When do you know that a reality show is really a ratings dud? When its network skips the broadcast of the next-to-last episode in an effort to hurry up and get the program off its airwaves as quickly as possible.

TheFutonCritic.com reports that NBC has decided to move up the broadcast of the finale of its low-rated reality series Next Action Star (entitled "Score to Settle") to Wednesday, July 28 at 8 PM ET/PT. As a result, the next-to-last episode (entitled "Road Kill or Be Killed"), which drops the number of contestants remaining from 6 to 4, will not be shown by the Peacock Network.

NBC did not announce how it intended to explain the disappearance of the two booted contestants. Curious fans may have to wait for the rerun of the series on cable network GSN, which (hopefully cheaply) acquired the rebroadcast rights to Next Action Star before it debuted and has been repeating the program on a week-delayed schedule.

Accordingly, NBC will move up the broadcast of the made-for-TV movie featuring the male and female winners of Next Action Star -- previously titled "Hit Me" but now called Bet Your Life -- to Wednesday, August 4 at 8PM ET/PT. The movie will feature the male winner of Next Action Star as a former pro football quarterback turned Vegas limo driver and the female winner as a bounty hunter pursuing him.

We note that in several visits to Vegas, we have yet to see an ex-pro football quarterback working as a limo driver. As a casino host, maybe... but apparently there's a first time for everything.