The remainder of the finalist field for the current season of FOX's American Idol has yet to be determined but the third season has already resulted in a record deal for one Idol contestant -- William Hung, the Idol reject who never got beyond the program's initial open auditions.

After a surprise offer from Fuse Music Network and KOCH Records that demonstrates his fifteen minutes of fame are showing no sign of ending anytime soon, Hung has announced that he has accepted a recording contract and video production deal with the two companies.

Known for his now-famous rendition of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" at the American Idol season auditions, Hung -- a Hong Kong-born UC Berkeley civil engineering student -- will release a full-length record, tentatively titled "The True Idol," on KOCH/FUSE Records on April 6th.

The album release will include Hung's signature rendition of "She Bangs," as well as another Ricky Martin hit, "Shake Your Bon Bon" and Elton John's "Rocket Man." Additionally, the initial run of the CD will include an exclusive 40-minute DVD bonus featuring behind-the-scenes of Hung's studio recording sessions, scenes from a "day in the life" with William, and fan question and answer commentary.

Fuse has also signed on to exclusively air the music video for the first single -- "She Bangs" -- as part of the network's regular video rotation schedule. Said an overly enthusiastic Alan Grunblatt, General Manager and Executive Vice President of KOCH Records: "William is the perfect artist for our culturally diverse society. He is the new Elvis!"

"Fuse is thrilled that the network's first exclusive music video will be for William Hung's 'She Bangs' single," said Marc Juris, President of FUSE. "He may not be the next American Idol, but he is definitely a star and inspiration to everyone who sings in the shower. Fuse sees itself in William -- except he dances better."

As part of the album release, Hung is scheduled to perform "She Bangs," on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday, April 8th.

Fuse Music Network is the new name of the former MuchMusic USA channel -- an " all-music" cable channel that has aimed to "save the music video" and fill the music video void created as MTV has evolved to broadcast mostly non-music programming.