A scary incident has rattled the usually crashingly boring Big Brother house to its foundations. According to Inside.com, on Tuesday night CBS removed Big Brother 2 contestant Justin from the abode after he menaced housemate Krista with a kitchen knife. The duo had apparently been drinking when the 26-year-old Bayonne, N.J., native asked her if she'd still love him "if I killed you" — then he held the blade to her throat as they kissed!

Only fans who subscribed to Real Networks's 24-hour online coverage saw this exchange. On Thursday evening's episode, CBS will air only some of the footage — excluding the actual knife-wielding bit — and Justin will explain himself to host Julie Chen in an exit interview. A show rep has not yet returned TV Guide Online's calls.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: The image to the right is a capture from the live feed taken during the "knife" incident

Source: TV Guide On Line