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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kylie Jenner is reportedly expecting a baby with boyfriend Travis Scott!

The 20-year-old Life of Kylie star is pregnant and already sharing the news with her friends, TMZ reported.

Kylie allegedly began telling close friends about her pregnancy earlier this month when she attended the Day N Night Fest in Anaheim, CA.

Meanwhile, according to TMZ sources, Travis is also spilling the big news to his buddies that he's going to become a dad. One insider said Travis was talking with pals about how his life was going to change.

The sources also say Travis, a 25-year-old rapper, has told friends that a baby girl on the way.

"They started telling friends a few weeks ago. The family has known for quite some time. She is REALLY excited and so is Travis!" an insider confirmed to People, which reported another source claiming last month that Travis treats Kylie with "a lot of respect and love" and she's "very happy" with him.

Signs seemingly point to Kylie being pregnant because she's been spotted wearing loose and baggy clothing recently, and she has also posted many throwback photos of herself on Instagram -- or just shots from the chest up.

In June, a source told Us Weekly that Kylie and Travis' romance was "serious" and they were "spending a lot of time together."

And one month prior, Travis was allegedly gushing about how his relationship with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and fashion icon was "the real deal."

Kylie and the Texas-born, hip-hop artist have seemingly been inseparable since getting cozy at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in mid-April, just weeks after the lip kit maven ended her longtime on-again, off-again romance with Tyga and he allegedly moved out of her $6 million Hidden Hills mansion in California.

Life of Kylie premiered in early August 2017 on E!.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians will air a tenth-anniversary special featuring Kylie, her sisters and her mother Kris Jenner on Sunday, September 24 on E!.

The special will be hosted by the show's executive producer Ryan Seacrest.
Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 05:12 PM EST
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People News : Raven Walton reacts to accusations 'Big Brother' backstory laced with lies, Matt Clines believes her
Big Brother 19 Raven Walton took a lot of heat during the Big Brother season for allegedly lying about or exaggerating her hardships and accomplishments in life, and now she's responding.

"If you want to question it, that's fine," Raven told Entertainment Tonight following the live Season 19 finale of Big Brother on Wednesday night. "Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but I just really wanted to be an open book."

Viewers often questioned Raven's ailments and personal history, so much so that the "Expose Raven Party" hashtag was created on social media for people to share local news stories and evidence about Raven's past. (Raven has since disabled the comments section on her Instagram account and made her Twitter page private).

Raven's main story on the show was that she suffers from a rare digestive disorder called Gastroparesis, which causes delayed stomach emptying, and so she has a pacemaker that is visible under her skin as well as a 12-inch scar.

Raven also allegedly underwent eight stomach surgeries in her life.


"I do have a lot wrong with me and I didn't use it as a crutch," insisted Raven, a 23-year-old dance teacher from DeValls Bluff, AR.

"I just wanted to educate people and inspire people, like, 'I have all this wrong with me, but I'm on this show, and I'm able to do it.'"

Raven additionally claimed to her fellow houseguests on Big Brother that she has a bum knee, an inverted spine, endometriosis, thyroid issues, and arthritis, to name a few.

"A lot of people are like, 'You don't look sick.' I've had that even before I went on the show... Well, you can't see it. There's something wrong with me on the inside. I do have a lot wrong with me," Raven explained.

Many Big Brother fans also don't believe that Raven's mother is a member of Mensa, nor that she once got struck by lightning.

"To clear this up -- I said in the house, my mom could be a part of Mensa," Raven clarified to ET.

"She went to law school. Unfortunately, she got sick and was not able to graduate. She could join Mensa tomorrow. She's a very intelligent woman and I'm proud to be her daughter."


However, a YouTube clip featuring a conversation between Raven and Paul Abrahamian in the Big Brother house shows Raven telling her pal, "My mom is very smart. My momma's in Mensa. Me too."

When Paul asked Raven in the clip what her GPA was upon graduating, Raven replied, "Dance. But I did study business too."

Raven also told Paul that she previously trained for the Olympics and told her showmance partner Matt Clines that she stopped growing at age 13. Paul actually called Raven a "compulsive liar" on the show -- a statement Christmas Abbott whole-heartedly agreed with.


"I'm a sick woman," Raven told ET. "I do have terminal illnesses. I don't let it stop me, I don't let it bring me down."

When Matt spoke to ET after the Big Brother finale wrapped, he stood up for his love interest.

"I believe everything Raven said in the house," Matt confirmed.

"Maybe viewers did question it, but if she was making that stuff up, that's a heck of a good story, because that is very unique. So, yeah, maybe some of it wasn't true -- and I'm assuming she'll let me know if it wasn't -- but I mean, I did see the scar and the pacemaker, so I'm assuming at least part of that to be true."


Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 05:09 PM EST
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Show Spoiling News : Khloe Kardashian: Kim told me Lamar Odom had died from his drug overdose
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Khloe Kardashian and her sisters were apparently told that Lamar Odom had died around the time he was found comatose in a Las Vegas-area brothel in October 2015.

During a preview clip for Keeping Up with the Kardashians Ten Year Anniversary special -- which will air on Sunday, September 24 -- the Kardashian sisters recalled how Kim Kardashian was the first one to break the bad news about Lamar's near-fatal drug overdose to the family.

"I landed in London and the first text that popped into my phone, it was from Kim and it had said, 'Lamar passed away,'" Kendall Jenner revealed to the special's host Ryan Seacrest.

"I, like, immediately started sobbing on the plane. Then I got -- the next text came through saying, 'Okay, actually he's okay, he's alive, but he's not doing well.' That's why I was so upset, because I wanted to be there to be able to say goodbye."

Kim was apparently the victim of a sick joke, as Lamar survived the incident even though the quality of his future remained uncertain for quite some time while he was in the hospital. 

"On the plane, they said he died," Khloe, Lamar's ex-wife, reiterated. "Someone faked it."

"Someone had made a fake account and emailed me with the wrong information," Kim explained to Ryan. "And so, just seeing Khloe..."

"I was screaming," confessed Khloe, who married Lamar in 2009 but finalized their divorce in December 2016.

"She just fell and screamed on the plane," Kim revealed.

"But to think and go through the motions as if someone had passed away is the most traumatic thing to do," Khloe recalled of her own experience. "And then to know they're really alive -- it was too many emotions, I think, for any of us to handle."

Khloe first filed for divorce from Lamar in December 2013 due to his infidelity and drug abuse, which he later came to admit. But once Lamar overdosed and almost died, Khloe delayed the court proceedings to support his long road to recovery.

"She was the first thing I saw [when I woke from a coma]... She played a major role in me getting my memory back," Lamar explained to People in late March.

"She would bring pictures of my mother and my grandmother. I kept thinking, 'Am I paralyzed forever? Am I mute forever?' It was scary sh-t. Faith got me through. I was just blessed to be around her."

Lamar slowly regained his ability to walk and talk, and he reportedly completed a rehab stint in January 2016. However, reports and photos surfaced not long afterward of Lamar drinking alcohol again, much to Khloe's shock and disapproval.

Khloe -- feeling helpless and emotionally drained -- finally decided to refile the divorce papers in May 2016 and officially end her relationship with Lamar.

According to People, Lamar survived 12 strokes and two heart attacks in October 2015.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 05:00 PM EST
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People News : Elena Davies and Mark Jansen reveal status of relationship after 'Big Brother' and their next step
Big Brother 19 Elena Davies and Mark Jansen had a roller-coaster relationship in the Big Brother house, but they apparently want to keep working at it.

Mark told Entertainment Tonight after Big Brother's live Season 19 finale that "it's hard to say" how far his romance with Elena will progress, but he's definitely "crazy about her."

"I wanted a showmance [but] I didn't expect to have this strong of feelings, these strong of feelings for her," he gushed. "It'll be interesting to see what happens when we step out in the real world. I mean, I'm excited! I'm planning on going down to Dallas for a little bit."

Mark is a 26-year-old personal trainer from Grand Island, NY, who pursued Elena, a 26-year-old radio personality from Dallas, TX, the whole time both individuals were on Big Brother.

Elena pushed back at times -- and even once told Mark she was done with him -- mainly in fear they'd be viewed as a power couple and she would get roped into an outsiders alliance because of Mark's friendship with the house's common enemy, Cody Nickson.

"I never met anybody like her," Mark confessed of Elena. "She [played] hard to get in the beginning, I mean, she still is, as America has seen. But the biggest thing was that even when she wanted to keep her distance from me, every day she was there for me."

Elena also wanted some space from Mark sometimes because she didn't want a showmance to ruin her Big Brother game and ultimately deprive her of that $500,000 grand prize. Elena argued that she went on the show to play -- not mess around with a guy. 


"We had some back and forth in the house," Elena told ET in a separate interview. "It was more so back and forth with me, and a lot of just forth with him."

Elena explained of the pair's dynamic, "I tried very hard to keep my emotional health in mind while trying to start a potential romantic relationship with him, and it was challenging to do so in that environment."

However, once both houseguests were voted out of the game, sparks apparently flew.

"The jury house was a nice break. There's no camera, no pressure," Elena revealed.

"So, I would say we passed phase one, and phase two -- he's going to come hang out in Dallas for a while after this all wraps up, and we'll see what happens with phase three of the relationship, if we can make it in the real world."

While Mark admitted multiple times in his interview he's crazy about Elena, she also showed some vulnerability.

"I like Mark. I enjoy him quite a bit, and I'm excited to see if anything happens," Elena explained.


"I know he doesn't plan to live in Buffalo, long term -- it's a good sign. But I can't help but remain very rational and logical in all of this, like, I met a guy in the Big Brother house and he's going to move to Texas?! Are you kidding me? Are we all on drugs? That's nuts!"

Mark added he's "very excited to see where things go after this experience," but, "I don't want to rush it" with Elena.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 03:22 PM EST
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People News : Raven Walton and Matt Clines "excited" to turn 'Big Brother' showmance into real romance
Big Brother 19 Raven Walton and Matt Clines fully intend to continue dating in the real world now that their Big Brother showmance is in the past.

"I'm excited to see [what] the future... holds for me and Matthew," Raven gushed to Entertainment Tonight after Big Brother's live two-hour Season 19 finale. "We have connected on a whole new level."

In a separate interview with ET, Matt expressed similar sentiments about the future of his romance with Raven.

"We're going to see what happens," Matt said.

"We're going to hang around California for a week, spend time with each other. We haven't known each other for a single minute outside of this house, so yeah, I'm excited to get to know Raven outside of the house and see where it goes. I'm excited."

Raven, a 23-year-old ballet teacher and ghost investigator on the side from DeValls Bluff, AR, and Matt, a 33-year-old renovation consultant from Arlington, VA, got involved in a showmance at the beginning of the Big Brother season and stayed together for their whole time on the show.


When the house turned on the pair, Matt campaigned for Raven to stay -- and even attempted to receive penalty votes by breaking Big Brother "Have Not" rules to save her -- because he believed she needed and deserved the prize money more.

"I just love him as a person, because I mean, to give up $500,000 for somebody, that says a lot about how much he cared about me," Raven gushed.

Raven revealed on the show she suffers from a rare digestive disorder called Gastroparesis, which causes delayed stomach emptying, and so she has a pacemaker that is visible under her skin as well as a 12-inch scar. Raven also allegedly underwent eight stomach surgeries in her life.

So what bonded this quirky couple on the show? According to Raven, the simple things brought them together.

"We were attached at the hip. We bonded over doing dishes, we love a good prank, we love a good bed. He's just a funny guy," Raven said of the man who prided himself on Big Brother for setting a cereal-bowl eating record.

"He accepts me for who I am. I can't have kids and he was just like, 'That's no big deal!'"

And Matt, in turn, told ET of Raven, "She's freakin' hilarious, man. I don't even know why exactly, because I can't even understand half the stuff that comes out of her mouth."


In the Big Brother finale, Raven and Matt voted for Paul Abrahamian to win the show along with Kevin Schlehuber and Christmas Abbott, while the five other jury members voted to crown Josh Martinez champion of Season 19.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 12:31 PM EST
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People News : Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf talk plans for their "forever" relationship, reuniting on 'Big Brother' finale
Big Brother 19 Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf appear to be the real deal, and they have some big plans in the works for their future together.

Cody, a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Lake Mills, IA, who currently resides in Plano, TX, and Jessica, a 26-year-old VIP concierge from Cranston, RI who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, met and fell in love on Big Brother this season.

Not only did they work together, defend each other, and provide support and comfort for one another during the game, but Cody asked Jessica to officially be his girlfriend when she was evicted shortly before his own ouster from the Big Brother house.

"I am just extremely happy to be with her," Cody told Entertainment Tonight after the two-hour live Season 19 finale. "I haven't been around somebody I trusted for who knows how long. So, I'm just happy to be around somebody I can trust."

Because Cody made the jury and Jessica did not, the couple -- named "Jody" by America -- reunited for the first time onstage during the finale.

When asked to reveal the words that came to Cody's mind upon seeing his love for the first time in five weeks, Cody replied, "Can I say it on here?! No, no. It's not appropriate for television!"

"He looked good and he smelled good, so once the cameras were off, I was just in his neck and didn't leave there," Jessica told ET in a separate interview after the show.

Cody admitted that Jessica is his forever girl with an enthusiast head nod. He even hinted there may be a marriage proposal in the near future, saying, "She's over there. I've got to be quiet."

Likewise, Jessica insisted, "Hell yeah we are [going to last]," when asked about the staying power of her romance with Cody.

Now that Jessica and Cody can be together all the time, one of them will likely move to either Dallas or Los Angeles.

"We have a gameplan," Jessica teased. "You guys will have to wait and see... I think after tonight, you're going to see us permanently attached to each other."

"She probably knows the gameplan better than I do," Cody told ET. "I'll go with whatever Jess wants to do."

But on Wednesday night, all Cody wanted to do was "get drunk and makeout with [Jess] behind some stage somewhere," he said. "She's hot."


Jessica and Cody definitely didn't leave the game of Big Brother empty-handed, as they both found each other and Cody won the $25,000 check for being named "America's Favorite Houseguest."

"Yeah, I don't understand that at all," Cody confessed with a little laugh. "[Jess] campaigned like hell for me... Gosh, she's awesome. Like, she impresses me every day. She's incredible."

"I asked our fans to unite the vote," Jessica explained, revealing that she tossed all votes for herself onto Cody. "And they united the vote, and I couldn't be more satisfied."

Jessica is also pleased with Cody's deciding vote in the Big Brother finale in which Josh Martinez was crowned champion over returning player Paul Abrahamian in a 5-4 voting outcome.

"It just shows, he's exactly who I thought he was," Jessica gushed to ET. "He flipped the house, he flipped the vote and it was very satisfying to watch."

"I mean, I don't like either of them," Cody explained of his decision to deny Paul the $500,000 grand prize.


"So, it's just one of those deals where, Paul was, like, behind some curtain, while Josh is actually heads up in my face. So, I actually respect that more than somebody that's supposedly a puppetmaster behind a curtain."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 10:32 AM EST
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Josh Martinez: I'm shocked I got Cody Nickson, Elena Davies and Mark Jansen's 'Big Brother' jury votes
Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez won Big Brother, however he apparently read the jury incorrectly and anticipated a completely opposite result.

Despite tormenting Mark Jansen and Cody Nickson this season with pots and pans, Josh received votes from both of them to win over runner-up Paul Abrahamian during Wednesday night's Season 19 finale.

Josh also earned jury votes from Mark's showmance partner Elena Davies, as well as Alex Ow and Jason Dent.

"It was completely shocking because I thought Cody, Elena, and Mark were going to vote for Paul... It was so insane for me to think I'd even have those votes," Josh told Entertainment Weekly.

"I thought I would have [Kevin Schlehuber], [Christmas Abbott], [Matt Clines] -- like, for some odd reason, I thought I would have Matt."

But Kevin, Christmas, Matt and Raven Walton voted for Paul to win the $500,000.

"I was in shock. I thought once Christmas' vote came in I was like, 'I'm done.' I'm like. 'Christmas didn't vote for me? Paul won the game.' And then the votes started dropping and I couldn't believe what was happening. And then I get Cody's vote and I was like 'WHAT?!?' I was in complete shock," Josh recalled.

So why does Josh believe his greatest enemies in the house this season ended up siding with him?

"I think that they respected my game and how I played a fearless game. And I spoke my mind and was straightforward to their face. I wasn't doing manipulating or doing things behind their back," Josh explained to EW. "And I think Mark and Cody appreciated that, and that's what got me the win."

Josh was also banking on the fact jury members would be furious with Paul for backstabbing or lying to them. After all, the veteran player had made final deals with all three of the couples that made it far into the game -- Raven and Matt, Christmas and Josh, and Alex and Jason.

"To be completely honest with you, I knew that me and Paul had both pissed off the same amount of people on the jury. I did not think at all I would beat Christmas because she literally killed everybody with kindness, she handled every eviction that she had with grace, and people didn't leave pissed off at her," Josh reasoned as to why he brought Paul to the end with him instead of his gal pal.

"With me and Paul, I was a bit more straightforward, I said how it was."

But Josh knew he had his work cut out for him going up against Paul, who boasted a long Big Brother resume of big moves and competition wins.

"I think Paul, he played a great game. He had no choice but to play an aggressive game because he was a vet. People can feel what they want, but he had to play that game," Josh insisted.

Looking back on his game as a whole, Josh told EW that he stands by every decision he had made -- even attacking people with verbal insults or by banging pots and pans in houseguests' faces.

"I honestly don't regret anything. The funny thing is that Paul would tell me things like that, but I never did anything if it wasn't good for my game. I wanted to be completely underestimated and wanted people to think they had control over me, because if they have control, I'm not a threat, I'm an ally," Josh explained.

"In the fifth week, I woke up at 9 in the morning with pots and pans to throw Mark and Cody off of their game, and Elena. It wasn't because Paul told me. I did it for my game. Yeah, he would egg me on... but if it didn't benefit me, then I wasn't going to do it."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Friday, September 22, 2017 - 09:49 AM EST
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Industry News : Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s 'The Bachelor' season begins filming, Mike Fleiss shares first photo
The Bachelor 22 Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor has started filming!

Production on Season 22 of The Bachelor is underway, as filming began on Wednesday, September 20 in Los Angeles, CA, and show creator Mike Fleiss is providing fans with updates along the way on Twitter.

"Night One!!! #TheBachelor," Fleiss tweeted yesterday.

Fleiss then shared a photo of himself at The Bachelor's famous mansion with the franchise's longtime host Chris Harrison, ABC reality chief Robert Mills, and Arie himself.

Fleiss captioned the image of the four smiling men, "Guess who's back? Back again. Arie's back. Tell a friend. #TheBachelor #JanuArie."

A few hours later, Fleiss told fans there was a "fantastic group of women" competing for the professional auto racer turned real estate agent from Scottsdale, AZ.

"[Arie] has got some tough choices to make tonite... #the bachelor," Fleiss tweeted.

The Bachelor star always eliminates a group of ladies following the meet-and-greets and the season's first cocktail party.

Arie's participation on The Bachelor's 2018 edition, which will premiere in January, was officially announced earlier this month.

Arie, 36, first competed for Emily Maynard's heart on The Bachelorette's eighth season in 2012 and finished as the runner-up behind winner Jef Holm. Arie developed a reputation for being a gentleman and excellent kisser on the show.

Following his first stint on reality television, Arie was extremely close to being cast as the Bachelor for Season 17 in 2013 and then Season 19 in 2015, which starred Sean Lowe and Chris Soules, respectively.

For the show's nineteenth season, Arie revealed to Us Weekly around this same time last year that he had booked a flight to Los Angeles and signed contracts with The Bachelor executives only to have the rug pulled out from beneath him last minute.

Bachelor Nation has had a polarizing reaction to Arie's casting, but Chris Harrison and producers have faith it will be a great season and a nice change of pace.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 11:38 PM EST
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Paul Abrahamian: I thought I'd probably beat Josh Martinez in a 6-3 'Big Brother' vote, Alex Ow broke her word to me
Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian watched $500,000 slip through his fingers when Josh Martinez was named the winner of Big Brother by only one vote. It was a brutal moment, but Paul has seemingly realized he had poor jury-management skills.

"I don't know who I could have been up there with [in Final 2] and won seeing as how all the things that I did managed the jury to be upset with me," Paul told Entertainment Weekly following Wednesday night's finale broadcast.

If Paul had won the final Head of Household competition, he said he would've brought Josh to the Final 2 anyway.

"I thought I had a better chance with him, because he had so many crazy arguments with jury members and they didn't like him and always bad-mouthed him, so I went ahead and assumed, 'Okay, the jury is going to be pissed at me, but I know they definitely don't like Josh. And hopefully they can see my gameplay and get rid of the emotions.' Because I thought that was the point of jury roundtables. I guess not," Paul explained.

Paul said it was a "pretty gnarly" experience to listen to Big Brother host Julie Chen read the votes for Josh to win one by one. (Josh received 5 votes and Paul earned 4).


"Coming that close and falling short by one vote was definitely not easy," Paul said, admitting that he anticipated a completely different turnout.

"I thought it would probably come out to like 6-3 [votes in my favor] or something of that sort. [Alex Ow] gave me her word to give me her vote and she said she would fight for me in jury, but she didn't. She did the exact opposite, it seems like," Paul explained.

In addition to Alex, the other jurors who voted for Josh to win were Jason Dent, Cody Nickson, Mark Jansen, and Elena Davies.

"So I guess I had the numbers wrong in my head," acknowledged Paul, who received votes from Raven Walton, Matt Clines, Kevin Schlehuber, and third-place finisher Christmas Abbott.

Paul apparently doesn't feel that Josh played a better Big Brother game, so the returning houseguest would not concede that the loud and emotional Miami native deserved to win.

"It's not that I don't think he played a good game. It's that countless times during the season he admitted that if it weren't for me, he wouldn't even be there. And I definitely flipped the house to keep him a few times and kinda kept him safe under my wing," Paul insisted.

"So arguably, if you're looking at it from his perspective, he attached to the vet and made it to the end, so you can't say he didn't play a good game, but I definitely think I put in more footwork during the season."


Most of Paul's work was done behind the scenes, as he often allowed his allies to become Head of Household or win the Power of Veto in order to do his dirty work for him.

Paul, afraid of a bitter jury, didn't want the blood on his hands after finishing as the runner-up on Season 18 behind Nicole Franzel.

However, Josh chose to expose Paul's objectives in the goodbye messages he had taped for evicted houseguests, which played following each juror's ouster from the game.

When asked whether he thought Josh's message for each departing houseguest was a smart move or low blow, Paul replied, "I guess it was a little bit of both because he won."

"But, at the same time, in that same moment [he] admitted that I was the mastermind behind the plan, so it's kind of ironic that they would still toss it to him," Paul continued to EW.

"But I guess he had a better understanding of the jury and their emotions or whatever it may be, and I guess throwing me under the bus was the best gameplay for him. So it worked."

Had Josh taken Christmas to the Final 2 instead, Paul said he would've voted for Christmas to win. (Although Josh told EW that he'd vote for Paul to take home the $500,000 over Christmas).

"I think she made more strategic moves in the house and her broken foot still making it to the end I think was pretty impressive," the veteran player noted.

And if Paul had gone to the end with Christmas, he believes he still would have lost the game.

"Seeing as how this outcome came out, I probably would have lost as well. I would have lost regardless, really," Paul confessed.

On a side note, Paul called Cody winning "America's Favorite Houseguest" a "very, very bizarre" notion given Kevin and Jason were also in the running for the honor.


"I think there were a lot of other houseguests that showed a bit more of their personality, and just based on the way Cody kind of treated houseguests and carried himself in the house, it's not something that I really thought was impressive. But kudos to America, I guess," Paul said.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 05:39 PM EST
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People News : Audrina Patridge files for divorce from Corey Bohan, seeks restraining order for domestic violence
The Hills Audrina Patridge has filed for divorce and a restraining order against her husband of 10 months, Corey Bohan.

The former The Hills star, 32, filed for divorce on Wednesday, September 20, only two days after seeking a temporary restraining order against Corey stemming from a domestic violence incident, People reported.

"Audrina's number one concern is for her daughter and she asks for privacy at this time," Audrina's representative told the magazine.

Audrina and Corey, a 35-year-old professional BMX rider, welcomed a daughter, Kirra Max, in June 2016 and then tied the knot in November of that year.

In regards to Audrina's alleged domestic violence claims, a source told People, "These problems have existed their entire relationship. They broke up and got back together, and she really thought things would be different when they got married."

"But she's realized things had to change before it got even worse," the source added, "and she had to get her and her daughter out of the situation."

A court hearing has reportedly been scheduled for October 2017, and the couple has yet to publicly comment on their split.

Although Audrina and Corey got married less than a year ago, they had been dating on and off since 2008.

The pair exchanged vows in an intimate Hawaiian ceremony in front of 100 loved ones exactly one year after Corey popped the question at the Summit House restaurant in Orange County, CA. Audrina announced her pregnancy only several weeks after getting engaged.

Audrina and Corey's breakup probably comes as a surprise to fans considering they put on a united front on Instagram as recently as late August.

Audrina also competed on Season 11 of Dancing with the Stars with her professional partner Tony Dovolani and served as the host of 1st Look, a former travel series on NBC.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 05:19 PM EST
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Christmas Abbott: I'd have won 'Big Brother' if I'd made the Final 2 against Paul Abrahamian or Josh Martinez
Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott apparently believes she would have won Big Brother had she gone to the Final 2 with either Paul Abrahamian or Josh Martinez.

Christmas finished Season 19 of Big Brother in third place after Josh won the final Head of Household competition and cast the sole vote to evict her in order to bring Paul -- an equally disliked player with many enemies in the jury -- to the end.

At the time, Christmas was proud of Josh for making a move with his head instead of his heart because she was convinced she would have had him beat.

"I believe the jury would have voted for me [to win]," Christmas told Entertainment Weekly.

Josh's decision to send Christmas packing seemed like a shocking and risky move at the time; however, because Christmas had been his No. 1 ally all season long and Paul had a very impressive Big Brother resume to brag about, not to mention he controlled most of the players this season.

Once Josh put Christmas on the jury, she also decided that her vote belonged to Paul for the win.


"Paul was always five steps ahead," Christmas explained, adding that she still stands by her choice. "Josh also said he was going to take me to Final 2. When he did not take me to Final 2, I knew where I had to put my vote."

It was a tough blow for Christmas to lose the game so close to the end and watch her two allies duke it out for $500,000 grand prize.

"It was really crushing," the fitness enthusiast from North Carolina said of her exit. "It hurts my heart. It was really, really difficult for me."

Had Christmas ended up in the Final 2 with Paul instead, she believes it would have been no contest. (The jury split their votes between Josh and Paul 5-4, respectively).

"I definitely believe people would have looked at me versus Paul and at least a majority of the jury would have given me the votes," Christmas insisted. "So knowing that, it's a bittersweet pill to swallow."

When Paul and Josh both spoke with EW, they agreed Christmas would have won the game against them because she had never backstabbed, tormented or lied to people who considered her a friend or ally in the Big Brother house. Paul and Josh had both assumed the jury was going to be bitter and emotional.


Christmas missed out on all the money because Paul won $50,000 for finishing as the runner-up and Cody Nickson claimed $25,000 for being selected as "America's Favorite Houseguest."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 05:09 PM EST
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Features & Interviews : 'The Bachelor' couples now: Whom did 'The Bachelor' stars and their final picks ultimately end up with? (PHOTOS)
The Bachelor 21 The Bachelor's 21st season with Nick Viall aired its finale on ABC this past spring --- which means 21 The Bachelor love journeys have now unfolded on TV.

While The Bachelorette seems to have a better success rate when it comes to relationships, several The Bachelor stars and their winning bachelorettes ended up in serious engagements or healthy marriages.

In some cases, Bachelors are still together with the women they had selected at the end of their journey on TV.

Former The Bachelor star Sean Lowe, for example, found his happily ever after on Season 17 with Catherine Giudici, whom he proposed to during the finale. The reality TV stars are currently married with one child, a baby boy named Samuel.

But the majority of The Bachelor stars found love elsewhere after the show, typically outside of Bachelor Nation, as did the women who walked away with a final rose.

Matt Grant from The Bachelor: London Calling, for example, just recently got engaged. The bachelorette he chose on the show, Shayne Lamas, is now also married.

Curious to see how The Bachelor couples ended up and whom they are engaged or married to now?! How about Aaron Buerge, Andrew Firestone, Bob Guiney, Travis Stork and more?

Click our GALLERY link below to browse through some adorable photos of today's happy couples who sought love on The Bachelor -- starting with early-season stars like Amanda Marsh, Aaron Buerge, Helene Eksterowicz, Andrew Firestone, Jen Schefft, Bob Guiney, Jessica Bowlin, Byron Velvick, Mary Delgado, Sarah Brice, Travis Stork, and Sarah Stone and continuing through all 20 prior seasons!

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 04:43 PM EST
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Paul Abrahamian was robbed of 'Big Brother' win and the jury made the wrong choice, Julie Chen says
Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian's surprising Big Brother loss this season was definitely not deserved, according to longtime host Julie Chen.

In a repeat of last summer's Big Brother edition, Paul finished as the runner-up through a super close 5-4 jury vote.

Josh Martinez was therefore crowned champion and walked away with $500,000 during Wednesday night's finale of Season 19, and the outcome seemingly stemmed from a bitter and emotional jury.

"I think the jury made the wrong choice," Julie told Entertainment Weekly after the show. "Paul was robbed."

Based on footage of the season that played during the finale, almost every single houseguest trusted and aligned with Paul during some point in the game. Most players even relied on him to advance in the game.

The self-declared "puppetmaster" also won nine competitions and never once sat on the chopping block for a live eviction, other than when Josh cast the deciding vote for Christmas Abbott to go home in the Final 3. Paul was smart and manipulative, but the jury didn't appreciate his lies and sneaky betrayals.

"But Josh was no slouch," Julie pointed out. "He won competitions, had a conscience and didn't mislead people in the same slick way that Paul did."

As houseguest Alex Ow put it, she voted for Josh to win because he had "stabbed her in the front," while Paul had stabbed her in the back. Jason Dent, Mark Jansen, Elena Davies, and Cody Nickson also voted for Josh to be crowned champion.

"I thought Alex would bury the hatchet being the gamer she is, and that Cody would also respect and recognize that Paul truly did outplay everyone," Julie revealed.

"But no dice. Not even from Mark, who seemed so level-headed when it comes to being about who played who and who was running the show."

Except for Cody and Jessica Graf, all the houseguests thought they were best friends with Paul and the veteran player's top choice for the Final 2, so most of the jury members apparently took their game departures personally.

"I didn't know what to expect with the jury votes," Julie explained to EW. "Honestly, I thought, 'This will be either a landslide for Paul, or Josh wins by a vote of two.' The only locks I thought Paul had were [Raven Gates] and [Matt Clines]."


In addition to Raven and Matt, Christmas Abbott and Kevin Schlehuber also voted for Paul to win the game.

When Paul learned he had lost the game, he appeared absolutely crushed and devastated onstage, telling Big Brother's host, "I have no idea how I came up short. I did everything I could... If people didn't see that I had to fight my way through to make it to the end, then that's on them."

Julie said she thought Paul was "more than stunned" by the jury's voting results.

"I think Paul was embarrassed and upset. But more embarrassed than anything," Julie shared.

"You could feel his frustration with himself for miscalculating how the jury would ultimately vote. He should have shown more remorse in his final plea to the jury. And he shouldn't have been making faces during Josh's speech to the jury."

Paul focused mainly on his Big Brother resume -- a long list of moves and competition wins -- in his final jury speech rather than apologizing to his fellow houseguests for hurting or blindsiding them. Paul only briefly defended his behavior in the house when slapped with accusations such utilizing "bullying tactics."

Paul won $50,000 for finishing Big Brother's nineteenth season in second place. And Cody won $25,000 for being voted as "America's Favorite Houseguest" in the finale.


"Cody not only won America's Favorite Houseguest, but he won by a lot! Wow. I guess people responded to him suddenly being the underdog and being persona non grata in the house," Julie said of the stone-cold, Battle-Back competition winner and twice evictee.

"He was also not a phony. He was straightforward with people -- if he didn't like you, he told you to your face, for better or worse. People responded to his honesty if you will."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 03:33 PM EST
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People News : Darci Lynne Farmer: I was "shocked and delirious" onstage when crowned 'America's Got Talent' champion
America's Got Talent 12 Darci Lynne Farmer is opening up about her huge $1 million win on America's Got Talent.

The 12-year-old singing ventriloquist from Oklahoma was named America's Got Talent's twelfth-season winner over runner-up Angelica Hale, a 9-year-old powerhouse singer, on Wednesday night's two-hour finale broadcast.

"I was so overcome with joy, and I was kind of shocked and delirious at that time so I can't remember anything," Darci told Us Weekly of her big moment onstage.

"It was waterworks right here on this face," she added. "I was like a water faucet."

Once Darci was crowned champion, her family members rushed the stage to celebrate, including two ecstatic brothers.

"I felt so loved during my AGT journey by all the contestants," Darci shared, "and all the staff, my friends and family, and everyone, it just all came out [in my reaction]."

Darci also revealed what she plans to do with all of her prize money -- and it's pretty adorable.

"I want a pug so bad because I love puppies," Darci told the magazine. "It has been a long time since I had a puppy. I want a pug because they have wrinkles and fat rolls and they are so cute."

America's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell was apparently rooting for the talented young girl to win the season.

"I followed what America was saying, trust me. I said about to five people last night, 'You could win,'" Simon said in reference to Tuesday's Top 10 final performance show.

"I covered myself. But I do believe with Darci, when I watched it back, she was the one I would say who brought something so few people could do, let alone at that age."

Simon added, according to Us, "Over the previous years, we've had young kids win the show before, and we've had a lot of young kids who don't win the show. It all depends. The public who vote watch this show, they're not stupid. They know who the talent is. I always say about those shows, you can't put rules around it. You just say if it's talent, anyone can enter."

The voting total following Tuesday night's performance show was the highest in the reality talent competition's history, with 52 million votes.

In addition to walking away with $1 million, Darci will also headline an "America's Got Talent Live" stage show that will take place on November 3 and 4 at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Light Balance, a glowing dance crew, finished in third place on America's Got Talent's finale, while fourth place went to Mandy Harvey, a 29-year-old deaf singer and songwriter.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 03:03 PM EST
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Josh Martinez on 'Big Brother' victory: I thought I had "no shot," it's crazy I defeated Paul Abrahamian!
Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez apparently never saw his Big Brother victory coming.

Josh was up against returning player Paul Abrahamian and his closest pal Christmas Abbott in the Final 3, and after winning the last Head of Household competition, the Miami native decided to take Paul to the end, which was a very risky choice given Paul's strong resume of big moves, manipulation and competition wins.

Josh told Entertainment Tonight after the live two-hour finale broadcast on CBS that he thought he had "no shot" to win Season 19 against a savvy player like Paul, 24-year-old clothing designer and band member from Tarzana, CA.

"Not at all," Josh confirmed. "I don't even know what's going on. I don't even think I won. It's crazy."

After 92 days in the Big Brother house, Josh, a 23-year-old in haircare sales who currently resides in Homestead, FL, took home the grand prize of $500,000 via a tight 5-4 jury vote over Paul.

Josh received jury votes to win from the following previously-evicted Big Brother houseguests: Jason Dent, Alex Ow, Mark Jansen, Elena Davies, and Cody Nickson.

"I was completely shocked," Josh told ET of the close jury vote, adding that Cody's vote blew him away since the pair pretty much hated each other during their time together in the house. "I was like, 'What?!'"

Cody reportedly said that he chose to vote for Josh to win because the loud and emotional houseguest had at least been honest to his face about not liking him.

As viewers saw on the show, Cody had no respect for Paul, especially after he felt the self-declared "puppetmaster" verbally disrespected his girlfriend Jessica Graf in the house.

"Wow, that's huge. That's awesome," Josh noted of Cody's decision.

Paul claimed $50,000 for finishing in the runner-up spot after receiving votes from Christmas, Raven Walton, Matt Clines, and Kevin Schlehuber.


Paul appeared crushed and devastated over the loss because he worked extremely hard this season and also finished Season 18 in second place behind winner Nicole Franzel.

When asked what he's going to do with the prize money, Josh replied, "Honestly, I have no idea."

"[Get] an accountant! An accountant, an accountant," he joked. "I have no idea. But I do know that me, Paul and Christmas, we planned to world tour. I'm going to stick to my word. We're going to travel the world together."

As expected, Josh also plans to "give back" to his parents. (He lives with his mother and multiple family members).

"They're like, 'We don't want anything,' but I want to give back to them," Josh confirmed.

Josh also insisted to ET that he'd love to play Big Brother again if granted the opportunity.

"Give me six months and I'll jump right back in, pot and pans and all!" he joked.


Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 02:37 PM EST
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