In the end, the bigger geek -- at least in height -- won.

Last night's season finale of The WB's Beauty and the Geek hit reality series ended with Chuck Munyon and Caitilin Stoller outlasting the show's six other couples and winning the "social experiment's" $250,000 prize. It took two tiebreakers to crown a winner, but when it was over Chuck and Caitilin were able to outlast ultra-geek Richard Rubin and his beautiful partner Mindi Emanuel in the competition's final trivia challenge.

Chuck and Richard had been adversaries throughout the series, however once the twosome were the final two geeks in the house the men appeared to be able to finally put their differences aside and get along during their last days in the house.

Given the opportunity to leave the show's mansion location and spend their final day in the manner of their choosing, Mindi took Richard for a waterside picnic and kayaking, while Chuck introduced Caitilin to the martial arts. Later that same evening, Caitilin fixed dinner for Chuck, teaching him some basic cooking skills so he could be more comfortable in the kitchen. Meanwhile, Richard shared his love of ragtime with Mindi, impressing her with his ability to play the complicated pieces.

The next day was the competition for the big prize, and neither team knew what to expect. Upon arriving in the elimination room, the two couples learned that the show's final test was to determine how much they had learned about each other, with each couple being asked ten personal questions on topics ranging from their partner's birthplace to their parent's occupations and anything in between.

Once Richard and Mindi were individually sequestered, Chuck and Caitilin went first. Out of the ten questions posed to them, the couple answered an impressive eight questions correctly, missing only questions about each other's birthplace.

When Richard and Mindi's turn began and they each missed their first question, the competition appeared to be over as they would have to answer all eight remaining questions correctly to be able to force a tiebreaker. However, the couple ended up doing just that, with Chuck and Caitilin growing tenser and tenser as Richard and Mindi worked the trivia challenge back to a 8-8 tie.

As a challenge's tiebreaker, each woman was asked a single different question, however both women answered their questions correctly, leaving the score again deadlocked in a 9-9 tie. Forced into a second tiebreaker, each of the men was then given a single tiebreaker question. Going first, Chuck answered correctly when asked for Caitilin's middle name, but when the same question was posed to Richard, he responded with the incorrect answer, handing Chuck and Caitilin $250,000... and hopefully a new friendship.

Looking to continue cashing in on the surprising ratings success that the six-episode series has enjoyed, The WB will air an hour-long Beauty and the Geek: The Aftermath reunion special on Wednesday, July 13 at 8PM ET/PT. The network has also ordered an eight-episode Beauty and the Geek 2 sequel for broadcast during the 2005-2006 television season.