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Blake Towsley becomes the fifth castaway to exit 'Survivor: Guatemala'

By Reality TV World staff, 10/14/2005 

Tired of his listening to his outrageous, boastful stories and feeling that he didn't deserve to stay in the game, Survivor: Guatemala's Yaxha tribe voted out Blake Towsley, a 24-year-old commercial real estate broker/model from Dallas, Texas, during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Survivor: Guatemala's fifth episode began with Nakum returning from its Night 11 Tribal Council in which Judd Sergeant betrayed his original tribemates and joined with new Nakum's four new formerly Yaxha tribe members to oust Brooke Struck. Original Nakum member Margaret Bobonich resented Judd's quick betrayal and the two clashed upon returning to camp. "I'm just really sad at what Judd has done. Judd flipped the first day the new tribe came to be and he didn't bother to look back, he's a traitor," the nurse practitioner explained during a private confessional.

"I don't give a flying rat's ass what people think about me after this game... as long as my wife, my daughter, and my family love me, that's all that matters to me," Judd proclaimed as he literally sat atop the camp's high ground. "We'll see how it plays out and I hope my alliance stays the way it is. Margaret is probably not too happy about it but I don't really care whether she's happy or not -- I can't wait until she goes too," the New York City doorman later confessed to the camera.

Meanwhile over at Yaxha, Blake admitted to feeling confident about his Survivor status given that he and his fellow former Nakum tribemates held a 4-3 advantage over original Yaxha tribe members Gary Hogeboom, Amy O'Hara, and Brian Corridan.

"I'm sitting here thinking about how I'm sitting in this game right now and what chances I have at this point.. I think I have a pretty good chance," Blake stated during a Day 12 morning confessional. "I don't think it could have worked out better, we came over here, with the new Yaxha tribe [and] we have the odds. Gary, Brian, and Amy are amazing but they got to know they have a target on their backs if we lose, so I'm liking my odds right now

Meanwhile, Gary, Amy, and Brian recognized their outsider status and tried to find some common ground with their new "red state" tribemates. "With my new Yaxha tribe, a lot of people are constantly talking about farm stuff and I have no idea," Amy, a self-proclaimed city girl, explained. "When they talk about farming and stuff, I definitely am the odd man out."

"Most of these people I probably wouldn't be friends with outside the game, they come from different parts of the country. I'm very New England, I'm very 'blue state,' and they're 'very Texas' or from Tulsa, Oklahoma... it's just not my style," Brian confessed. "They're good people, so I don't dislike them at all, but they're just not the type of people I'm used to hanging out with."

Brian also acknowledged being uncomfortable with having some of his tribemates' strong religious practices forced upon him, but recognized that he'd be foolish to make an issue of it. "Our tribe is a very religious tribe, we say grace before very meal, we pray before every challenge, we thank Jesus for everything. I'm not a religious person at all, but I'm not going to object to it, that'd be stupid," the recent Columbia University graduate confessed. "You'd be stupid to say like 'Uh, you know what guys, I don't want to thank Jesus for this meal thanks,' because then they'd vote me right out, that's dumb. Even if I object to something you have to grin and bare it, that's the strategy out here."

Later, the tribes assembled for Reward Challenge -- a challenge that would require them to free two handles by cutting a rope with a sharp stone, free two more handles by using a machete to chop through a log, and then use the four handles to crank a turnstile that would pull a cart up a sloping hillside and atop a ramp. One of the tribe members would then chop the rope used to pull the cart, sending the six other tribemates that had boarded it racing back down the hill to the finish line. As their reward, the winning tribe would have a floating crocodile-proof swimming cage delivered to their camp, along with margaritas, chips, and dip.

Once the challenge started, Yaxha immediately got off to a huge start, with Brandon Bellinger quickly using the stone to cut through both his tribe's ropes as Jamie Newton struggled free Nakum's first two handles. Bobby Jon Drinkard followed by chopping Yaxha's other two handles free as Jamie still labored to cut his first rope, turning the challenge into a complete blowout that ended with Jamie still struggling to cut his second rope even as the Yaxha tribe came rolling back down the hill to win the challenge.

By Day 14, Brian had began to sense that Blake's personality and penchant for talking -- mostly about himself -- had begun to wear on his fellow original Nakum members. And like any good Survivor strategist, he set about to exploit the growing friction. "Blake is such an idiot, he's making himself look like such a pretty boy, a frat boy, a wealthy boy -- it's great. I have a new favorite game out here and it's 'Bait Blake,'" the Richard Hatch wannabe confided to the cameras. "I'm trying to make sure he tells all his stories around people like Danni and Bobby Jon so they see what a moron Blake is, this is awesome. He's just digging himself into a hole and I'm doing everything I can to make sure he has a shovel."

Later on Day 14, the tribes reconvened for the Immunity Challenge. Given that each tribe had seven members, each tribe would be split into two three-person groups that would attempt to use large Mayan catch nets to catch catapult balls launched by each tribe's seventh tribe member. Although each tribe's launcher would take turns launching balls from a downfield catapult, each tribe's groups would be eligible to catch balls launched by either tribe. The first team to catch five balls would win immunity. With Brian and Lydia Morales serving as the tribes' two launchers, the tribes were tied 2-2 after the first few rounds, but Nakum eventually pulled away, successfully "stealing" a couple of Yaxha's balls to win the challenge 5-2.

Once back at Yaxha's camp, Brian, Gary, and Amy felt that their only chance to survive the evening's upcoming Tribal Council session would be to convince Bobby Jon, Brandon, or Danni Boatwright to turn on Blake "This 'Blake driving everyone crazy thing' has been really good for us [original] Yaxha members, our only hope in the game is to get someone to turn from the original Nakum against Blake," Gary explained during confessional.

Armed with a plan, Gary set about approaching Blake's three former Nakum members with the idea. While Danni seemed receptive to Gary's suggestion that the tribe vote for Blake, Brandon made it clear to Danni that he wouldn't go along with the idea. Meanwhile Bobby Jon appeared less committal, telling Gary that he'd told Blake he wouldn't vote for him but privately acknowledging that Gary was knowledgeable about team unity and that there would be some times that he'd have to change his vote -- but he didn't feel this was one of those times.

The editing positioned Danni as the tribe's swing vote, but both she and Bobby Jon voted for Blake when the evening's Tribal Council ballots were cast, resulting in a shocked and blindsided Blake being ousted from the game in a 5-2 vote.

"I didn't see it coming, I don't understand the reason why, so I'm kinda perplexed... and angry right now," a surprised Blake admitted in his post-elimination confessional.

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