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"Madly in love with my little Reign Aston Disick," she captioned the image.

Kardashian and her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick welcomed Reign Aston on December 14, which was ironically the same date of her son Mason's fifth birthday.

Kardashian, 35, and Disick, 31, also have a two-year-old daughter Penelope.

Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons premiered November 2 and airs Sunday nights at 9PM ET/PT on E!.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Monday, December 22, 2014 - 04:29 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: Keith Nale talks 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water' (Part 1)
Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water castaway Keith Nale finished the 29th season in fourth place, losing the $1 million grand prize to Natalie Anderson, during the live portion of the finale broadcast on CBS.

Keith, a 53-year-old fire captain from Shreveport, LA, was also defeated by runner-up Jaclyn Schultz and third-place finisher Missy Payne.

Survivor host Jeff Probst discovered at the live reunion show that if Keith had made it to the Final 3 instead of Natalie, he would've won the million with about half the jury votes.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Keith talked about his Survivor experience. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion and for more interviews with the season's Final 5 castaways.

Reality TV World: Sorry about finishing in fourth place but congratulations on making it as far as you did.

Keith Nale: Fourth place is all fine and good but them women got me. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: When you were asking your jury question, you asked Natalie how it felt that the last words she spoke to you were lies. Can you clarify what exactly she lied about? What were her last words, that you'd all be voting for Missy?

Keith Nale: Yeah, I wasn't really -- I don't know. I knew she had talked to -- you go to Jaclyn. Jaclyn's got the necklace. That's who you go to right there at the end and say, "Hey, Jaclyn, if you bring Nat along, Nat's going to win this thing."

And I thought I had her swayed over and then Natalie said, "Yes, we're voting for Missy. We're voting for Missy." So I'm thinking this whole time, "I voted the last time to vote Missy out." Because I thought that's the route they're going. But they had lied and you see what that came of, anyway.

Reality TV World: Why did the lying bother you so much considering it's kind of the name of the game in Survivor?

Keith Nale: It is the name of the game and I tried to play not quite like that, you know, not like every sentence -- maybe lie every other sentence. Because I remember right there [on] the first [day], I got sent to Exile Island -- this is before I knew anybody's name.

And I'm over there with [Val Collins] and the first thing Val says to me is a lie. She gets the clue and I said, "I see the route this is going and I've got a long [way to go]. This is still with 18 players left."

But I didn't want to do that every sentence, you know what I mean? I wanted to try to play a little better than that, but when it comes down to it, you've got to lie. So, it was nuts! And Natalie was good at it.

Reality TV World: How big of a role did your Reward Challenge hint play in you winning that next Individual Immunity Challenge?

Keith Nale: Oh man! That was big time. Going over the little bridge and knocking off the deals, I said, "I've got to win this. I'm here. I'm stuck here with four women. I got to win out," is what I was thinking, "not only that one, but the next one and next one and however many."

But yeah, it was big, and I went down there and I practiced from like three in the afternoon 'till dark. It was dark and I couldn't see no more. That helped out big time, plus I figured they were up there eating my rice, so I better get back.

Reality TV World: Did the other castaways know you had gotten to practice that much or did they find out later? Where did they think you went all afternoon?

Keith Nale: Yeah, you're right. You're right. They heard -- I mean, they were there when I won the clue, but I had to go read it in private. I really didn't think they knew where I was at, and I didn't know I was going to get to practice.

That was a big deal. But when I got back, I told Missy, I said, "Missy, you might be able to do this one, you know? There's no running, jumping. It's just standing around like a little foosball table."

So they were happy to hear that, but I knew I had them. I practiced. That was hard. Come to find out, none of them got a ball in the deal before I got all three of mine. That was a pretty big [advantage]. That sent [Baylor Wilson] home that night.

Reality TV World: So you were so focused on yourself during that challenge that you were completely oblivious to the fact no one else had sunk even a single ball?

Keith Nale: You're exactly right. And watching it back on TV, right there at the end, they started watching me. I got the feeling they were watching and they just, I don't know. That's how big of a Reward it was to go practice for three or four hours. It was frustrating, but finally, you got it down and I said, "This is pretty slick here. I'm one step closer," you know what I mean?

Reality TV World: What made you decide to send Jaclyn off to Exile Island after you won?

Keith Nale: Well, that's crazy too. I didn't have it in my heart to send Missy. I didn't want to see her hobbling around over there. That would've been painful for her, but that might've been a mistake looking back. Natalie had done -- well, everybody.

All three of them had already been [to Exile] a time or two, so it was really just a tossup. I think Jaclyn was standing the closest there to me. (Laughs) So I said, "Why don't you go there, Jaclyn?"

Reality TV World: So it doesn't sound like there was a lot of strategy involved. Did you assume there was just no hope in splitting up Missy, Baylor and Natalie?

Keith Nale: Yeah, I'm with you. You're pretty sharp at this too, but it really wasn't no strategy. Like I said, it was kind of like my whole game. I didn't have no strategy. I worked on Natalie and Missy a little bit and I was telling Missy, "We need to get Nat."

And I was telling Nat, "We need to get Missy." And then whatever they decided on, I'd kind of go with it. I kept saying, "That's a good choice," just as long as you don't hear your [own] name.

Reality TV World: Right before you got voted out, you were telling Jaclyn that she had a better chance going to the Final 3 with yourself and Natalie than with Natalie and Missy. Did you genuinely believe that she had a better chance with you than Missy?

Keith Nale: Looking back, I think they made the right choice. Looking back, there were seven guys over there in that jury and I know I had four of them. I think they finally wised up and said, "If I bring" -- now, granted, this is Jaclyn's choice.

I think she finally wised up and I think Nat got to her, saying, "Keith could win this thing if you sent him over there." And sure enough, you know, they took that little fake poll and I would have [won]. But I think Jaclyn did the right thing.

Reality TV World: Yes, it looks like Jaclyn would've lost to you or Natalie.

Keith Nale: Yeah, you're exactly right. That's what it came down to. I don't think Missy or Jaclyn were going to win that thing. It didn't matter if I was over there or Nat was over there. And it kind of showed right there at the end. Missy didn't do the last three or four challenges. She was coasting. And earlier in the game, it was [Jon Misch] and Jaclyn.

They keep calling them the "power couple" but I think they were just like a swing vote and you could swing them to their side or swing them to the other side and they'd fight and then they'd finally decide on something. So, I think it was me and Nat's million to win.

Reality TV World: I know you're not a big student of the game, but often times in Survivor, if you're swinging back and forth, the two different alliances will decide to come after you. Were you surprised no one tried to take Jon and Jaclyn out for a while?

Keith Nale: You're exactly right. I'm thinking to myself, "What are we thinking here? Let's do this." And I'm exactly with you. It just didn't happen. We couldn't pull our stuff together back when we had [Reed Kelly] and [Wes Nale] and [Alec Christy] and all that. They were just picking us off one at a time. We couldn't break that big fivesome or sixsome.

Funny thing about it, I thought right there at the first, "I'm getting out the five J's." That was my thought -- [Julie McGee], [Josh Canfield], [Jeremy Collins], Jon, and Jaclyn. The five J's. It was easy to remember.

Reality TV World: Is that where the strategy came from or was there more to it than that?

Keith Nale: Well, we kind of accomplished that except for the last one. I mean, on my part, bam. Julie's gone, Josh is gone, Jeremy is gone.

Reality TV World: But why those five? Did you consider them all threats?

Keith Nale: Yes, exactly, players of the game. Maybe not so much Julie, but from then on out, oh yeah. Josh -- they'd come to me and say, "Keith, what do you think?" And I told them what I'd think, like, "You and I have got to go this route and get this [person] out."

And they'd change my mind sometimes. They wouldn't change my mind sometimes. But I think it went pretty according to plan except for "the plan." The plan didn't work too good, but I made it to the Final 4.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Keith's interview and for more interviews with the Final 5 castaways.

Posted by: Reality TV World staff on Monday, December 22, 2014 - 04:09 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: 'The Amazing Race' winners Amy DeJong and Maya Warren talk Season 25 (Part 1)
The Amazing Race 25 The Amazing Race crowned Amy DeJong and Maya Warren the winners of the CBS reality competition's 25th season during Friday night's finale episode. 
After eight countries, 20 cities and more than 26,000 miles, the "Food Scientists" -- also nicknamed "The Candy Girls" -- won The Amazing Race's $1 million grand prize when they crossed the twelfth and final leg's finish line at Point Vicente Lighthouse in Los Angeles, CA, in first place. This marks the third time in The Amazing Race history an all-female team has won the Race.

"Married Dentists" Misti Raman and Jim Raman finished the Race in second place, "Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks claimed third, and "Dating Pro Wrestlers" Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss were eliminated halfway through the final leg and therefore landed in fourth place.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Amy and Maya talked about their The Amazing Race experience and victory. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion and for more interviews with the season's Final 4 teams.

Reality TV World: You girls were kind of the underdogs of the season. Were you therefore shocked you managed to win the season or did you really believe you could do it all along?

Amy DeJong: We really believed in ourselves. I mean, physically, we were underdogs, but we also had a lot to offer to the Race and I think we ran a very strong race. I mean, directions were our biggest challenge, but once we figured out that in the end, we were successful. I think every time we went into it knowing we could do it. You have to believe in yourself if you're going to make it happen.

Maya Warren: One beautiful thing about the Race is that every leg is different. You start over with sort of, like, another kind of refreshing wakeup. And it's your choice as to how you're going to run the Race that day. It's also about learning from how we previously ran a leg.

And so I think that, although we were "underdogs" physically, mentally we were the top tier. And people didn't see us as a threat as mentally as much as they probably should have, and that's to their detriment. It was better for us, and so we don't really mind that. (Laughs)

We sort of ran the Race kind of behind the scenes. We were not there for air time; We were there to win a million dollars. And I think that we definitely did that, so. (Laughs)

But I was not shocked at all. I said from the beginning, "We're going to win this." Just something in me told me that, "This is ours to win." And you got to learn how to deal with the cards that you're dealt and make the most of it. And that's just a part of life. I think we did that very well.

Reality TV World: If it wasn't for the Final 4 twist this season, you girls obviously would've been deprived of your opportunity to win. So I'm sure you're biased about it, (laughs) but put yourselves in the other teams' shoes. Do you think the non-elimination at the very end was unfair? You couldn't help but feel bad for Brooke and Robbie considering they made the Final 3 and couldn't even run the whole leg.

Maya Warren: Right, but if you look back at it and look at how Brooke and Rob ran the last leg, they would've been in third place even if we weren't there. So that aside, you know, we don't make the rules, we just play by them.

So, although people don't think it's fair, life isn't fair. You have the cards that you're dealt and you make the best of it. And that's what we did. Everyone, except for the surfers, had been saved at some point. The same thing could be said for Brooke and Robbie being saved on the previous leg. So, we don't make the Race, we just make the Race happen.

Amy DeJong: Yeah, exactly what Maya said. You deal with the situation you're in, you always run your hardest. I mean, I feel bad that Brooke and Rob at least didn't get a prize for winning the last leg.

Maya Warren: Yeah.

Amy DeJong: They were in a heck of a Leg 11. I mean, they struggled throughout the entire Race. Challenges were not their thing. Leg 11 had a lot of physically-demanding challenges, and they did a great job in Leg 11. They should've -- I felt like they should've won something for that leg.

However, like Maya said, they got so lost coming out of the airport, they would've been at least an hour behind the surfers, I think. They got real lost. But that's what it is. The Race is unpredictable. Things are always changing. You could get in a bad cab, your flight could get delayed, your flight could get canceled. Anything could happen!

Maya Warren: And so, anything could happen within how they want the Race to happen. We were, according to Phil, we were going to be Team No. 6 in terms of the placement of the teams, and you never know. It's literally anyone's Race.

And it was in our favor that we didn't get eliminated, but the Race has been on for 25 seasons. You got to bring in new twists every now and then, like how they've been using "The Save" and the Express Pass and all of that. So people can say something's not fair, but it happens. We don't make the rules. We just play, and we played very well.

Reality TV World: How long did that final memory task take you, Amy? Did the pressure get to you at all? And the Race seemed to come down to that one task alone, so Maya, what was the feeling like in the air -- tense, uncomfortable?

Amy DeJong: That final task took me about an hour-and-a-half, I would say. And it was just, I mean, you're running on adrenaline at that point. All the teams got there within a few minutes of each other, so we were all really starting that challenge on even footing.

So you just have to stay focused, and for me, I just stayed focused, relaxed and tried to do it to the best of my ability. I remember -- I'll never forget the feeling of finding that last box. I was just like so excited that I almost got lost finding my way back to Maya.

She said she saw me coming around the corner and she could just see it in my eyes that we were about to head to that finish line. So, I wasn't really nervous. I was focused. And that's how we ran the Race. We tried to stay focused and do our best.

Maya Warren: For me, standing there, I mean, I was extremely comfortable. I was relaxed because I knew that Amy could do it. There's a clip of us talking from this past episode and I'm saying that, "I never doubted once that she wasn't going to be able to do it and do it great." I mean, it was a hard challenge to win.

Because we're still in school and we use our minds every day a different way than all the other teams, that was to our advantage. When it came to an intellectual task, we knew that we could do it. Bethany and Misti, awesome women, love them to death -- they got flustered. Bethany doubted herself a lot during that challenge and Misti was sort of getting flustered and stuff.

As a person still in the academic world, you can't let all that frustration fluster or get to you, especially when getting your PhD because it's such a long and grueling process. You have to stay focused and stick with it, and that's something that, I think during that challenge, she did exceptionally well.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Amy and Maya's interview and for more exclusive interviews with the season's Final 4 teams.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Monday, December 22, 2014 - 12:37 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'The Amazing Race' crowns Amy DeJong and Maya Warren new champions
The Amazing Race 25 The Amazing Race crowned Amy DeJong and Maya Warren the winners of the CBS reality competition's 25th season during Friday night's finale episode.

The "Food Scientists," nicknamed "The Candy Girls," won The Amazing Race's $1 million grand prize after crossing the twelfth and final leg's finish line at Point Vicente Lighthouse in Los Angeles, CA, in first place.

"Amy and Maya. Eight countries, 20 cities and more than 26,000 miles, you have won the one million dollars and are the official winners of The Amazing Race!" host Phil Keoghan told the girls, who hugged each other and cried.

"The Amazing Race was just an absolutely crazy experience. It's something you can't even really describe. It's something that you can't really understand until you've done it," Amy said following her team's victory.

"I think we were able to show that we're so much more than lab coats and goggles. Look what scientists can do, look what scientists can be -- especially women scientists. Hopefully we've been able to inspire people along the way to go out there and do things that are out of the box," Maya explained.

"When we go back to Madison, Wisconsin, we know people are going to be smiling at us and we hope we'll inspire some people along the way. I hope that we continue to grow and learn and become even better women."

This marks the third time in The Amazing Race history an all-female team has won the Race.

"Married Dentists" Misti Raman and Jim Raman finished in second place.

"Jim and I always set pretty lofty goals even in our personal life at home. We always have, and we really did not make an exception for The Amazing Race. We didn't meet all of them, but you know what? As long as you set them high and you land somewhere in between, we're happy," Misti said. "Outside of getting married to each other and having children, it was the best decision we ever could have made."

"I wish we won a million dollars, but we put on a good performance," Jim noted.

"Married Surfers" Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks claimed third place.

"Most of all, I'm so proud of how Adam and I raced the Race together. I'm just really thankful, even more so, for Adam now. I just love him even more than I did three, four weeks ago," Bethany told Phil.

"Bethany continually just surpasses all my expectations. It's been amazing to just see her grow and to see our love growing, because I mean, money is nice, but to know our love is intact and our relationship is stronger, I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars. But a million dollars still would've been a good thing, I'm just saying," Adam joked. "It really is an amazing race and something we'll remember for the rest of our lives."

"We, as a team, are even stronger than we are on our own and that's how we'll continue to live life," Bethany added. "The adventures are only going to continue from here."

"Dating Pro Wrestlers" Brooke Adams and Robbie E. Strauss were eliminated halfway through the final leg and therefore landed in fourth place.

The Amazing Race's finale broadcast began with the teams getting their first set of clues, which instructed them to fly more than 7,000 miles from Manila, Philippines to Los Angeles, CA, and then upon touching down at LAX, hop in a Ford vehicle and use its technology to listen to an audible text message, which would reveal their next clue.

No one was happy to see that Amy and Maya were still in the Race, especially Brooke. They were frustrated a team didn't get eliminated when everyone had worked so hard to make the usual Final 3. Misti and Jim assured Brooke and Robbie the scientists would be the likely team to get ousted in the middle of the leg. Jim thought the odds were against the candy girls.

The teams then had to take their manila envelope holding their film permits to a film LA clerk at Downtown City Hall to receive their next clue.

Brooke and Robbie just followed Adam and Bethany but didn't take the right turn so they got lost. They asked a man for directions and they apparently ended up being incorrect. Misti and Jim had trouble finding their next destination as well, saying they were traveling in the complete wrong direction. Jim called it "a colossal error" and hoped other teams had also struggled with their navigation.

Amy and Maya got to the mayor's office first. Their permits got approved and then they were told to proceed to Southwest Marine Warehouse, where they'd hand over their film permit to the assistant director on the set to receive their next clue. Adam and Bethany got to the office in second place, and then they were followed by Misti and Jim and Brooke and Robbie.

Amy and Maya arrived at the warehouse before any of the other teams. They were soon followed by Adam and Bethany, Misti and Jim, and then Brooke and Robbie.

It then became time for one Racer from each team to complete a Roadblock task. The participants were given the opportunity to learn a stunt and then play the role of a Hollywood action hero. The Racers had to prepare with a stunt coordinator, pick up a satchel and then crash through a plate-glass window from the third story of the building.

Maya opted to take on the task on behalf of her team. She was later joined by Adam and Jim.

Once Brooke and Robbie finally got there and observed a demonstration of the stunt one of them would be attempting, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan surprised them.

"This is bad news," Robbie told Brooke.

Phil eliminated the team and Brooke looked very disappointed.

"We tried, Phil. We worked hard. We're wrestlers. We didn't give up," Robbie said, expressing how he would've liked to try the stunt.

"I don't even know what to say anymore," Brooke noted with her head down.

"I'm sure a lot of couples say this when they come on the Race, but I gotta say it, if you can get through the Race, you can get through anything. To be able to survive and us still be sitting next to each other smiling and she's letting me put my arm around her -- well almost -- I'd say that's pretty good and we're proud of that," Robbie said with a laugh.

"I'm totally proud," Brooke acknowledged.

The teams finished the Roadblock in the order they had started it and then learned they must run to the U.S. Coast Guard base at the end of Terminal Island and choose one of the red marked response boats at the pier to receive their next clue.

Maya forgot to take off all her gear before leaving the Roadblock, so when she went back to accomplish that, Adam and Bethany jumped in front of them and got to the pier in first place. They were then followed by Amy and Maya, Misti and Jim, and Brooke and Robbie.

At the pier, the teams were instructed to jump onboard a response boat and test their skills in the open ocean via a search and rescue training exercise.

Amy and Maya were behind Adam and Bethany's boat and the girls saw the surfers finish the task. Misti and Jim were right on their heels and everyone acknowledged it was a close race at this point -- except the wrestlers were nowhere to be seen.

Adam and Bethany ripped open their next clue in first place and discovered they must travel by taxi to Conglobal Industries for their next clue. Misti and Jim finished the Coast Guard task in second place. Amy and Maya were therefore in third.

At Conglobal Industries, Adam and Bethany learned there would be another Roadblock and the Racer who did not complete the Hollywood stunt task would be forced to take on this one.

For the Roadblock, the Racers had to find nine specific shipping containers of seemingly thousands which represented the nine cities they had visited during the Race. Each city container had a color-coded number assigned to each team that they must memorize and then write down on a form in the exact order they had traveled to each corresponding city. When they came up with the right combination of numbers, they'd receive their next clue.

Misti and Jim then arrived at Conglobal Industries with Amy and Maya right behind them. Misti and Amy had to complete the Roadblock.

The teams were not allowed to take notes and the hardest part appeared to be finding the correct containers. It was a large maze that required a lot of walking. Bethany admitted her memory wasn't great, and the pressure was clearly on.

The Final 3 teams were tied for first place at this point, so whoever finished the task first would likely determine which team would take home the million dollars.

Amy completed the Roadblock in first place. Amy and Maya therefore received their next set of clues before anyone else and were told to make their way to Point Vicente Lighthouse in Rancho Palos Verdes, which would serve as The Amazing Race's Season 25 finish line.

Meanwhile, Adam comforted Jim by saying the girls' taxi could mess up. Misti and Jim then finished the Roadblock and Adam and Bethany later followed them in third place.

The eight previously-eliminated teams waited at the finish line with Phil for the first team to arrive. That team happened to be -- Amy and Maya!

Maya jumped into Phil's arms as everyone applauded the girls, who were ecstatic and rolling all over each other on the mat.

"We finished in first!" Amy exclaimed.

"We won The Amazing Race! Oh my gosh!" Maya yelled.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Saturday, December 20, 2014 - 10:10 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: Missy Payne talks 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water' (Part 1)
Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water castaway Missy Payne finished the 29th season in third place, losing the $1 million grand prize to Natalie Anderson, during the live portion of Wednesday night's finale broadcast on CBS.

Natalie beat the runner-up Jaclyn Schultz, a 25-year-old media buyer from Las Vegas, NV, and Missy, a 47-year-old owner of a competitive cheerleading gym from Dallas, TX, in the season's final jury voting results, which Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed during the live broadcast.

Missy received only one jury vote from her daughter Baylor Wilson. Jaclyn earned two votes and Natalie got herself at least four. Jon Misch and Reed Kelly were the castaways who voted for Jaclyn.

Below is the first half of Missy's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion and for more interviews with the Final 5 castaways.

Reality TV World: How had you gone into the jury questioning thinking things would play out? Were you thinking you had a pretty good chance to win?

Missy Payne: You know what? To be honest with you, about a week before I hurt my ankle, I thought I was winning a million bucks. So, going into that jury, I knew it was going to be tough because those boys had bonded so tightly, there was just this whole "bro thing" going on.

And regardless of what I was going to say about my injury or what not, I thought it was going to be tough because I had such a rough ending to my gameplay. So, yeah, I mean, I also was not in a great pole position because I had to go first. I just felt like, knowing my competition, going first isn't always the best. So, I kind of wish I could've gone second or third to speak to the jury.

Reality TV World: How is that order determined?

Missy Payne: I have no idea to be honest. It's just the whole, where we sit -- who's first, second or third. I have no idea. I think it's pretty random.

Reality TV World: So Jeff Probst just told you to go first and the rest was history?

Missy Payne: Yup. Yup. Yeah. That's really it... I had no idea until I was crutching in there who was going first.

Reality TV World: How bad did your injury turn out to be and what's the recovery process been like for you?

Missy Payne: Yeah, thanks for asking. So, it's a pretty bad deal. Unfortunately, I thought it was going to sort of be like a quick thing, but it's not. The doctors said it would be a six-month minimum recovery process, which I still wear a little ankle brace and I'm still doing some physical therapy.

It turns out that I had a level three sprain and some tears on the top of my ankle that physically just take time to heal -- if you heal correctly.

So I have tried so hard to be patient with this because I'm a runner and you don't tell a runner they can't run (laughs) for exercise. So, it's been tough and it swells up from time to time, but I am doing everything possible with acupuncture... and everything I can possibly do to try and strengthen it.

Reality TV World: So, just to clarify, you didn't break any bones?

Missy Payne: No broken bones, but actually, they say that breaking it probably would've been better because, when you break a bone, if it's a clean break, it heals and you can watch the healing process. With ligaments and tendons and stuff, man, it's like a rubber band.

If you take a rubber band and you really stretch it out just before it's going to tear, it just doesn't really ever come back to the same way it ever was, you know? It's just stretched. So there's this long healing process which is totally a bummer. I've learned a whole lot more than I ever thought I was going to have to learn about ankles.

Reality TV World: We saw that you popped up with a hard cast at the beginning of the finale and then we saw crutches come into the picture. So it seems like you had some more visits from the medical staff while you were out there that viewers didn't see?

Missy Payne: Yeah. Well, I mean, to be honest with you, in the very beginning, I didn't ask for medical help. And so, the way CBS is, is that they have to be able to capture it. Honestly, it makes total sense to me. So, the less I ask for help, the less they can help me. And so, finally, when I said, "Yeah, okay, my foot's swollen," when the medical team came in, the first thing they wrapped on me was temporary.

They had to get the supplies -- obviously we were in the middle of nowhere -- and so, when he said "immobilize," that was the plan. And so before the next challenge, they took me in the holding area and laid me down super fast and started wrapping me in this hard cast. I was like, "Oh dear, here we go!" It added eight more pounds to my body when I'm completely depleted.

But kudos to every single person on that medical team. They did everything they possibly could within the rule book. There's no way they give people advantages to the game. So, I was just happy to have any help. Because, otherwise, [Keith Nale] was going to have to carry me from place to place. (Laughs) So it was very kind of them to help.

Reality TV World: I was going to ask if it was more of a day-to-day situation in which maybe you became more doubtful about whether you could stay in the game in that condition as time progressed.

Missy Payne: Well, the problem for me is, my personality doesn't really lend itself to ask for help and to be helpless. I'm usually in the driver's seat. I'm a teacher, you know, a mom, whatever. And so, it was really difficult for me. I did not want to show my pain whatsoever -- or my weakness.

And so, it was hard. It was so hard. Because you come in and out of, "Oh my gosh. I'm waving the white flag." There were so many times they didn't show that the rest of the tribe would cruise off and play their social game and I'm like, "Ahh, you guys, can we do it right here in the shelter?!" (Laughs)

It changed just a little bit and it was hard for me, because I kept -- the finish line was in sight. There was no way I was going to quit. I would've crawled across it, but you start to sort of lose sight of how you're really going to get there. It was a bummer. It was really a bummer.

Reality TV World: You seemed to be okay with Natalie's decision to vote Baylor off, and you were shown mentioning that at least you didn't have to write your daughter's name down. So could you just talk about that a little bit? Why weren't you that upset and was that a reference to Jon's crazy Final 5 plan in which Baylor and Jaclyn were going to fall on their swords to let the three of you go to the end?

Missy Payne: (Laughs) Okay, well that's two-fold. So Jon did concoct this insane idea about, "Let's just map out who's going to finish," and so, never was I completely convinced that that was a good plan. Natalie and I talked quite a few times about that. I was like, "Man." And the more Jon got in the middle and he felt like he was so in charge, his arrogance and his pride came into play a little more.

So, as we got closer to that, I was like, "This is not going to work! Nobody knows the fate of Survivor!" There's no way that some person is going to have -- that this is going to happen. There's just no way. And I knew that that was a bad plan.

When Natalie voted off Baylor, I couldn't be mad at her. She actually did me a favor because I didn't have to write my kid's name down. And at that point in the game, Baylor was like, "Well, wait a minute! I want to go to the Final 3. Hold on a second!" And so I was thinking, "Oh Baylor, this is such a bad idea."

Reality TV World: So does this mean you actually anticipated having to write Baylor's name down for your own gameplay?

Missy Payne: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I totally thought that if we had gotten to that place where there were five, I was going to have to vote my kid off. And she would've known it too, but it was so bizarre the way that was all going to play out.

But I played a better game than her, and so, when she came up at the end and started getting pretty aggressive about, "Mom, we have to vote off Jon," and, "Mom, we found an idol," it was like, "Okay, slow down just a little bit." It's like, "Calm down. You're forgetting the first, like, 24-25 days in the game." (Laughs)

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Missy's exclusive interview and for more interviews with the season's Final 5 castaways.

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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water' runner-up Jaclyn Schultz talks (Part 1)
Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water castaway Jaclyn Schultz finished the 29th season as the runner-up, losing the $1 million grand prize to Natalie Anderson, during the live portion of Wednesday night's finale broadcast on CBS.

Natalie beat Jaclyn, a 25-year-old media buyer from Las Vegas, NV, as well as the third-place finisher Missy Payne, a 47-year-old owner of a competitive cheerleading gym from Dallas, TX, in the season's final jury voting results, which Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed during the live broadcast.

Jaclyn received two votes from the jury, Missy got herself one vote and Natalie was shown getting four votes. Natalie likely received the last jury vote that was not revealed. Jon Misch obviously voted for his girlfriend Jaclyn, and Reed Kelly also voted for her. Missy's daughter Baylor Wilson gave her the single vote.

Below is the first half of Jaclyn's exclusive interview with Reality TV World. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion and for more interviews with the Final 5 castaways.

Reality TV World: Did you go into the jury session thinking you had a pretty good chance to win?

Jaclyn Schultz: Um, no. (Laughs) I knew Natalie won. Totally, hands down. She played a great game.

Reality TV World: You obviously expected to get Jon's vote, but were you surprised you got a vote from Reed as well?

Jaclyn Schultz: I knew that Reed voted for me. Jon told me they talked about it while they were on the jury. So, I knew. It was great to see it because it's awesome, but I had a really great friendship with Reed and [Josh Canfield] and we both still do.

And we had talked a lot about how they wanted the money for a surrogate or to adopt as well, so it was awesome that they kind of gave that gift to us -- for whatever reason. I mean, maybe it was all "he hated Missy," but I don't think it was. It was probably a mixture of both, but in either scenario, I'm very grateful that I came in second.

Reality TV World: You're referring to the $100,000 runner-up prize versus the much smaller third-place prize, right?

Jaclyn Schultz: Yes.

Reality TV World: During the jury questioning, you got a vote from Reed but you didn't get Josh's vote. Did that surprise you? That you had gotten a vote from one but not from the other?

Jaclyn Schultz: No, I mean, Josh had even talked to Jon about it. He's like, "I respect the game too much, I'm sorry," which I totally understand. No, I wasn't surprised. I was just happy that one of them voted for me.

Reality TV World: Josh asked you whether you thought you were in the Final 3 based upon the strength of your own merit or the choices made by stronger players. And you seemed to assume he was referring to Jon but the consensus seemed to be that he was probably more referring to Natalie saving you the night before. Do you know what he was talking about there?

Jaclyn Schultz: No, I actually don't know what he was referring to. I mean, I think if it was about Natalie, yes, I wouldn't have been there if she didn't play that idol. So, absolutely. But up until that point, Jon and I were making every decision -- who we wanted to vote out -- almost the whole game.

Reality TV World: So how does that reconcile with the idea that voting Josh off was all your plan? Is that an exception to that scenario?

Jaclyn Schultz: Voting off Josh, I was absolutely not going with the guys. Because for one, Jon was more of a dominant player than I was and I knew he was going to be a target -- the guys would've wanted to vote him out.

And that would have left me on the bottom with six guys and they all would've killed me in challenges and I would've been voted out. They wanted us for one vote. They didn't want us long-term. And I had felt that Missy and Baylor and Natalie wanted us more long-term than the guys did.

Reality TV World: The show made it look like Jon and the rest of the castaways thought Jon was the brains of you two when you were out there playing the game, but from watching at home, it actually seemed like it was more the opposite. Do you think you didn't receive enough credit while you were out there?

Jaclyn Schultz: I didn't! Even, like, [Jeremy Collins], we were talking about things and he was like, "Dude, you were such a smart player and we didn't know that out there." And I'm like, "I know! Because Jon is such a social, strong personality and I'm not going to compete with that."

So it was, like, he was maintaining relationships by being out there, being the loud, funny guy, whereas I was in the back talking logically about everything, like, "No, we need to do this," or, "What if this happens?" We kind of like filled the voids in each other in that aspect.

Reality TV World: Yeah, because Josh's jury question seemed to be an example of that. So when you told him his vote-off was all you, do you think he really believed that at the time?

Jaclyn Schultz: I don't know, honestly, and I don't think it would've mattered. The jury knew who they wanted to vote for, you know? They were voting Natalie no matter what, so it was, at that point, I knew Natalie was going to win. But at that point, I'm just like, "Okay. I know these guys like me, but I know they hate Missy, so please just don't ream me out like you're about to ream Missy." (Laughs)

Reality TV World: So I think the obvious question is, if you knew Natalie was going to win, why did you choose to go to the end with her instead of Keith Nale? You had that possibility.

Jaclyn Schultz: Because I thought Keith was going to win too. And he was! You saw last night, all the guys were with him the whole time. They loved Keith, he was in their alliance, I mean, "Team Keith," he's hilarious.

So it was, I guess, picking the lesser of two evils that I thought at that point would give me a better shot. At that point, I had no idea that Natalie was playing as hard -- I mean, I knew she was playing hard, but watching it, I'm like, "Dang, girl. You got me!" (Laughs)

Reality TV World: Yeah I was wondering that, if you felt you'd lose to both of them regardless but you just believed Natalie deserved to win more.

Jaclyn Schultz: Well, it wasn't that. It was just that, I wouldn't have been there without Natalie playing that idol for me and I just couldn't vote her out. I couldn't do it. I felt like I owed her, you know? I just couldn't do it.

Reality TV World: You were shown throwing out that possibility to Missy, but it sounds like it was never really an option for you?

Jaclyn Schultz: I wanted to see what Missy thought about it. I knew that Missy and Natalie were so tight and I wanted to see if she would even go for it, and her reaction was kind of like, "[Gasp], oh my God! Nu uh?" And I'm like, "Okay, so yeah." I don't know.

Reality TV World: Missy was shown asking you about what Jon would tell you to do in that scenario, and you fired back immediately saying he'd vote Natalie off. Why do you think Jon would've done that?

Jaclyn Schultz: Well, I don't know. Thinking about it now, I don't know if he would've voted Natalie off. I think he would've voted Keith. I should ask him. But yeah, it was hard. There's so much, when you're playing, that you don't see. All those confessionals, we have no idea.

So it's like, I didn't have a good read on Natalie, that she was playing that hard, and I thought Keith was a definite shoo-in and he was. I mean, he was going to win. So, it didn't really matter for me.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Jaclyn's exclusive interview as well as more interviews with the Final 5 castaways.

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Show Update News : 'The Biggest Loser' ousts John "JJ" O'Malley for good, sends Jordan Alicandro to Comeback Canyon
Big Brother 16 The Biggest Loser: Glory Days eliminated one contestant for good and sent another to Comeback Canyon during Thursday night's NBC broadcast of the reality weight-loss competition's sixteenth-season.  

John "JJ" O'Malley, a 22-year-old bouncer and former Arizona State University football player from Scottsdale, AZ, was ousted from the competition for good after losing the weigh-in at Bob Harper's Comeback Canyon against fellow contestant Scott Mitchell, a 46-year-old bill collector and 12-year NFL veteran quarterback from Mapleton, UT. JJ dropped from 300 to 292 pounds, losing eight pounds.

Scott needed to lose seven or more pounds to be safe, and he ended up falling from 259 to 251 pounds, shedding eight pounds as well.

Later in the episode, Jordan Alicandro, a 32-year-old regional sales manager and former high school baseball standout from Surrey, BC, Canada, got sent to Comeback Canyon after he fell below the red line by posting the lowest weight-loss percentage at the Week 13 weigh-in.

For the week's challenge in Hawaii, the contestants were required to grab a kayak, drag it into the water, and paddle out 1,000 feet to a buoy where they'd find a bag of puzzle pieces. Once they grabbed them, they'd bring the puzzle pieces back to shore and then complete a puzzle. Jordan won the challenge and received a helicopter tour of the island.

Jordan picked Toma Dobrosavljevic, a 33-year-old senior project manager and former high school soccer, football, volleyball and baseball player from Addison, IL, to go with him.

After last-chance workouts, the weigh-in commenced and The Biggest Loser host Alison Sweeney explained the red line.

Sonya Jones, a 39-year-old PE teacher/coach and former All American softball player from Springfield, IL, dropped from 189 to 183 pounds, losing six pounds and posting a 3.17% weight-loss percentage.

Lori Harrigan-Mack, a 44-year-old director of hotel security and former three-time Olympic gold medal-winning softball player from Las Vegas, NV, fell from 240 to 230 pounds, dropping 10 pounds and posting a 4.17% percentage of weight-loss.

Toma also lost 10 pounds after dropping from 235 to 225. He therefore posted a 4.26% weight-loss percentage.

Rob Guiry, a 26-year-old head rugby coach at Western New England University and former rugby player from Springfield, MA, posted a 3.43% weight-loss percentage after falling from 350 to 338 pounds. He shed 12 pounds.

Jordan dropped from 233 to 227 pounds, losing six pounds and posting a 2.58% weight-loss percentage.

Howard "Woody" Carter, a 46-year-old car salesman and former Arena League football player from Las Vegas, NV, fell from 306 to 294 pounds. He shed 12 pounds and posted a 3.92% weight-loss percentage.

The episode concluded with an update on JJ's weight-loss progress since his elimination.

JJ started The Biggest Loser weighing 392 pounds, and after losing 131 pounds total, he's currently at 261 pounds. JJ said he's in the best shape of his life and hopes to one day coach his little brother's football team.

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Features & Interviews : Exclusive: 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water' winner Natalie Anderson talks (Part 1)
Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water revealed Natalie Anderson as the winner of its $1 million grand prize during the live portion of Wednesday night's finale broadcast on CBS from CBS Television City in Los Angeles, CA.

Natalie beat runner-up Jaclyn Schultz, a 25-year-old media buyer from Las Vegas, NV, and third-place finisher Missy Payne, a 47-year-old owner of a competitive cheerleading gym from Dallas, TX, in the 29th season's final jury voting results, which Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed during the live broadcast.

Natalie earned four votes from the jury, Jaclyn received two votes, and Missy earned one vote. One vote was not shown but it probably also belonged to Natalie.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Thursday, Natalie talked about her Survivor experience and victory. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion and for more interviews with the Final 5 castaways.

Reality TV World: Congratulations on your big win. Did you manage to get any sleep at all after the live reunion?

Natalie Anderson: Oh, I don't know. Not that much but [Drew Christy] got me totally wasted last night. But I feel fine, I'm good. (Laughs)

Reality TV World: Do you know exactly who you got votes from? They didn't show the last vote but I think it's safe to assume you got five and it would've been from everyone but Baylor Wilson, Jon Misch and Reed Kelly. Is that accurate?

Natalie Anderson: Yeah, basically. And I should've had Reed's vote too, but he was being a diva, so whatever.

Reality TV World: I was going to ask you that. Why did Reed vote for Jaclyn given he admitted he was such a fan of your gameplay right before he voted?

Natalie Anderson: Yeah, he was being an idiot. Like, no, he told me at Tribal Council, he looked back and he was like, "Natalie, you get why I voted for Jaclyn, right?" I was like, "No, but whatever." And he was like, "I wanted to vote for you. If I was voting for who I think deserved to win, I would've voted for you."

But he said, "I just didn't want Missy to get second place and that was the way me and [Josh Canfield] decided who got second place." He just liked Jaclyn as a person more than Missy, and it was nothing to do with Survivor, which makes me mad kind of, because it's like, you're supposed to be playing this game totally based on what happened.

But obviously the jury has the power to vote however the hell they want to at the end. I should've had his vote but he voted for Jaclyn -- only just based on the fact he didn't like Missy at that moment in the game.   

Reality TV World: So Reed just didn't want Missy to get the runner-up money?

Natalie Anderson: He didn't want to give her the satisfaction of coming in second place and ensured, yeah, that Jaclyn got second and Missy got third.

Reality TV World: Keith Nale asked you how you felt about your last words to him being a lie. Were you surprised he seemed to be that hung up on it? And what exactly was it that you told him? Because it just seemed to be that you guys were voting for Missy, right?

Natalie Anderson: Yeah, no, because I was surprised that he was so -- but I guess at that point in the game, he was so invested and he just, you know, felt like me and him had a good relationship the entire time.

You don't get to really see it and it surprises me that my stupid "alliance" didn't even expect me to be in a sub-alliance with Keith, because me and him had such a great relationship.

I really did feel bad when he said that, but at the end of the day, "Keith, you're only here in this position because I saved you, so just be happy now that you made it two more episodes and two more Tribals because of me." (Laughs)

Reality TV World: How did you feel heading back to camp after blindsiding Missy by voting out Baylor with the help of Jaclyn?

Natalie Anderson: I voted for Baylor and I knew that when I got back to camp, I couldn't lie to Missy like the way I lied to Jon and Jaclyn. And I was ready to just, like, take it on.

I think Missy, secretly, was a little bit relieved that I had gotten rid of -- because I think Baylor was more gung-ho about going to the Final 3 with Missy than Missy was, because I think Missy realized that that would be splitting votes and giving the third person sitting up there an opportunity to win without giving Missy a good chance.

Reality TV World: I thought you said the opposite on the show, that Missy's case for the finale was stronger with Baylor at her side during the jury vote than without her.

Natalie Anderson: Yeah, I mean, looking back at it, when I was thinking that Missy could say that, I knew that that's a really convincing story, but I don't think that Missy felt the same way. So, I didn't want to give Missy an opportunity to pitch to the jury that she brought her daughter along, but at the same time, I knew Missy -- for some reason -- didn't see it that way.

I saw it that way, but I knew Missy thought that it would be cute to go to the Final 3 as like a dream -- like as daughter and mother -- but I think she literally didn't see that as something she could pitch to the jury, which I saw. And that's why I didn't want to take Baylor, but we didn't see that.

And obviously, I didn't tell Missy that that's an awesome case to make to the jury, because I just let her think whatever she wanted. But Missy never told me, like, I think Missy literally looked past the fact of pitching to the jury that she brought her daughter along and she was more nervous about splitting votes. I let her just worry about that because I didn't want to put any ideas in her head.

Reality TV World: So do you think that's why Missy didn't seem that upset when you voted Baylor out and even made that comment about how she at least no longer had to write Baylor's name down.

Natalie Anderson: Yeah! I was really surprised at Missy's reaction, and on top of that, I think she felt bad for the [Jeremy Collins] vote. And I really don't think it's really equal, because Jeremy wasn't my real blood. But when we got back to camp -- I don't know if they showed it because I was watching it back on a little screen behind the stage -- but she goes, "Now we're even because of the Jeremy thing."

And I was like, "Girl, not really, because that was your daughter. Jeremy was not my brother in any way. Like, really?!" -- even though I felt like he was my brother there. But I was really surprised about how well she actually handled the situation. I mean, I was happy, but I couldn't believe that she was that easygoing about it.

Reality TV World: When I talked to Jon last week, he said you guys had this crazy Final 5 plan in Jaclyn had agreed to go out fifth and Baylor had agreed to go out fourth. That would leave yourself, Missy and Jon as the Final 3. Was Missy's comment a reference to that at all and were you really planning to go along with that? I mean, you went after Jon, so was that plan ever legitimate in your mind?

Natalie Anderson: No, hell no. I would let them talk about whatever they wanted to talk about, and I would just sit there and be like, "Cool, cool, I'm down! That sounds awesome." But I was never down for a pre-determined Final 5. I would never even trust Jaclyn and Baylor to "fall on their swords" for me, because why would I ever think that? If they were willing to do that, that's insane balls.

But I would never put my fate in somebody -- in these people's hands. I don't know them from jacksh-t. But I just went along with it and I said, "Yeah, that sounds good!"

But I was never going to let that happen, me just assume that Jaclyn was going to basically vote herself off and then Baylor vote herself off. But I just let them talk about it, and you know, I never really believed them. But it's crazy to think they actually were going to do that.

Reality TV World: When I just talked to Baylor, she said she wasn't too happy with the idea either. I don't know Missy's thoughts on the plan, but Jon seemed like he was completely onboard with the plan.

Natalie Anderson: It was crazy because when I saved Jaclyn that episode -- I keep wanting to say "leg" like The Amazing Race -- but that Tribal, when I saved Jaclyn, it was almost like she was like, "Ugh, oh my God." She was over it. And I was like, "Girl, just buck up now. You're in it." Because she was ready to go out.

At that certain point, I think she just, like, almost prepared herself to not be out there as long as she was. But it was insane. Looking back and seeing Jon actually say that Jaclyn was going to stick with the plan and Baylor was basically going to "stick to the plan" -- in Keith's words -- is insane to me, that gameplaying. I can't believe anyone would play the game of Survivor that way.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Natalie's exclusive interview and other interviews with the Final 5 castaways.

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People News : Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner finalize their divorce
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner have finalized their divorce.

A Los Angeles County judge has inked the divorce paperwork, making the couple's split official, TMZ reported.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars reportedly opted out of signing a prenuptial agreement so their bank accounts and assets were divided up pretty evenly.

Kris will get to keep their house and neither individual will receive spousal support, according to the website.

Daughter Kylie Jenner, 17, is close enough to becoming an adult that her custody is not really an issue. The parent she spends her time with will reportedly be responsible for her finances at that moment.

Kris, 59, and Bruce, 65, initiated identical divorce filings within one day of each other in late September.

"They both did it together," a source close to the family recently told People. "It's all done and [there's] no drama or messiness. They worked out all details over the last few months."

The pair both cited irreconcilable differences in their filings and went about the process without lawyers, Us Weekly reported.

The reality TV stars first announced in October 2013 they had decided to separate after 22 years of marriage. However, court documents reportedly reveal they actually split in June of that year.

Kris and Bruce wed in April 1991, which was only a month after Kris got divorced from the late Robert Kardashian. The pair have two daughters together: Kylie and Kendall Jenner, 18.

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People News : 'Bachelor in Paradise' couple Michelle Money and Cody Sattler split after dating six months
Bachelor In Paradise Bachelor in Paradise couple Michelle Money and Cody Sattler have called it quits on their relationship.

The former The Bachelor and The Bachelorette contestants met on ABC's spinoff series and fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise which wrapped filming in June, however, they've broken up after six months of dating.

On Wednesday, both individuals took to social media to make their sad yet mature announcement.

"First off I just want to say that I have experienced some of the best days of my life these past 6 months! I was blessed to have met and date an amazing woman and her daughter [Brielle], who have made me a better person in all areas of my life," Sattler captioned a photo of the pair on Instagram.

"Unfortunately, Michelle and I have decided it was in the best interest for both of us to move on from our relationship. Michelle and Brielle will always hold a special spot in my heart and I wish all the best for them. Michelle is someone I shared a relationship with but also someone I will always respect and consider a lifelong friend."

The personal trainer, who previously competed for Bachelorette Andi Dorfman's heart, continued by thanking his fans as well as Bachelor in Paradise for the chance "to experience such amazing things with a beautiful woman... I look forward to what the future holds and will continue to always listen and follow my heart!"

Money also shared her thoughts on the situation by posting the same photo as Sattler in addition to a long message on Facebook.

"After 6 months of dating, Cody and I have decided that we are going to move on from our relationship. I feel very blessed and fortunate to have shared such beautiful memories with such an incredible guy," wrote Money, who had originally vied for Brad Womack's heart on The Bachelor's fifteenth season.

"Bachelor in Paradise was more than I could have imagined. Cody has truly blessed my life and the life of my daughter in more ways than he will ever know. His positive impact on Brielle is something I will forever be grateful for."

After thanking her fans for their "amazing love and support," Money noted the choice to break up wasn't easy.

"I am so grateful I followed my heart and that it led me to Cody," she wrote. "He has made me feel so loved and appreciated. I only wish that it could have ended up the way we had hoped. I wish nothing but happiness and love for Cody! Brielle and I look forward to a lifelong friendship with him and will always love and support him in all he does."

Money had appeared on The Bachelor in 2011 followed by the second season of Bachelor Pad. She then hesitated to give finding love on reality TV another chance considering Bachelor in Paradise would be her third -- and potentially unsuccessful -- stab at it.

However, Money fell for a very-smitten Sattler, and the couple quickly got to the point of talking about marriage -- before even moving to the same state. As of September, when Bachelor in Paradise's finale aired, Sattler was living in Arlington, IA, and Money was settled in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Show Update News : 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water' crowns Natalie Anderson champion
Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water revealed Natalie Anderson as the winner of its $1 million grand prize during the live portion of Wednesday night's finale broadcast on CBS from CBS Television City in Los Angeles, CA.

"I think my game was definitely better playing without [my twin Nadiya Anderson]. That doesn't mean it was easier for me, but I think the push to do something for Nadiya and make her proud and say, 'You know what? You guys are going to vote her out first? I'm going to be the last one standing,'" Natalie, a 28-year-old student and Crossfit coach from Edgewater, NJ, said during the live reunion special after her victory was announced.

Natalie beat runner-up Jaclyn Schultz, a 25-year-old media buyer from Las Vegas, NV, and third-place finisher Missy Payne, a 47-year-old owner of a competitive cheerleading gym from Dallas, TX, in the 29th season's final jury voting results, which Survivor host Jeff Probst revealed during the live broadcast.

"I wouldn't have sat in the Final 3 unless I convinced Jaclyn that [Keith Nale] was the bigger threat. I think having Missy and Keith with me in the Final 4 allowed me to put the target on themselves -- tell Keith it was Missy, tell Missy it was Keith, and then the target was off me," Natalie continued.

Natalie earned four votes from the jury, Jaclyn received two votes, and Missy earned one vote. One vote was not shown but it probably also belonged to Natalie. Jon Misch obviously voted for his girlfriend Jaclyn, Jeremy Collins was shown voting for Natalie, Reed Kelly was shown voting for Jaclyn, and Baylor Wilson clearly voted for her mother Missy.

"Man, she played me," Jaclyn, who entered the Final 3 by winning Individual Immunity, said of Natalie at the reunion. "During the game, I had no idea she had an idol, for one. And for two, I literally thought Keith would have all the jury votes. I came into Huyopa where he was strong with all the guys. I was like, 'He is the biggest threat if I'm in the Final 3 with him.' If I knew different, I would've voted Natalie, but I had no idea."

Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water's finale broadcast began on Night 35. Jaclyn called the Tribal Council in which Jon got voted out "brutal." Jaclyn admitted to Natalie and Missy she never saw the move coming.

Missy then noted she's loyal to a fault, which Jaclyn countered by saying "so is he," meaning Jon. Natalie then chimed in and said "not really," which prompted Jaclyn to snap at her for not knowing who Jon is in real life. After Natalie insisted she was just talking about Jon in the game, Jaclyn screamed at her and later cried to the cameras about how she lost her cool.

Natalie said any shot Jaclyn had to work with any of the girls went down the tubes after that. Natalie felt she just needed to trust Missy and Baylor to take her to the Final 3 with them.

On Day 36, Baylor still thought about going to the end with her mom, who was struggling with a foot injury, and Natalie. They wanted to stop Keith, a 53-year-old fire captain from Shreveport, LA, and Jaclyn from winning immunity.

The castaways then met Jeff for a Reward Challenge. Attached to a rope, the players were required to race to unspool the rope, head out and assemble a bridge, and then use sandbags to knock down a series of blocks. The first person to finish the series of tasks would win an advantage in the next Individual Immunity Challenge.

Because of her foot, Missy was not cleared to compete in the challenge. In the end, Keith won and had to determine whom to send to Exile Island. He opted to send Jaclyn to exile. Natalie was upset a 55-year-old man beat her.

While at Exile Island, Jaclyn received her hidden Immunity Idol clue, saying it was the same clue everyone else had already received. She got emotional knowing that either herself or Keith was next to go. She found the isolation difficult and wished Jon was there to give her a pep talk.

Back at Huyopa's camp, the women agreed they needed to send Keith home immediately as long as he didn't win immunity.

Meanwhile, Keith read his advantage and was given a table featuring paddles, balls and four handles with which to practice the challenge ahead of time. He had to use a series of metal spoons to transfer balls through a series of obstacles from one side of the table to the other. Keith told the cameras it was "a big advantage" and he'd continue practicing until dark because he knew he might be next to go.

On Day 37, Natalie had a hidden Immunity Idol to play for herself if she needed it. She knew she could determine who should get eliminated.

The castaways then met Jeff for the next Individual Immunity Challenge. Jaclyn returned to the group and said it was a terrible to be away from her tribe. The tables were larger than what Keith had practiced on and featured only two paddles for maneuvering balls. No one knew what type of advantage Keith had been given.

The first person to transfer three balls through the series of obstacles would become an automatic member of the Final 4, while the castaway to be voted out at Tribal Council that night would become the seventh member of the jury. Missy was able to participate this time.

After some tough competition, Keith won the coveted immunity necklace and was thrilled.

Once everyone returned to camp, Keith said in a confessional there was no doubt that Jaclyn was headed for the jury and she started to scramble. Jaclyn then pulled Natalie aside and said she'd assist in getting either Missy or Baylor out with the promise to keep Natalie in the game the following Tribal Council. Jaclyn suggested getting rid of Missy because Baylor did whatever her mother told her to. Natalie told Jaclyn she trusted Missy and Baylor 100% but they're "blood" at the end of the day.

Natalie then talked with Baylor, who asked her friend to play her idol for Missy. Baylor insisted Natalie was safe regardless because everyone was targeting Jaclyn. Natalie started thinking about only herself and wanted to make impactful, big moves. She could risk the Final 3 by getting rid of either Missy or Baylor, or just play it safe by ousting Jaclyn.

At Tribal Council that night, the jury gathered.

Missy said she was "confident about the idol situation," which worried Jaclyn because she knew absolutely nothing about an idol in the game. Missy felt her alliance with the girls was very strong although acknowledging her relationship with Baylor might be viewed as "a danger zone."

Before Jeff read the votes, Natalie decided to play her hidden Immunity Idol. Instead of using it on herself, she asked Jaclyn if she had voted for whom Natalie said. Jaclyn nodded her head yes and then Natalie shockingly chose to use her idol on Jaclyn. Jon noted he had always liked Natalie with a big smile on his face. Jaclyn was relieved and ecstatic, while Baylor had a look of shock and terror on her face. Missy then whispered to Keith and Baylor, "I'm going home."

Keith, Baylor and Missy voted for Jaclyn, but Natalie and Jaclyn voted for Baylor.

"I feel surprised. That was a really good blindside. I'm super proud of myself and I'm not mad at Natalie. That was a really good move," Baylor said following her ouster.

That night, once everyone returned to camp, Natalie told the cameras it seemed extremely dangerous to trust two family members as a pair, and if Keith won immunity again, he'd probably want to vote out Missy over her. Natalie liked the fact she didn't have to put her faith in Missy and Baylor's hands. She also thought Missy would have a tough time pleading her case to the jury without Baylor at her side.

Although sad, Missy was relieved she never had to write her daughter's name down. She wasn't angry with Natalie, who insisted it was the only thing she's ever kept from Missy. Missy's fate in the game no longer belonged to her.

Missy said, "I know. You told me more than anyone else has come close to telling me in this game."

Jaclyn thanked Natalie for making such a big move, and then Natalie explained her plan was to go to the end with her and Missy. The girls' goal was to stop Keith from winning immunity -- once again.

The following day, on Day 38, the remaining castaways met Jeff again for the final Individual Immunity Challenge of the season.

Jeff instructed each player to race down a giant tower and maneuver through a series of obstacles while collecting bags of puzzle pieces as they go. Once they had collected three bags each, they had to run back up the tower, drop them, and then head back down to get two more bags. Those puzzle pieces would be used to solve a puzzle, but three pieces would not fit the puzzle. The shapes of those pieces would reveal the three numbers they needed to solve a combination lock.

The first person to get it right and raise his or her flag would win immunity, an automatic spot in the Final 3, and a chance to plead his or her case to the jury as to why he or she deserves to be crowned the next "Sole Survivor" and win $1 million.

Missy could not compete in the challenge. Jaclyn completed her puzzle before anyone else but took a major spill coming down the tower. Natalie was right on her heels.

Jaclyn fought hard in the challenge and ended up winning immunity. Jeff said the turn of events proved that no one should ever give up in this game.

Keith saw no reason why Jaclyn would try to get rid of Natalie after Natalie just saved her at the last Tribal, so Keith said it meant "big trouble" for him. Jaclyn couldn't wait for Jon to see her wearing the necklace because she won the most important Immunity Challenge after failing to win a single one all season.

Jaclyn decided to "talk out" whom she should take to the Final 3 with her. She realized she could make a million-dollar decision or mistake. Keith then gave Jaclyn his pitch, saying Missy would get sympathy votes for her ankle and already had one vote from Baylor -- who was probably also already working the jury. Jaclyn said it made sense.

Jaclyn told Natalie she'd take her to the end for sure and then needed to decide between Missy or Keith. Natalie hoped Jaclyn's "power trip" wouldn't go to her head. She told Jaclyn that Keith was scarier than Missy, hoping she'd just make a quick decision and not overanalyze anything or think things through too hard.

But it was wishful thinking. Jaclyn asked Missy how she felt about voting Natalie because Natalie seemed to have the strongest gameplay. Jaclyn was aware Natalie had been behind both Jon and Baylor's blindsides as well as being responsible for splitting up their former alliance of five. Missy was interested.

Jaclyn thought about how Natalie could probably beat her with her gameplay but Keith had a lot of guys on the jury who would probably support him. Jaclyn thought Jon would've told her to vote Natalie out of the game.

At Tribal Council that night, Jaclyn expressed how she didn't necessarily owe loyalty to Natalie, especially because Natalie had been behind Jon's elimination.

Jeff asked Natalie why it would be smart to get rid of Keith, and she said everyone loved Keith and everyone loves a fireman. In turn, Keith said Natalie had a lot of jury votes because she played the game very well and was a huge threat. Natalie explained she had a great chance to win the game and was very happy with the way she played.

Jeff then revealed the votes. Everyone voted for Keith and Keith had voted for Missy.

"So, all three of them voted for me. It wasn't a blindside. It was three women. I can barely handle one woman at the house much less three of them here. No hard feelings, I love them all!" Keith said following his ouster.

On Day 39, Natalie, Jaclyn and Missy enjoyed a feast. Seven men were on the jury but Missy wasn't intimidated by that because she had been married and divorced three times. Natalie learned a lot about herself by going through the journey basically alone without Nadiya Anderson, her twin sister and other half. Meanwhile, Jaclyn said she couldn't give Jon the family they wanted without the money. However, she wanted the title of "Sole Survivor" even more to inspire women just like her who cannot have children.

Three women made it to the very end in a season that started out with 10 men and only eight women.

That night, at Tribal Council, the power shifted to the jury. Each of the Final 3 castaways got to make an opening statement and then the jury was allowed to ask questions.

Missy went first. She insisted she was loyal from beginning to end, and if someone didn't trust her, they needed to go. Missy said her biggest move and hardest decision in the game was voting Jon out. She also broke her foot and finished challenges and the rest of the game in pain. Missy claimed she played the game "consistently with integrity, dignity and mainly loyalty."

Jaclyn spoke next. Jaclyn said she began the game on a tribe that had her on the chopping block since Day 1. After the tribe swap, she and Jon served as a swing vote for most of the game, making tough decisions along the way. Jaclyn took full credit for switching from the Reed and Josh Canfield alliance to the Missy and Baylor one instead. If it wasn't for that decision, Jaclyn noted neither of her Final 3 competitors would be sitting next to her. Jaclyn also shared her story of how she was born with only half her reproductive organs.

Natalie was up next. She argued she had outwitted, outplayed and outlasted the other two ladies. She said she had made smart, risky and scary moves by herself, represented well in challenges, went to Exile Island twice, and always pulled her weight around camp. Natalie said if her opponents made the right decision, she would've gone home instead of Keith, and she was therefore very thankful for her position in the Final 3.

The jury -- Josh, Reed, Jeremy Collins, Alec Christy, Baylor, Wes Nale, Jon, and Keith -- then got to address the Final 3, looking for information to help them make their million-dollar decision.

Jaclyn told Jon and Josh a big move she had made in the game solely be herself was getting Josh out and flipping alliances.

Keith put down Natalie for lying so much, saying he went through most of the game without lying or even making alliances to be loyal to.

Alec asked Natalie what her biggest move in the game was, and she said it was getting him out. She targeted Alec instead of Keith so that Keith could help her get Jon out. After she succeeded, Natalie took out Baylor to break up all the season's couples of loved ones.

Josh also asked Jaclyn if she was in the Final 3 on her own merit or as a result from choices stronger players in the game made. Jaclyn argued she strategized constantly and overanalyzed the pros and cons of everything with and without Jon.

Jeremy asked the jury to give Natalie the credit she deserved, and then Reed went into a lengthy speech about how Missy was the "Wicked Stepmother all season" in that she felt entitled, spoiled her children, performed worse than anyone in challenges yet received so many gimmies, and treated the jury members rudely.

The voting then commenced.

During the live reunion show, Jeff discovered that had Keith made it to the Final 3 with Jaclyn and Missy, he would've won with four votes.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 03:39 AM EST
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Show Update News : 'Hell's Kitchen' crowns La Tasha McCutchen thirteenth-season champion
Hell's Kitchen 13 Hell's Kitchen crowned La Tasha McCutchen the Fox culinary competition's thirteenth-season winner during Wednesday night's finale broadcast.

"Winning Hell's Kitchen is without a doubt a dream come true," La Tasha, a 33-year-old kitchen supervisor from Winter Haven, FL, said in a statement.

"I feel like I opened the doors to my future. I trusted in myself, I believed in myself and I know now that I have what it takes to be a true leader in this industry. Watching the competition has made me realize that I perform well under pressure and that my passion and strong work ethic are inspiring others, especially our younger generation."

As the show's thirteenth-season winner, La Tasha won a $250,000 head chef position at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill at Caesars Atlantic City.

"La Tasha is an incredibly determined leader with unwavering passion and drive," said Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay. "Throughout the season, she has proven that she has what it takes to make her mark on the culinary world, and I am looking forward to having her join our team at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Atlantic City."

La Tasha defeated runner-up Bryant Gallaher, a lead line cook from Virginia Beach, for the win.

The final challenge in which both La Tasha and Bryant competed required them to create their own full menu for Hell's Kitchen and execute a flawless dinner service utilizing previously-eliminated chefs from this season.

In the end, Chef Ramsay admired La Tasha's cohesive menu and strong leadership in the kitchen.

Below is La Tasha's full menu that won her Hell's Kitchen:

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 01:53 AM EST
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People News : Jeff Probst: 'Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water' wasn't what we hoped, but next season delivers
Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water has been considered an average season at best for most super fans, but host Jeff Probst is promising better things to come.

The show's 29th season was a bit of a flop for the franchise considering how successful Survivor's first Blood vs. Water edition was in 2013.

"We came off of four fantastic seasons in a row: Philippines, Caramoan, the first Blood vs. Water and Cagayan. So this one just feels different, because it follows such great seasons. But it got a lot better as it went along," Probst, 53, told People.

"[But] Survivor keeps surprising me. I've taped 30 seasons now and I never know what to expect. And Season 30, which I'll announce at the finale, delivers. That unpredictability is why I love Survivor so much."

Probst discussed why exactly he thinks the most recent season struggled so much, particularly the first three quarters of it.

"We cast a lot of people who didn't know how to play. They were learning their game as they went along, which meant that it started out pretty slowly. I don't know that I'm a big fan of casting so many people who haven't watched the game, but I did enjoy watching how frustrating it was for the good players," Probst explained.

For example, Reed Kelly and Josh Canfield constantly talked strategy and knew the game backward and forward. Keith Nale and Wes Nale, on the other hand, had a lot to learn and therefore found issues with when to play a hidden Immunity Idol among other concepts.

"If you base your Survivor approach on game theory, then you make your best move on the assumption that every other player is making their best move. But the people who didn't know the game were unpredictable. The clueless players became a new obstacle. So some people got really frustrated. There's no getting into Keith's head, because he didn't even know what an alliance was when he started playing this game. You can't guess what he's going to do," Probst told People.

When producers initially cast Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water, the host apparently wasn't sure about two personalities who actually ended up being strong influences in the game.

"[Jon Misch] and [Jaclyn Schultz]. I thought they were going to be boring, and wouldn't offer anything to the season. But [CBS President] Les Moonves wanted them, and he was right," Probst said, adding that he also doesn't regret casting John Rocker and his girlfriend Julie McGee although Rocker got eliminated on Day 8 and McGee unexpectedly quit the game.

"Everyone brings their own baggage into a season, and John Rocker had a lot of it. That's fascinating TV. Looking back, he wasn't that villainous on the season. He was paying for his sins from years ago. We wanted him on another season, but it didn't work out. So we put him on this season and he brought Julie along. Her behavior speaks for itself."

Probst told People it speaks volumes that McGee up and left the game without a good reason while Missy Payne suffered from a potentially serious injury and still opted to stick things out.

"We have Missy playing the game on an ankle that could very well be broken, and Julie quit because she was hoarding trail mix? Yeah. Bad choice," he noted.

"It's not about not liking [some of the castaways]. It was that a few things just didn't work out like we had hoped. There was an alliance who was discussing how to split rewards evenly, how to make sure that it was fair for everyone. And that's not what Survivor is all about. So there was a lot of frustration this season; I'm always worried when things are gelling like I'd like them to, but that's Survivor for you!"

The finale of Survivor: San Juan del Sur -- Blood vs. Water airs Wednesday night from 8-10PM ET/PT and will be followed by a live one-hour reunion special on CBS.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 04:52 PM EST
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People News : '19 Kids & Counting' star Jim Bob Duggar: No petition can bring us down, we just gain more exposure
19 Kids & Counting Jim Bob Duggar isn't remotely afraid of 19 Kids & Counting getting pulled because of a petition floating around calling for TLC to cancel the reality show.

The Duggar patriarch could apparently care less about the petition circulating, saying during a recent speech, "They won't succeed," according to Us Weekly.

"Our show is the number one show on TLC. We love everybody. It's a small group creating this fuss. All it has done is give us more exposure," Jim Bob, 49, said while speaking at Hannibal-LaGrange University late last month. "We love everybody, but we don't always agree with them."

Jim Bob reportedly insisted the petition was actually counter-effective.

"We've gained 50,000 Facebook fans last week," revealed the father of 19 children, who received death threats prior to his appearance at the school and therefore needed extra security. "God is expanding our borders through the national media."

The petition wants to shut down 19 Kids & Counting to allegedly "end LGBTQ fear mongering by the Duggars." Matriarch Michelle Duggar previously made an anti-gay comment that has since outraged the LGBT community.

Michelle publicly opposed an anti-discrimination ordinance in her Fayetteville hometown in Arkansas that would reportedly allow transgender men "to use women's and girls' restrooms, locker rooms, showers, sleeping areas and other areas that are designated for females only," according to the Hollywood Reporter.

In explaining her position, the devout Catholic basically told Fayetteville citizens she believes transgender individuals are sexual predators.

A few weeks before that, Michelle and Jim Bob executed a "kissing challenge" on their Facebook page for married couples but reportedly excluded gay couples.   

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 03:39 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'MasterChef Junior' crowns Logan Guleff its Season 2 winner
MasterChef Junior MasterChef Junior crowned Logan Guleff its second-season champion during Tuesday night's finale broadcast on Fox.

Logan, an 11-year-old from Memphis, TN, won the MasterChef Junior trophy and $100,000 grand prize after creating a restaurant-quality three-course meal to be tasted by show judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot.

"I can't believe I won. I mean, this is just like crazy talk. This feeling is super surreal. It feels like dreamyland. It feels amazing, life-changing. I mean, this is definitely one of the best days of my life. This is definitely a dream," Logan said following his victory announcement.

"This season, we were blown away by the junior home cooks' incredible skill, passion and imagination," Chef Ramsay said in a Fox statement. "Logan was a fierce competitor each week and developed a signature style and advanced techniques in the kitchen. We are extremely proud of what he has accomplished and look forward to following his culinary journey."

Logan defeated runner-up Samuel Stromberg, a 12-year-old from Greenbrae, CA, with his refined style, distinct flavors and risky techniques -- including the use of a smoking gun.

"I'm still going to keep cooking. I'm not going to let this defeat me," Samuel said after finishing in second place. "This is the start of my food career. And I can put this on my high-school application: 'Competed in MasterChef Junior, second place, runner-up.' I'm so proud of what I've done."

"Samuel is just a great chef," Logan said of his biggest competitor this season. "He definitely put up a really good fight. It's been amazing to be on MasterChef Junior, to be in the finale, but it's not about the money. It's not about the trophy. It's about making friends forever."

In the season's final challenge, Logan and Samuel competed in a culinary showdown in the kitchen. Logan's winning three-course meal was comprised of an appetizer of grilled spot prawns with smoked saffron aioli, a main course of salt-crusted branzino with chimichurri and roasted vegetables, and a dessert of meyer lemon madeleines with goat cheese mousse.

"During my journey on MasterChef Junior, I learned so much from the judges, especially to be more confident in the kitchen and to be more determined," Logan said in a statement. "Of course, I will always remember the moment when I won, but I will also never forget the amazing time I had with the other contestants and judges."

The third season of MasterChef Junior, which premieres January 6 at 8PM ET/PT, will feature 19 new junior home cooks between the ages of eight and 13 competing in a series of culinary challenges.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 01:38 PM EST
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· 'Survivor' and 'The Amazing Race' spring premiere dates announced by CBS (Dec 09, 2014)
· Bravo to premiere 'Best New Restaurant' featuring Tom Colicchio on January 21 (Dec 03, 2014)
· 'The Taste' third season to premiere on ABC on December 4 (Dec 02, 2014)
· 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'MasterChef Junior' new season premieres announced by Fox (Nov 21, 2014)
· 'American Idol' to premiere January 7 on Fox with schedule changes throughout Season 14 (Nov 21, 2014)

Latest Ratings News
· 'Duck Dynasty's fourth-season premiere draws record-breaking ratings (Aug 15, 2013)
· 'Dance Moms' third-season premiere delivers record-breaking ratings (Jan 02, 2013)
· 'Duck Dynasty' season finale sets all-time A&E ratings records (Dec 07, 2012)
· 'Jersey Shore's fourth-season premiere draws 8.8 million viewers (Aug 05, 2011)
· Ratings: The world just doesn't care about Paris Hilton anymore (Jun 03, 2011)

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