NBC has revealed the names and photos of the nineteen women who will be competing for the heart of original Average Joe series runner-up Adam Mesh in his upcoming Average Joe: Adam Returns series.

Premiering Monday, March 15, the four-part series will follow Adam as he attempts to find love among nineteen women who were selected from among the tens of thousands who attempted to contact him following the December broadcast of his rejection by original Average Joe beauty Melana Scantlin.

Hopefully Adam's turn as a series star will work out better than the last time a network tried casting a former rejected bachelor as a series lead -- namely last fall's Bob Guiney-led edition of ABC's The Bachelor -- which ended with good ratings, but a sham engagement, and the program's producers suing Guiney for using the program as a vehicle to revive his struggling music career.

Average Joe: Adam Returns will premiere Monday, March 15 at 10 PM ET/PT.

Photos of all nineteen women are available for viewing in our Average Joe: Adam Returns Photo Gallery.

The nineteen women of Average Joe: Adam Returns are:

Amy Worth, from Long Beach, CA

Anna Merrill, from Canyon Lake, CA

Brittany Ducker, from Louisville, KY

Christine Morell, from La Jolla, CA

Courtney Butter, from Buckeye, AZ

Elizabeth Griggs, from Milwaukee, WI

Elizabeth Wood, from Vancouver, British Columbia

Heather Canton, from Denver, CO

Jennifer Abrams, from Rockville, MD

Jennifer Bolkin, from Northridge, CA

Jennifer Lifshitz, from Buffalo Grove, IL

Rachel Goetz, from New City, NY

Rebecca Butler, from Long Island, NY

Rochelle Finkelstein, from New York City, NY

Samantha Trenk, from Bedminster, NJ

Sara Stone, from McLean, VA

Stephanie Cahn, from Beachwood OH

Summer Wesson, from Atlanta, GA

Tracilee Benardello, from Long Island, NY