FOX has good news for viewers who just can't get enough of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's The Simple life -- in addition to the previously broadcast special eighth "bonus episode" of the show, the network has apparently found enough additional footage on the cutting room floor to extend the program's penultimate episode to a full hour.

The all-new full one hour original episode will air on Tuesday, January 13 from 8-9 PM ET/PT. The following night (Wednesday, January 14) the series will air its season finale episode at 8:30-9:00 PM ET/PT.

According to the network, the details for the one-hour episode are "still being finalized," however that apparently isn't the case for the finale episode. In the finale airing on January 14, Nicole loses her purse and her temper at a local club, so Janet tells the girls they must go and make amends. While in town, the girls discover their newfound love of roadkill. Afterwards, Paris and Nicole must pack up their things and say good-bye to the Ledings and their simple life in Arkansas.

And if after all that, some viewers
still haven't had their fill of The Simple Life, then have no fear -- because in what's the quickest ever small screen-to-DVD turnaround time yet for a major broadcast network series, FOX has announced that the full season of the series will be available for purchase on DVD starting on January 20 at a bargain suggested retail price of $19.98. Click here to pre-order it from for only $13.99 with free shipping.

Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray (The Real World, Road Rules) are executive producers of The Simple life, which is a 20th Century Fox Television production in association with Bunim-Murray.