Give Fox credit; they moved quickly to cut their losses. Beginning tonight, November 3, Fox's The Next Joe Millionaire will air exclusively on Monday nights, ending its disappointing Tuesday run after only one week.

As noted before, the ratings collapse of The Next Joe Millionaire, which was last season's top-rated prime-time show, has paralleled the collapse of another onetime ratings kingpin made by the same producers, Temptation Island. We're tempted to say that viewers only enjoy one season of such shows.

In place of The Next Joe Millionaire on Tuesday nights for the remainder of the November sweeps, Fox will run an encore of the season premiere of 24 this week (Jack Bauer as a heroin addict?), to be followed by the second episode of 24. On November 11, back-to-back episodes of That 70s Show will air, and on November 18, another That 70s Show will be followed by an episode of The Simpsons.

We expect that this means that the finale of The Next Joe Millionaire will now air later in December, and that the show will still run for 10 episodes, as we doubt that Fox will want to spend any more money re-editing a show doing so poorly in the ratings.