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The Bachelorette 13 Rachel Lindsay has revealed why her family was so skeptical of Bryan Abasolo when The Bachelorette star brought him home to Dallas, Texas.

During the latest The Bachelorette episode, Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, was in the hotseat while getting to know Rachel's family. Not only did they grill him with questions and openly doubt his sincerity and love for Rachel, but they also seemed put off by his charm and tact.

Well, according to Rachel, her loved ones had some preconceived notions about Bryan before he even stepped in the front door.

"Bryan was the last guy to meet the Lindsays. I knew my family had already watched Bryan's 'sloppy seconds' comment on Ellen so he had a bit of an uphill battle," Rachel wrote in her People blog.


Rachel appeared on a March broadcast of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in which more than a handful of her bachelors stepped onstage and introduced themselves about a week into filming The Bachelorette's thirteenth season.

Bryan -- who gave Rachel her first kiss of the season and then received the First Impression Rose -- noted at the time Rachel was "a great kisser," and after Peter Kraus agreed, Bryan quipped, "He got my sloppy seconds!"

Ellen DeGeneres noted it wasn't smart of Bryan to kiss and tell, but Rachel just laughed the exchange.

In addition to the cringe-worthy "sloppy seconds" remark, Rachel revealed her family was skeptical of Bryan and his intentions because they had conducted some research of their own prior to meeting him.

"What I found out that day is they had also done some snooping online and read some other things about Bryan's past," Rachel explained in her blog. "They caused my family to come off a bit critical from the jump."

While Rachel didn't elaborate on the unflattering "things" her family discovered, the Bachelorette is presumbaly referring to a RadarOnline report from March that Bryan had been accused of insurance fraud by allegedly documenting false medical records, bills and invoices.

Bryan was reportedly sued by All State Insurance Company in March 2016 but the case was dismissed a year later.


Rachel said, however, the "things from [Bryan's] past" were not "remotely a concern or relevant" to her.

"One thing I always say is that 'I am chill until I'm not.' And I went right to that place as my family continually questioned how sincere his strong feelings were with me," Rachel wrote.

"Look, I get it. I was initially skeptical of Bryan, too, and made him very aware of that throughout this journey, but we had already worked past that and it wasn't a subject I needed them to revisit all day."

By the time Bryan, Peter and Eric Bigger met the attorney's family, Bryan was the only man to actually say, "I love you," to Rachel.

Of all the bachelors, Bryan consistently expressed how he felt and insisted he meant every word of what was said.


"Luckily, Bryan had more patience with their questions than I did. Seeing how unwavering he was about his hopes for an engagement and how protective of him I got made my family realize the love was real," Rachel gushed.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 04:12 PM EST
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People News : Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate reportedly three months pregnant with their third child
Keeping Up with the Kardashians Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly expecting their third child together.

The couple previously hired a surrogate and, according to a source, the woman is now three months along in her pregnancy, Us Weekly reported.

Since it would be dangerous for 36-year-old Kim to carry the baby herself, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star reportedly hired a mother in her late 20s located in San Diego, CA, to do it for her.

The pregnant woman whom Kim and the 40-year-old rapper hired has served as a surrogate before, Us reported, and even appeared with her family in a promotional video about the process.

The surrogate was referred by an agency and will likely welcome Kim and Kanye's child in January 2018.

The parents to North, 4, and Saint, 19 months, have reportedly agreed to pay $45,000 in 10 monthly installments of $4,500 for the surrogate, on top of the huge $68,850 deposit given to the agency, according to TMZ. In the case of twins or triplets, Kim and Kanye will pay $5,000 per additional child.

The surrogate's contract reportedly includes standard expectant-mom guidelines that prevent the woman from drinking, smoking, drug use, using hot tubs and saunas, eating raw fish and handling cat litter.

Reports surfaced in June 2017 that Kim and Kanye had hired a surrogate to carry their third child.

During an April episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim was shown venting about how a surrogate may be her only option for Baby No. 3.

"Having more kids is definitely going to be a struggle," Kim admitted on the show before undergoing a procedure designed to repair her uterus and remove scar tissue.

"I've gone through so much with really bad deliveries that the doctors don't feel like it's safe for me to conceive again myself. This surgery is really the one last thing I can try. I want my kids to have siblings and I want to know that I did everything I could to make this happen."

However, a doctor told Kim at the time there were complications during the surgery and it didn't work out as planned. Kim was not only frustrated, but she told her friend Jonathan Cheban that she had a "full break down."

Kim later said in a confessional on her family's show: "Kanye and I are going to look into other options and see what we are comfortable with. I'm definitely leaning towards I want to try [surrogacy]... I always knew surrogacy was an option, now it's my reality. Whatever is meant to be will be."

Kim underwent two surgeries after delivering North in order to conceive and carry her son Saint. She suffered from placenta accreta -- a condition that affects five percent of women giving birth in which the placenta stays attached to the inside of the uterus -- both times.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 04:08 PM EST
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'The Bachelorette' star Rachel Lindsay: It was tough seeing my mom support Peter Kraus' reluctance to propose
The Bachelorette 13 The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay felt her relationship with Peter Kraus progressed to the next level when he met her family in Dallas -- until she watched The Bachelorette episode back on TV.

"I knew what it was like to have reservations, but also I knew we had to get past them soon if we were going to make this relationship work. I was shocked when he confessed he was falling in love before we even got in the door!" Rachel wrote in her People blog.

Despite telling Rachel that he was falling in love with her, Peter told the Bachelorette's mother Kathy that he wasn't sure he'd be ready to pop the question at the end of it all.

So instead of asking for Kathy's permission to potentially propose marriage, Peter requested her blessing to simply continue dating Rachel.

"It was actually tough watching his one-on-one conversations and seeing my mother support his reluctance to propose," Rachel confessed. "We had just taken a big step forward by saying 'love' and it felt like she was supporting a step backward."

Rachel was also hurt by Peter and Kathy's discussion because the bachelor's actions during that family visit spoke volumes.

"Watching Peter color with my nephew Alistair on the kitchen floor made him seem ready for an engagement," Rachel noted.


But after an "almost perfect day," Rachel wrote in her blog that she "still had doubts" about whether Peter "would be ready to start his own family in a matter of weeks" by getting down on one knee.

"That was the struggle," Rachel explained, "the push and pull in my relationship with Peter, he was giving me just enough to stay around without taking a stance on his feelings. Leaving Dallas, I knew I needed a definitive outlook on what Peter wanted for himself and what he wanted with me."

Rachel, Peter and the other two remaining bachelors, Bryan Abasolo and Eric Bigger, then traveled to Rioja, Spain for Rachel's round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

"Peter was a fitting man to bring on date to a winery because his feelings took their sweet time maturing," Rachel quipped.

"As much as I enjoyed the romantic moments I shared with Peter that day, hearing that he asked my mother for permission to just date was a sobering moment. I knew we needed to have a very serious conversation that night."


Rachel and Peter did, in fact, jump into a very difficult discussion that evening.

Peter revealed he only wants to get engaged once because he feels an engagement is just as significant as a marriage, which is also a once-in-a-lifetime commitment. Rachel, on the other hand, felt it was important to get engaged at the end of The Bachelor process in order to cultivate a serious relationship in the real world.

Although Rachel and Peter seemed to respect and understand each other's opinions on the subject, neither individual was willing to budge.

"Even after I expressed I wasn't on this journey for anything less than a lifelong commitment, he didn't show any willingness to try and get there too," explained Rachel, who flat out told Peter she didn't want to leave The Bachelorette with just a boyfriend.


"He just told me he was falling in love with me a week ago but suddenly everything felt like it was falling apart around us. We were stuck and I was completely speechless."

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 04:06 PM EST
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Things to Know : Josh Martinez -- 7 things to know about the 'Big Brother' Season 19 houseguest
Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez appears to be in some big trouble right now on Big Brother's nineteenth season.

Josh is a 23-year-old passionate houseguest from Miami, FL, who works in haircare sales and currently resides in Homestead, FL.

Josh started the game of Big Brother with a target on his back because of his heated outbursts and frequent emotional breakdowns, however, he managed to calm down and make friendships in the house.

But now that Jessica Graf is Head of Household, Josh has found himself on the chopping block alongside her pawn, Ramses Soto. Josh doesn't get along with Jessica and her boyfriend Cody, not to mention he just turned his back on Mark Jensen following a big argument over a game of pool. So will this self-declared "mama's boy" survive eviction this week?

Below is a list of 7 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Josh Martinez:

- Josh, who calls himself reactive and impulsive, grew up in the business industry and says he can pick out a liar, snake and manipulator with ease.

- Josh has been a huge fan of Big Brother since Season 14. He said he didn't go on the show for fame or notoriety; He just wanted the money.

- The greatest accomplishment of his life was obtaining his Bachelor's degree from college.

- Josh enjoys playing sports, going to the gym, reading, hiking, traveling, meeting new people, being an adrenaline junkie, and having new experiences.

- If Josh could have taken three things into the Big Brother house with him, he would've picked a cell phone to stay connected with the world, his mom to cook and clean for him, and his brother or sister so they could raise hell together.

- Josh's life motto is to play hard, work hard and live life the way you want.

- His favorite Big Brother player of all time is "Evel" Dick Donato from Season 8.

Josh says Dick spoke his mind, was an "assh-le" when he needed to be, didn't care what others thought of him, and always defended his daughter.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 12:44 PM EST
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Show Update News : 'America's Got Talent' judges send 7 more acts to live shows including "Golden Buzzer" winner Chase Goehring
America's Got Talent 12 America's Got Talent judges Heidi Klum, Melanie "Mel B" Brown, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell advanced seven of 20 acts to Season 12's live shows during Tuesday night's NBC broadcast.

The "Judge Cuts" round continued last night with 20 acts taking the stage one at a time and the judges making some extremely difficult elimination decisions.

AGT's judges were joined by guest judge DJ Khaled, who had the power to automatically advance one act without deliberation via the "Golden Buzzer."

DJ Khaled hit the "Golden Buzzer" for Chase Goehring, a 21-year-old singer and songwriter, because he performed an impressive original song.

DJ Khaled thought Chase's lyrics were real and authentic, and he believes the contestant -- who may remind some viewers of Ed Sheeran -- will become a superstar.

The six other acts the judges selected to advance to live shows were Junior and Emily, an adult salsa duo; Mirror Image, 16-year-old twin singers and dancers; Evie Clair, a 13-year-old singer; Colin Cloud, a 30-year-old mind reader; Puddles Pity Party, a 53-year-old sad singing clown; and Yoli Mayor, a 21-year-old singer.

The seven acts were chosen because they either blew the judges away or tugged at their heartstrings.

Colin Cloud and Yoli Mayor were the two standout acts in the group. Colin read Mel B's mind twice and absolutely stunned the audience with his ability. Yoli, who sounds a bit like Adele, received a standing ovation from all four judges.

The results unfortunately sent 13 talented acts packing -- including Jokgu and Aichan, two chicken pianists, who received an "X" from everyone on the judging panel before their performance concluded.

Some of the eliminated acts were Sammulous, a 22-year-old singer; Steven Scott, a 44-year-old comedian; The Quiddlers, an adult variety and comedic act; Str8jacket, a group of adult dancers; Solto & T Dot, a duo of dancers and acrobats in their twenties; and Dakota Striplin, a 23-year-old singer and guitarist.

The rest of the acts who were sent home were the Azeri Brothers, two stuntmen and daredevils in their thirties; The Godfathers, an acrobat and balancing act in their twenties; Tulga, a 33-year-old strongman act; Kyle Eschen, a 24-year-old magician; Xavier Mortimer, a 37-year-old magician and illusionist; and Pelican 212, a large family band.

America's Got Talent's live shows will begin airing Tuesday, August 15 at 8PM ET/PT, with the live results following on Wednesday nights each week.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 12:31 PM EST
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Show Spoiling News : 'The Bachelorette' spoilers: Rachel Lindsay's winner and her runner-up bachelor revealed!
The Bachelorette 13 The Bachelorette spoilers have given away the conclusion of Rachel Lindsay's season of the reality dating show, even though two weeks remain in Season 13.

[Spoiler Warning: Please do not read the rest of this article if you want to be surprised by whom Rachel chooses in the end].

Rachel Lindsay's season of The Bachelorette is winding down, with The Men Tell All episode airing on Monday, July 31 and the big season finale airing on Monday, August 7.

The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison teased a "dramatic" and "unbelievable" ending during a preview that aired at the end of the latest episode, which featured Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus meeting Rachel's family in Dallas, TX.

The finale will kick off with Rachel debating whether to offer Peter a Fantasy Suite date invitation.

"What's wrong with me?" Peter is shown asking in a preview clip as tears stream down his face.

"What am I supposed to say?" Rachel says in reply, totally choked up.

After Peter's date, Bryan will accompany Rachel on a one-on-one date, but will he be offered the Fantasy Suite? Following Rachel's round of overnight dates, she will have to eliminate one of her three bachelors -- setting up the final Rose Ceremony in Spain.

"I just feel like I'm making a big mistake," Rachel admits in the finale preview. "I don't want to repeat what I've done in every single relationship... I want a proposal, [but] am I forcing myself to do something that I'm not ready for?"

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Rachel picked Bryan, a 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, FL, as her winner at the final Rose Ceremony.

Bryan allegedly proposed marriage to the Bachelorette with a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring and they are currently happily engaged. 

"My sources... are sure she's with Bryan. And so am I. If they are wrong, I'm wrong," Carbone wrote in a June 5 blog post, although he initially reported an incorrect spoiler prior to The Bachelorette's May 22 premiere when he claimed Peter was actually the man who proposed to Rachel.

Carbone says the source who told him JoJo Fletcher got engaged to Jordan Rodgers at the end of her journey on The Bachelorette is the same source who is convinced Bryan ends up with Rachel this time around.

Rachel has revealed to numerous media outlets in recent weeks that she'd love to get married to her winner in 2018.

"Ideally, I'd like to get married next year, but who knows? We'll see what happens," Rachel told People. "He wants to wait a year too, but probably sooner. I think he's just following my lead."

The man who finished as Rachel's runner-up, according to Carbone, was Peter, a 31-year-old personal trainer and business owner from Madison, WI.

While there may be some huge Peter fans out there, Rachel apparently made a choice in Spain that was best for her.

"I love my fiance," Rachel told People.

As shown on the season so far, Peter has expressed he may not be ready to propose to Rachel at the end of this process if he's the last man standing.

Because an engagement essentially means marriage to Peter -- and he only wants to do this once -- he's not jumping to propose to Rachel after only dating her for a couple of months even though he's falling in love with her and really cares about her.

Peter is trying to move past his "fears, doubts and concerns" after meeting Rachel's family and enjoying a romantic date at a wine vineyard in Rioja, but at the same time, he revealed during the evening portion of the date he's not willing to budge on his morals and values just to make Rachel happy.

However, Rachel is apparently hoping Peter will change his mind about the proposal significance or grow deeper in love with her so that he feels comfortable enough to pop the question, because according to the spoilers, the Bachelorette gives him a rose after her round of Fantasy Suite dates.

With that being said, Eric, a 29-year-old personal trainer from Los Angeles, CA, allegedly finishes The Bachelorette in third place.

Eric has come an extremely long way since the start of the season when he was both guarded and skeptical. Eric has slowly realized that he is definitely in love with Rachel and that she embodies everything he wants in a future wife.

Eric appreciates how Rachel challenges him and forces him to be vulnerable, and in turn, Rachel adores his positive outlook on life and fun personality. In the latest The Bachelorette episode, Rachel and Eric enjoyed a helicopter ride in Spain following a romantic visit to a monastery.

The date concluded with Eric being asked to join Rachel in the Fantasy Suite, an offer he was thrilled to accept.

Rachel reportedly made the most out of her time with the three men in the Fantasy Suites.

"She asked about religion, whether they'd move to LA, where she wants to live. She asked whether they wanted kids and how many, and if they wanted to send them to public or private schools," an insider recently told Life & Style.

Not only did Rachel allegedly ask the guys about their credit scores, the insider added, "She also asked them, 'How much [money] do you make?'"

During this alone time, Rachel apparently discovers she has more of a friendship with Eric rather than a romantic relationship.

At this point in the season, Eric is ready to propose to Rachel, so his elimination after the Fantasy Suite date is probably going to be devastating for both himself and The Bachelorette star.

It's no surprise Rachel picks Bryan at the end of her journey since he's been a frontrunner from the beginning, but Bryan didn't make the best impression on Rachel's family.

While Rachel's family viewed Peter as honest and Eric as humble, they thought Bryan was too charming to be sincere. Everyone was also skeptical of the fact Bryan claimed to be madly in love with Rachel already.

Bryan's overconfidence did not earn him points with Rachel's loved ones, but it did earn him points with Rachel, who thought the bachelor handled himself well during what basically turned out to be an interrogation session.

Rachel believes that Bryan is the real deal, but it apparently bothers her that her family views him differently. However, based on Carbone's spoilers, Rachel will fall more in love with Bryan during their Fantasy Suite date in Spain, and she will end up choosing him.

For additional information about Eric, click here to visit our Eric Bigger page or click here to see our Eric Bigger photo gallery.

For additional information about Peter, click here to visit our Peter Kraus page or click here to see our Peter Kraus photo gallery.

To learn more information about Bryan, click here to visit our Bryan Abasolo page or click here to see our Bryan Abasolo photo gallery.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 12:20 PM EST
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Things to Know : Jessica Graf -- 7 things to know about the 'Big Brother' Season 19 houseguest
Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf is definitely playing to win Big Brother at this point in the series' nineteenth season.

After losing her boyfriend Cody Nickson and being forced to dress like a toad and eat slop for a week, Jessica's Big Brother game turned around completely once Cody won the "Battle Back Showdown." She then went on to win Head of Household.

Jessica, a 26-year-old VIP concierge from Cranston, RI, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, is now in charge and has a chance to win the Power of Veto competition as well.

She seems to be in better control of the game right now, gaining allies back and putting her main target, Josh Martinez, on the chopping block.

In addition to Josh, Jessica nominated Ramses Soto for eviction as her pawn. Will Jessica keep the power for the rest of the week or will the house find a way to upset her HoH reign? 

Below is a list of 7 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Jessica Graf:


- Jessica loves dogs, claims the key to her heart is pizza, and is a big Patriots fan.

- Jessica considers herself brutally honest, wildly inappropriate, mildly apologetic, loud, passionate and loyal.

- She was single upon entering the Big Brother house and called herself "boy crazy." (But now she's in a relationship with Cody). Her celebrity crush? Ryan Gosling.

- Jessica wrongly believed she'd be "Miss Congeniality" in the game of Big Brother this season, as well as the life of the party.

- Jessica has lived in a total of eight states, loves doing yoga and insists her breasts are real.

- The Big Brother houseguest has an extremely tight relationship with her mom and hopes to win the $500,000 for her.

- Jessica's favorite activity is going out to eat long meals with great people.

For additional information about Jessica, click here to visit our Jessica Graf page or click here to see our Jessica Graf photo gallery.

For more "Things To Know" profiles about other Big Brother's other houseguests, click here.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 12:01 PM EST
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Things to Know : Ramses Soto -- 7 things to know about the 'Big Brother' Season 19 houseguest
Big Brother 19 Ramses Soto often finds himself on the Big Brother chopping block, but he's still in the game.

Ramses is a 21-year-old student and cosplay artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ramses has been on the wrong side of the numbers since the start of the game. He has also faced the consequence of someone else's accepted temptation. While he doesn't have the best luck, he is surviving evictions week to week.

Now that Jessica Graf is Head of Household, Ramses is sitting on the chopping block as her pawn alongside the brunette beauty's real target, Josh Martinez.

Josh rubs several people in the house the wrong way, but will the players actually choose to work with Jessica and her boyfriend Cody Nickson, who have been outcasts for weeks?

Below is a list of 7 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Ramses Soto:

- If Ramses won the $500,000 grand prize on Big Brother, he'd want to pay off his mother's house, buy a car, pay off his student loans and travel.

- Ramses, who has traveled quite a bit and is obsessed with his phone, loves succulents and decorating his place with terrariums.

- Ramses started watching Big Brother two-and-a-half years ago and then he binged watched every season. He only applied to appear on the show one time, making the cast right away.

- Ramses, who is single, recently came out as gay to his older brother.

- The BB houseguest believes he's an extremely friendly and quirky person whom others tend to feel comfortable around. He called his personality "bubbly and smiley," adding that he's also optimistic.

- Ramses is a huge fan of Beyonce. He also enjoys creating art, reading comics, lounging in face masks, drinking wine while watching Netflix, and modeling some of his own artwork pieces for a local agency.

- He says he's not black, but rather Dominican. Ramses grew up in the Dominican Republic and lived there for about 10 years.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Wednesday, July 26, 2017 - 11:53 AM EST
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Show Update News : 'World of Dance' recap: Kinjaz, Swing Latino, Les Twins, and Keone & Mari advance to "The Divisional Final"
World of Dance World of Dance concluded "The Cut" and advanced two acts from the Team Division and two acts from the Upper Division to the next round of the new NBC reality competition series.

During Tuesday night's episode, World of Dance wrapped The Cut round which featured 15 dance acts fighting for only two spots in each of the three divisions -- Junior (any size act ages 17 and under), Upper (groups from 1-4 people ages 18 and older), and Team (groups of 5 or more dancers ages 18 and older).

Five acts were left in each division after "The Duels," and so now that The Cut is over, only two acts remain in each division. Those two acts' performances received the highest total of judges' points in each division, automatically advancing them to "The Divisional Final."

The two acts who advanced from the Team Division last night were Kinjaz, an urban dance act from Los Angeles, CA, and Swing Latino, a salsa act from Cali, Colombia.

The two dance acts who will compete in The Divisional Final on behalf of the Upper Division are Les Twins, a hip-hop duo from Paris, France, and Keone & Mari, an urban dance duo from San Diego, CA.

In The Cut round, each judge mentors one of the divisions one-on-one, with iconic ballerina Misty Copeland serving as a guest judge on the panel that is comprised of executive producer Jennifer Lopez, Grammy Award-winning singer Ne-Yo, and six-time Dancing with the Stars champion Derek Hough.

Ne-Yo mentored the Team Division. In last week's episode, Swing Latino was shown receiving 92.5 total points from the judges and Super Cr3w, a breakdance act from Las Vegas, NV, was shown earning 88.8 points, so they were the two groups to beat in Tuesday night's broadcast.

Kinjaz were up first, and their performance was innovative and "almost too perfect." Misty admitted she felt like she was a 14-year-old girl watching N'SYNC for the first time.

The Kinjaz received a total of 93.5 points -- 93 points from Ne-Yo, 90 points from Jennifer, 96 points from Misty, and 95 points from Derek.

Chapkis Dance Family, a hip-hop act from Bay Area, CA, earned a total of 85.8 points but their individual judges' scores were not revealed.

Last up in the Team Division was Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions, a jazz and funk act from Los Angeles, CA, who had defeated the famous Jabbawockeez in the previous round.

While the judges thought Ian's group has evolved and their performance was beautifully executed, Ne-Yo thought the overall picture wasn't perfect.

Ian Eastwood & The Young Lions walked away with 83 points from Ne-Yo, 89 points from Jennifer, 93 points from Misty, and 91 points from Derek for a grand total of 89 points.

The scores determined that Kinjaz and Swing Latino will be the Team Division's competitors in The Divisional Final.

The Upper Division was mentored by Derek, and Luka and Jenalyn Cabaret, a ballroom duo from Toronto, Canada, were up first.

While the couple's lifts and tricks were called "nuts," the judges agreed they would have liked to see more dancing and needed to mirror their moves to the music a little more.

Luka and Jenalyn received 82 points from Ne-Yo as well as 80 points from Jennifer, Misty and Derek. They earned a total of 80.5 points.

Fik-shun, a hip-hop dancer and former So You Think You Can Dance winner from Las Vegas, NV, wowed the audience but the judges were split over whether they loved the performance. Ne-Yo thought it was safe and he expected more from the contestant, but Jennifer and Derek totally disagreed, saying Fik-shun nailed the use of his bench and umbrella props.

Fik-shun earned a total of 84.2 points from the judges, which included 84 points from Ne-Yo, 86 points from Jennifer, 82 points from Misty, and 85 points from Derek.

Pasion, a flamenco group from Santa Barbara, CA, received a total of 78.8 points from the judges but their individual scores were not shown.

Les Twins were up next and expectations were high since they're already famous. The twins, however, managed to blow the judges away and Misty called it a "mind, body and soul" performance.

Les Twins received a total of 93.5 points -- 90 points from Ne-Yo, 94 points from Jennifer, a whopping 98 points from Misty, and 92 points from Derek.

The last Upper Division act to take the stage was Keone & Mari, who were dubbed "true artists" because of their fluid movements and intelligent choreography.
Keone & Mari earned 94 points from Ne-Yo, 92 points from Jennifer, 94 points from Misty, and 93 points from Derek for a grand total of 93.2 points.

The results meant that Les Twins and Keone & Mari will advance.

Last week, Eva Igo, a contemporary dancer from Inver Grove Heights, MN, and Diana Pombo, a contemporary dancer from Miami, FL, were chosen to be the acts who will represent the Junior Division in The Divisional Final.

Following that phase of the competition, one act on the show will be crowned the $1 million winner in "The World Final." 

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'The Bachelorette' host Chris Harrison: Rachel Lindsay couldn't go wrong ending up with any of her Final 4 bachelors
The Bachelorette 13 The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison apparently believes Rachel Lindsay narrowed down her field of 31 bachelors to the best possible choices.

"Honestly, if you go back to [Dean Unglert], Final 4, I told her -- I was like, 'You can't do any wrong. If you end up with either of these men, you've done well,'" Chris Harrison revealed to E! News.

After Rachel, a 32-year-old attorney from Dallas, TX, eliminated Dean, she was left with Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo and Peter Kraus in the running for her heart.

Not only did Eric, Bryan and Peter meet her family, but they also flew to Spain with her for a round of overnight Fantasy Suite dates.

"So now it's a matter of who fits into her life? Who fits into her family? Who has the same goals and ideas as she does?" Chris said of the man Rachel picks at the end of Season 13 "She has narrowed it down to obviously a wonderful man. She is happy; She is engaged."

Rachel's three remaining bachelors could not be more different from one another.

Eric -- who grew up on the tough streets of Baltimore, MD -- never brought a woman home prior to dating Rachel and also revealed he had never been in love before. His romance with Rachel was a slow burn on The Bachelorette but fun and energetic nonetheless.

Bryan was open and vulnerable with his feelings from the start of the competition. Not only did the Miami native charm Rachel and confess his love to her, but he laid it on so thick her family wondered if he was even genuine. Bryan and Rachel also had an intense physical connection.

And then there was Peter, who remained guarded and careful throughout The Bachelorette process. Peter held his cards close to his chest and only confessed he was "falling in love" with Rachel in the moments leading up to her family visit in Dallas. 

While Eric and Bryan felt ready to propose by the time everyone traveled to Spain, Peter just wasn't there yet, and the Wisconsin native wondered if he ever would get to that point.

"They are three very different men and their relationships [with Rachel] are in three very different stages," Chris explained.

"Eric needs to catch up a little bit, but I know she loves and adores him. Peter, is he going to commit? Is he there? Because she's not there for a boyfriend? And then you have Bryan, who seems to do and say the right thing all the time. She's a lawyer, so she sees right through that and she needs to see, 'Is this for real?'"

Chris said that because Rachel had "issues with all of them" but also loved all of them, it's going to make for "a very interesting finale" next month.

Posted by: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski on Tuesday, July 25, 2017 - 06:20 PM EST
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People News : Rachel Lindsay: My post-'The Bachelorette' relationship isn't always sunshine and blue skies
The Bachelorette 13 Rachel Lindsay is growing impatient as she must hide her The Bachelorette fiance until the Season 13 finale airs in two weeks.

"I don't even know what my ring looks like anymore," Rachel joked with People at The Men Tell All taping.

"It's beautiful and I wear a lot of rings, but I'm ready to wear my engagement ring. I'm ready to have my fiance by my side. There are so many things I get to do and he's not with me, and I'm, like, 'Oh my gosh, he would love this so much.' We're just ready to be normal and be with each other."

Rachel gushed about being in love and engaged even before The Bachelorette premiered in late May. She either selected Peter Kraus, Bryan Abasolo or Eric Bigger at the end of her journey, and she can't wait to show him off.

"This is getting harder and harder," Rachel said of keeping her future husband's identity a secret.

"I love this man, and I never knew it'd be this great. You take a risk when you choose someone because there's so much you don't know, but I'm telling you, it gets better every single day."

Rachel initially assumed that watching The Bachelorette unfold on TV would "suck at first" because she's trying to make a new relationship work; however, the 32-year-old Dallas attorney insisted things are great when they're together.

"It's not always sunshine and blue skies, but at the end of every day, it's amazing," Rachel told People.

It's probably not easy for Rachel's fiance to hear that she was falling in love with each of her Final 4 bachelors -- Eric, Peter, Bryan and Dean Unglert, whom she eliminated after the men's round of hometown dates.

But Rachel gushed, "It's like what Charlotte says in Sex and the City. She's like, 'I'm not happy every single moment of the day, but at the end of every day, I'm happy.'"

The Bachelorette: The Men Tell All is set to air on Monday, July 31, followed by the Season 13 finale one week later on August 7.

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Casting News : 'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison: Our next Bachelor could be a 'Bachelor in Paradise' guy, or maybe even Ben Higgins again
The Bachelor 21 The Bachelor host Chris Harrison says several names are being tossed around for the star of the franchise's upcoming 22nd season, and a possibility in the back of his mind is Ben Higgins.

Maybe the next Bachelor will be "someone from the past," Chris teased during an interview with E! News, adding that the star could also be a man from Rachel Lindsay's currently-airing season of The Bachelorette, such as Dean Unglert, Eric Bigger, Bryan Abasolo, or Peter Kraus.

"We don't know... I can see several of them as the next Bachelor, which is the problem right now," Chris noted.

In regards to "someone from the past," the E! News reporter mentioned how she'd love to see Ben come back as the Bachelor again because she wants him to find love.

"Me too," Chris said. "I think people know that Ben H. is a good friend of mine. We hang out together from time to time and have spent some time together lately."

Ben starred on Season 20 of The Bachelor in 2016 and ended up proposing marriage to Lauren Bushnell. The fan-favorite couple went on to star on their own Freeform spinoff, Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? in the fall, but they announced their split in May 2017.

"I was really sad that he and Lauren broke up," Chris explained. "I love Lauren too and I love them as a couple, and I really thought they were going to make it. But again, life is not always Instagram-pretty. It's ugly sometimes, and they broke up, and it was heartbreaking for the both of them."

Ben was dubbed one of the most sincere Bachelors of all time, along with Season 17 star Sean Lowe. Now that Lauren is rumored to be dating a new guy -- her longtime friend Devin Antin -- maybe Ben would be up for another round of dating on reality TV.

"Would Ben come back as the Bachelor? I don't even know," Chris admitted. "I don't even know if he would say, 'Yes.' I really don't. We haven't even talked about it. But hey, he was very popular and apparently he's very good looking. And he's a great guy."

Chris told E! News there are so many options for the next The Bachelor star because there is no set rule that the man must come straight out of The Bachelorette series.

However, Chris pointed out that seems to be the trend and "the tradition" because viewers naturally have "a built-in emotional tie" to certain suitors after watching The Bachelorette unfold on TV. 

"Look, if I said, 'Dean is the Bachelor,' you'd be like, 'Oh my God, I saw him with his dad.' If I said, 'Peter, Eric or Bryan is the next Bachelor,' you have a story there. And so, more than likely, the Bachelor will come out [of The Bachelorette], but I can honestly tell you -- the reason I can throw out names -- is we have not named the next Bachelor, far from it," Chris confirmed.

"We also have to go to Paradise. Who knows, like [Nick Viall] came out of nowhere and popped on Paradise and he became our Bachelor. So, we will let Paradise play out a little more before we decide who our Bachelor is going to be."

Nick Viall starred on The Bachelor's 21st season earlier this year after three failed attempts at finding love on the franchise.

Nick had finished as the runner-up on both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons of The Bachelorette before ending a romantic relationship with Jennifer Saviano on the third season of Bachelor in Paradise last summer.

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People News : Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes spotted together post-'Bachelor in Paradise'
Bachelor in Paradise - Season 4 Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes have apparently taken their Bachelor in Paradise relationship into the real world. 

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you want to avoid details about Amanda and Robby's dating experiences in Paradise].

Amanda and Robby were photographed walking hand-in-hand during a stroll in West Hollywood, CA, this past weekend, TMZ reported.

Amanda and Robby, who both currently live in the Los Angeles area, looked like an item in matching casual outfits.

The former competitive swimmer sported a white T-shirt with grey skinny jeans, white sneakers and a beige baseball cap. Amanda wore a white off-the-shoulder blouse with ripped boyfriend jeans and grey and white checkered flats.

According to E! News, the pair later spent some time at The Ivory restaurant together before joining fellow The Bachelor franchise alums Ashley Iaconetti and Jonathan Treece at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game on Saturday night.

On Sunday, Amanda and Robby also attended a birthday party for fellow fourth-season Bachelor in Paradise co-star Raven Gates together, E! News reported.

"Robby and Amanda have been spending a lot of time together," a source told E! News of the pair. "They are very affectionate towards each other."

Bachelor in Paradise's fourth season wrapped filming earlier this month after a temporary filming suspension due to a sex scandal involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson.

Amanda and Robby were both members of the original fourth-season Bachelor in Paradise cast, so they met on Day 1 of taping.

According to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone, Amanda and Robby hit it off right away and coupled up at the first Rose Ceremony in Paradise when Amanda chose to give Robby a rose.

The couple allegedly stayed together for the rest of the show -- with Amanda and Robby being alternate rose recipients at each ceremony -- until Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison announced the pairs needed to take the process very seriously and stay for a final overnight date or go home as individuals.

Amanda and Robby decided to leave Mexico separately when it became time for the overnight Fantasy Suite dates, according to Carbone.

Three couples allegedly decided to stick around, however none of them ended up getting engaged at the conclusion of filming. 

Amanda initially competed for Ben Higgins on The Bachelor's 20th season. She was eliminated after her hometown date in which Ben met her beautiful daughters Charlie and Kinsley, whom she welcomed with her ex-husband Nick Buonfiglio.

The blonde beauty took another shot at finding love on Bachelor in Paradise's third season last summer. Following a brief fling with Nick Viall, Amanda hooked up with Andi Dorfman's ex-fiance, Josh Murray.

Amanda and Josh dated for the rest of the season and got engaged during the 2016 finale. Josh eventually moved from Atlanta, GA, to Amanda's home in Southern California and took on the role of stepdad, but the couple called it quits on their roller-coaster romance in December.

As for Robby, he came close to winning JoJo Fletcher's heart on The Bachelorette's twelfth season last year. Robby finished as the runner-up behind JoJo's current fiance, Jordan Rodgers.

Back in April, reports circulated that Robby -- who became a professional model after appearing on The Bachelorette -- was dating Are You The One? participant Kathryn Palmer.

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Show Spoiling News : 'Big Brother' spoilers: Who won the Power of Veto competition? Did HoH Jessica Graf lose control?
Big Brother 19 Big Brother live feed spoilers have revealed which Season 19 houseguest won the Power of Veto competition, and which players are this week's final eviction nominees as a result.

[Spoiler Warning: Please stop reading now if you want to wait until Big Brother's July 26 episode to discover who won the Power of Veto competition and what happened afterwards].

According to Big Brother's live feeds, this week's Head of Household, Jessica Graf, and the two nominees, Josh Martinez and Ramses Soto, played in the Power of Veto competition along with selected players Christmas Abbott, Jason Dent and Cody Nickson.

Jessica had nominated Josh as her target because he didn't get along with Cody and herself. In fact, they often get into heated arguments.

As a way to avoid getting more blood on her hands, Jessica had nominated Ramses for eviction as her pawn because he didn't have any allies in the house. Jessica also thought Ramses made for a good pawn because he wasn't really a threat to anyone's game. 

In the end, Jessica, a 26-year-old VIP concierge from Cranston, RI who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA, won the Power of Veto competition.

Jessica's PoV victory set her up in a nearly-unstoppable power position. Not only is she HoH with the veto power, but she also has her boyfriend Cody back in the game as well as "The Halting Hex" temptation, which will allow her to stop an eviction before votes are cast in order to save herself or someone else on the chopping block whom she'd like to protect.

Jessica was in complete control, but according to the live feeds, power in the house shifted when she decided to keep nominations the same at the Veto Meeting.

Jessica kept Ramses on the chopping block thinking the whole house would get rid of Josh. She also wanted to establish trust with some of her fellow houseguests and repair relationships that had been damaged when Cody previously served as Head of Household.

However, the majority of the house has a different plan in that most players want to vote to evict Ramses so that Jessica doesn't achieve her goal this week. The only people working with Jessica and Cody are Mark Jansen and Elena Davies, so this group will probably be blindsided.

Meanwhile, Josh has been laughing it up to cameras thinking that Jessica screwed up royally, mainly because he hasn't bothered or offended anyone else in the house besides Cody, Mark and Jessica. The other houseguests don't have a great reason to evict Josh at this point in the game.

Jessica's reign as HoH would have been successful had she nominated a big threat in Ramses' place -- such as Paul Abrahamian, whose ouster would look great on Jessica's Big Brother resume -- or a houseguest whom everyone loves and wouldn't vote out, such as Raven Walton.

Both strategies would likely ensure Josh's eviction or at least paint Jessica in a flattering light for the future Season 14 jury.

Jessica was initially worried about keeping her nominations the same and considered nominating a different threat, Alex Ow, in Ramses' place; however, Cody convinced her that everyone would definitely take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of Josh.

Since Jessica and Cody wanted Josh gone so badly, they also didn't want to risk nominating a big target in fear that person would be evicted instead. (Although the result would have been better than losing a floater like Ramses).

But now it looks like Ramses will get evicted this week and the houseguests will keep Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena in the dark about their intentions. Alex, for example, told Jason to pretend like he hates Josh to make Jessica believe her plan is working.

Ramses' potential eviction will not impact Jessica and Cody's game positively in any way. And as for Mark, he's made himself a target in the near future because he has become all buddy-buddy with Cody again.

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Features & Interviews : 'The Bachelor' couples now: Whom did 'The Bachelor' stars and their final picks ultimately end up with? (PHOTOS)
The Bachelor 21 The Bachelor's 21st season with Nick Viall aired its season finale on ABC in March -- which means 21 The Bachelor love stories have now unfolded on television.

While The Bachelorette seems to have a better success rate when it comes to relationships, several The Bachelor stars and their winning bachelorettes ended up in serious engagements or healthy marriages.

In some cases, Bachelors are still together with the women they had selected at the end of their journey on TV.

Former The Bachelor star Sean Lowe, for example, found his happily ever after on Season 17 with Catherine Giudici, whom he proposed to during the finale. The reality TV stars are currently married with one child, a baby boy named Samuel.

But the majority of The Bachelor stars found love elsewhere after the show, typically outside of Bachelor Nation, as did the women who walked away with a final rose.

Matt Grant from The Bachelor: London Calling, for example, just recently got engaged. The bachelorette he chose on the show, Shayne Lamas, is now also married.

Curious to see how The Bachelor couples ended up and whom they are engaged or married to now?! How about Aaron Buerge, Andrew Firestone, Bob Guiney, Travis Stork and more?

Click our GALLERY link below to browse through some adorable photos of today's happy couples who sought love on The Bachelor -- starting with early-season stars like Amanda Marsh, Aaron Buerge, Helene Eksterowicz, Andrew Firestone, Jen Schefft, Bob Guiney, Jessica Bowlin, Byron Velvick, Mary Delgado, Sarah Brice, Travis Stork, and Sarah Stone and continuing through all 20 prior seasons!

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