Deciding that she was lazy and not pulling her share of the weight around camp, Survivor: Guatemala's Yaxha tribe unanimously voted out Morgan McDevitt, a 21-year-old magician's assistant and waitress from Decatur, Illinois, during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Apparently shocked that her tribe expected her to do more than simply sit around camp and look pretty, the attractive blonde was blindsided by the move. "Wow, I just didn't really see that one coming... at all. I just feel really naive," Morgan said during her post-elimination confessional.

Survivor: Guatemala's second episode began with the Nakum tribe returning from the Tribal Council session in which they voted Jim Lynch out of the game. Down about their Tribal Council appearance, the mood was understandably gloom around Nakum's camp. Nakum also continued to deal with the health issues caused by the competition's grueling eleven-mile opening hike, with Blake Towsley in particular still struggling with illness and contributing little to camp life.

Meanwhile, the mood was completely different over at Yaxha's camp, where the tribe's initial Immunity Challenge victory had further boosted the fun-loving group's tribal unity.

On Day 4 the tribes assembled for the episode's Reward Challenge -- a relay-type challenge in which the castaways, one at a time, would have to run up a ramp, scramble across a net run, and then climb out onto a rope spider web and retrieve a hanging bag. If a castaway fell off the spider web and into the water below then their turn was over and they would have to return to the start line and let the next person on their tribe compete. The first tribe to retrieve all eight of their bags would receive a potentially very valuable reward: fishing supplies.

Both tribes were neck and neck through the first four bags, however Rafe Judkins struggled during his turn, giving Nakum a brief lead that quickly evaporated when Judd Sergeant also failed to retrieve a bag for his tribe -- once again tying the tribes at five bags each. The tribes remained very close through their seventh bags, setting up a finish in which Blake and Brian Corridan scrambled for their tribes' final bags. Surprisingly, Blake -- the same person who had been having breathing difficulties throughout his time in the game -- raced through the course, winning Nakum the fishing gear.

Later on Day 5, Blake's continuing health problems -- and the preferential treatment that he was receiving around camp as a result -- began to gnaw on Judd. Upset about how Blake was spending his days being nurtured by Margaret Bobonich and doing "nothing" around camp, Judd vented his frustrations to Brandon Bellinger.

Over at Yaxha, food remained scarce, forcing the tribe members to eat ants, grasshoppers and tiny minnows in an effort to obtain whatever protein they could. But just because Yaxha's tribe members were getting along well together that didn't mean that the tribe didn't notice Morgan's failure to contribute much to camp chores -- behavior that would later be responsible for her ouster.

After the tribes gathered for Day 6's Immunity Challenge, the tribes learned they'd be competing in an absurd mud wrestling/tug-of-war challenge. When an old-fashioned tribe-vs-tribe tug-of-war ended in a draw, the challenge moved into a series of one-on-one showdowns.

Facing off one-on-one, each tribe's castaway would attempt to tug the other person through the mud pit, with the person who had managed to move closer to a set of flags located behind them on their side of the pit when the round ended winning a flag for their tribe. In a strange twist, each castaway was also free to leave their side of the pit and physically wrestle the other tribe's castaway out of their side of the pit (a strategy that logically, one would expect to have little chance of success.) The first tribe to win three flags would win immunity. After Judd edged Yaxha's Gary Hogeboom in the first round, Brandon defeated Jamie Newton in the second round, putting Nakum ahead 2-0. Despite his loss, Yaxha sent Jamie back out against Judd during the third round. Unfortunately for Yaxha, Jamie fared no better in his second chance than he had in his first, and as a result, Nakum won the tiebreaker in a 3-0 sweep.

Once back at camp, Yaxha members began wandering off and discussing who they should vote out at the evening's Tribal Council session. Jamie floated the idea that they take out Stephenie LaGrossa, a former Survivor: Palau castaway, but feeling that the tribe needed to remain as physically strong as possible, Gary suggested that they instead vote off either Morgan or Lydia Morales, two of the tribe's weaker competitors.

Feeling that Lydia deserved to remain in the game, Brian warned her that the tribe was leaning toward voting her out -- and urged Lydia approach her fellow castaways and tell them "why you should be here." In the end, Lydia persuasion seemed to work, resulting in a stunned Morgan being blindsided by an unanimous 8-1 vote at the night's Tribal Council.