VH1 announced yesterday that it has selected the cast of The Surreal Life 3 and begun production of the network's inaugural edition of the show.

VH1 had announced earlier this year that it had picked up the program after The WB, which had aired the first two seasons of the series, had passed on an option for additional installments due to "creative differences" regarding the program's lack of a gameplay element.

Living together as housemates for the The Surreal Life 3 will be Charo, actor/comedian Dave Coulier, hip-hop pioneer Flava Flav, one-time New Kids On The Block member Jordan Knight, former female action star Brigitte Nielsen, and first season American Idol finalist Ryan Starr. The cast was introduced to one another and their new home on Tuesday as filming began.

A pure pop culture original and master of the flamenco guitar, the 63-year-old Charo is proud to be the holder of the all-time record for Love Boat appearances... even if nobody did ever understand a single word she said.

Best known for playing the goofy Uncle Joey character on the ABC's 1980's Full House series that gave Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley their start, and when most of your credits of the past decade involve hosting "funniest videos" shows, you're just thankful for any press that you can get.

Jordan Knight wants everyone to know he's not going on the show because he's a has-been who's career peaked in his teens. He's going on the show because the former New Kids On The Block member is upgrading from the summer radio station concert tour circuit and is instead looking to plug his upcoming "first national solo tour." Better hop online and try and get your tickets now folks.

Denmark-born Brigitte Nielsen is the former model and Sylvester Stallone ex-wife who burst onto America when she co-starred with current Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1985's Red Sonja movie. The fact that in 2000 she co-starred in a film with both Surreal Life 1 alum Corey Feldman and George Hamilton tells you about all you need to know regarding the current state of her acting career. She's also been trying to kick-start a music career for most of the last fifteen years, so she and Jordan should have quite a bit in common.

The OG hip-hop pioneer of Public Enemy, VH1 states that Flava Flav's "back and hes still got the clock!" Ya, we don't know what the hell that's supposed to mean either. Then again, this is now a VH1 show, so it you're under 35, you probably won't have been alive long enough to recognize most of this "nostalgic" cast.

Ryan Starr, who was the fourth finalist to be booted during the original season of FOX's American Idol, is this season's requisite former reality show hot chick. Now age 22, even VH1 couldn't find anything more noteworthy to say about her other than she's "still the hottest woman to ever sing for Simon." Ryan is obviously also trying to start a music career, so at this rate don't be surprised to see this pack of would-be and has-been recording artists attempt to release some type of The Music Of The Surreal Life 3 album. Don't laugh.

The first season of The Surreal Life featured the pairings of Gabrielle Carteris, M.C. Hammer, Vince Neil, Corey Feldman, Emmanuel Lewis, Jeri Manthey and Brande Roderick; while the second season featured Traci Bingham, Ron Jeremy, Tammy Faye Baker, Trishelle Cannatella, Erik Estrada and Vanilla Ice.

The Surreal Life 3 will premiere on VH1 on Sunday, September 5.