Well, we reported the initial conviction, so it's only fair we also report on the results of Richard Hatch's appeal.

Survivor star Richard H. Hatch Jr. was declared not guilty Tuesday in Newport County Superior Court of assaulting his former boyfriend, Glenn Boyanowski, last summer.

The case, which came before Judge Daniel A. Procaccini on appeal, lasted two days and overruled District Court Judge Robert K. Pirraglia's guilty decision on Sept. 24.

"Finally, this should never have gotten this far," Hatch said later. "If it wasn't for the first judge's reprehensible lack of objectivity, the second court's time would never have been wasted."

In September, Pirraglia sentenced Hatch, 40, to one year of probation and ordered him to have no contact with Boyanowski, 39, -- who lives at the same address as Hatch's mother.

"This judge found that Mr. Boyanowski was a trespasser," said Christopher J. Behan, Hatch's lawyer. "He clearly had been told he wasn't welcome on the property and that he was the aggressor and that Richard's reaction was reasonable."

Source: Providence Journal