Launch Radio Networks reports that the father/daughter team of Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne from MTV's The Osbournes has recorded a music video for their duet on the old Black Sabbath tune "Changes." The video is part of an effort to relaunch Kelly's debut CD, which was originally called Shut Up! but has been re-issued with five additional tracks as Changes.

Despite the publicity accompanying the re-release, Changes has been a dud so far for Sanctuary Records, selling just 1,000 copies in the three weeks since its September 30 re-issue, according to Nielsen SoundScan. In its original incarnation, Shut Up! sold over 150,000 copies. Apparently the five new songs made little difference to CD buyers.

Kelly and Ozzy are also scheduled to perform "Changes" on family matriarch Sharon Osbourne's syndicated talk show (which is having its own problems) -- but the performance will have to wait until Ozzy's tremors go away.

Speaking of Ozzy's tremors, Ozzy now says (according to MTV) that the tremors are hereditary on his mother's side and that they are definitely not Parkinson's disease or muscular dystrophy, as had been rumored. We admit that we're glad to hear that any maladies that afflict Ozzy from now on will be of his own making.