Is Survivor host Jeff Probst planning to vote himself off the island?

Inside TV is reporting that Probst, who has hosted the long-running CBS reality series since its inception, wants to leave the show after his current contract ends. The contract, a long-term agreement that Probst signed several years ago, expires after Survivor's twelfth edition, which CBS will air in early 2006.

According to the TV Guide-owned magazine, Probst wants to settle down with Survivor: Vanuatu girlfriend Julie Berry and get a job that doesn't require Survivor's travel.

Whether the report is accurate or simply a negotiating tactic remains unclear, but if true, the decision would appear to mark a change of heart of sorts for Probst.

"I don't want to be the David Caruso of reality," Probst told reporters who asked about his contract status during a September press conference promoting the premiere of the show's current Survivor: Guatemala edition.

While the 42-year-old Probst told reporters that "six years of being away" and his desire to "start a family" would make signing another long-term Survivor contract "really hard," he also noted that the show itself has yet to be renewed past its upcoming twelfth season -- CBS typically only orders the show two editions at a time -- and gave no indication that he wouldn't be interested in signing a shorter term contract.

"I've got to be asked back first, I have a good relationship [with the show] and I don't know why they wouldn't, but they haven't [asked me back yet,]" Probst explained. "I would assume they're doing more, but they don't order them that way."