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The Bachelorette 12 The Bachelorette's preview trailer suggest Jordan Rodgers will be the center of drama this season because his fellow suitors will question his motives and accuse him of being arrogant, so what does JoJo Fletcher think of all this?

Fletcher, a 25-year-old real estate developer from Dallas, TX, watched the preview that aired at the end of Monday night's debut episode, which showed the guys trashing Rodgers for being cocky, smooth and fake.

When asked how she feels about allegations Rodgers wasn't genuine and only competed on The Bachelorette for fame, Fletcher had his back and nervously played with the ring finger on her left hand.

"Jordan that first night didn't talk about his brother at all. That's not something we talked about," Fletcher told E! News, referencing Rodger's older brother Aaron Rodgers, who is a superstar NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.

"But seeing that teaser, I didn't know what the guys were saying about him."

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette stars typically don't know what's going on in the mansion unless they witness the drama firsthand on a Group Date or are informed by another person they're dating.

Although it's clear that Fletcher's suitors will have a problem with Rodgers -- who received the first real kiss of the season as well as the Bachelorette's First Impression Rose -- the brunette beauty suggested it may not be Rodgers' fault.

"I also know the First Impression Rose puts a target on your back," Fletcher explained. "So, I'm sure that that's going to be a constant thing these guys are talking about."

She continued in Rodgers' defense, "You'll definitely get to see more of who he is and how he handles himself."

Fletcher additionally gushed about the chemistry she found with Rodgers on Night 1.

"Obviously he's a cutie. You know that. But that night, I was just so nervous, and I know that whole night, I was trying to make everyone else less nervous. But when I was talking to him, he somehow eased my nerves and it was comfortable and easy," Fletcher told E! News.

"And we had a moment where we kissed; I didn't expect that to happen! So, I just knew after meeting everyone that that was the strongest connection I had made... [And] I thought his hair was great."
Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 04:42 PM EST
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Casting News : First three 'Bachelor in Paradise' participants revealed by producer Mike Fleiss
Bachelor In Paradise The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss has revealed three of the cast members who will appear on this summer's edition of Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise's third season is right around the corner, and disclosed revealed three of the individuals who will be getting a second chance at finding love on TV after tweeting on Thursday, "Guess who is coming to Paradise!!!"

Although Fleiss later deleted the subsequent tweets for undisclosed reasons, he announced Caila Quinn and Lace Morris from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor will be participating as well as Ben Zorn from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of The Bachelorette.

"More casting updates coming during Monday night's episode of #TheBachelorette...," Fleiss wrote afterwards on Twitter.

Fleiss also joked producers are "trying to finalize" a deal with Jorge, the infamous bartender whom cast members grew to love during their time filming in Mexico. The Bachelor creator called Jorge "a tough negotiator."

Quinn finished in third place on The Bachelor's twentieth season when Higgins dumped her after the Fantasy Suite dates. She was a shoo-in for The Bachelorette until JoJo Fletcher's compelling story of heartbreak won producers and viewers over.

Morris is best remembered for talking trash about her fellow bachelorettes on Higgins' season as well as drinking a little too much, however, fans still loved her. Morris grew a lot after walking away from the show to do some self-exploration. Her decision to appear on Bachelor in Paradise isn't much of a surprise because she told Chris Harrison in early March she was onboard with the idea.

Zorn is a tall, dark and handsome suitor from The Bachelorette's eleventh edition. Although clearly tough and intimidating on the exterior, Zorn showed a soft, vulnerable side to himself during the season that was quite admirable. Bristowe eliminated him during the eighth episode.

Bachelor in Paradise has had an excellent success rate as far as relationships go. Marcus Grodd and Lacy Faddoul met on Season 1 and got married, while Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper wed after falling in love on Season 2.

Bachelor in Paradise's third season is set to premiere Tuesday, August 2 at 8PM ET/PT with a two-hour premiere on ABC.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 03:17 PM EST
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Show Spoiling News : Chad Johnson's behavior quickly enrages his fellow 'The Bachelorette' bachelors -- VIDEO
The Bachelorette 12 Chad Johnson's not-so-flattering journey on The Bachelorette apparently gets off to a quick start during the first round of dates.

When The Bachelorette's next episode airs Monday, May 30 on ABC, JoJo Fletcher will take 10 men on a group date to a firefighting training facility, Derek Peth on a one-on-one picnic by the Golden Gate Bridge, and finally six bachelors to ESPN's popular SportsNation with hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley.

Chad, a 28-year-old luxury real estate agent from Tulsa, OK, is asked on the ESPN group date, and according to ABC, he "takes things too far and stuns everyone with how he talks to JoJo. But at the after party, Chad reveals his vulnerable side to the Bachelorette, sharing a heartbreaking story with her."

While JoJo might get to know a soft side of Chad, the other men in the house see something very different.

As shown in a preview clip for the upcoming episode, Alex Woytkiw, a 26-year-old U.S. Marine from Oceanside, CA, confronts Chad about "lurking" and "snaking" around when JoJo is trying to have private conversations with other suitors. Alex accuses Chad of cutting off Evan Bass' time with the Bachelorette.

An infuriated Chad replies to Alex, "F-ck you for real!"

Alex isn't phased by Chad's outburst, which prompts Chad to then come at him even harder.

"Keep that up, you're going to lose your damn teeth!" Chad yelled while pointing his finger at Alex.

Alex claims he's not scared in the video, but Chad threatens that he "should be." Still, Alex doesn't back down and calls Chad the "most disrespectful dude in the entire house."

To get to know Chad a little better and what he's all about, click here.

Watch the full video clip below for a taste of the drama to come on The Bachelorette!

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 12:49 PM EST
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Derek Peth -- 9 things to know about 'The Bachelorette' bachelor
The Bachelorette 12 Derek Peth is competing for JoJo Fletcher's heart on the currently-airing twelfth edition of The Bachelorette.

When Derek, a 29-year-old commercial banker from Waverly, IA, stepped out of the limo on Night 1, he complimented JoJo on her "sense of self" and "grounded" nature. The self-declared nerd ended up receiving a rose from JoJo, surviving a six-person cut.

The Bachelorette viewers didn't see much of Derek in the show's premiere, but according to ABC, he'll have a one-on-one date with JoJo in the second episode that airs Monday, May 30.

The tall, dark and handsome bachelor might be one to watch out for this season, especially with those bright, baby-blue eyes.

Below is a list of nine facts Reality TV World compiled about the suitor:

- Derek graduated from Waverly-Shell Rock High School and attended Warburg College.

- He was a three-time NCAA All-American in track and field.

- Hopefully JoJo is a dog-person, because Derek apparently has a serious fear of fluffy kittens.

- The suitor was the spitting image of Harry Potter as a kid, glasses and all.

- While he currently lives in New York, he previously touched base in Florida.

- Derek enjoys singing and playing the guitar, especially as he walks along the beach.

- The bachelor is 6'3" and has no tattoos.

- Derek's all-time favorite movies are Hook, Field of Dreams and Star Wars.

- The person he admires most in history? Ben Franklin because he "viewed the world with childlike wonder to feed his creative/inventive side" and balanced that with "a work ethic that produced massive shifts for the greater good."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 12:37 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'STRONG' sends trainer Mathew Miller and trainee Nicole Bentley packing, determines Final 2 teams
STRONG STRONG, NBC's new reality fitness competition series, eliminated the Purple team comprised of trainer Mathew Miller and trainee Nicole Bentley during Thursday night's broadcast.

Mat, a 34-year-old from Las Vegas, NV, and Nicole Bentley, a 25-year-old from Los Angeles, CA, were eliminated after they completed the elimination-tower obstacle course in a slower time than the Yellow team -- Brittany Harrell-Miller, a 25-year-old from Lawrence, KS, and Todd Durkin, a 44-year-old from San Diego, CA.

"We did everything we could. We put everything out there. I mean, we're disappointed, you know? We saw ourselves here until the end. We were so close and it wasn't good enough. I'm just really blessed to have the experience I had here and we can hold our heads up high because we kicked ass," Nicole said following her ouster.

Nicole started the competition as a size 10 with 32% body fat and a resting heart rate of 59. In a post-elimination update, Nicole is now a size 4 and has a 23% body fat percentage and resting heart rate of 51. She also gained six pounds of lean muscle.

The STRONG broadcast began with three teams remaining.

For this week's "Ultimate Challenge," the pairs were required to climb up a 36-foot cylinder while collecting weights of 5, 10 and 15 pounds and attaching them to their belts on their way to the top. The weights equaled 200 pounds, and the team to get the most weight to the top of the cylinder in 15 minutes wins. In a twist, the pairs were tethered together.

The winning team would automatically earn a spot in the Final 2 and win a $50,000 medallion. The two losing teams would face off later on at the elimination tower.

The Blue team -- Jill May, a 35-year-old from Willmar, MN, and Bennie Wylie, a 39-year-old from Tuscola, TX -- won the challenge after collecting all 200 pounds. They now have a total of $225,000 in medallions.

As a result, Nicole and Mat were forced to battle Brittany and Todd at the elimination tower. This would mark the Yellow team's third time in a row at the tower, and Brittany had a foot injury she was trying to work through.

The elimination tower features four levels, and one obstacle evolves every week as the contestants' bodies strengthen.

Brittany and Todd ended up getting through the tower in a record-breaking time of 3 minutes and 13 seconds. Nicole and Mat completed the tower in 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

The Purple team were therefore eliminated and handed $75,000 worth in medallions to the Blue team and an additional four medallions worth $100,000 to the Yellow team. Heading into the finale, Bennie and Jill have $300,000, while Brittany and Todd have collected a total of $200,000.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 11:54 AM EST
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Show Update News : 'American Grit' eliminates Nick "The Reaper" Irving's team member Kimberly "KJoy" Joy
American Grit American Grit eliminated another member of Army Ranger Nick "The Reaper" Irving's team, Kimberly "KJoy" Joy, during Thursday night's broadcast on Fox.

KJoy, a 38-year-old yoga instructor, was one of three remaining members on Nick's team. After being chosen to compete in "the circus," KJoy was the first person to give up and ring the bell, ultimately sealing her fate in the new survival and military-themed reality competition.

"My body quit. I went as long as I possibly could, so at the end of the day, it just wasn't my event. As much as you never want to ring out, as much as you never want to go home, as long as you give it you're best, that's all you can really do," KJoy said following her ouster.

"American Grit is an incredible experience. Even though I have to leave, there is so much good and so much joy that I'm taking out of this. As long as you're seeing the positive in things, then you are a success."

American Grit's episode began with host John Cena explaining the four teams led by military heroes would embark on another challenge called an "evolution." The four leaders are Nick, Marine Gunnery Sergeante Tawanda "Tee" Hanible, Army Sergeant Noah Galloway, and Navy SEAL Commander Rorke Denver.

Nick's team was comprised of KJoy; Jim "The Boston Cop" Vaglica, a 54-year-old police officer; and Cameron "The Wrestler" Zagami, a 22-year-old professional wrestler.

The only remaining civilian on Tee's team was Tony "Touchdown Tony" Simmons, a 41-year-old sports performance coach and former NFL player.

Noah's team consisted of David "The Olympian" Neville, a 31-year-old college track and field head coach; Clare "The Fisherman" Painter, a 47-year-old horse trainer and fisherman; and Mark "The Lumberjack" Bouquin, a 26-year-old Timbersports athlete.

Rorke had recruited Tabatha "The Roller Girl" Chandler, a 39-year-old registered nurse; Mario "The Triathlete" Robinson, a 25-year-old personal trainer; and Ashley "The Marine's Daughter" Hazlett, a 31-year-old event coordinator.

The season's seventh evolution required each team to carry a large case and weighted backpacks as they followed field instructions. They had to carry the gear through "treacherous terrain" in the woods and use a compass to locate their final destination three miles away.

The first team to finish the course would not participate in the circus and therefore be safe from elimination.

Team Noah ended up winning the evolution, marking its sixth win of the season. Nick's team was frustrated because its members completed the hike only nine seconds behind Noah's group. Tony finished the evolution in third place, while Rorke's team got completely lost and had to be fished out at the end of the day.

John then explained the three losing teams must send one member into the circus, the most brutal combination of military exercises which Rorke previously described as "a savage beating." The first person to give up/fail/pass out in the circus and ring the bell would be sent home.

Rorke, Nick and Tee were tasked with choosing which one of their team members would represent them in the circus.

Tony had to compete on behalf of Tee's team by default. Rorke sent Mario in because he has a similar power speed as Tony. Nick picked KJoy because he thought she's a tough warrior.

For the circus, the three participants were instructed to complete a muscle-draining obstacle course complete with climbing a three-story cargo net, ascending a 30-foot log structure and tumbling down a canyon.

At the end, the civilians had to stand on an endurance platform, where they were required to pick up a sandbag that's 25% of their body weight, carry it across a lane and up a small flight of steps, drop it off, and then head back to the start. The civilians had to do this again and again while moving at a constant pace.

If at any point a civilian stopped to rest or couldn't keep up, he or she would be out of the circus.

Mario got to the endurance platform in first place and therefore received a two-minute advantage to rest. Tony finished the first half of the circus in second place, so he won a one-minute advantage. KJoy was therefore forced to start the endurance portion immediately.

After about an hour, KJoy's body couldn't handle the workout anymore, and so she gave up.

Nick said KJoy was "the glue" of his team, like the mother-figure, so it was going to hurt a little bit to lose her.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 11:17 AM EST
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People News : Khloe Kardashian files for divorce from Lamar Odom again
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are definitely getting a divorce following after a tumultuous couple of years.

Kardashian, 31, filed divorce paperwork on Thursday with the assistance of attorney Laura Wasser, citing "irreconcilable differences" again as the reason for the split, TMZ reported.

Sources told TMZ the divorce is amicable and the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star did not blindside Odom with the divorce. The documents state Kardashian also wants to legally drop Odom's last name.

Kardashian initially filed for divorce in December 2013 because of Odom's alleged drug use and infidelity, but the process was stagnant because, according to reports, the 36-year-old former NBA star dragged his feet on signing the papers.

Once Odom's health crisis began in October 2015 when he suffered a drug overdose in a Nevada brothel, Kardashian withdrew the divorce petition in court so she could continue making legal decisions on his behalf as his wife. At the time, Kardashian said it would be "really insensitive" to expedite the divorce when Odom nearly died and desperately needed her support.

The pair already had a prenup worked out as well as a property settlement from the first time around. This second divorce filing cannot be finalized in the state of California until six months from now.

"Khloe is looking forward to moving on," an insider told E! News.

Kardashian recently opened up about how she doesn't believe in divorce at her core for Lena Dunham's Lenny newsletter, however, she decided her own mental health and emotional well-being must be the priority in order to protect herself and her happiness.

"I am at peace with that decision and do feel like I honored my vows to the very end. I feel that I kept the serious vows I made in front of God with every inch of my heart, which is why I am still honoring them today even though my relationship with my ex-husband is in a different place," Kardashian told Dunham.

"I believe in caring for my partner -- past or present -- 'in sickness and in health,' and feel at peace with my relationship with God even after the fact. I'm thankful that I can rely on my God, who, along with my family, has led me through some of the most difficult times of my life."

Kardashian allegedly considered getting back together with Odom once he recovered from his near-fatal overdose, but once photos surfaced of the former NBA star drinking at bars again, she felt helpless and defeated.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 10:22 AM EST
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Sexy Snapshot Pic of the Day : Jade Roper, 'The Bachelor' and 'Bachelor in Paradise' -- Reality TV Girl Sexy Social Pic of the Day
The Bachelor 19 Jade Roper, The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise

- Age: 29

- Born: December 19, 1986

- Hometown: Denver, CO

- Height: 5'5"

- Occupation: Owns organic and vegan cosmetics brand Naturally Jade Cosmetics

- Nickname: "Wild Mustang"

- Has one sibling, a brother

- Finished in third place on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor

- Met and fell in love with Tanner Tolbert on the latest Bachelor in Paradise edition

- Married Tanner on an ABC television special

- BFF is The Bachelor and BiP bachelorette Carly Waddell

- Personal history includes posing for Playboy magazine

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 09:09 AM EST
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Sexy Snapshot Pic of the Day : Nick Viall, 'The Bachelorette' -- Reality TV Guy Sexy Social Pic of the Day
The Bachelorette 11 Nick Viall, The Bachelorette

- Age: 35

- Born: September 29, 1980

- Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

- Height: 6'2"

- Education: Attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

- Occupation: Software salesman-turned-model

- Lost Andi Dorfman's heart to The Bachelorette winner Josh Murray on Season 10

- Lost Kaitlyn Bristowe's heart to The Bachelorette winner Shawn Booth on Season 11

- Rumored to have dated The Bachelorette star JoJo Fletcher (but she denies it)

- Only The Bachelorette bachelor known to score on his first one-on-one date (Kaitlyn Bristowe)

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, May 27, 2016 - 09:08 AM EST
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People News : 'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin divorcing
Teen Mom 2 Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin have decided to call it quits and divorce after nearly three years of marriage.

"We're trying to do the best we can for our kids because they are what really matters," Lowry told the Daily Mail.

Lowry and Marroquin have a two-year-old son Lincoln together. The reality TV star is also a mom to a six-year-old son Isaac whom she had with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera.

Monday night's episode of Teen Mom 2 alluded to a potential split when Lowry hung up on her husband -- who works for the Air Force and is often deployed overseas, which is difficult for the family -- during a FaceTime call because he accused her of lacking emotion and not caring.

"We run out of things to talk about -- I can't relate to what he says," Lowry told Vee Torres, the fiancee of Rivera, during the episode.

"He gets upset with me because I don't show emotions."

Earlier in the season, the couple struggled with a miscarriage, and Marroquin admitted he had treated Lowry poorly and failed to support her after her brief hospitalization because he "needed someone to blame" and was therefore "taking it out" on her.

Lowry and Marroquin also fought over Rivera's child-support payments for Isaac, who calls Marroquin "daddy."

Lowry and Marroquin wed in September 2013 after announcing their engagement in September 2012.

The pair might have ended their relationship sooner than fans think, as Lowry attended the MTV Movie Awards with Rivera in April and was noticeably not wearing her wedding ring.

"We're maintaining a good friendship," Marroquin told Us Weekly of the split.

Lowry first starred on MTV's 16 & Pregnant in 2010. She has since been featured on Teen Mom 2, which debuted in 2011 and is currently airing its seventh season.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 05:38 PM EST
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People News : Chad Johnson -- 9 things to know about 'The Bachelorette' bachelor
The Bachelorette 12 Chad Johnson is competing for JoJo Fletcher's heart on the currently-airing twelfth edition of The Bachelorette.

Chad, who was born August 11, 1987, is a real estate agent and investor who comes from a family of real estate investors. Prior to working in real estate, he was in car sales. Also a former U.S. Marine, Chad has lived in the Tulsa, OK area his entire life.

Based on previews for the rest of The Bachelorette season, Chad will emerge as a villain. Not only will the guys in the house assume Chad is duping JoJo, he'll also threaten his competitors to the point where host Chris Harrison will apparently have to step in.

However, all viewers know for now is that JoJo gave Chad a rose on Night 1, she finds him sexy and "mysterious," and he has some good one-liners when making fun of the other bachelors.

Below is a list of nine facts Reality TV World compiled about the suitor:

- Chad has an adorable white, small-breed dog named Pumpkin whom he calls his "daughter."

- The suitor packed a suitcase for The Bachelorette filled with supplements, and he also spent $7,000 on a brand new wardrobe for the show. 

- Chad enjoys restoring muscle cars and sports cars, camping, boating, and hiking.

- The bachelor believes a "well built physique" is a status symbol and he's quick to quote Arnold Schwarzenegger.

- Chad's all-time favorite movies are The Notebook, Runner Runner and Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

- When asked whom he admires most in the world, which person he'd love to be for one day, and whom he'd like to have lunch with for a day, Chad gave the same response: "Myself in 10 years." 

- What is his greatest achievement to date? Chad says it's being born good-looking.

- The suitor graduated from Jenks High School in 2005 and attended the University of Oklahoma.

- And last but not least, ladies, Chad enjoys working in his home office in his underwear. See below for proof.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 03:20 PM EST
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Airdate Schedule News : 'Flip or Flop' to premiere fifth season next month on HGTV
Flip or Flop Flip or Flop will be returning to HGTV with new episodes early next month.

HGTV has announced the fifth season of Flip or Flop will premiere Thursday, June 9, at 9PM ET/PT.

New York real estate and house flipping experts Tarek Moussa and Christina El Moussa will return as the stars of Flip or Flop. The 15-episode season will continue to follow the couple as they buy dilapidated houses and turn them into beautiful family homes.

"Christina and I are in the business of transforming these run-down properties into homes every buyer dreams of," Tarek said in a statement. "Renovating these homes also helps improve the look of the whole neighborhood."

Flip or Flop's fifth season will debut with Tarek and Christina working on a property in Whittier, CA. As the renovation begins, the pair will encounter surprise repairs that drive up their costs and delay them from putting the house on the market. When issues like this arise, the couple's profit could be negatively affected.

"When we're flipping a house, there's always a chance we'll run into an unexpected repair," Christina added in the statement. "These surprises keep us on our toes and push us to make the best choices."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 01:47 PM EST
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Airdate Schedule News : 'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' seventh-season premiere announced by Bravo
The Real Housewives of New Jersey The Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo in less than two months.

Bravo has announced the highly-anticipated seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will debut Sunday, July 10 at 8PM ET/PT. The show is returning following a two-year hiatus, as Season 6 aired all the way back in Summer 2014.

The veteran Housewives starring on the next season are Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita, while the newbies are Dolores Catania and Siggy Flicker. Although not full-time cast members, sisters Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri will make appearances on the series.

The next edition of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will follow Teresa after her prison release hoping to start fresh with Melissa, her sister-in-law and Jacqueline looking to repair her friendship with Teresa as she continues to focus on her autistic son.

Dolores is a divorced mom of two trying to recover emotionally and financially from two failed relationships. Siggy, another friend of Jacqueline's, will fit right in with the Jersey group due to her dynamic personality and high energy. Siggy's children apparently accuse her of being overbearing at times.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is produced by Sirens Media, LLC, A Leftfield Company, for Bravo. Andy Cohen, Rebecca Toth Diefenbach, Valerie Haselton, Lucilla D'Agostino, Caroline Self, Omid Kahangi and Tess Gamboa Meyers serve as executive producers.

Below is a full bio description for each of the two new Housewives supplied by Bravo:

- Dolores Catania: She redefines what it means to be a housewife. The Paterson-born Jersey native is the quintessential modern day Renaissance woman. This corrections officer-turned-surgical technician-turned Realtor and owner of multiple fitness centers is not only a mother of two, but is also an active executive member of several charities, a pastime fueled by her devout faith. Though divorced for 15 years, she and her ex-husband and business partner, Frank, maintain a close friendship. Their two kids, Gabrielle (20) and Frankie (17), keep Dolores on her toes by making sure there is never an empty house. Whether it's the multitude of kids or array of stray animals they bring home, the Catania household is never dull, and Dolores is mom to all. Known lovingly as the "real deal" by her friends, Dolores is not one to sugarcoat anything and always brings blunt honesty to the table, along with unwavering loyalty and a great sense of humor to match.

- Siggy Flicker: She is a relationship expert, professional matchmaker and TV personality whose professional opinion has been sought out by a variety of TV programs, syndicated radio shows and publications throughout the country. Most recently, Siggy added author to her impressive resume with her first book, Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules of Dating and Relationships, and Finding Love on Your Own Terms. What makes Siggy unique to the matchmaking game is that she truly practices what she preaches: Siggy wrote her own fairy tale. She met and married Mark Flicker, and after eight years of marriage and two children, Siggy and Mark chose to get divorced with no lawyers, no bitter arguments, and no traumatized children -- a divorce done right. Managing to remain her friend, Siggy’s first husband Mark stood up as best man to her new husband, Michael Campanella, when they were married. Now, clients and friends ask for Siggy's help not only in finding love, but also in ending a marriage without collateral damage to family and peace of mind.

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People News : Rob Kardashian shares weight-loss progress with shocking before-and-after photo
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Rob Kardashian is undergoing a dramatic weight-loss transformation thanks to his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna.

Kardashian, 29, posted a before-and-after Instagram photo of himself on Wednesday, showing off the results of his new diet and exercise routines.

"LOL still got a lot of work to do and weight to lose but glad I'm getting better :):):)," Kardashian wrote, clearly proud of his progress.         

Many fans then took to Instagram to compliment his weight-loss, saying "well done" and telling him that he looks good among other positive comments.

Kardashian previously called Chyna the "motivation" for all of his hard work.

"Looking from where I started 298lbs to my current weight now 248.4lbs," Kardashian wrote alongside a photo of himself and Chyna last month. "I'm focused and determined to reach my goal weight 200-205lbs.... Happy I found my motivation."

Chyna has accompanied Kardashian at the gym and also reportedly stocked his pantry with healthy food options.

Just last week, Kardashian gushed about his wife-to-be on social media. He shared a picture of her smiling with the following caption: "My beautiful babies in Miami."

Kardashian and Chyna publicly declared they were dating in late January. They got engaged less than three months later and announced they're expecting their first child together earlier this month.

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People News : Lauren Conrad hints she may return to an MTV series: "Never thought I'd see the day..."
The Hills Lauren Conrad has dropped a hint she may be returning to the small screen!

Conrad posted an Instagram photo of herself working on dresses in her fashion line on Wednesday in which she tagged an MTV cameraman in the background.

The former The Hills and Laguna Beach star teased, "Never thought I'd see the day....," in the photo's caption.

Conrad, 30, first starred on MTV's Laguna Beach in 2004 before moving on to The Hills, which debuted in Spring 2006. Conrad left the show in 2009 and the series wrapped the following year. 

After her stints on reality TV, Conrad became a successful fashion designer and best-selling author. She wed her now-husband William Tell in 2014.

While Conrad's representative and the network both declined comment, MTV hinted fans should pay attention to Conrad's Twitter account next Tuesday, May 31, which will ironically mark The Hills' 10-year anniversary.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, May 26, 2016 - 11:33 AM EST
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