Perhaps Rachel should just have taken the money after all.

Rachel Veltri, the losing finalist in NBC's For Love or Money 3 who then became the star of For Love or Money 4, and her million-dollar chosen "mate", Arizona's Caleb Janus, have split up, and Rachel is planning on doing a photo spread for Playboy.

According to the Arizona Republic, the Caleb-Rachel split happened less than a month after the show wrapped production. Caleb said that, during a visit to Arizona, Rachel told him that "'[t]he way you're acting towards me is the way I would act towards someone I don't like." Caleb admitted that he may have been "distant" during her visit. Even though Rachel had passed up slightly under $500,000 to elect a future with Caleb, the couple were toast at that time.

But Rachel, a 26-year-old flight attendant from Chicago, recovered from her fiscal and emotional losses sufficiently to accept a offer from Playboy to pose in various stages of undress for an amount somewhat less than $100,000, according to Caleb, who said the pictures were scheduled to be taken on August 19. When asked if he would buy the copy of the magazine featuring Rachel, Caleb replied, "Absolutely." We presume that means that there are no forthcoming Caleb-Rachel tapes, similar to the Paris Hilton or Jenna Lewis tapes.

One reaons for the split might be the couple's differing views on money. In the aftermath of the split, Caleb told Phoenix's Ahwatukee Foothills News that "I have all the love and money I need." Meanwhile, Rachel told People magazine that "the moral of the story is: take the money!"

We note that Rachel's romantic flop is rare among women who have been able to choose their male suitor on reality TV shows. However, it appears that the underlying issue is that Caleb, who considers himself a "commitmentphobe," is trying to milk his fifteen minutes of fame with the opposite sex.

On August 14, Caleb took part in an L.A. radio station promotion in Las Vegas in which he was paired with an eligible bachelorette, and he notes that he can't "get much accomplished" at work because his company email account was "flooded with 200 e-mails."