expecting their first child.

The fourth-season American Idol winner and Fisher shared their big news on Instagram Monday via a play on words in regards to the holiday.

"In honor of 'Labor Day,' Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn't be happier..." Underwood, 31, captioned a photo of her two little dogs sporting their respective blue and pink "I'm going to be a big brother" and "I'm going to be a big sister" shirts while sitting on the singer's lap.

Fisher, a 34-year-old professional hockey player for the Nashville Predators, hinted at what the baby's name could be on Twitter.

"We haven't picked names yet but it's looking like Fly is gonna fly. #boyorgirl #flyfisher," he tweeted yesterday.

Underwood and Fisher got married in Georgia in July 2010 following their December 2009 engagement. The couple had dated for about a year before Fisher proposed.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - 09:25 AM EST
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'Bachelor in Paradise's Jesse Kovacs: Marcus Grodd is a weird dude, America doesn't give a sh-t about AshLee Frazier
Bachelor In Paradise Bachelor in Paradise's Jesse Kovacs isn't shy to share his opinions of other contestants this season.

"I had no idea who was going to be there. I didn't have any idea about who I wanted to meet, because I've kind of been out of the Bachelor world for a while," Kovacs told The Observer.

"The producers did call me and ask, would I prefer to see someone there? Who do I like? And I just said, 'I honestly don't have any idea.' I'm just going to show up open-minded, and if a relationship or a connection or a feeling is there then I'll run with it, but I'm not going into it with preconceived notions about who I want to see."

Kovacs said he was very close with Graham Bunn and didn't know if that was just because they're both "super old" and therefore felt the need to "cling together."

"I was gone so much that I didn't really have a chance to hang out and get to know a lot of people... When I was back, I was basically just hanging out with the guys -- [Marcus Grodd] was kind off doing his own thing, so I didn't really hang out with him. He's kind of a weird dude," said Kovacs, who appeared on The Bachelorette's fifth season as well as Bachelor Pad 1.

"But everyone else was super cool, and yeah, you know [Cody Sattler], [Robert Graham], [Zack Kalter], [Graham Bunn] and myself, we all kind of hung out and had a good time."

Sattler and Michelle Money developed a very fast relationship on the island, one of which Money didn't exactly seem comfortable with.

"I can't remember if they aired it or not, but [Cody] dropped the 'L bomb' on Michelle [on their date]," Kovacs said of the intense situation. "She came back the next morning, and she talked to me and kind of broke down in tears, and was like, 'This is happening so fast. I don't know if I'm really into him.' She was really concerned because she didn't necessarily want that."

Money certainly went on Bachelor in Paradise to find love, but she apparently doesn't fall in love within a couple of days.

"She wanted something to happen and she wanted to find a relationship, but not forceful, like this. She kind of felt forced into it... I think as time went on and they cooled off a little bit and he took the time to step back, they actually really started to find their stride in the relationship, but at first we were kind of creeped out by how fast it all happened," Kovacs told The Observer.

Although he initially thought Sattler was "a big-ass meathead," Kovacs admitted he's a sweetheart and cool guy "who would never say anything bad about anybody."
AshLee Frazier, on the other hand, was criticized by the bachelors and bachelorettes for talking trash about the other women.

"At the time, the only real person I noticed [being phony] was AshLee. She was getting upset at the producers because she was like, 'How come Graham and I haven't had another date? That's what America wants to see,'" Kovacs explained.

"I was like, 'That statement is so ridiculous, that she is thinking about what America -- America doesn't give a shit about you!' She definitely was very concerned about how she was portrayed, and how her editing would be."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 - 06:08 AM EST
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People News : Joan Rivers still in serious condition, Melissa Rivers "so touched" by outpouring
The Celebrity Apprentice 2 Joan Rivers remains hospitalized in serious condition at a New York City hospital, according to her daughter Melissa Rivers.

Melissa, who starred in the reality series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best with her mother and competed against Joan on The Celebrity Apprentice's second season in 2009, released an update on her mother's status on Friday.

"My mother would be so touched by the tributes and prayers that we have received from around the world," Melissa said in the statement.

"Her condition remains serious but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts as we pray for her recovery."

Joan went into cardiac and respiratory arrest while undergoing vocal cord surgery at a New York City medical practice on Thursday morning, according to NBC News, and it is unclear how long she went without breathing.

She was then rushed to nearby Mount Sinai Hospital by ambulance, where doctors reportedly eventually placed her in a medically-induced coma.

Joan, who won The Celebrity Apprentice's second season, apparently performed a stand-up comedy routine for a sold-out crowd in Manhattan just 12 hours before the medical incident.

Posted by: Reality TV World staff on Saturday, August 30, 2014 - 11:54 AM EST
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People News : Cee Lo Green pleads no contest to charge of furnishing ecstasy to woman
The Voice (Season 5) Cee Lo Green has pleaded no contest to a charge of furnishing a controlled substance.

The former The Voice coach, formally known as Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, has agreed to a plea deal in which he pleaded no contest to sharing ecstasy, which stems from a July 2012 incident in which he allegedly drugged a woman in a Los Angeles sushi restaurant, TMZ reported.

His plea is a felony but basically means he's insisting the drug was voluntarily shared. A no contest plea is entered when a person does not admit his or her guilt -- therefore technically remaining innocent -- yet does admit the truth of the facts alleged in the indictment.

As part of the plea deal, Green is reportedly on probation for three years, must execute 360 hours of community service at the MusiCares Foundation of the Recording Academy, and attend 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings with a private therapist.

In October 2013, Green pleaded not guilty and was facing up to four years in prison if convicted.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office did not press sexual assault charges against the artist at the time due to insufficient evidence. The woman claimed she had woken up naked in Green's bed the morning after their night out with no memory of what happened after dinner. Green vehemently denied her allegations, and his lawyer insisted any sexual contact was "consensual."

According to TMZ, witnesses also spotted the woman leaving the bar and she appeared to be perfectly fine.

Green was reportedly cleared of the sexual assault charges partly because authorities were skeptical of the woman's story, which included an acknowledgement that she had been intimate with Green in the past. The woman also allegedly owned up to the fact she had been dating Green for months leading up to the incident.

Green starred on The Voice, which debuted in Spring 2011, for its first three seasons alongside fellow original coaches Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

Green took a break in Season 4, when he was replaced by Usher, but then returned for the show's fifth season. He announced in February he was leaving the reality singing competition and never coming back.

The Voice's seventh season is set to premiere on September 22 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 05:15 PM EST
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'Bachelor in Paradise' bachelor Jesse Kovacs spills on whether or not he had a threesome
Bachelor In Paradise Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jesse Kovacs is giving the answer to a question most fans of the show have: Did he have a threesome with Christy Hansen and Lucy Aragon?

"No, that's not -- it's not exactly how it went down, as I remember it, but there are probably some things I don't quite remember," Kovacs told The Observer.
"But what happened was, there may have been some activity between myself and Lucy on the way back from our date. But then once we got back to the resort, we all kind of just separated, and I ended up sort of hooking up with Christy, and fell asleep in their hut. Christy and Lucy were sharing this hut, and I woke up at like 5:30 in the morning.

Kovacs said he got a little surprise when he opened his eyes.

"Lucy's face was like a couple inches away from mine. I kind of shook it off and stood up and grabbed my clothes and got out of there. The whole threesome thing, that didn't happen," he insisted.

Kovacs, who appeared on The Bachelorette's fifth season and Bachelor Pad 1, claimed he had no idea he had the reputation for being a player and party animal.

"No, not at all... I didn't know any of these people, so to have a reputation with people you don't know -- it's kind of weird... I was in a serious relationship for four years, so I don't know how I got this playboy persona labeled on me," he told The Observer.

"It just was very strange to me, and I just went into it open-minded, thinking like, 'I'm here, and if I happen to meet someone that I'm into, great, but I'm not gonna fake it. I'm not going to couple myself up with someone just because that's the premise of the show.'"

Kovacs teased a "confrontation" is coming between himself and "multiple people" towards the end of the season.
As for whether he'd ever appear on Bachelor in Paradise again, Kovacs said, "Right after the shows, this is the same question that I always get, and I always say no, there's no way. I don't have the energy to go through this, because it's tough -- I hate watching myself on television or even hearing myself talk. But after the third one, why would I stop now? If they asked me, I guess I'd do it again."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 03:48 PM EST
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People News : Adam Levine: I want 100 kids with Behati Prinsloo, marriage makes me feel more manly
The Voice (Season 6) Adam Levine apparently wants a lot of children with new wife Behati Prinsloo and insists marriage has done one particular thing for his ego.

"I want to have 100 kids. I want to have more kids than would be socially responsible," the 35-year-old The Voice coach said during a Friday appearance on On Air With Ryan Seacrest radio show, according to Us Weekly.

"I don't know when we're going to do it. We can't do it right now. I think it's absolutely in the works for some future date."

Levine and Prinsloo, a 25-year-old Victoria's Secret model, wed in early July in Los Cabos, Mexico, one year after getting engaged. Levine reportedly said being a husband changed his life "in a great way."

"You feel like a man or something, it's weird," the Maroon 5 frontman told Seacrest, Us reported.

However, Levine's dynamic with Prinsloo has apparently stayed the same since tying the knot.

"The relationship doesn't change, but you feel slightly more masculine," Levine admitted. "I feel like from a man's perspective... at the end of the day, if you're with the right person, the guy is supposed to feel like, I think, a little bit more of a man."

Levine added he's "definitely going to" expand his family with his model wife.

A source told OK! Weekly that the newlyweds' main focus was trying for a baby after they said their "I do's," as both individuals are dying to be parents.

Levine and Prinsloo met in May 2012 and reunited after a brief split in early 2013.

The Voice's seventh season is set to premiere on September 22 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC. Levine has served as a coach since its inaugural season along with fellow mainstay coach Blake Shelton. The upcoming edition will also feature Pharrell Williams and Gwen Stefani on the panel.

Posted by: Steve Rogers on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 02:56 PM EST
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People News : Joan Rivers in a medically-induced coma, Melissa Rivers reportedly emotional wreck waiting for news
Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best Joan Rivers, 81, reportedly is in a medically-induced coma and her distraught daughter Melissa Rivers is anxiously awaiting a prognosis.

Melissa, who starred in the reality series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best with her mother and competed against Joan on The Celebrity Apprentice's second season back in 2009, is expected to hear from doctors at The Mount Sinai Hospital about Joan's condition on Friday, the Daily News reported.

Joan reportedly went into cardiac and respiratory arrest during a routine doctor's visit Thursday morning and doctors are unsure how long she went without breathing. Joan had collapsed and was unresponsive, so EMT's immediately rushed her to the hospital.

Melissa flew to New York from California as soon as she heard, according to the Daily News, and issued a statement that night saying she's thankful to "everyone for the overwhelming love and support" for her mom.

A source told the newspapers Joan's co-workers are also reportedly very worried about the Fashion Police co-host and hoping to receive some news soon.

Joan, who won The Celebrity Apprentice, apparently performed a stand-up comedy routine for a sold-out crowd in Manhattan just 12 hours before the medical incident.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 12:48 PM EST
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People News : Sean Lowe on Catherine Giudici: My wife is smokin' hot, I'm stuck in her web
The Bachelor 17 Sean Lowe and wife Catherine Giudici have been married for seven months now, and the former The Bachelor star is apparently more in love than ever.

"She's my best friend and she's also my wife... My wife is hot and I'm in love," Lowe wrote in his Patheos blog.

"Everyone who knows Catherine knows that she's sweet, kind, smokin' hot, goofy, caring, and funny. But my love for her grew beyond just those noticeable traits."

The couple "met and fell in love" on The Bachelor's seventeenth season. They got engaged during the show's season finale, which was filmed in November 2012 and aired in March the following year. Lowe and Giudici wed on live television January 26 on ABC.

While on the show, Lowe added, "I was falling in love with the idea of going through life with her. I managed to make it twenty-nine years before ever feeling this way, and then Bam! She had me stuck in her web of love and there was no getting out. For the first time in my life, I wanted to live my life for someone other than myself."

Lowe also explained when he finally figured out Giudici was "the one" for him.

"I guess it was right around the time we took a little trip to Thailand," Lowe wrote in the blog post.

"Sure there were two other girls on the trip, but something was settling in my heart about Catherine and I knew it was there to stay -- I didn't want to say goodbye to her -- ever... Sometimes I just feel like telling people how incredibly grateful I am for God's blessings in my life and Catherine is certainly at the top of that list."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 11:47 AM EST
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People News : 'Dating Naked' couple Ashley Fonda and Alika Medeiros get married, to star in wedding special on VH1
Miscellaneous Reality TV Dating Naked has produced a real-life married couple.

Ashley Fonda, a 27-year-old artist, and Alika Medeiros, a 36-year-old yoga instructor, wed in a non-traditional ceremony at a botanical garden in Los Angeles, People reported.

The couple had been matched up for a blind date in which they surfed and conversed totally in the nude during an episode of VH1's Dating Naked.

"We really deeply connected and he taught me things," Fonda told People. "We realized we both have the flower of life tattoo. I told one of the producers, 'I'm going to marry this man.'"

And that she did, on August 6. The event will air as a Dating Naked Wedding Special on Thursday, September 18 at 9PM ET/PT on the network.

Viewers will reportedly get to see Fonda walk down the aisle in a custom Nicholas Anthony wedding gown, however, the couple apparently felt the need to embrace the Dating Naked concept once again on their big day.

"We undressed for the ceremony! As a little girl, I definitely didn't picture having a naked wedding, but this was such a liberating experience," Fonda told the magazine, adding that neither of their families were present.

"I'm truly in love with Alika. I'm so excited to see where our relationship goes and grows."

Boasting the highest matchmaking success rate of 60% compared to its reality dating show competitors, Dating Naked premiered July 17 and produced six couples who considered themselves "in a relationship" by the end of taping, according to VH1. 

Dating Naked is a one-hour weekly series that is filmed in a remote exotic location. Each episode features a man and a woman going on three naked dates, which includes one date with each other. The broadcasts conclude with the romance seekers analyzing their experiences and determining whether they'd like to move forward with a certain dating partner.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 10:36 AM EST
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Show Update News : 'Big Brother' houseguests evict Donny Thompson, begin season's next HoH competition
Big Brother 16 Big Brother's sixteenth-season houseguests evicted Donny Thompson during Thursday night's 29th broadcast on CBS.

Donny Thompson, a 42-year-old school groundskeeper from Albemarle, NC, was evicted from the Big Brother house instead of Nicole Franzel, a 21-year-old recent nursing graduate from Ubly, MI, via a unanimous 5-0 vote.

In his post-eviction interview, an emotional Donny admitted he felt most betrayed by his fellow "Team America" alliance members Frankie Grande and Derrick Levasseur because he thought they'd stick together to please home viewers. Donny assumed the house targeted him for so long because he was extremely likeable.

Big Brother's 29th episode began with Head of Household Cody Calafiore insisting his best move was to get out Donny. Derrick also told Nicole he wasn't going to vote her out of the house in the hope she might trust him again and not nominate him for eviction if she was to win the next HoH competition.

Nicole appeared to be getting along with Christine Brecht nicely again after the two had started the game as best friends but then had a falling-out. However, Nicole said in a confessional it was all about "keeping your friends close but your enemies closer."

Frankie, although in the "Detonators" alliance with her, began considering Christine as his next target because her social game was drastically improving and she was becoming a threat. Christine was also becoming very buddy-buddy with Nicole and Victoria Rafaeli. Frankie feared Christine might flip and work for the other side of the house against himself, Derrick, Cody, and Caleb Reynolds.

Meanwhile, Donny actually wasn't Derrick's No. 1 target because of their "Team America" bond. Derrick believed Donny might work with him in the future. Likewise, Frankie firmly insisted it would be best for everyone's game to send Nicole home instead of Donny. However, Cody was very set in his ways and told his alliance there was absolutely no shot he'd change his mind.

Caleb was confused as to who was the bigger threat on the chopping block. He and Derrick agreed that Nicole was intelligent and athletic, while Donny was just very smart.

Seemingly in favor of keeping Donny around, Caleb said anyone could beat Donny in a Power of Veto competition but it would be difficult to defeat Nicole in a Head of Household competition. Derrick agreed but didn't want to appear to be the "mastermind" behind any plan. He therefore discussed things with the group and often left his own opinion out of it.

In addition, "Team America" failed its recent mission after they tried to impress America with a funny play, imitating previously-evicted houseguests. They were supposed to come up with their own mission to excite home viewers.

The episode concluded with a snow-themed HoH competition. The winner will be revealed on the next episode Sunday night.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, August 29, 2014 - 09:55 AM EST
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People News : Chris Harrison dishes on why Chris Soules will make a great 'The Bachelor' star
The Bachelor 18 Chris Harrison doesn't think it's a big surprise why Chris Soules was selected to be the next Bachelor, but the decision still came down to the wire.

"At the end of the day, Chris is everything the show is based on," Harrison told TV Guide of the 32-year-old farmer from Arlington, IA.

"He's that diamond in the rough from middle America who, more than ever, needs the show to find his wife. It reminds me of Aaron Buerge in Missouri. He needed the show to expand his horizons. So, it takes us back to where the show began."

Soules appeared to be the obvious choice for the leading role since The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All special aired, but with Arie Luyendyk Jr. hanging on the line until the last minute as a top contender for the position, The Bachelor producers apparently needed all the time they had to arrive at a conclusion.

"There were rumors that it was confirmed, but the truth is until this week, everybody was wrong," the show host explained. "It's not like we waited this long to hold on to this little nugget. We confirmed it [on Good Morning America] two days after we could. But, of course, he's been the front-runner. That wasn't hard to figure out."

Soules certainly came across as a kind-hearted gentleman and family man on The Bachelorette's tenth season starring Andi Dorfman. However, his sweet personality has got fans talking about whether he'll make for an entertaining, dramatic The Bachelor season. 

"When you're one of 25, you get a very small glimpse," Harrison told TV Guide in Soules' defense.

"Sean Lowe is the best example. He was not that popular on [Emily Maynard]'s season. He wasn't the hero that he was when he was The Bachelor. But we knew Sean was a star and that he had a great sense of humor and was smart. It's the same thing with Chris. He's very smart, articulate and he's professional. Like Andi, he'll approach 'the job' the same way."

Seemingly taking a shot at Luyendyk Jr., Harrison added, "I don't know if we would've had that same attitude with anybody else at the top of our list. He's also sincere and I know he's looking for love. If there was ever a guy we'd say will walk away with someone, it's Chris."

Harrison insisted for those The Bachelor viewers "who are worried," they should look forward to the upcoming nineteenth season and give Soules a chance to thrive because they "just haven't seen" what they'll see on his season.

Luyendyk Jr., a 32-year-old race car driver from Arizona who finished as Maynard's runner-up on The Bachelorette's seventh season, was reportedly in serious talks to become The Bachelor star and desperately wanted the gig. When he found out Soules was given the opportunity, according to Us Weekly, he was "pissed."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 05:21 PM EST
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Show Spoiling News : 'The Amazing Race' to introduce new "The Save" twist in Season 25
The Amazing Race 24 The Amazing Race's 25th season will introduce a new twist.

CBS has announced The Amazing Race's upcoming edition will feature a game-changing element called "The Save" in which the team to finish in first place in the debut episode will be afforded the chance to rescue themselves if they ever land in last place and face elimination in a future leg.

The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan announced "The Save" at the starting line before all the teams took off for their race around the world. The show's 25th edition began filming in New York City's Times Square in late May and will feature 11 new teams competing to win the $1 million grand prize.

The teams will travel through eight countries and 20 cities, spanning more than 26,000 miles.

According to the network, the Racers will visit St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for the first time in the show's history. Teams will also step foot in Valletta, Malta -- where they'll rappel 200 feet down into Blue Grotto sea cave -- and visit Shetland Islands in Scotland, where their sheep-herding skills will be put to the test.

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People News : Shakira confirms second pregnancy with boyfriend Gerard Pique
The Voice (Season 6) Shakira has confirmed she's pregnant with her second child.

The 37-year-old The Voice coach told the Spanish version of Cosmopolitan magazine, "Pues si, la verdad es que si, estoy embarazada," according to E! News.

Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Pique, a 27-year-old professional soccer player, are already parents to a 19-month-old son Milan.

Reports the couple is expecting their second child, a baby girl in fact, first surfaced in late July.

In April, Shakira had told Latina magazine she'd love to have more kids but is simply too busy with her singing career.

"If it weren't because of my music projects, I would be pregnant already," Shakira said.

"I would love to have eight or nine kids with Gerard -- my own [soccer] team. We want the same things... I have never been with someone so passionate in my life... There's real love, there's no ulterior motives."

Shakira and Gerard met on the set of her music video for "Waka Waka," the official song of the 2010 World Cup.

The Voice's seventh season is set to premiere on September 22 at 8PM ET/PT on NBC. Shakira has taken the season off and will be temporarily replaced by Gwen Stefani.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, August 28, 2014 - 03:50 PM EST
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